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  • Sonart 5 String Geared Tunable Banjo  - Gallery View 1 of 10
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Sonart 5 String Geared Tunable Banjo

Sonart 5 String Geared Tunable Banjo

This is the 5-string banjo which is made of plywood with various solid woods.

Overall Rating:
31 Reviews
Item No: 35092647
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Key Features
  • 5 String Banjo with Geared 5th Tuner: This 5 string banjo brings you the classic tones and it is perfect for country, folk, bluegrass and even some modern rock. It features additional 5th geared tuner side-peg which is important for both tuning and play ability.
  • 24 Adjustable Brackets and Remo Drum: There is 24 consolidation brackets around the drum which is adjustable to make the sound meet the design requirements. It is needed to adjust the drum for several times in order to make a sound. With Remo drum made of high quality material, the banjo plays dulcet music. 
  • Solid and Durable Plywood Frame: The panel is wood, and the back and side is Sapele Wood, and the fingerboard is made of Maqiao Rosewood, which are solid and resistant to corrosion. The durable plywood frame is of high quality that has a long service time.
  • Mid-Range Closed Handle and Steel Wire: Mid-range closed handle is suitable for various ranges of people to hold and control. And the strings are made of mid-range steel wire which is solid but flexible to pluck, contributing to long service time and easy operation.
  • With Useful Accessories: 3 picks with great flexibility on your fingers can help you control strings in different situations. The digital tuner with button cell has the ability to precisely adjust the sound level. With a strap and a carrying bag, it is easy to take the banjo along with you while protecting it from corrosion and scratch.

    This is the 5-string banjo which is made of plywood with various solid woods.


    They are resistant to corrosion and durable so that it has a long-term service time. The 24 consolidation brackets around the drum is adjustable to make a perfect sound, and the remo drum is made of high quality material for playing dulcet music. The mid-range closed handle can fit to various people while the mid-range steel wire is solid but flexible to pluck the strings. The 3 picks with flexibility can control the strings in different situation of performance. With the digital tuner, it is easy to precisely adjust the sound level. What's more, the oxford cloth bag provides convenience to take the banjo along with you while protecting it from corrosion. And the strap can put it in front of you for easy operation.


    If you are looking for the 5-string banjo like that, don't hesitate to buy it.


    • 5 string banjo with geared 5th tuner brings the classic tones
    • Perfect for country, folk, bluegrass and even some modern rock
    • Solid and durable plywood frame to long term use time
    • 24 adjustable brackets to meet the sound requirements
    • Remo drum of high quality to adjust to make a sound
    • Mid-range closed handle fit to various people
    • Mid-range steel wire of the strings of durability and flexibility
    • 3 picks to control strings for different performance
    • Digital tuner with button cell to adjust sound level for a long time
    • Rear cover is removable
    • Color: As the picture show
    • Material: Wood + steel
    • Fingerboard material: Rosewood
    • Body material: Sapele wood
    • Net weight: 6.0 lbs
    • Overall dimension: 13.5" x 4" x 39" (L x W x H)
    • Package include:
    • 1 x 5-string banjo
    • 1 x A set of string
    • 3 x Pick
    • 1 x Strap
    • 1 x Wiper
    • 1 x Digital tuner
    • 1 x Carry bag
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Very good and price was fair


Been playing guitar for 20 years but have never try banjo. It plays differently and I watched some video on how to play. It needs a little toning done when you first use it.


My daughter plays all sorts of instruments… Piano, guitar, ukulele… The one she didn’t have was the banjo… So I decided to surprise her and get her a banjo. This is a great little 5 string banjo! It is not extremely fancy, but she was absolutely delighted with it! It is a very pleasant sounding instrument. This is a great beginner banjo for someone wanting to learn to play the banjo. This is a 5-string Banjo, 39” Full Size Banjo with 24 Bracket Remo Head, Geared 5th Tuner & Closed Solid Sapele Back, Banjo Kit with Digital Tuner, Spare Strings, Gig Bag, Picks, Strap & Wiper! Comes with so many fun things to go with it! This nice, little instrument is a lot of fun to play & to listen to!


Everything a beginner needs, very nice quality! Great gift!!


It's good for the money .its has a few flaws


I bought a Banjo back in the late 70"s. Played a lot of Bluegrass for many years just on my own or got together with a friends. Someone stole my Banjo about 15 years ago. I missed playing it so I wanted to try again. I had a mild stroke & left hand is still not %100, but this Banjo will get me going again. I remember a lot, but I'm going to have to practice a lot. It will come back to me.


Pretty good for beginners. It's basically the equivalent of an instrument that they messed up in a few places and could sell for more money. Has some blemishes in the finish and some of the other work. A small piece of wood fell out, but I can't find where it came from. You'll most likely have to take it to a place to get it fixed. I had to take mine to a man because one of the frets was loose and too tall. The man glued the fret in and filed the top off to make it even with the others. Because the fret was too tall, the playing of the instrument was impossible, but it seems to work now, although I haven't played it since it was fixed. The man at the music shop also discovered that the bridge was completely backward. The strap is pretty much a piece of garbage, and I don't trust it to support the banjo. The picks are plastic and too small for my fingers (except for the thumb pick). I have pretty small hands, so I don't know who was the model for those picks. The man at the music shop said to put them in boiling water and make them larger, but I'm skeptical of that, and I haven't tried it. Other than those things, it's pretty good with great sound, but if you want an extremely high-quality banjo, you better save your money.


I’m a beginner, this instrument is good for me, and the price is not very expensive.


Nice just need to learn to play.


This company


Nice for the price


This is the most beautiful banjo. Extremely well made. Comes with 3 picks a case a strap etc. It has many features and honestly it's way better and more beautiful in real life than the photo of it. Well worth it.


Gift for my husband who plays guitar but is new to the banjo. Expensive, and sturdy looking and feel. He loves it!


Exactly what it was advertised as. A great beginner banjo


Found nothing wrong Liked everything about it


The banjo is beautiful, well made, any beginner would be happy with this,


My girlfriend bought me this for my birthday. I already play a few stringed instruments pretty well and have some cheaper guitars so I knew what to expect. The finish is a little rough here and there including a fingerprint in the finish on the neck lol. The first time I took the back off one of the pieces that holds the back on fell off but a little glue fixed that. I did have to intonnate the bridge and tighten the neck down so it didn’t rotate. Also the nut is a little tall but I’ll take care of that later. Overall though it’s a great deal for the $150. I wouldn’t really recommend it for people who don’t know how to set an instrument up because after the cost of a setup they could probably have just bought something a little more expensive but for people like me this is pretty good for an intro instrument. The tuner works great. I did have to find another piece of string to make the cheap strap sent with to work also. I provably won’t use the picks but they’re decent quality. Overall I’m pleased and would definitely buy again.


It was shipped so quickly I couldn't believe it. It's great for a student banjo or to see if you're interested in the instrument.


best sound for the price very happy with it will recommend to friends


It's perfect for a beginner like me, it comes with so much and the sound is great too, it is great quality without costing too much.


This 5-string banjo was perfect. Great to get started on.The tuner is easy to use and the rest of the accessories are very handy.


new to the banjo workmanship at this price point is great much better than i expected


Nice. Well made. Im a beginner but have no issues. Great tone and playability. I've played guitar for 15 years.


So far this banjo seems to be a good starter for a beginner player. It would’ve been nice if it had been packaged in a rectangular box instead of a box that looks like a banjo. My husband knew exactly what it was and I was trying to surprise him for Christmas.


This banjo is impressive. We could not be more satisfied with the quality of this instrument at this price. It came with everything a new beginner will need. This is a solid well built banjo. The hardware isn’t flashy but sturdy for a beginner.


I’ve just started playing acoustic instruments and I want to play the banjo which is kind of country sounding the quality of this 5 string banjo is incredible it is better than the quality on store-bought Bangos I would 100% recommend this to anybody who has just started playing the banjo or any acoustic instrument


This cute little banjo is fun to play. A whole lot of fun to play. More importantly, it sounds sweet.


Considering the price of a good banjo This is a for someone who wants to learn ,even if is an adult


Wow! I am amazed at the quality of this banjo. I have read reviews of other more expensive ones and they said there was damage on the banjo soninopted for the cheaper on in case there was damage not would be ok. Super fast shipping, and the quality bus great. UYou get more then in the discrimination. It comes with a case and other accessories not described. Just go out and get metal finger picks. Love it. Worth every dollar.


It is very nice has a great color and is very well made and is great for a beginner learning to play. But it is not a high dollar banjo, the first time tuning it the 5th string broke and the first time taking the back off a piece broke off but like I said it is not a high dollar banjo so dont expect it to be but it is great for beginners like me so I'm satisfied with my banjo.


Was very easy to tune. Everything I needed to start playing was included. This is a great find!