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14 Inch Electric Push Lawn Corded Mower with Grass Bag

14 Inch Electric Push Lawn Corded Mower with Grass Bag

This is the great lawn mower which is used to handle your courtyard lawn.
Overall Rating:
53 Reviews
Item No: 76095428

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Key Features
  • Height Adjustable: 3 level adjustable height, with a cutting height of 10.5"/16.5"/22.0", meet your different needs.
  • Comfortable Grip: Ergonomic curved handle provides a more natural, comfortable grip.
  • Collection Bagging: With a big collection bag, make sure your lawn clean when you are weeding.
  • Easy to Storage: Compact design is easy to maneuver and takes up less storage space.
  • Easy to Operate: Easy push button start, no messy oils or gasoline, hard-top grass catcher detaches easily for convenient disposal.

    This is the great lawn mower which is used to handle your courtyard lawn.


    The lawn mower with three levels of adjustable height is easy to operate. The compact design is easy to maneuver and take up less storage space. With a collection bag to keep your lawn clean, the ergonomic curved handle provides a more natural and comfortable grip. The big powerful mower can clean your yard faster. The large wheels can adapt to different heights and move more easily.


    If you are looking for such product, don't hesitate to buy it now!


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Height Adjust- 3 settings, with a cutting height of 10.5''/16.5''/22.0''
  • Ergonomic Curved Handle provides a more natural and comfortable grip
  • Compact design is easy to maneuver and take up less storage space
  • Easy push button start; no messy oils or gasoline
  • Hard-top grass catcher detaches easily for convenient disposal
  • 12 amp, electric motor to quickly and efficiently mow your lawn
  • Foldable Handles For Compact Storage
  • Close up to the edge cutting for a cleaner job
    • Color: Green/Red
    • Material: Steel + plastic
    • Weight: 15.5 lbs
    • Weight capacity: 19 lbs
    • Product size: 15.5" x 43.5" x 37.0" (L x W x H)
    • Voltage/frequency: 120v/60Hz
    • Power input: 1200 w
    • No load speed: 3000 RPM
    • Cutting width: 12.5"
    • Height settings: 10.5"/16.5"/22.0"
    • Grass box capacity: 8 US gal 
    • Cable length: 14"
    • Package included:
    • 1 x Lawn mower
    • 1 x Grass box
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


My house is built into a hillside so I have 3 sets of steps to get over. At 15 pounds this mower makes it easy. Though it looks cheap, particularly the plastic triggrt swithch, its got enough power to do a decent job. Works for me!


I order and looked at the ratings. I just used it and it is awesome. I hope it keeps working like this. Easy and very good for what I needed for . So far so good


I just bought my house with a small backyard and didn’t want to spend much on the lawn. I thought of giving this lawn mower a try because of its size, weight and price. It satisfies all my params although being wired has its drawbacks but it works great for its price. It was easy to assemble with clear directions. I feel great to make this choice.


Es un poco legero


The mower is light in weight and easy to install.It only takes 10 minutes.I bought it for my child, because he likes to help me mow the lawn .It is easy for him to use, and he likes this small lawn mover very much.


Everything works great. For the money, Totally worth it.


my 10 yr old grandson loves it he wanted to mow the grass for me so i showed him how to start it and how to change the bag and he had no problems with the mower. with that said my grass was over knee high by the time i got the mower so needless to say it was pretty much wet although we had 3 hot days before. i put the wheels in the highest setting to mow the first time then we waited to the next day and i lower the wheel to the middle and he re-mowed the yard. It cuts good but i do think the bladed need to be sharpened a little and we had to clean out for under were the blade is because of the wet grass that would get hung up and not let the blade turn. My grass was tall because my gas mower wouldn't start and my nephew said he would see if he could fix it and so far he still has the mower so i ordered this one and i came in a few days early so got it Friday but had to wait till Sunday evening because of the rain. I followed what another had said about putting the bag together by starting on one side and snapping it as you go around and it went together real easy. No complains from me i like the mower and hope to get a lot of good use out of it. easy to start push the button and pull trigger and off you go.




This is a really nice lawn mower that is great if you have a smaller lawn you are looking to cut. I have a small grass patch in our backyard and I didn’t want to get a gas powered mower because it wouldn’t be worth it to do such a small space. This electric mower is a great option because it is easy to use and pretty much maintenance free. The mower itself is on the smaller side so it’s really easy to move around the yard. You simply just plug it in and you are off. The grass collection bin is plastic and you have the ability to mulch if you want. You can adjust the blade depth by adjusting the wheels. The overall construction is nice and durable. The main body is covered in a nice heavy duty plastic and the blades and a nice stainless steel. It had no problem cutting our small grass patch. I like how we don’t have to mix gas or mess around with oil. You simply just plug it in and you are off. Clean the unit off when you are done and it should last you a long time. So far it’s been working out great and it’s been a really nice addition to our gardening equipment.


Is a very small mower so uses are limited.


Product came on time easy to assemble . Perfect for a small yard . Blades are sharp and the clippings are captured in the storage bin until you need to empty it small light weight easy to manuver and store small foot print .


When I first unpacked this thing I laughed. It is very small and light and looks like a toy, not your dad's old gas lawnmower. But I like that I can easily carry it back and forth from garage to yard. It doesn't stink because it doesn't use gas. And it has a grass catcher that is easy to empty. Be aware, though, that the highest setting is 2.2". I wish it would go up to 3" but overall I think this is a great buy and I am happy with it.


This product and seller met all my expectations. I use it to mow the areas that are too small to mow with the lawn tractor/zero turn mower... don't like to use weed whacker...up close and personal with the house!!


My husband calls it my toy mower. Honestly, it kinda looks like a toy. It is all plastic and extremely lightweight, but that is what I like about it! It works great! It has a small cutting path,so if you have a large yard, this will take you forever. For my little yard and my age (60), it is perfect! It is actually lighter than my vacuum cleaner! Easy to store, easy to move, starts every time. I love it!


More than I expected. It was very easy to assemble and works like a charm. I have a not too big yard which has always been quite a stretch to keep clean but with this, I'm getting it looking good with ease. its very easy to ride my 6 year old enjoyed helping me out with mo problem. The grass collector is a great. You just empty and put it back with no problem. Size is great and not heavy. love it.


I just received this mower today and already used it. I'm a small 69 year old gal and didn't want a monster gas powered mower. I live in a mobile home park so my lawn area isn't that big. I have a push mower that I use for around hard to reach areas. I need this mower for area where the grass grows taller. It was very easy to assemble. I had it put together and up and running in a short time. So easy to operate and maneuver. It's light weight and can be carried very easily. The price, for this mower, was right for me. I'm happy with my purchase.


You might need an extension cord but this is very easy to use.


So glad I purchased this! So lightweight and easy to set up. You have to empty “clippings” often but it also makes it nice because it not heavy due to the smaller size clipping container unlike the huge old ones that I could lift to empty.Adjustable wheel height which are very easy to move to the 3 different levels.The cord can sometimes get in the way but you get use to it.Definitely recommend for smaller size yards.


The perfect mower for small lawns or courtyards.


This mower has worked out great. I also picked up an extra-long extension cord to go along with it, and haven't had any issues at all.


It definitely looks like a toy when you take it out of the box. But it is only a 14 inch lawn mower so if you think you are getting something bigger get a measure tape and look at how big 14 inches is. But it did a great job considering my lawn had not been mowed in 3-4 weeks so it did take a while I'd definitely recommend using it every week and make sure to let it rest every so often you dont want to blow up the motor. But for the price it is definitely worth it. I mean if you had the 500 bucks to go get a big gas mower you wouldn't be looking at something closer to a hundred bucks or your just being cheap...but anyway I like it and it gets a 5 star rating from me. You get what you pay for and for a little over 100 bucks it works fine.


I have only a small area of grass and this was perfect my needs . It may look like a toy once you assemble it which was super easy but it works great ! What a value as well .




Great for small lawns. Good grass catching capacity.


Is light


Great little lawnmower. We have used it many times. Well worth the money.


this lawn mower is good for small lawn. it is perfect for my house, cause my lawn is very small and it is very easy to assemble. and very smooth and light weight when I use it to cut my lawn.


This is my first time buy the lawnmower, I search online, this mover catch my eye. I decided to buy it。It is very easy set up and light weight。 i try it on my yard, it move very fast and quickly. I am very happy about this product. Thank you!


Compacta ligera y eficiente


This is my first lawn mower this is the first time I’ve ever cut a lawn myself, it was amazing and easy.This is the best one I've ever usedPros:- Extremely light. I cannot understand what a huge difference this makes.- Very powerful- Very quiet.- No fumes.- No smelling like gas after mowing.


perfect for my small lawn


I purchased this because I have a small area of grass in my yard, not large enough for an electric push mower. Wow, this product went well above my expectations. Easy to push, light, easy to clean and gets the job done, even on very high grass. Happy with my purchase!!!


Great little lawnmower. Does the job and very light weight and easy to clean when down. I have a small front and backyard and it’s quiet and easy to use. Worth the price.


Easy to assemble and delightful to use!


Works Great!,


I have a small yard and I borrowed this LITTLE lawn mower from a friend. I loved it so much I ordered one for myself. It is perfect for my needs, and it has EVERYTHING I need. Mower, weed eater and edger. I highly recommend this if you don't have a large area to mow. Even if you do, it works beautifully !!!


Love it


I have a small lawn,so I was thinking about a cheap and electric mower,it is perfect for women to use with lightweight feature. Definitely it works well . Very easy to move around and push. Powerful enough to cut tall grass.


Nice little mower. Easy to put together.


It cuts well, is easy to start and it's not that hard to push either. First time using it my neighbors came over to admire it and check out its function. They liked it and I think they will buy one as well! It's a small and lightweight mower but it gets the job done. I have a small yard too. This mower has three different levels of cutting height which is great for all types of grass. So far I have no problems with this and love it.


Love the light and compact size. I am a single senior doing my our lawn care and this is just the key for me!


Muy buena gracias a todos


Very good


We like everything as of now, haven't used it yet


This little guy was easy to put together. It is light weight and goes around my small yard with ease. The catcher could be worked on. It allows many small grass cuttings to get by it.


This mower is the perfect companion to my TroyBilt Garden Tractor and B&D String trimmer. It gets into all the narrow places that the tractor can't negotiate and does a great job along fences and garden beds. Very light weight and assembly was a breeze. One customer complained that his burned out in a half hour. As it seems to have no fuse or thermal overload protection, I can easily see that If he ran it through long grass for a half and hour, it might fail. A little common sense is required.


We live in military housing and have a small yard so this is amazing for that! We dont mow our lawn often since we are trying to get it to grow in spots that are dead and when we do we have to empty the clipping catcher pretty frequently but honestly it's not that big of a deal. I also love how lightweight and small it is. I'm able to lift it with one hand.


I love this lawn mover, for the price it’s hella worth it, I’m thinking about buying a second one.


cuts good


Good product


Great! Very light and east to use! Works very well for our lawn.


Its well worth buy this mower because my lawn is very small and I didn't want to invest in an expense mower. Its a little powerhouse and it cut very nicely.


I'd never owned or used an electric mower but I absolutely love it!!