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15-Drawer Utility Rolling Organizer Cart Multi-Use Storage

This 15-drawer rolling storage cart is your best bet!

Overall Rating:
383 Reviews
Item No: 56182039
valentine day,love deal,best gift for every honey

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15-Drawer Utility Rolling Organizer Cart Multi-Use Storage 15-Drawer Utility Rolling Organizer Cart Multi-Use Storage 15-Drawer Utility Rolling Organizer Cart Multi-Use Storage 15-Drawer Utility Rolling Organizer Cart Multi-Use Storage 15-Drawer Utility Rolling Organizer Cart Multi-Use Storage
Key Features

● 15 Drawers with Sufficient Storage Space: The rolling storage cart consists of 5 big drawers and 10 small drawers. They all provide ample storage space for your various items to keep them organized as well. The small round handle adds convenience in the drawers' operation.
● Versatile Function: With numerous drawers of two different sizes, the cart provides a lot of space and can be used in office, home, living room, entryway, bathroom, school, garage and more. All it does is to play a practical role in an organized and neat storage.
● Durable Metal Frame and Lightweight: The main frame of this drawer storage cart is constructed of premium steel and further coated with chrome for a smooth finish. This 15-drawer rolling cart is designed to be service durable and is resilient to deformation.
● Flexibility and Mobility: Four universal wheels swivel 360 degrees for an ease in moving it around. Besides, the assembly process is easier with essential accessories and detailed manual provided. For stability and to keep it stationary, toes of the casters are equipped with brakes.
● Beautiful Decoration: In addition to its practical side, the colorful boxes give it beautiful look and turn it into an elegant décor for your space. Moreover, different colored drawers come handy to classify the placement of your items.


    This 15-drawer rolling storage cart is your best bet!


    It's ideal for papers, tools, accessories, crafting, books for home and or office. All in all, it's here to help you organize and classify your storage needs. Steel metal tubes with chrome finish make the whole cart sturdy as well as durable. Also, the easy-to-grab handles and 4 casters are integrated for an eased overall operation for this lightweight cart. 2 of the wheels contain mechanical lock system when it’s required to keep them stationary. Have this practical storage cart to yourself at your home or office, garage or anywhere where you feel the need of organizing and storing items. It’s available right away!


    If you are looking for such a product. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • 15 removable drawers for storage and their classification as necessary
    • Metal frame and plastic drawers give it long terms durability
    • 4 universal wheels (2 with mechanical lock) aid in mobility and keeping it stationary
    • Drawers slide through metal channels without resistance
    • Drawer with knob eases operation
    • Easy to pull or push the cart through its 2 handles on the top
    • Additional spacious storage space at the top of the cart
    • Considered ideal for home, office, garage and school
    • Drawers are easy to clean with soap and a damp cloth
    • Easy to assemble in short time through the provided instructions
    • Color: As picture shows
    • Material: Steel frame and plastic boxes
    • Overall size: 24.6" x 14.5" x 34.2" (L x W x H)
    • Inner size of big drawer: 13.2" x 8.8" x 4.5" (L x W x D)
    • Inner size of small drawer: 13.2" x 8.8" x 2.1" (L x W x D)
    • Diameter of wheel: 1.5"
    • Package includes: 1 x 15 drawers rolling cart
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Plenty of space, easy to assemble, sturdy enough.


Great item , easy to assemble , directions will be in one of the trays...


Get it . Is beautiful for your room


The box is very light, and I carried it to the second floor by myself. I chose the transparent drawer because I have a lot of baking tools, and I need to see where they are. The shelves are separated on both sides, with a large and a small drawer size, which can meet tools of any size . My favorite part is the wheels, I can wheel all my tools wherever I need them.


The box is very light, and I carried it to the second floor by myself. I chose the transparent drawer because I have a lot of baking tools, and I need to see where they are. The shelves are separated on both sides, with a large and a small drawer size, which can meet tools of any size . My favorite part is the wheels, I can wheel all my tools wherever I need them.


I needed a cart to hold my art supplies that I could roll around and so far this has been great!


I bought this item for my daughter to put her workbook. She has lots of paper work from school. this item has lots of drawer. You can do it either way, you can put the narrow side on the left or the right, I didn't put anything very heavy, Home storage artifact.


I bought this item for my daughter to put her workbook. She has lots of paper work from school. this item has lots of drawer. You can do it either way, you can put the narrow side on the left or the right, I didn't put anything very heavy, Home storage artifact.


I put it in my walk-in closet as I have a lot small things that I need to store but there are no drawers in the original design. I can put small items in it by category. It is beautiful and valuable and I am thinking about getting another one for the other walk-in closet.


It's lightweight but may sacrifice stability. The drawers can easily come off of their tracks, which is concerning when more weight is added to the drawers.


I highly recommend this if you’re a teacher!


Assembly was easy but the “steel” and plastic quality are the lowest. The plastic drawers roughly “slide” on the rails and have no stops (you can accidentally pull them out completely spilling contents). Half the price of $125 would have been overpriced. I will use it but learned an expensive lesson.


The drawers are able to hold more weight than another storage unit I got years ago. So far, I like it.


This cart has been an excellent organizer for bathroom supplies but leans severely to one side or the other. This makes the drawers fall out of their tracks (I out them all back on their tracks for the photo). The items in the drawers are not particularly heavy. This cart might work OK for lightweight items on an absolutely flat floor but has not worked well for us. We've discussed adding a diagonal brace on the back to keep the frame square, but haven't tried it. I'm looking for a sturdier organizer that won't have these problems.


It's great so long as you don't have to move it...Very wobbly


We put this together fairly easily. However after putting items in it begins leaning. It rolls but I think rolling it will item are in it makes the product even less sturdy.


This storage cart have many drawers, I can put all my hardwares in these drawers.And it do saved a lot of time for me to find them.


Drawers don’t slide in properly. Wheels don’t roll smoothly. Not strong.


I like the large capacity and sturdiness of this unit for what it is. I use it for small bench tools and regulating instruments in my music instrument repair shop. I recommend this unit for its intended use and plan to buy additional units as needed. Jim S.


Easy to put together


I love this storage system! It took about an hour from start to finish to assemble. The directions should have said after you put the first 2 bars across the top to then turn it on its side to screw on the middle piece and to finish putting on the other 2 bars. I figured this out and then was easier to put it together by myself. The downside; the casters fell right out. I simply put a piece of the plastic over the end of it and then pushed it in and it held. It is sturdy and the drawers come in and out easily. I filled it with my acrylic and water paints and supplies. Worth the money!


Assembled myself took a little more time than other racks I had put together
I have moved and have less drawer space so this rack perfect for new junk drawer, plus it moves very easily
Was very pricey though very what you get
Would buy again if was not so expensive


Purchased and received this but the drawers are so shallow that you can't barely fit anything in them. The only ones that work better are the bigger ones. If I had seen this prior to purchasing, I wouldn't have purchased it. Quality is not the greatest, the drawers get stuck and they are hard to open.




I had been looking for a cart to hold projects and crafts. This fit the bill and is so much better than the cart I had that fell apart. This will not fall apart. It's right at my finger tips especially when I need to roll it away or bring it to me. The colors help with what crafts I will be using it for. Red drawers for Christmas items, Green for Easter items, Purple for Mardi Gras, Orange for Halloween etc.


Some of the drawers were cracked when they arrived.


The drawers are a pain to open and close.


I had this in my cart for over two months. Reading the reviews and debating on purchasing. Let me tell you. This organizer is adorable. Perfect for homeschooling, crafts and more. Easy to put together. Took me about 20 mins. It wheels effortlessly across our rug. Cannot wait to start using it!! I may buy another. :)


Exactly what I was looking for, holds a ton of items, easy to put together with one person - love!


My husband had no issues assembling product. Everything he needed to assemble item was present. I like the thickness of the bins. The frame is sturdy enough for my needs and is sturdy on my hardwood floor. The product holds smaller items, which is perfect for organizing. It is not deep enough or wide enough for material other than maybe some left over smaller scraps of material to put in the larger bins. Overall, I’m happy with product for what I bought it for.


Looks great and there's so much room for storing the kids' craft supplies. One bin had a small crack at the bottom, which really is no biggie as it still works just fine for holding papers. The wheels on the bottom lock to keep it still and unlock if it needs to be moved. Very happy with this purchase


I got this to organize and have all of my home dialysis supplies at the ready. It came with all drawers intact and all necessary items to assemble. We have since used a label maker to make labels for each drawer so that items are easy to access. I love it!!






Needed extra room in my craft room, and this cart is working great. Have stored lots of supplies in the cart and still have a couple empty drawers for future supplies. The top is perfect for my laptop and crafting machine.


I really don’t like the way it stacked up, however I liked the colors enough to keep it. I kept my art pallets, and different medias in them. On top I kept some canvases. I’m not sure why mine tilted over. I wanted to love it :-( I got rid of the rack and have kept the drawers until I can find a higher quality piece. If you have light supplies this will work.


Love this cart! I purchased a 2nd one. Totally organizes my chocolate molds. It’s sturdy and was very easy to assemble.,..


Product would be absolutely amazing if it were sturdy and didn’t scare me when pulling down the hall. I purchased this product so that it can be mobile in my apartment only and move from my living room down the hall to my bedroom. Every time I move it, I pray it doesn’t fall apart. It shakes and is completely unstable.


I debated buying this based on a few bad reviews. I am super happy I finally decided to order it! Great piece, fills my need perfectly for an addition to my sewing room. Has probably saved me 1,000 steps not having to walk all over to get the items I need when I sit down to quilt!


I love this, I bought a second. The drawers and be a little rough because the are just flat plastic on the medal track. But otherwise, just about perfect


As a teacher, I was looking for more storage drawers for my kids center work. The drawers are all broke and they continue to fall off their track. It is not the children either, as I’ve been opening and closing them. As soon as I do, 4 of the smaller drawers fall off the track and just lay on each other. I did keep it-only because I was in desperate need for one right away. I am not too happy with it especially for what I paid. I wish I did return it.


There was supposed to be 12 screws in one of the packages. I got 11. It was necessary to hold the frame to make it square for the drawers to work smoothly. So I had to rig it with a zip tie. It wasn’t ideal. Product was cute but not worth the price since it wasn’t as sturdy as I expected.


The frame is not sturdy and the drawers come off the track.


I think a most people use this for scrapbooking supplies but I use it for my felt crafts. The 9x12 pieces fit in the drawers perfectly and easy to keep different colors separated.


Shelving holders are not lined up so the baskets are crooked.
Also one does not have a stopper on it so the basket just goes right out of the back.
For the cost the baskets should be even, consistent and fit better in the slots. This should have cost about $30


Shelving holders are not lined up so the baskets are crooked.


I love the look and the added storage space!


I love this cart! I store the paper and accessories for my cards in it. I made cards for friends and relatives for their birthdays, holiday, etc.


I have ordered many of these for my business this is the first 2 that had drawers that just do not fit and get stuck or they are falling in and can not use them. I have taken it apart and tried to fix it and nope still nothing.


I bought this for my daughter to store her fidgets. She put it together with no issues and all the parts were there. Unfortunately it is wobbly when you roll it around and the measurements are clearly off as the drawers slant a little to the right. Would I buy it again? Not for that price based On quality. But definitely cute and will do the trick for her light weight toys.


I was really looking forward to using this storage cart for my children’s art and school supplies. However, it is not sturdy at all. I put it together and had my husband check my building skills. He tightened a few things and gave me the green light to use it. After filling it up, it was already leaving to the side. There is no way I can move this thing if I wanted to because it would fall apart. It is stationary and it leans to the side. My husband tightened it again and still…the lean. It is definitely not meant to hold a lot of items. I am now on the look out for another.


I like this little unit. It is cute and easy to use! although it is a bit crooked and I had to glue the top on it so it wouldn't pop off. I probably would not buy it again, but I like the one I have.


I eagerly waited for this for my new Cricut, the drawers are perfect., I had one screw missing but the seller got back to me within hours to solve the issue. I will be order again when I expand my craftie goodies.


After I got the frame together, added the knobs for each smaller drawer, I saw that one of the larger bins was cracked. Can’t use it cracked because it slides on the rail and won’t stay put. After the work to assemble I wasn’t going to take it all apart to send it back so I suggest buyers check the plastic drawers to ensure none are cracked. Other than that, the drawers slide into aluminum type grooves and so you have to make sure as you are sliding them in, they stay in the grooves. We did not add heavy items, I suspect if you need to store a lot of heavy items it could be an issue but worked well for craft items. Just really bummed about the cracked drawer.


I’m really loving this rolling organizer cart. I went with the multicolored one, as I’m using it for my kids’ playroom. I really like that one side has deeper drawers and the other side has shallow drawers. These drawers have been perfect holding all my of my kids Barbies and accessories, craft supplies, puzzles, etc. The top is pretty sturdy as well as the drawers. The wheels on this makes it so easy to move around when need be. This was also super easy to put together. I usually have my husband put things together, but decided to tackle this on my own. It took my less than 30 minutes together. The directions were very easy to follow with perfect illustrations on how to do it. I think my favorite thing about this is it is so multifunctional. When we are no longer using it for our kids’ toys, we can very easily use it for other things. If you are looking for a multifunctional organizer, this is definitely the way to go!


After assembling the try’s doesn’t sit up straight like in pics .


Purchased to put in our son’s small playroom, to hold all of his art and writing materials. Easy to assemble (all you need is a small hammer, everything else is provided.) Although not incredibly sturdy, it holds all his supplies, looks great, and doesn’t take up too much space. We did not put the wheels on ours, since he doesn’t need it to move around.


I love how organized we can be using this. I wish I had gotten one sooner


Love this storage cart. It holds my large therapy ultrasound unit on top & all my supplies in the cart. I labeled each drawer to help me remember where the stuff is!


More than I could dream of at this price. Sturdy, wheel are great even in carpet, good sliders….fantastic item for your storage needs.


I am a homeschool Mom. I bought this to organize my school / art supplies. It works great! Definitely recommended for anyone wanting to organize. It is bright colors and the drawers are a perfect size.


Big help in the classroom. Easy to assemble and is sturdy enough for the job at hand.


It definitely looks cute. It was easily put together. My only complaint is that some of the drawers easily come off the track and sit lopsided. It seems that daily I have to readjust the drawers if my kiddo uses them. Can’t figure out how to fix it either, so I guess we’ll just deal with it.


Easy to assemble, took less than 10 minutes. Perfect for holding my kids' coloring books, drawing, and art supplies.


This cart is exactly what I wanted. Easy to assemble, has mobility, sturdy, and a good value for the money.


Good storage and worth the price. Wish they had this set in pink




Easy to assemble.


I loved how slick and clean looking this is! Easy to assemble!


It's OKAY and working with it, I have heavy items in a few drawers and rubs on the sides, but holds so much. Just not real easy to move on berber carpet. I normally leave it on place, but on hardwood floors, I love it. Hold all my Small Mary Kay items so I can have them close to my desk. :-) Happy with it.


I'm in a mechanical field. So I know not to tighten too much. But, my drawer knobs are stripping after 2 days of gentle. The white plastic interior female threads need to be upgraded. Also, the tracks for the drawers came knife sharp. I used ahasp (file) to smooth them. But, to cover your ass and avoid someone's infant getting injured and legal action, simple fix. Lol


Perfect for storing cosmetics. However, the product could be a little sturdier on the sliding parts of drawers.


Very easy to assemble but for $100 I expected it to be a bit more durable. I keep having to tighten the screws and it leans to the side. Pretty colors tho.


Easy to assemble, durable, & sturdy


Also looks great in my office


I love it! A bit over priced. Micheal's and other craft store sell them for a fraction of the price but it's the convenience for me.


Overall I like the product excepted the smaller drawers don’t stay in the tracks. That is a hassle.


Great for crafting storage


This is perfect. Please do not expect it for using with heavy weight items no expect the drawers to roll freely they are not on rollers. They slide.


Bins are nice and work great. Mine however came a little cracked and broke. I did let them know but only got a partial refund. I think the price was a bit high but I needed something.


I do crafts, currently a dollhouse. This has so much storage! Very sturdy and WAY better then expected!!


I love the storage cart. It was pretty easy to assemble. The storage space I just what I needed. The only issue I had was one of the drawers was cracked, I reached out to the seller and they immediately resolved that issue. Overall this product comes highly recommended by me. I would definitely buy again.


The drawers consistently fall off the tracks. But I love the design and the bright colors


I love this rolling storage cart for organizing. Sturdy and well made with stylish knobs. It is a really cool addition to my bedroom.and keeps my stuff neat!


I absolutely LOVE this! So perfect for what I needed and so so cute!


Great item handy clear drawers to organize all my craft items. Will buy again


Absolutely perfect for Lego Storage


Worth buying for craft supplies in a room. Drawer sizes are great and the amount of drawers is also great. This is by NO means an industrial strength chest of drawers. It’s fine for extremely light duty use of things you need to store for home crafting. Not much else. I gave it 4 stars because it worked for its purpose and price. But remember, it’s for VERY light duty.


This was a little fiddly to assemble and it does not like to roll on the carpet but I love it. It looks great and I love it. Everything is so organized now and the top space is great for storage or to use as a work space. My only complaint really is now that it's full of supplies when i pull on it to move it, it doesn't roll well on carpet and it leans a little before it starts to roll.


This cart was super easy to put together (my 3 year old helped me) and was so excited when it was done. It’s now filled with all of our arts and crafts supplies and my toddler loves that she can open the drawers by herself and put stuff back, along with push the cart around to where we are doing art. Super happy with this!


Easy to put together! And durable!


Sturdiness is a little on the crappy side....would not want to have anything heavy in it


Storage capacity


Love it! Used it to organize my art supplies


Great for scrapbooking, knitting and paper products!!!


Very pleased. Used to store my yarn .


Be careful while assembling! I sliced my finger wide up on one of the ends of the metal bars. Love the drawers though! Lol


It's great!!!! Shipping was fast and very easy to set up. Plenty of storage space and compact for small spaces. I Love it


This became invaluable the second we put it together!! I have found myself accidentally being a homeschool mom...thanks Covid:/ Anyways, this cart has been incredibly helpful for organization while teaching three kids in different grade levels! Now our dining room can easily go back to a dining room at the end of the day!


I had a problem but support was very helpful and fixed the problems.


Exactly what I needed to organize my craft room. Wish it weren't quite so expensive since everything's essentially made out of plastic, but it was still the best organizational system for crafts that I could find.


Easy to assemble, my 6 year old helped. Using it to store legos. It keeps them organized by color and sets. It could be a little more sturdy but overall it meets expectations.


Love this cart. 2 size drawers are perfect for craft storage. Very sturdy and the metal top is wonderful.




Love the look and the design. The reason I said hard to assemble is dues to the feet pegs you have to mallet in - you can't hold them like you would a nail because they are serrated and will slice your hand. I learned the hard way. Instructions should note to be careful.


Easy assembly. Flimsy, drawers are rather cheaply made, the metal rack already peels off. Definitely not worth 80$ and would not recommend at this price point.


Working from home has created the biggest mess in my home office/ guest room, I have boxes everywhere, paperwork, and all my other work accessories all over the place. Every time I would walk into my guest room/office I would get immediately overwhelmed with the amount of stuff and I couldn't throw any of it out because I needed it all for work, so I went on a mission to find a solution and thank goodness this popped up in my search. So far have 4 boxes of printer paper, five types of envelopes, and so many of the various accessories that I use for work (extra ink, pens, paperclips, stapler, and staples. you get the picture) Everything fits so nicely in this cart and I can even put my printer on top. It's so convenient. I love that it has wheels because that means I can store large posters behind it and simply roll the cart out when I need to access the posters. This cart was also very very simple to assemble. I did it by myself and it took less than 15 minutes.


Easy to assemble and sturdy. Arrived with a cracked drawer, contacted seller and got a partial refund.


I put this together with my 9 year old son. Instructions were clear and it took less than one hour. It is beautiful and a dream for decluttering. My sister saw it and now wants one as well.


Bought for Daughter to organize craft room she loved it


I have three children and they all go to school. This organizer is ideal for keeping all there supplies and projects organized. The organizer is built well and look great!




Perfect to store a variety of crafting materials.


Super cute, but smaller than I expected.


Fantastic storage solution for Legos! Easy to put together. Feels sturdy to me. I can’t wait to fill it with more stuff!


Gets the job done for what I need it for. I wish the drawers glided better.


One of the rails was bent. I was able to adjust it so the drawer will slide. Didn't want to send it back because it took awhile to get here. Seems to work, so ok. Get it all put together and its missing 1 knob! Still dont want to send it back. Otherwise its not bad. For the big drawers, dont put too much in it. It wont hold heavy stuff.


We are using this for my sons art stuff, play dough, legos and it’s amazing doors pullout nice and easy enough for my 4 yr old to slid back in. And it was easy to put together took myself 20 min


Really easy instructions and assembly. Looks nice.


Love this cart! I got it to put my Cricut on top and to store vinyls and tools. This came together easily and is really pretty sturdy and non-wobbly for how lightweight it is. Really pleased with it!


Easy to put together. Can't wait to load everything for my cricut and resin stuff. However I only gave it 4 starts due to the fact that one of drawers is cracked/chipped...refer to picture. Other than that its a nice cart for what I need.


Easy to assemble, my teenager did it. Lightweight, super organizer for homeschooling, easy to move around in the room.


My sweet granddaughter is a budding artist and need to organize all her supplies. This is perfect in looks and functionality. She and her mom love this!


I got the black one, it's great. A former comment mentioned being careful with the center piece. Worsted case scenario is you have to take out 4 screws and flip it around. So good deal and fairly easy assemble


I really like this cart. I packed all the drawers with art supplies and it's holding up fine. The only thing I'm not a fan of is that the wheels fall out easily so keep that in mind if you need to lift it for any reason. Other than that it's great and looks nice.


The items that I want to store in the unit this will work fine.


This is exactly what I have been looking for. It fits all of my craft supplies and then some! It takes up minimal space, is easy to maneuver, and was simple to build!


I love it when things look exactly like the picture. It was easy to assemble & it has great storage space. I love it.


Great for all of my daughters school supplies and drawings


My sister raves about this all the time! The best organizer she’s ever had!!


Not much of anything. But no matter what I always put some part in that is backward. But this card


There were shipping issues but the seller was great help dealing with them. When it arrived the box sounded clunky and I was worried putting it together would be a headache put it wasp easy. We now have all my daughters school/craft supplies organized and put kitchen table back.


I'm giving it four stars because it has been a lifesaver for storing my son's legos which were everywhere. The quality is mediocre since one of the metal pieces just bent during assembly. The screws loosen over time and the whole thing starts to wobble. The drawers will stick. Overall, I'm keeping it, because I haven't found anything better to organize all the lego pieces.



Loved the space and sturdiness


Perfect for organizing & storing my Cricut supplies & machine!


I use my organizer for my beading supplies. It is perfect for my needs.Very pretty colors.


Great cart for art supplies and crafts but wouldn't consider it if you have heavy items to put in it. Just with art supplies, it wants to lean a little to the right and you have to be careful rolling it around. If I were the manufacturer, I would add two bars to make an X on the back and it would be super strong for storing your items and rolling around. Otherwise it is clean and simple and easy to use!


only thing I dont like is the holes in the top. Great for a kids bathroom.


looks rilly cute :3


These are great, I took off 1 star because the were bent slightly when they arrived so assembly was extremely difficult till we realized you can just bend them straight again.Thinking of purchasing a second one for extra storage.


I was quite excited to get this cart as I needed additional space for art supplies, next to my drafting table.The problem was that two of the metal rims that hold the small drawers were bent a little, but I was able to use a mallet to straighten them out enough to make them functional. One other problem that I had was that one of the corners of the larger is cracked. I hope they will replace that one.Otherwise, it is perfect for my needs and it is sturdy enough. So, I really do like it...just those little issues and I didn’t want to send it back!


My daughter loves this for her barbie stuff.


Like it


Easy to assemble and plenty of storage space. Ordering another to accommodate all of my crafting supplies.


Easy to put together, great for price. Perfect for storing my Sola flowers in.


It makes the deep places in my goblin heart VERY happy to see all my crafting supplies in this colorful set of drawers. I LOVE these. It's easy to put together. Like super simple. The drawers are fairly sturdy albeit plastic. If you mess with the knobs I forsee them coming loose but some hot glue or e600 will fix that right up


about 3 drawers were cracked but the rest of the items is in good condition. Installed the drawers myself and turned out great.


Bought this to keep all my card making supplies in and it’s great for that. The larger drawers are big enough to hold larger accessories such as stamping tools and paper trimmers and the smaller drawers are perfect for ink pads and blending brushes!


This is perfect for my crafting


All the parts fit together well, easy assembly, just needed a hammer, other tools were included. Sturdy and drawers slide out easily, don't snag. Rolls on casters easily, does not wabble. I can't find anything that isn't just as I had anticipated except the little caps for drawers weren't included but I don't really need them. Tray on top is metal, sturdy and removes easily.


This is my third one I am a teacher it is great for organizing.


Perfect for my grandsons at home school supplies.


It was not sturdy enough. I loved the colors, the design and the fact that you can use the top of it as well


I had a slight issue with my 1st order, but Customer Service is great! They took care of things within a few days, and I love this Cart. I use it in my Small Business; we wheel it right up to our Desks, it works very well, keeps Tax Returns and paper work organized.


It is best assembled with 4 hands. I like the overall design and look, but the drawers don't open easily.


Great for my son’s LEGO storage!


It was easy to build. It looks really nice. I recommend it, it’s really useful and to store things away. I will buy again!!


I bought this organizer for my small art business and it’s perfect! It was easy to assemble and it holds everything I needed it to. It’s pretty sturdy but probably should not be used if it’s going to be man handled. Overall, I love it!


Me encanto


This is a great product, the different colored drawers make it easy so each child know what color their drawers are. Larger drawers were for school books and smaller for pencils, crayons, glue and any other things the kids needed for virtual school.


I got this for my cricut at it fits the cricut perfect and its amazing for the all extra.


Easy to assemble, except for the wheels (needed my husband's help). It holds much more than I expected. It also seems pretty sturdy. One recommendation would be to change the metal to a brushed finish (easier to keep clean and doesnt show fingerprints, etc as easily).


Awesome product the corners of the metal are a little sharp and it was kinda hard putting together but overall excstly what I wanted and needed


Great for organizing teaching supplies. I plan on getting a second one.


Great storage for kids art supplies. The colors are not as vivid and the materials are not sturdy. It needs to be used with gentle handling. Not recommended for little kids.


I like this size.easy for also very strong. Storage function is also very good. There are wheels at the bottom. It can move anywhere.


Love, love, love this!!!


Very sturdy and was easy to assemble. Nice way to organize all our crafting supplies


I purchased this for a family member.It's her first year to teach.She love it!




this cart helped me to keep my candle making supplies organized. Great buy for quality product.


Fits in my classroom easily and am able to store class papers and lessons neatly


Has some sharp edges, be careful when putting it together. We let my 6 year old help not realizing this, and she actually cut her finger :(


I'm super excited about this item. It is sturdy and very easy to put together. And its perfect to keep all of my Cosmetics and skincare items.


Craft and school cart for my grandchildren


Works great as a teacher station for my virtual classroom! Very easy to put together!


Perfect for my little artist. 12 years old and her dresser is always full of clutter and pens everywhere so this paired perfectly with her art supplies. Trying to get this one organized before it’s too late. Great buy for the money


I like the cart. Height is a little lower than expected but not a problem.


Is exactly as pictured. Easy to assemble.


Move it around freely. Its frame is sturdy, and drawers are easily pushed in and pulled out.


Super easy to assemble and works perfect for my cricut




The product is wobbly and it doesn’t line up on one side but the colors are nice and it does the job of storing my tools. It’s just not as aesthetically pleasing as I would have hoped.


This is a great storage solution for medical supplies in student housing/ dorms. I built it on my own in what felt like an hour, and I’m a wheelchair user who is bad at building things. The top is great for tissues and throwing your keys on.


Perfect for our remote learning stations. Gives two kids plenty of storage.


Easy to put together. It’s holding all our school supplies.


Same as what I expected! So easy to put it together.


I love this cart. I homeschool my grandson and this cart is perfect for supplies. It was easy to put together. I'm 52 years old and I had it out together in 30 minutes. Great purchase!


Easy to assemble, holds a it!


I bought this for art and craft supplies for my office. It is exactly as pictured.... easy to put together, sturdy, and colorful. I would purchase again!


It’s a very nice looking steady cart. I like it. Fast shipping


I usually don't leave reviews!!! So here we go


It's very easy to assemble, just use a small tool that comes with it, it can be completed in 10 minutes. It's perfect organizer which can pack my files and small stuff


It works perfect for me, it makes it very easy to find my art supplies quickly since everything is in one place now. It is very sturdy. My Husband assembled it for me and it didn’t take him very long. I love it! Now when I sit down to do my art work I have everything organized.


Bought for classroom use. Much better than the drawer system I had previously. This one is more sturdy and easy to move when needed.




really sturdy


It holds a lot all the craft supplies finally managed. Super easy to put together but help to have two sets of hands to get everything even and level. Anyone who’s owned one of these carts knows they aren’t a the most sturdy. When full even on hardwood rolling is a little rough and on carpet no way but that’s how all these carts are and I knew that before purchase.


I love this. I may buy another one. With all the homeschooling and virtual schooling this year, it is a perfect collect all accessory! It was slim in width but the perfect size for books, papers, folders, pencils, all school supplies. It holds a lot. Everything is neatly organized in separate drawers. I don't know how I got along with out it. I love the color coding on the trays. One side has deeper trays while the other side are half as deep. It was easy to assemble. My son put it together in about 30 minutes. I like that it rolls. Get one! I just can't say enough great things about it!


Love this. Super easy to put together. Sturdy and decent space.


Really convenient & simple to assemble. Decent amount of storage, but the plastic bins are a bit cheap. No issues yet but weight would be a concern for storage.


Easy to put together. Bought this cart for my wife so she can easily organize her crafting supplies. She used to store her supplies in boxes and then put away in a tote. She loves this cart, just so much easier for her to put away and look for what she needs. She also loves the fact that the cart rolls around so she can take her circut every where around the house.Gave it 4 stars because i felt like for the price materials should be a little better. Just dont know how long it’ll hold up in the long run if the cart gets heavy.


This drawer and shelf unit is perfect for storing my beads for jewelry making.


I love this cart to organize my teaching things for the week and small group materials. Super easy to assemble but occasionally needs to be tightened to keep it sturdy. Love the colors and looks super cute in my classroom.


They sent this product quick. It was easy to put together and I love it. It is so worth the money. I needed an art cart to organize my paints and this works great.


Great for crafters. Really helps organize!


Used for craft storage. Wife loves the organized storage. Wheels make it portable and drawers are large enough for 8x10 sized paper to lay flat.


Beautiful cart, holds all my business supplies. Easily assembled in minutes.


Love this organizer cart, very sturdy. The delivery was quick and the packaging was well done. It only took me about 20 min to assemble. It’s very colorful and roomy and absolutely perfect for my craft room! Amazing purchase!!


This is an AWESOME buy. A little pricey but it was a breeze to put together! They include a tool so you only need a hammer to put the bottom on. Everything arrived intact and in the right colors. Can we talk about the vivid colors? They are beautiful. The drawers each have a silver knob. Very nice. I set my laminator on top so it was accessable. There is so much storage it turned my remote teaching chaos into an organized, dream! LOVE IT!!!


Nice with lots of storage


This is amazing! We had 2 different ones before this and this is a perfect arts and crafts area.


It is even better that I expected. If I had space to get a 2nd one, I would. So easy to put together you really don't need to look at the manual. Pleasantly surprised the drawers have very sturdy and cute knobs. Drawers are so wide I now have extra space for what I needed. Best purchase I've made.


Very stable super nice


This organizer is perfect for my Cricut Maker and all the things that go along with it. I used S hooks on the sides to hang the mats. I can just wheel the cart out when I’m ready to make something.


shipped fast . came sooner than expected. AWESOME for organizing all my crafts . i love it so much and i love that it has wheels i can put it anywhere and pull it out when i need it and wheel it wherever i want with ease .best purchase ive gotten in a long time! i recomend this if you are looking to organize! THE ONLY reason i gave it 4 stars is because my fiance has to brace the back so its solid* it does sway even with the tight screws but he said its because there is no brace on the back if it were just sitting without wheeling it around the way i do it would be perfect tho .. i still recommend it . its still pretty awesome


First it came in quickly. It's was packaged very and all the parts were wrapped separately. Purchased as an organizer to be used as a hair station. Had enough storage space for the job. Very pleased.


I have acquired a lot of makeup - I have 3 sisters, 2 daughters, and a subscription to those makeup boxes! This allows me to organize all that stuff! It’s awesome.


Looovveeee!!! Fits all my crafts


Excelente calidad y es muy bonito y muy buena capacidad de almacenar.


These are really great for organizing my office supplies and it fits a pretty decent sized printer on top. I wouldn’t suggest continuous rolling of the cart it gets a bit wobbly.


Very easy to assemble. Colors are very vibrant


This was a gift for mi wife’s crafting shop. She loves it. It took forever to arrive.


Excellent to store my brushes and paint. Easy to move from place to place. Plenty of storage space. Love it!


This unit meets my needs exactly! Although it was easy to assemble, I did need an extra tool that was not provided. No biggie though. I love everything about htis unit save one thing: the plastic containers do not slide seamlessly in and out of the groves. There is a little sticking at times and other times they are loosely moored. It doesn't bother me to much, but I thought I would mention it. Great purchase!


Easy to assemble, good quality. Love that it doesn't move around like crazy.


Worked to sort and organize large Lego collection


I put it together! WOW! Great storage for non-heavy items! Very attractive.


Great handy cart. It's not the best or sturdiest thing, but it was exactly what I expected & maybe even a little better. Assembly was easy. The drawers have notches so you can't push them in too far.


The color and it has 15 drawer and I use it for my makeup “ Female products“ and the household medication. I wish it had the same side drawers on both sides


Love my stand. Only thing the top shelf part I wish was solid. It has little holes in it so if something spills it’ll go into top drawers


My only gripe with this is that there really is no weight limit stated on the specifications. I purchased it for my electronics, batteries, and small test equipment storage. It works well with drawers dedicated to sizes of batteries, transformers, and things like memory cards and jump drives but when I loaded it up, the cart seemed to sag in the middle because of the weight.


Loved this item! Pretty colours for the bins and drawers! Might get another soon..


Excellent organizer!


I purchased this 15 drawer organizer for my 12 year old son, a Lego lover. When the package arrived he was to excited to wait for my assistance and ask if he could assemble it himself and he did. The instructions were easy for him to follow and in no time at all the organizer was together. It rolls easy on the carpet when he pulls the cart up to his desk. The clear drawers help find a specific Lego color easily and the top doubles as his display case. We are both very satisfied with this 15 drawer organizer.


With it was sturdier and had other color metal options


We got this when my daughter had spinal surgery and it turned out to be so useful. It’s her special stand and it’s perfect


Be nice if one side the drawers were made wider like 12×12 then it would be more perfect as my cricut station. Still a great organizer for your cricut to set on top and all accessories separate, just gotta leave vinyl rolled.


Got this for my sewing stuff . Works very well.


we love them. we have bought 3 for our craft room


Love very much, will order again


Overall it is everything I needed. Holds all of my cricut vinyls and crafts with drawers to spare. Id give it five stars but the one thing I dont like is it has sharp edges on the front.


I used it to hold my card stamping supplies. Easy to organize and can see what’s in the draws


Perfect size, easy to assemble,very capacious


Very happy with this purchase!!!


These drawers were exactly what we needed, and the quality was better than expected for the lower price of these units. We ordered a few of these in different configurations. There was a minor issue with only one of the units, and the seller handled the issue immediately, and responded to our inquiries immediately. Excellent product and seller - would highly recommened.


I like it alot


This was a good buy. It was easy to assemble and everything fit so nicely. I am using it for art supplies. It seems to be very sturdy. I am not going to move it around a lot. Other reviews had said that it wasn’t as stable. Mine works just fine.


Great product


This thing is awesome and adorable in the colors are beautiful. It's easily put together and works great.


I like the amount of room I have to store my plans and work behind my desk.However assembly was difficult, I had to make adjustments, and sometimes the drawers stick and I have to pull them out with force


Came quickly and easy to assemble I love it!


The assembly wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. But edges are sharp so please be careful. I think it is very sturdy for what I am using it for. It was a bit unstable but tightened all the screws and that fixed the problem.


I use this in my sewing room, and I love it!


Love these. I use them to color code my son's Legos.


It was a little wobbly when I over loaded it. My husband reinforced the back with a small piece of plywood. It is perfect and stable.


Great for small items. My daughter uses it to organize and store her dolls and other toys


Great for storage of my craft stuff and top makes a great work station looks nice and pretty sturdy this is my second cart


Easy to put together. Looks nice quality. Smaller and larger drawers. Looks nice with cover on top. Will buy more.


Bought this for me niece and she loves it for her art supplies.


I liked that this item was exactly as described. It was easy to assemble as well. My daughter is quite satisfied. Thank you.


The drawers get stuck and are hard to pull out.


Stores a lot of stuff, seems to be sturdy and holding up so far it’s only been a couple months though. It was very easy to assemble. I would recommend this products for those looking to get art supplies organized and in one spot. Love the metal top that you can put things on top of.


I had seen a previous review that showed a cricut explore air 2 on top, and it is exactly what we needed it for. We put all of our cricut and craft supplies in it. I love that it has a "home" for everything and it is not taking up precious table space.


Wow...nice. For $70 it's a great craft cart. This will work with what I have in mind. I think I will even have left over storage space.I'm happy with this purchase.I took some pics that will help with sizing up. I think this is a great buy.


Got this for my daughter. She loves it and keeps her room organized. Recommend to buy!


It arrived with 2 of the drawers cracked, but they still work so I didn’t bother sending back. It hold my 20lb printer on top & fits all of my craft supplies. Didn’t think I’d need 15 drawers, but apparently I do!


I ordered this storage table to use in my spa to put my facial products and equipment. The compartments are good because I do need both large and small drawers, so that was perfect. Assembling it was pretty easy. It comes with the tool that you need and then you just need a Phillips screwdriver for the drawer knobs. My only issue is that the small drawers on the left side don’t align properly with in the slides on the sides. So they are not sitting where they should be sitting and it is hard to open and close them. It’s actually very frustrating. Other than that it seems like it’s going to be OK but that one issue is not a small one so I don’t know.


Great for kids arts and crafts


Everything can travel with me as I teach. No kidding! It rolls really well and holds a lot on top and in drawers of course.


My grandson uses this to store and organize his Legos!


Love this cart!!! It is exactly what I needed to store supplies for my class. It is sturdy and I love that it can be moved around with ease.


I got this to help my mom get organized and so far she's very happy with it


This is the only double one I can find that fits the dimensions length wise for the amount of maximum space I had. I put it in my closet and put overflow office supplies and electronic cords/phone accessories on one side and the other side I put face products, body sprays, hair products, and lotions in the bigger drawers. Was really simple to assemble. Really don’t even need instructions. Took only about 10 minutes. Now I don’t believe a bunch of plastic is worth the price of this. But I’m just happy I’m getting organized.


Purchased for our homeschool. Small draws workbox, school papers. The bigger boxes for our morning time basket. Had to contact amazon customer service. Fast response, very helpful. I would purchase again.


Well with every penny!


It holds many items and has helped me organize my home work/school materials


I use this for my Cricut machine. The Cricut machine fits perfectly on top of the machine and is super easy to move around. I love all of the storage and different depths of the drawers. The only thing I wish that there could be a drawer that will fit a 12”x12” Cricut mat but the drawers comfortably fit regular sized paper and rolls of vinyl. It is a little wobbly and not the sturdiest thing ever, but for the price it is perfect.


Great piece for my art supplies and more!!I might get another one for my hair and makeup!!!


Holds all of my cricut supplies and is very sturdy. Love it


Perfect for my Cricut Air 2 on top and enough storage for my supplies


I needed my sewing supplies easily accessible in 2 rooms and this was the perfect solution. It doesn't come with written assembly instructions just pictures but it was so easy I didn't even need the picture, took about 20 minutes to assemble. It's sturdier than I expected and the wheels make it super easy to transport from one room to the other. I sew, quilt, and embroider and all of my supplies easily fit in the drawers. I have tons of thread so I don't have all of it stored on the cart but the large aurifil cones fit perfectly in the large drawers. I use the smaller drawers for all other supplies and have enough space to store everything from my many scissors, measuring tapes, needles, hoops, etc.


Using it for art has wonderful space and works perfect!


Love the design


Easy to assemble


We bought this for American Girl storage and it’s been a great fit in the toy room. Compartments can fit doll accessories and room decor.


Looks as advertised. Not the most stable, and the drawers don’t slide perfect, but it was a relatively fair price for the quality.


This thing was easy to assemble, took me an hour or so, but can't really hold anything heavy (like cardstock), not that sturdy. But for other light stationery supplies, it's quite nice.


I used this to organize my makeup and it has worked perfectly. It has lots of storage and easy to move around after assembled.


Just what I needed for storing art and craft supplies


Very easy to build and very cute. Using it for my closet


I purchased this cart for my Cricut and all of its supplies. It is sturdy, and assembly was clear and easy. I am very pleased with my purchase.




I am using to store my Art supplies and I have it sitting by my side to hold my paint palate. It works good enough for my purpose. While at first it looked like lots of pieces, it was very easy to put together. I liked that I can wheel it around but you do need to be kind to it as it is not made with the sturdiness that something 2-3 times the cost might be.


This item has more space than I expected, assembly was simple and the colors of tge drawers are fun and bright. It has helped clear up a lot of space in my home.


I love that my Cricut fits on top of it, and since it has wheels I can store everything and love it when I need more space. I wish the drawers had label pockets. It’s not super sturdy and doesn’t hold stuff that’s too heavy.


It's nicer than I expected. Perfect for the storage I wanted


Easy to assemble & sturdy.


I tightened up all the screws after it was fully assembled and it feels nice and sturdy. Actually got one extra little drawer. I'll find a use for it.


Rolls easily, and pretty sturdy.


Love it!


I have had my eye on this for a long time and finally bought one for all my random things around the house. I love it! Also, customer service is super helpful and friendly. They really help their customers when needed.


I had a friend put together for me & he said the instructions were very straight forward & easy to follow. He got it backwards first & had to flip one side but he finally got it. The item after having not that much weight put in it started severely leaning diagonally toward one side. I’m still trying to figure that out & bought bungee cords to run diagonal braces for a large X across to remedy. Hopefully it works.


So far so good. Easy to assemble


Kind of wobbly but a great organizer for our school items.


My 6 year old helped put it together. It is a must for homeschool and/or crafts!!! Makes life so much easier and organized.


Just got it and it took me maybe 30 minutes to assemble. Easy peasy! Looove the colors and shiny aluminum! Plenty of storage, tho I wouldn't place too many heavy items. Definetly wouldn't put something like a printer ontop. Conveniently rolls everywhere I need to move it. Great for small spaces!


works as a craft holder; easy to roll around.


Drawers in 2 different size are fabulous. work wonderfully in my room.


Bought it for my daughter-in-law to store her medications for all of her chronic illnesses, it’s perfect


So the good:I like the drawers, the top shelf is nice, and the drawers are nice quality and work really well.So the bad:They needed to use a heavier gauge metal. The until appears to tilt slightly, and you can tell the metal just isn't all that great quality. All that being said, it doesn't wobble at all nor does the tilt affect the drawers or anything on the top shelf.The rollers aren't all that great. While it rolls, I wouldn't want to use this for a daily job. It rolls well enough from a room to a closet and back 1x a week. The wheels could have benefited by being bigger or better quality.


I think this is very very pretty and so useful that I ordered 2 more for my hobby workshop. My BIG APOLOGIES GO TO THE PLACE THAT PACKS THESE!!! I FOUND THE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS AFTERALL!! BUT having said that, it was pretty easy to build. Just gotta watch who helps you build items as things can get misplaced. Still, this shelving unit is what I really LOVE!!!


I really like this cabinet. I like color matching. It can make me easy to distribute. I used it myself. After receiving it, I was taken over by my daughter. She brought her book files and stationery. It is really convenient. Powerful. Price Suitable. Good quality. Medium size. It can be conveniently placed there. It is more convenient that it has wheels. It can be moved at any time. It is recommended that you buy one. I will buy back.


easy to use, and perfect for organizing


Prefect... all parts accounted for. Thank you


Perfectly priced and stores all my crafty things. ??It!


Absolutely love this! Nice size and quality. Helped me organize all my kids stuff for school.


LOVE LOVE THIS!!! i use it for my makeup strictly n it’s the best thing i’ve ever purchased very convenient!!!


The cart takes up very little space, I use it in my sewing room. It allows me to keep everything very organized and easy to find. I love that the cart is on wheels for easy maneuvering.


Exactly what I needed


Perfect to organize my child’s art & craft supplies. Easy to put together, except the caster wheels. I could fit 9x12 paper. 240 sheets in the small draw. 4 pencil boxes in the large draw. A little pricy for the quality. I have to wiggle the draw to slide it in sometimes.


This was super easy to assemble. The instructions are straight forward. But I had a hard time putting on the wheels. Sometimes when you open the drawers they get stuck. That’s the only downside of this item. It can store a lot of things. I mostly store all my makeup. It filled up almost all of the drawers.


I love this. My cricket fits on the top perfectly


Easy to assemble arrived when scheduled. Perfect for storing crafty items.


Very nice a little pricey though


We loved it. Absolutely perfect for what we needed it for.


This was easy to put together and looks great in my classroom. I added labels with my Cricut


Be careful with the drawers!


War schnell zusammengebaut. Alles recht passgenau. Ich nutze es allerdings ohne die Rollen und habe mir im Baumarkt einfach ein paar passende Fü?e besorgt. Passt bei mir perfekt vor ein Fenster von der H?he. Die Schubladen sind recht leicht. Aber für normalen Bürpkram angefangen von Digitalkamera, Druckerpapier, Verl?ngerungskabel etc. sind die Schubladen stabil genug. Schweres Werkzeug würde ich ungern reinlegen. Das halten die Schubladen bestimmt nicht durch.


Love the storage and easy to roll around when not in use


I have a few of these in my classroom. I have 2 single ones that the students use to get papers. I use this double one for myself. I labeled each drawer for each day and have everything I will be doing for the day inside. I like the larger drawers for bigger things I will be using. It's a nice splash of color for my room also.


I absolutely love this! I bought it for makeup storage and it works perfectly. It fits in my tight bathroom. I bought the little desk drawers to help organize and they work great! I LOVE this!


Love this utility cart.


Looks good works great


Better than i thougt


I was pleasantly surprised with the sturdy frame and brightly colored drawers. The drawers sometimes slip off the rail when sliding them back, but it is easy just to pull them out and reinsert. Great value for the money!


I am a teacher and decided to use this for my reading groups. Works great. I like how it is mobile. It is not heavy duty, but just right for me.


It was perfect for my medical supplies.


I'm using this in my classroom and I love it. It was easy to put together and comes with the Allen wrench you need to assemble it.


Easy to assemble & works for my handband making supplies.


I LOVE everything about this cart! It was fairly easy to put together (just be careful about which direction the middle section is facing when you assemble it-need to be aware of how the slides line up to make sure your drawers fit...ask me how I know...). All the pieces were very sturdy, no "wonkiness" to deal with after it's together. And my sewing supplies are so organized now!


I received my package in good condition. It was easy to essemble in 15 min or so. The drawer organizer is beautiful. Love the bright vibrant colors. And the drawers are Stil transparent so its easy to find what you need. Its also perfect for homeschool needs, fits most notebooks and misc school supplies. Its easy to move around the house with the wheels on the bottom too. I love this organizer! I highly recommend getting one!


Love it in the classroom for my STEM cart.


Works perfect for organizing my classroom - very easy to install.


Pretty, pretty sturdy, a little expensive but worth it to have the bright colors and organization in my office!


For anyone that needs some extra bins for storage this is the item to have. It was easy to assemble and with the wheels it makes for easy to move around. I love the fun colors so it makes sorting items and finding them easier.


Works great so far


Good product.


It is very elegant and beautiful. I love it because all my teacger supplies store at the same place. It is very easy to assemble. I highly suggest this product.


Still organizing my Crafting supplies so mostly able to comment on the potential with so many small drawers in 2 sizes & 4 colors! Love it as dabble in more 1 craft.


I love this storage cart! I use it in my sewing room and have benefited greatly by storing my threads, buttons, rick rack, extra pins and needles, things I seldom use but need to keep, etc. It is not made for heavy objects, but for lightweight items, it is perfect! I enjoy being able to roll it around so that I can use it in different areas - very handy! My husband put it together for me and had no problems and no missing parts! I can actually see through the drawers enough to know what is in each one, which is helpful also. I am glad I bought it and wanted to share my opinion for others to help make their decisions on this product.


Perfect for my storage shortage. Use it to store craft project materials. Great buy




Great cart. Exactly as expected. Pretty sturdy with lots of room for craft supplies.


Got this to replace the all plastic one with the deep drawers that were collapsing. Sems to be holding up great. Pretty sturdy and am able to roll or pick up with the upper frame and easily move around on carpet. Different size drawers are great and has nice sized working surface on top.


A great gift for anyone who wants to organize.


My husband loves this for his fly tying supplies. I love the organization it allows!


Christmas gift for a crafter in the family, who says it's exactly what she wanted.


Works great for organizing Lipsense and Jamberry Nail wraps. Easy to assemble. Just don’t put to much weight in the drawers.


Love it! Colorful organizer for all my office supplies. Handy!


Sturdy and like flexible drawer sizes


Nice unit. Keeps my myriad of tiny things tidy!


Very easy to assemble and very attractive! It's well-constructed and will be useful to organize my crafting materials. I am considering purchasing another one!


I love this cart! It was very easy to put together by myself. I bought this to store all my craft & Cricut supplies in. I knew when purchasing it that my 12" square sheets of vinyl wouldn't fit but feel I should make a note of it here just in case for others. The big drawers however can easily fit several of the Cricut & Siser brand rolls of vinyl.My only complaint is the guides that the drawers glide on have very sharp edges. I've actually cut myself with it once already. This is something you should take in to consideration if you plan on having this around children.


We use this to sort Legos. It's perfect.


love the storage cart so easy to open drawers and push it


Looks great in our art room. But you have to be gentle, the drawers get stuck on the tracks sometimes. Solidly constructed otherwise.


This is the perfect size for supplies used to make my mobiles/windchimes. I had ordered a smaller cart a couple years ago but quickly ran out of space. This has the bigger drawers for large items, and now I'm able to put all supplies in this cart and the smaller one. Very easy assembly and sturdier than the smaller cart. I have a lot of heavy items stored here, and so far no problems with sagging or sticking drawers. Love this cart!


Just what I was looking for!


Works perfectly for my needs. Easy to put together and the colors were vibrant.


Very nice storage cart. Labeled all the drawers and keep all my office supplies tidy and organized.


Very easy to assemble. One of the drawers came with a chip out of it. Was not a big enough deal to me to send it back. That is the only reason I am giving 4 stars. It is great and exactly what I needed in my classroom.


Just as pictured. Easy to assemble, I will probably be ordering another :)


GREAT buy. Easy to put together nice and sturdy and cool looking for my 12 yr old daughter


It's perfect! I use it all the time. It holds all my tools and supplies for scrapbooking, keeps them organized and out of the way, When someone visits, I simply roll it into another room. The top is sturdy enough for me to stack things on it as well.


It was easy to put together and I love how easy it is to move it around.


Works great! Fits in the area I needed perfectly.


Very easy to put together and everything fit very nicely. Can't wait to put it in my classroom!


Love it. I am getting ready to buy another one. Its very easy to assemble.


Took about a week to get it, but it was worth the wait! It arrived in perfect condition and only took about 20 minutes to assemble. The drawers are a tad misaligned, but you hardly notice it when sliding the drawers. It's light weight, so I wouldn't recommend putting anything heavy in it. All in all, a great purchase. Hope it holds up!


It was easy to assemble and fit perfectly in my crafts room. Thinking about getting a smaller one as well.


Used this to store legos and lego duplo. Kids love it. They play a lot more with legos and don't have to dump everything on the floor. Seems a little cheaply made but does the trick. A part of it was bent so tray couldn't fit but husband was able to fix.


al my sewing needs


Arrived on time, easy to assemble, perfect for "crafting cart".......great buy!