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  • 3 Tier Elevated Wooden Vegetable Garden Bed - Gallery View 1 of 12
  • 3 Tier Elevated Wooden Vegetable Garden Bed - Gallery View 2 of 12
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  • 3 Tier Elevated Wooden Vegetable Garden Bed - Gallery View 12 of 12
3 Tier Elevated Wooden Vegetable Garden Bed

3 Tier Elevated Wooden Vegetable Garden Bed

This wooden 3 tires elevated vegetable bed. This 4’ x 4’ garden bed is perfect for growing your plants and vegetables.
Overall Rating:
45 Reviews
Item No: 73609582
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Key Features

● Sturdy and Long-lasting Frame: Made of 100% natural fir wood, The whole construction is made of long-lasting solid fir wood which is stable and durable enough to strongly support the weight from the garden bed itself and plant.
● Each Tier Suitable for Different Plant: The top two tiers fit for growing deep-rooted vegetables and plants. The bottom tier is suitable for common plant. Every tier is deep enough for you to put nutritious earth for plant healthy growth.
● Elevated Design for Planting and Displaying: The storage space of each tier is ample enough to plant vegetables, herbs and flowers. Besides, it can kindly keep and maintain moisture for plant inside and three tiers are good for classifying different plant you love and enable they don’t affect each other.
● Beautiful Look and Practical Use: This plant bed can be placed not only at patios, porches, decks, or garden. It features nice looking and practical function. Not only can it serve as a decorative work but also fully plays its practical role.
● Easy Assembly: Hardware and assembly manual are included. Specific assembly steps are clearly shown. All hardware are all listed and numbered for your reference.


    This wooden 3 tiers elevated vegetable bed. This 4' x 4' garden bed is perfect for growing your plants and vegetables.


    With its step stair design, you can place various sized plants inside each level. Each section is approximately 7 inches higher than the next, giving plants ample space between each other to grow efficiently. It is not only a beautiful decoration for your garden, it can be used as a display stand, storage rack and so on. Solid wood construction makes this vegetable can serve you for a long time. Do not miss this planting box.


    If you are looking for such product, don't hesitate to buy it now!


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Perfect for planting vegetables, herbs and flowers
  • Solid wood construction, serve you for a long time
  • 3 sections for planting different plants
  • Enough space giving plants ample space between each other to grow
Installation guide
    • Simple assemble need Material: Cedar wood
    • Thickness of wood panel: 0.5"
    • Overall dimension: 48.5" x 48.5" x 21.7"(L x W x H)
    • Min box dimension: 47.0" x 16.7" x 7.0"(L x W)
    • Middle box dimension: 47.0" x 32.5" x 7.0"(L x W)
    • Max box dimension: 47.0" x 47.0" x 7.0"( L x W)
    • Product weight: 31 lbs
    • Package include: 1 x 3 Tires vegetable planter
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Terrific product. Easy to assemble. Exactly what we needed. Seller responded immediately when we had a question.


I am super excited that this planter is of good quality and looks good. Perfect little garden planter for my wife's herbs and tomatoes. The whole experience was great. Package arrive quickly. The quality is great and The assembly was easy for me to do on my own.


It would be better if it came with a base.


Fun to assemble


Absolutely perfect for my garden for just my hubby and I. We purchased one similar to this a few years back and it was a not nearly as well made. I’m sooo pleased with this one!


I really like this product


Love it!


It is great easy to assemble it took 9 bags of potting soil at 2 cubic feet to full love it and can’t wait to get going on my garden


Was easy to put together. I used an all weather stain to protect the wood. It took 30 - 40lb bags of soil. It came out better than I thought. Absolutely beautified this area! I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family and will be purchasing it again in the future!


Love our planter box it’s amazing easy to put together and Stacks nicely we enjoyed it so much were down stacking them next year and buying another


It's cheap wood but it's nice. I thing it should last several years. Looks great in our yard. Instructions were very basic but it wasnt difficult to build. For the price, I'd buy it again.


I really like this product. My grandson and husband built this for me. They did seal after putting together. Can't wait to get my strawberries planted.


I'm putting my daffodil and crocus bulbs in one box and covering them annuals. Will use the other two boxes for annuas also.


I ordered the 2 foot x 8 foot option--can't speak for the other versions.Normally I buy the "deep root" cedar beds from Gardener's Supply Co (15" deep)...which, if you can afford them, are outstanding. But my budget couldn't accommodate any more of those this year, and I still needed a couple of raised beds for my shallower-rooted crops. I needed to find something cheaper that would last, if not a lifetime, at least for a couple of years. First I considered the Greene's Fence tongue-in-groove type kits, and their many knockoffs, most of which had pretty bad reviews due to flaws with the "hardware free" design. Then I saw these, which use actual screws to hold the boards together (a plus, imo). I figured I'd be able to jury-rig them if they turned out to have issues with warped boards or whatnot. So I decided to order two of them. My expectations weren't very high, but to my surprise, the beds actually turned out to be really decent! No warped boards, everything fit together perfectly...I didn't even need to use a mallet to get the boards into the corners. The wood is definitely "raw" and untreated (it's a little rough in places, so watch out for splinters), so I used Tall Earth eco safe wood preservative to paint all the boards before assembling the beds. After they dried, it took maybe half an hour to put each bed together...because there are a LOT of screws to put in place. My wrist got a little sore. Aside from that, the directions were very easy and I had no trouble with any of it. If you can't assemble them on site, be careful moving them as they're awkward. I found that standing "inside" the bed and holding it in the middle enabled me to walk it to its destination by myself.TL;DR -- these exceeded my expectations and I expect to order more of them.


I really like this planter so far! It's cedar, really inexpensive, and extremely easy to assemble. Other reviews mentioned the bottom falling out from the weight of wet soil. I noticed several of the resolutions involved brackets which didn't seem to work. I chose to add two 1x3x46 inch cedar boards seen in the pictures. I screwed them into the planter at both ends and from above. I also flipped the cross boards upside down and screwed them into the supports as well. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves. If the bottom fails after the upcoming season I will update this review, however, it feels very solid and I do not expect there will be issues. FYI the board was are available from Home Depot and cost less than $10.


I bought this after purchasing a multi board raised bed unit that was hard to assemble.This was simple and easy to assemble although a couple of the corner pieces top trim or bottom trim was broke/cracked on arrival. The pieces were decorative more than functional so I glued them together to finish the look.


They are great I have 3 set up with strawberries in them and 1 I have for my onions for the spring


This raised bed is wonderful! Easy to build and its lasting pretty good compared to others I've built for myself! It maybe a little pricy but well worth the money! Wish it was a bit taller though.


sturdy and really cool!


Love this raised bed garden. The wood is a bit thin and it is necessary to handle it carefully. Some reviews mention that it does not have pilot holes, but this is actually a good thing. When you do the pilot holes it will allow for better micro adjusting. The design of this thing is brilliant. Hints: Assemble the pieces carefully before attempting to insert screws - I had to take one section apart after connecting it incorrectly. Secondly, drill gently so as not to split the wood. However, once it's assembled, you'll love it. If you get confused at all by some of the specs, know that this unit does not have a bottom cover. I really liked this because the roots can grow into the ground.


Exactly as expected.


This really turned out well. We stained this garden to a whitewash look and painted the interior with a rubberized paint (non toxic) ....perfect


very easy to put together. dis it myself in no time at all. garden is growing good in it. very pleased with it.


Easy assembly ... nice wood... you should seal them though


I had read other reviews before I purchased it, so I just assumed I would have to reinforce it. I ended up purchasing a couple packets of brackets and improvising. After installing brackets it feels very secure. I don’t think it would have been super sturdy without reinforcing with additional hardware. The bottom comes in 4 panels you install. The wood is “real” but it’s not heavy duty or anything. For the price - this product is a good deal. When you buy it - assume you will need to install additional support. It’s a decent size and relatively easy to put together.


First season bu


So happy with this raised bed! I've done one from the scratch myself and got this one from here. It's the same price but better quality and easier to put together. Would buy again.


Easy to put together. I painted it white and it looks great!


I've ordered other raised beds made of wood and this was the easiest to put together. Like it very much.


Purchased this as a gift for my 81-yr old father who has trouble getting on his knees to tend his garden. This allows him to still grow a few pepper and what not and not crawl around on the ground. It's made of ceder and was pretty simple to put together. I'm considering one or two myself to put on the back deck.


Wow, this is nice! After putting it together we weren't sure we wanted to put garden soil in it. :) It's real wood, sturdy, with no warping, and very easy to assemble. We highly recommend.


Good deal for a decent quality raised garden.


Just as I hoped. Good wood, all pieces there, good instructions - even had additional pieces for reinforcement with instructions. Sturdier than I expected. Used a sealer to protect the wood and have plants established. Thank-you.


Due to our yard being solid rock I was wanting to plant in raised beds but had a 50 ft strip to cover. These work great. I spray painted the top matt black just to make them hide in the dirt and not be obvious. Deep enough for 3 gallon plants. Seem good quality. Very simple to put together.


I purchased this to put in my front yard to fill with Milkweed plants for the Monarch butterflies (hopefully they will come up.) The box is attractive and it only took my husband 5 minutes to put it together. I plan on purchasing 2 more this spring so I can plant some more flowers.


Wife loved it!


Easy to assemble and they look great.


My daughter put it together by herself and loved it!


This is a really nice standing garden. My son put two of them together and it was fairly easy. They look great on our patio and our vegetables are growing like crazy. Got these for the square foot gardening method and they work well for that. Makes gardening so much easier and gentler on the back :) The price for these was extremely reasonable and the cedar wood holds up well during heavy rain. We put landscape gardening fabric and river rocks in the bottom to protect our wood deck -- also because we only needed 6" of Mel's Mix for the square foot gardens. Would definitely recommend these to anyone interested in standing gardens.


This really works. I put two coats of wood finish' so it would last longer in our Vegas weather. Husband put it together in 30 minutes. I put 12 cuft of dirt and it still didn't fill the bed all the way to the third tier. So I recommend putting 14-15 cuft. So far loving it!


Very easy to assemble. I lined the inside with plastic and cut holes for drainage. It is every thing as advertised.


These are great and so easy to put together! Look great, wonderful materials, great price


These are awesome and easy to put together. I will have to anchor them and I plan on sealing them before putting them out. Can't wait to plant something in them!!!


I love this planter. Just bought another. I spray painted pieces before putting it together. Great for growing greens????????????


Assembled by myself in 30 minutes with a regular old screw driver. (Note: our electric screwdriver was too wimpy because there are no pilot holes. A drill would have made assembly faster, but ours had a dead battery and I couldn't wait)No complaints about the quality, but we'll see how it holds up to the elements. I did treat the exterior with a non-toxic oil stain before putting it outside. The 3 drain holes on the bottom are about a quarter in size, which made me worry about soil loss. I ended up lining with landscape fabric.It took just under 6 cu ft of soil to fill up the 22" wide box. For me, it was a HUGE 3 cu ft bag plus two large 1.5 cu ft bags.