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  • 40 x 13 Inch Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Flower Bed - Gallery View 1 of 7
  • 40 x 13 Inch Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Flower Bed - Gallery View 2 of 7
  • 40 x 13 Inch Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Flower Bed - Gallery View 3 of 7
  • 40 x 13 Inch Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Flower Bed - Gallery View 4 of 7
  • 40 x 13 Inch Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Flower Bed - Gallery View 5 of 7
  • 40 x 13 Inch Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Flower Bed - Gallery View 6 of 7
  • 40 x 13 Inch Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Flower Bed - Gallery View 7 of 7
40 x 13 Inch Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Flower Bed

40 x 13 Inch Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Flower Bed

The high green elevated garden planter is perfect for your garden.

Overall Rating:
22 Reviews
Item No: 39461870
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Key Features
  • Two Holes at the Bottom: There are two holes on the bottom which could used to let the plants breathe freely. And it could help plants to grow better and have healthy condition.
  • Large Inside Space: This garden bed has spacious inside space , and could contain many plants, cost-effective and durable.
  • Easy to Assemble: This product has straight forward illustrations and descriptions. Every screw and pin has its own code and easy to understand the assemble progress.
  • Multifunctional Usage: This garden bed has multifunctional usage for plants, flowers and fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit. It could let you have your own small garden in backyard.
  • Solid Construction: Thick steel panel and there is reinforced sustainment on the 4 corners, the frame follows the scientific principle, and has tough iron pipe frame, which makes this product more stable and solid.

    The high green elevated garden planter is perfect for your garden.


    The rectangular garden planter is made of galvanized steel, which is durable and rust-resistance. The fruit green color is embellishment to most existing plant. And it is perfect to add color to your yard. The contemporary and stylish design is exactly the right combination for your garden pots. With the planter, you will enjoy your happy time.


    • High quality and brand new
    • Large size planter, providing enough space for planting your favorite flowers and vegetables
    • Elevated garden planter, making it perfect for those who don’t like to bend down or lean over while they garden
    • Solid galvanized steel construction, durable and rust resistance
    • High temperature tolerant, UV resistant, waterproof, and fire resistant, sturdy and durable
    • Hole breathable design: Holes on the inner pots keep plants breath well
    • Stylish and chic design to fit with your garden yard décor
    • Material: Galvanized Steel
    • Color: Fruit green
    • Overall dimensions: 40" x 13" x 31.5" (L x W x H)
    • Please refer to the picture to get more size information
    • Net weight: 17.4 lbs
    • Package include: 1 x High elevated garden planter
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Nice large size, well made and love the color!


Every single piece of this planter comes coated with that peel-off thin plastic film. It was a real hassle to get off. Possibly I could've just left it on, but you know how it is--once you start peeling, it's hard to stop. Besides, I wanted to paint them black to match my black house, so that plastic film had to go. MASSES of it went into the film recycling.
Assembly wasn't terribly complicated, but I bought three of them at once, and it certainly paid to have a power screwdriver, the right size hex wrench to hold the nut, and a table or raised surface big enough to lay the pieces out on. They do come with little rubber feet to protect a painted surface. I'm VERY happy with the outcome, but getting there was a bit of a challenge.


I love this !!! I have also gotten many compliments on it . Currently I have eggplants and cucumbers growing and it’s the perfect size


So easy to put together. It is perfect for our deck. Added soil and it was ready to go. I’m thinking about ordering one more


Pain the butt to put together but I’m happy with how it looks when assembled!


I really like this planter. High quality, easy to assemble, and it looks great. The only problem is the protective film. You can't leave it on because it has markings and would really not look great... And it took forever to peel off.


I bought this garden bed for a school project. It was easy to install, I just needed a electric drill. This is made well and its wrapped with plastic so it does not get scratched. The plastic is a pain in the butt to remove. It took me awhile to put it together because of the plastic. We lined the bed with weed block, this bed does have drain holes. We grew from seeds in the bed radishes, peas, tomatoes and peppers all together. I'm very impressed.


Very nice for my lettuce and made very well. Good price.


OMG.. I've planted beets, snap peas and cucumbers. They hang over instead of being on the ground. (again, trying to protect my knees) I would recommend...


Love it! It’s great for deck gardening. Easy to assemble and film wasn’t too hard to remove. Only one thing, It should have support bars across the bottom or in the middle of the legs to make more sturdy.


This is a cute planter and seems to be very sturdy. It took about 20 minutes to put together.... after I spend 90 minutes taking all of the plastic wrappings off of it and cutting my finger in the process. Be ready for that.


Love it fantastic. Great product.


This was very simple to put together came very fast in the mail only negative thing I have to say is it was difficult to unpackage it each piece was cellophane wrapped and it was first to get the wrap off I haven't filled it yet because it's not quite warm enough but in the next week or so I am going to fill it with my herbs and making an herb planter


The color is the perfect look to brighten my front porch. It adds a dramatic accent to a somewhat dark area. I was able to assemble this by myself but a second person would have been helpful. Because the area on the porch is dark and covered I have added artificial flowers and greenery. It's perfect look when I step up onto my porch.


I am very happy with this elevated garden box! It is made very well and I love the color. The holes are large enough for drainage. I’m using mine for succulents and I need good drainage. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is due to the sharp edges. Very sharp. I got Lshaped rubbers covers. My husband cut the ends and they fit perfect!


I found this super easy to put together. Just took my time and removed the plastic protection.


 This planter box is beautiful. The Finish is bright and and durable. It is a great size for putting in the Yard, I like that it is tall so I have minimal bending over. They unit came packaged very well. Each piece was covered in a protective film to keep it from scratching. Getting the full of was difficult and time consuming. There u unit once assembled is very sturdy and strong. I am really happy with his beautiful this plant Stand is.


Love that it's green, metal and simple looking. It's a good size for herbs etc up on our deck. It was easy to assemble. The plastic was a little of a pain but who cares it's not noticeable. It came off and little bits are still on it where the metal legs fold over. It's sturdy enough. I put some coco mats on the bottom to help retain moisture and prevent dirt from coming out of the big holes. Nice and narrow. Cute!


The only reason why it didn't get full 5's is because one of my legs bent from the weight of the soil and now it's crooked making drainage on one side a lot slower. Otherwise good product.


This planter is exactly as described. My husband easily assembled it. It is a beautiful bright green exactly as shown in the picture. Sturdy once put together and a good height to work in easily. The holes in the bottom are pretty big so I covered mine with some coconut fiber like you line planters with. I wanted the water to be able to drain while holding the dirt in. The pieces are covered in a tight shrink wrap that IS hard to remove, so be prepared to sit for a bit to peel off stuck on plastic. It comes off cleanly, but takes awhile. It's really pretty and a good planter to grow a few plants in.


This product could be better for the money you pay for it.It comes in some kind of protective plastic that is actually so stuck to the metal its a pain to remove.Overall it's a nice small standing garden.


Love the size and lime green color. Simple clean d3msign ? Should have more but smaller drainage holes but I put in s layer of stones to compensate. A lot of people complained about the film but I personally didn't have a problem peeling it off. Assembled in about 30 minutes by myself and only had to use one bandaid.