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Portable All-In-One Heated Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager

This is the foot bath massager which is suitable for the whole family and can improve your quality of life.

Overall Rating:
208 Reviews
Item No: 37958610

CAD $149.00 CAD $186.00 20% OFF On Sale Free Shipping

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Portable All-In-One Heated Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Portable All-In-One Heated Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Portable All-In-One Heated Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Portable All-In-One Heated Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager
Key Features

● Make You Completely Relaxed:The foot massage tub is perfect for those who often need to stand at work to relieve painful heels, toes and arches. 6 motorized massage rollers can fully massage every acupuncture point on your soles, promote blood circulation and improve your sleep.
● Shower Function and Temperature Maintenance: There is a shower bar with 3 adjustable angles to relax the stiff and sore calf muscles and relieve fatigue. The red light can be effectively retention of water at selected temperatures (95-118 Degrees F) and sterilized. The medicine box can enhance the foot bath effect when putting herb or sea salt.
● Removable Massage Surface: The foot spa massager combines shiatsu massage and roller massage to stimulate plantar acupuncture points and smooth the meridians. The detachable massage surface is easy to replace and clean. It is suitable for the whole family, especially for the elderly and office workers.
● Temperature Control and Timer: Water temperature can be adjusted freely between 35°C and 48°C (95°F - 118°F). With timing function, you can set the time freely within the range of 10-60 minutes. With a dust cover, it is waterproof, dustproof and maintains a comfortable water temperature.
● Intimate Detail Design: Come with an automatic drain pipe, you are able to conveniently empty the water tank by gravity. With a clear LED screen, even the elderly can operate it very conveniently. The portable handle and 4 detachable universal wheels are designed to be easily moved, carried and stored.


    This is the foot bath massager which is suitable for the whole family and can improve your quality of life.


    With 6 motorized massage rollers and shower function, it can effectively promote blood circulation, relieve the soreness and fatigue of calves and feet, and smooth the meridians. The combination of red light and medicine box can improve the therapeutic effect as well as reducing swelling, pulsation or redness. You can freely set the temperature and time according to your needs. The detachable massage surface is easy to clean and replace, saving you time and effort. And the concealed handle together with the four universal wheels will help you move it around stably.


    Let your body completely relax with a foot bath massager!


    • Perfect foot gift for the elderly, athletes and people need to stand at work
    • 6 motorized massage rollers promote blood circulation and improve your sleep
    • Shiatsu massage and roller massage to stimulate plantar acupuncture points
    • The shower bar has 3 adjustable angles to relieve sore calf muscles
    • Red light is great in sterilization to improve the therapeutic effect
    • The medicine box is used to place herbs or sea salt to enhance the foot bath effect
    • Precisely set the temperature, freely adjustable between 95°f and 118°f
    • Free control time, freely set within the range of 10-60 minutes
    • Automatic drain pipe helps you conveniently empty the foot massage tub
    • Detachable cover prevents water splashing and dust accumulating
    • One button to control the switch and led display screen are easy to use
    • Concealed handle and universal wheels(2 lockable) to help you lift or move easily
    • Separable massage surface and filter for easy cleaning
    • Color: Brown/Blue/Gray/White
    • Material: PP
    • Overall dimension: 15" x 18" x 15" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 9 lbs
    • Water capacity: 15 L
    • Power: 120V/60Hz
    • Power consumption: 500 w
    • Running temperature: 95°f-118°f
    • Package include:
    • 1 x Foot bath massager
    • 4 x Universal wheel
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Good product


Great massager and foot soak. I am enjoying it so much!!


Lots of features, especially like the Drainage Pipe, a bit expensive


I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Treat yourself because this is so much better than other kinds. The packaging is amazing and there's no damages


It' ok , the water stays hot. it seems sturdy and easy to use.


I love the foot massage. The reason I rated a 4 and not a 5 is because I wish the arch bar in the foot massage was just a little taller so it could massage my foot arch a little bit stronger.


Rolls are not what I thought


It was everything I hoped for


Great!! I love this foot bath!!!!


I’m in heaven! I have a bone spur on one foot and a clasping arch on the other foot. I have struggled for two years with foot pain.
This is the best invention EVER!
Please give it a try.


Controls water temp well. Shower feature keeps the rest of my lower legs warm and happy. Massager feels amazing. Easy to use controls make this a great buy.
Two improvements needed. The cord is too short. Unless used in a small room with the receptacle directly in front of you, an extension cord is needed. Second, it needs a handle on the back to help dump the water into a bathtub or drain. It is easy to lift with the top handle but hard to tip over to drain when finished using. If not for these two concerns, I would have given it a full 5 stars.


Massage rollers are amazing so is the waterfall


Finally a foot bath that meets my heat needs! I’m one of those people who aims for lobster when in the shower. I work 12hr days in boots and it’s cold in the winter. Mama wants it HOT! And Costway delivered. Don’t care for the massagers (ever) so
I didn’t even try it, but it looks nice if you’re into that sort of thing. I will say, I have size 8.5 feet and the foot area is JUST the right size. But if you’re a size 9 or larger (or a men’s size 7+) you may have some discomfort without the massage bottom in place. But I’m happy as a clam…in a pot on the stove!


Best money i spent. Just freaking but it. Lol


This was the best gift I've given! Gave it to my boyfriend (with size 13/14 wide feet) and he fell in love with it! Heats up extremely quick and to pretty high temps which he loves! Definitely a need for people who are always on their feet!


The temperature control didn’t work. For something that gets as hot as 117 degrees, that’s not ok.


Calienta el agua súper rápido


I got it because I wear a size 16 shoe. It’s big enough for me. The thing I’m not satisfied with is the massagers. I give that part a 7 out of 10. Decent buy though. I like it.


This spa is very relaxing and it maintains the water temperatures beautifully. Very easy to use, the parts come apart for thorough cleaning. I would recommend this for anyone with feet. My man won’t go to a professional nail spa but he loves this spa in the privacy of our home. This is an awesome alternative, and I use it for myself in between professional spa visits, and it comparable to the spa. Worth every penny.


I have a much smaller foot soaker and I've used it every day for a long time and I really liked it but thought it was time for an upgrade. I'm so glad I did, I love this one even more than I expected to.
I chose this one mainly because it's so deep and that great! It's nice to be able to get my entire ankle submerged.
I didn't expect to use the shower feature but I absolutely will, it feels wonderful.
The massage function is great too!
And it's so quiet!


La temperatura es muy caliente


I loved it the size is good and the water bath is so cool


Very nice high quality feels just like a spa


This was a birthday present for my partner. They love it. There's been not a single complaint. Water temp is always perfect. The massage components are great. The water fountain is nice. It's fairly easy to clean. It rolls instead of having to carry it filled. The drain hose helps. Bought this thing Feb 2022 and it's still going strong at this time.


I bought this as a gift for my husband and he likes it.


This would be great if it was a bit wider. Literally your knees touch each other and I had a leg cramp after 10 mins.


This particular foot tub is an amazing feature filled machine. I was a bit leary of the massage feature on this one but, Wow has it out performed expectation. Completely removable for cleaning and disinfecting that alone was a bonus. The Heating is remarkably fast from 93 to 105 in less than 8 min. Video wasn't added. Great Value for a Home Health Therapy Foot Tub.


This foot bath works great very easy to use I love how it is deeper than most foot baths easy to empty and easy to store !!


Customers love it


This product really helped in heeling my heel pain that I had for months .. the roller massaging feature is awesome ! It is also easy to handle , can easily drain the water


Works great! Only con is the water gets very hot near the heater, if the water isn't circulating.


Love...a must have for home & office. Great quality, holds temperature accurately, massage feature great, shower waterfall added bonus for a portable unit. Heavy to lift when full, easy to fill, empty easily with rear hose. Bought two on sale, great purchase.


This foot spa works well, but it takes a long time to heat up and when it says the temperature is 108, my scientific thermometer says 114.


This is very nice to use, made easier due to the wheels and draining options. Love the moving parts to massage, heats up quickly, absolutely no complaints! Seems like a well made, good quality item. Looks good too!


The heat is great.


Money well spent. Performance of machine and easy to clean made this a good buy.


Great machine


Really feel and works great on the feet. Especially after a day of standing on your get. Differently a need to get. Easy to dispose the water, clean.


It’s works great except my foot bath didn’t work.


Perfect for tired feet and restless legs.


My feet feel much better after a 20 minute Soak N Massage.


My clients love this foot soaker


In this class of foot bath / massager this is pretty much the best you’ll get for the money (IMHO). 1. It’s deep enough to cover the ankles. 2. The drain hose has a convenient feature (with the caveat that you have access to a drain on the floor or ground). My next purchase will be a professional machine probably in the $1k neighborhood. In the mean time, some suggestions I would have paid $50 more for. 1. A cord wrap, detachable or retractable cord (when moving or draining the machine, the cord is in the way. 2. The wheels are too small for the capacity. 3. All the machines in this class don’t recommend using Epson salts but I’m gonna use them anyway - I think the material could be better reinforced. Otherwise, I am very happy with the machine thus far.


The temperature control is great, it is very easy to use, and feels good! Also, it is easy to empty and to clean as well. I really recommend it for a special day and for a happy feet after have carried the whole body every single day. Just remember you can control de temperature.


This item is almost exactly what you would expect it to be-- works as advertised and delivers the experience you desire, plus easy draining. The only two cons are that the heater is not particularly strong (it took approximately 30 minutes to raise the temperature 4 degrees), and that it is difficult to fully clean due to the basin underneath being unreachable. As long as you use the heater for maintenance (not heating up cold water), and flip the tub over upside down to dry overnight, this is a great product.


My wife loves it, she use it almost every night.


This is a great Foot Spa Bath Massager. I bought the Bath Massager 3 weeks ago, and I am satisfied with the product as everything works well for the price, quality, and performance. But if anyone knows, please let me know how many times a week and how many minutes. I have been doing foot massage for 30 minutes across the day.


My son and my wife both like it. And it’s a very good relaxing when watching TV
Big love


It works good. Helps to destress. Heat feels good. Massagers work good. Would recommend.


I bought this for my clients for I can do there pedicures they love it I love it my self easy to use and clean


It just stop working haven’t used many times I’m confused


It truly gets the job done!!! Size 13-14 will fit!


I love how this actually heats up, YES it actually heats up to where I have to turn it down but i never had a foot bath that would get hot, let alone stay warm. The controls are easy to use and I love the massage my feet get. Heaven!! So glad I purchased this. It is convenient to empty and clean, especially with the top that allows dust to stay out. Love this product!!!


I bought this for my husband who has been diabetic since childhood. Temperature control is important for him. He loves this thing. After working on his feet all day, it really helps. Massage feature is much better than the other one we tried


I like to give myself a pedicure every two weeks and soak my feet at least once a week. I really love this because it is big enough for my large feet and the temperature control is good and heats evenly. I really did not order it because of the foot messaging feature but it does feel nice. I also like how I can pour water through it to rinse it out. I do a pedicure over it so it gets dry dead skin in it- sorry yuck.
It is a little difficult to fill up because of the size (can’t do it under our bar sink upstairs where I use it), I found I have to get a pitcher and fill it up half way so I can still drag it to the toilet to drain it.
The only other con is that it is a tiny bit difficult to store because of the size, so make sure you know if it fits where normally store like items.
All and all it is really good for home use and I would get my husband one to soak his yucker feet in but it is simply too big to store two of these. I feel sharing foot soaking tub is like sharing a toothbrush- they are not for sharing-foot fungus are fear of mine. I really don’t think you can clean this product between users.


I had been looking for a foot spa for my parents for a while. After did thorough research, I finally purchased this product. Although we first received a defective one, the seller provided an excellent customer service and sent a replacement rapidly. The replacement works very well; my parents truly love it! I would say this is a must-have item in the daily life for senior citizens.
The machine is very easy to use and clean. The massager is amazing, and the timer is a great feature as it's absolutely necessary for senior people. Overall, I highly recommend this product. Hope more senior people will enjoy the benefits of food spa that is easily offered by this wonderful machine.


Best experience for your feet.


It really just used to soak your feet in hot water nothing special.


Hard to get feet in and out of, shower feature is a joke, massage feature misses parts of feet. Just hope it last long enough to feel like I got my moneys worth. Over priced for what it is.


Just the temp control




This is my new best friend. It is large and deep. Has a nice sturdy handle as well as wheels so filling and emptying are easy. I also like that it has a lid because I can save the water for a couple uses, given I only use it when my feet are clean.
The massagers take a sec to get used to and you have to find where to set your feet but when you do, it is awesome.
My best part is the heat. This foot bath gets HOT! But in a good way. - you can turn it down to your level. But I mean hot tub HOT even when. Cold/room temp water is added. I have been using it every night and again, just feels amazing, relaxing and it just sets me up for bed.
A little pricey for me, but no regrets.
*the little "shower" makes it also sound like you are in the spa.


This is my new best friend. It is large and deep. Has a nice sturdy handle as well as wheels so filling and emptying are easy. I also like that it has a lid because I can save the water for a couple uses, given I only use it when my feet are clean.


Absolutely heavenly. Finally a product that delivers what it promises! This massaging foot bath with water heating ability will give you the zen spa retreat you are wanting at home. Absolutely love it.


De fácil uso cumplió con lo prometido


Great features, nice value, light weight, carrying handle, waterfall and heat feature. Can be sealed. Only downfall, it could be a little difficult to put both feet into tub for people with larger legs.


My wife loves this she uses it every other day she works in a hospital and is always on her feet best present I have gotten her from the kids ever


I was really excited about this since I work on my feet. This splurge was a complete waste of money. I should have read the comments! No bubbles. The plastic hursts my feet and rubber or vinyl may have been softer. It takes at least 25 min to heat up. I feel jet massage would have been a better idea. The plastic really has no relaxation to add at all!!


It was a birthday present for my husband and he loves it. It pressure of the massage is good. The only thing I would improve is the temperature. It needs to go a little down than 92 degrees.


Everything works as advertised. Point of note they should mark max fill line better as it is very hard to see but fixable with a sharpie marker.


Great product




Like the ease of draining the water out after use.


The snap ring and cover of the drain pipe are too loose and easy to fall off. The massage wheel in the middle is too low to play the role of massage, so it can only be three stars


Foot massage


Bought this for my spouse who has a lot of foot pain. Looks large enough in the photo, but he could not put both feet in comfortably, the basin opening is not large enough.


Foot massage


So this works great. Water goes all the way up past my ankles which none of my other foot baths could do. It's also super quiet compared to the others. The shiatsu massage assembly can be removed for easy cleaning and the shower function takes it to a whole other level. You can add epsom salt to the cage-like medicine box in the middle of the shiatsu massager but I just take that out and add the salt directly to the middle. The only small gripes I have with it is the max fill line is hard to make out when filling and the massage roller assembly turns on by itself even when the massager has been removed. Besides that the thing is awesome and is totally worth the money.


Easy clean with the removable massage wheels and quick drain hose.


Great foot bath! Spa, massage, shower, legs are very restful. The water is heated and the temperature is regulated. There is plenty of room even for men's feet. Super, I recommend!


This is a different foot massage. It's high so for comfort you have to sit in a chair that brings your legs directly over the top.


Easy to use. Has wheels and handle. Water warms great. Massage is wonderful. My nail girl wants to get one for her shop for customers waiting for their pedicure.


This brand is so good. My wife likes it very much and is very happy to soak her feet.


only problem is the inaccurate temperature reading. read 108 and was actually 123!


Works Great!


Not worth the price. Wish I could return but it’s passed the return date. Worked great at first but stopped working after 2 months. Shouldn’t be the case with the amount of money I spent.


This is a good foot soaker/massager. The temperature gauge runs a little hot though. Once you know that then you adjust accordingly.


I like it… besides one of the wheel popped off. Other than that. It’s works well. I used it 3 times since I bought it.


The machine is built quite well. Very satisfied. Especially my feet


I really liked this product. But I wish that it had a jet bubble spa included. It did not mention that in the ad when ordered. It’s not what I was looking for. But this product I would recommend it to any one who has foot pain or a poor circulation leg problem.




It could really use bigger wheels so it could roll on carpet too. The lid supplied is easily knocked off by my cats jumping up on it. Otherwise, it functions as you would expect. I am happy with how quickly it heats up.


Come super fast and work exactly how they said, i love it, it warm up the water (i use warm water from my bath to fill it ) then stop ( normally the water continue to increase a little more then stop complete) all functions work properly.


No a good product for seniors who are 6'5" tall with mobility issues or have feet above size 10. You cannot get your feet inside and it is far too narrow if you are a big and tall person. Not for size 16 feet.


Seems fine, stays super hot. The massage rollers are not made for bigger feet though (I’m a 9.5 in men’s US). It’s a little awkward to place your feet in because of the control panel, but once they’re in, it’s fine. I wish I had opted for something with a pumice stone built in, but this had a lot of other features I wanted. Sad that you can’t use Epsom salts in it, but that’s pretty standard for all these foot spas.


Por el momento esta funcionando bien, solo que antes de usarla tuve que limpiar o desinfectarla por que tenia residuos de tierra o sucio, mugre, creo que ya había sido usada.


hard to get both feet in at same time but works well as expected


I didn't know what to expect but it turned out to be pure bliss. First, it is super easy to put together. Dear husband put the wheels in but just because he was around when it arrived :-)


I didn't know what to expect but it turned out to be pure bliss. First, it is super easy to put together. Dear husband put the wheels in but just because he was around when it arrived :-)


It’s quiet and functional. It even had a drain hose to ease the emptying process. Love this !!!! Did I mention it has wheels and a handle for safe carrying!?


Great price,fast delivery, very relaxing


Es un producto de primera calidad estoy facunda, no se necesita usar esos muebles tan grande con este podrías hacerlo perfecto es muy útil y fácil de usar


This product is a great idea and a great product with very nice features. It is built very nicely and looks like a good quality product. However after using it few times, I have found an imperfection. The temperature setting does not stay steadily on whatever setting you choose. For example, when you set the temperature to 105 F, it does heat up the water, but then when you occasionally check to see what the setting is on, you find it to have moved to 104 or 103 without you changing it or touching it. Why it doesn't just keep it on 105 until manually changed I have no idea. Not a big problem, but somewhat annoying nevertheless. The shower and massage functions work as they should. The infrared light is on by default and you can turn it on and off, but as someone suggested in a review I saw


I have one of these and its great. Make sure you have brushes also so you can scrape your feet and remove dead skin. You can also add oils and soaps in there also.


The water take a while to heat up but when it does it's terrific! The Massager isn't really much of a massager rather than more of a scrubber which is nice as well and to be expected with these devices. the only thing that I didn't care much for was the shower feature but I guess if you haven ankle injury you may benefit from this feature so to spray warm water higher on your leg than that of the water line. Great for epsom salt baths to relieve aches and muscle tension due to immobilization and or internal scar tissue after injuries.


I really like this and in my opinion it was completely worth it. Totally would recommend.


evf the erthing the spa, the motorize action, the dept of the contaner,you can emerge your feet deep into the water.


So first foot bath I have received that actually ually works! The messager part is amazing and works beautifully. My feet and legs feel so good after using it. I love the depth of the tub and when the messager is on and running it is quiet so it doesn't interfere with your relaxation.


It could really use bigger wheels so it could roll on carpet too. The lid supplied is easily knocked off by my cats jumping up on it. Otherwise, it functions as you would expect. I am happy with how quickly it heats up.


I love it, except for the fact that it gets hot too fast and i cannot make it warm, not super hot. But it is perfect for 10 minutes.


Soaking feet and legs


Great value for the money and functioned as advertised. Great for relaxing after a long day on your feet.


The foot spa and massage works and provided comfort on the feet. However ot took a while like 15 minutes before the desired temperature is attained.


Prefect it.i love it .too relax and comfortable


It was okay . Feet slips alot hard to keep it place .


It’s quiet and functional. It even had a drain hose to ease the emptying process. Love this !!!! Did I mention it has wheels and a handle for safe carrying!?


This is awesome after a long day or if you just need a pamper yourself “spa” day I bought this mostly because when you soak in a tub the water goes cold so quick. This warms water up quick and keeps it hot!!


I like to do my pedicure at home, since I purchased this and doing my hot foot spa every night, I sleep so well every night. And this quality is very good. Thickness, and easy clean!


Love every inch. The cons are still good. Like it gets to hot. Wow. The wheels move quickly. I dont have to drag it. And it has a release hose. No more turning over and dumping out. I always had the 25.00 ones. And now ive gone to heaven. No more nail shop for my feet.


The water take a while to heat up but when it does it's terrific! The Massager isn't really much of a massager rather than more of a scrubber which is nice as well and to be expected with these devices. the only thing that I didn't care much for was the shower feature but I guess if you haven ankle injury you may benefit from this feature so to spray warm water higher on your leg than that of the water line. Great for epsom salt baths to relieve aches and muscle tension due to immobilization and or internal scar tissue after injuries.


Good quality. Heats up well. Plenty of space for a person with larger foot. Verified by my family for up to men’s size 14.


I have searched everywhere for a foot spa. This product is awesome. The only drawback its that if you are tall you have to sit in a high chair in order to have your feet fit comfortably. I am the tallest one in my family 5'6, my short family members have no problem using this.


Great foot spa! The best I have bought! The depth is as deep as the one at the Salon! The Temperature quickly reaches the temp I select! I had to turn it Down!


Easy to operate without consulting the owner's manual. I prefer to start with fresh hot tap water each time versus waiting for the unit to reheat the previously used, now room temperature water as it's quicker and cleaner.


great product & good value for foot spa massage. easy to clean it & good quality


 The first two times I used it the shower didn't work but now it does. Its a great foot bath but the massage is a little loud but over good. Hard to clean in the back.




Bought for my daughter and son in law, they both like it!


He says he loves it


Gave to my husband for Xmas. He loves this. It is so deep and heats well. My kids and husband fight over it. We put Epsom salts in it too.


The foot spa was a gift and it works amazingly. I didn't find instructions or remote control either. Put warm water and you have to recline in a chair with a nice pillow to relax completely. You need to rest your feet over rotating massager and your feet will stay put. Nice to have my own spa at home.


Love the massage pads and the water shower.


Works great


I bought this as a gift for my mom, SHE LOVED IT! It warms up the water and you can adjust how hot you want it. It massages the soles of your feet. She loved it! So worth the pay. Great product


love all the features it offers. im using this item in a shop and clients love it


Awesome and a great way to end the day with as foot soak.


I bought this for my 70 year old mom and she lives it.


The rollers are amazing! Great after a long day or just need some R & R. Still trying to figure out how the hose works to take out the water, but everything else is pretty straight forward.


Large foot basin, works great, gets very hot so be careful. Lots of really cool features!


I’ve been using this product for a little while now and I absolutely love it. Heats up quick almost too hot at times. My only suggestion for the manufacture in the future would be to add a bubbling feature that would’ve been cool to have that still an excellent foot bath


Absolutely love it!!


Tried it once amazing until now


Easy to assemble, set up, and use. I love that it maintains the water temperature I selected and the motorized massage rollers just felt so wonderful. I'm very pleased with my new foot bath.


Yes, this is on the pricier side of Foot Spas; but it has many features. The heating element actually keeps the water at a decent temperature, unlike some of the cheaper models.


Great massager/ foot bath for achy feet the shower feature is especially nice for the ankles


Over all not a bad product with size 14 feet; wished the opening was bigger!! Once inside very pleasant experience relaxing. Tried other brands no contest. Depth of tub features even the drain performed as promised.


This is awesome, gets very hot. The massage rollers rotate on their own you don't have to do it manually. Easy to clean. So relaxing, my husband and I love it!


love it work so good


Very good quality at this price


Really nice, comes with a shower that's really cool.


The casters don't roll very well when full of water but fortunately I am moving it on a hard surface.


This is a nice foot bath. I filled it with water from the sink (82) degrees, it took about 20 mins to heat to 95 degrees, then I bumped it up to 102 which took an additional 10 mins. The massage was nice, but I could only tolerate it for 5 minutes. After that I just enjoyed the soak. The only thing this is missing is jet bubbles, would literally make it perfect. Cleaning up was easy as it came with a hose. Just make sure you drain it in the tub and it's level. At first I tried to stretch the hose and I bent it so was not getting a good flow. Once I picked the tub up and put it in the shower the flow was much faster (drained in less than a min). Also be mindful of the weight when filling it if you're using it on vinyl floors, it will leave a small indent. Overall happy with my purchase.


This thing is amazing and is a lifesaver for my achy feet and legs. Very impressed and was money well spent.


Might b too high for elders — but i love it.


I would recommend.


Estupendo da masaje, calienta el agua y es cómodo para los pies


Great tub! Too small for xxl feet.


I used this foot soaker the first night and have no more trouble walking since. the heat was great for my arthritis in my left ankle. And I love the waterfall on the front of my legs. I will be using this product a lot.


Wow! This blue foot spa bath is cute and deep enough to soak my entire feet. The water can keep warm for a long time. You can buy one and have a try.


 The main thing I like about this foot soaker is the size of the bucket- it's big! My husband can stick his huge feet in and not complain


Update / it stoped working after first week , my money was refunded so it was great customer service. I am no mad since i understand that sometimes things can malfunction. Well first warning is to set your temperature before starting the pedicure because if not it will directly go to 108’ f and it will burn i think in 102 f its fine. I really do like it but i travel for to my clients house to do their pedis and i find it kind of annoying carrying that big thing around and its very hard to put water in it next time i will need to take something to pour water in it. But i mean the ítems does what is says it offers and its very relaxing but to big to travel with lol.


The 5 shiatsu roller balls make a big difference from only using 4


This product is amazing for anyone who has a stressful schedule and often don’t have time to go outside and pay for a massage. The product has extremely clear instructions and is easy to assemble together. It is a amazing product and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a foot massage product.


This Foot Spa Bath Massager 3 in 1- Heat, 6 motorized massage Rollers, I Thought it was funny when my wife got this but I had to tell you it is amazing not just for relaxation but also it you have foot problems.I have really bad cracked heals and this I am making the difference for sure and it just great. It has a lot of cool options, Time & temperature control, Multifunctional Feet Bathtub for Tired Foot Stress Relief (Blue)This foot spa bath massager is perfect for people who stand for a long time to reduce the fatigue of their feet and legs. Or if you are getting little older it is amazing, we actually took it with us to our house in the mountains. It is just relaxing and makes me feel better when done. Its motorized massage function helps to promote blood circulation in my feet as they are not swollen anymore.There are 3 adjustable angles showers to relax sore calf muscles. That is what I actually like the most tell you the truth yes it helped my heels but the calf’s ae always cramped and I just love thin thing.This removable massage surface has 2 rolling wheel sticks and 4 360° rotating balls, providing accurate shiatsu massage and roller massage. Its detachable design is easy to replace and clean, which is suitable for me and I love this as well, and it also has temperature control that is really cool. With an easy to read Led control panel that I can easy control.Do your feet a favor and go get one.


Great product worked great! One bad thing took like 30min to heat up but once it did was relaxing and very warm. Would give as a gift for someone in their feet all day.


Buen equipo. Era lo que yo esperaba.


This foot spa is heaven .The only problem I find is that the cord comes out of the front. The cord is short this makes plugging in and operation awkward.


I really enjoy the time with my new foot spa bath massager.It helps me relaxing before go to bed.All the functions are easy to operate.I don't even to read the instruction.Also easy to clean after used.A little expensive but worth the price.


For the price, this foot spa is excellent. I like the massage rollers they can massage your bottom feet in a good way.


Amazing foot spa bath massager has temperature adjustment. It helps me to relax at the end of the day,


This foot spa is great with many features. It has massage rollers and an adjustable shower. It also has two red lights and a medicine compartment for salt or herbs. The water will heat up hot fast and can be easily regulated. You can choose to operate any function by themself or together with others. I’ve been used it for over two weeks and I like it. The cleaning is easy too. Just have to take the handle, roll this into the bathroom/backyard, pull the hose down, and let it empty itself. If there's any water left at the bottom, I can just pick it up to finish emptying it. I also like the design of having a lid to keep the dust out between uses and it doesn't have to be cleaned before each use.


 This product does wonders. With me working almost everyday, my feet gets sore a lot. Therefore, I use this foot bath about 3 times a week; it feels so comfortable, relaxes my feet and overall reduces my feet soreness. This is not just a foot bath function. It also has a massage effect (the rollers on the bottom) that includes a timer that you can set for however long you want it to keep going. You can also change the temperature of the water when you heat/reheat it or just in general. Overall, I am super satisfied with this purchase.


It’s nice to sit and rest soaking your feet. It is very nice but very heavy when full.


 High quality.well designed keep water very warm. The massager feels amazing .Easy to use ,clean,and store .Definitely recommend!!!


Easy to use, relaxing with different massage mode.


Love it


Very nice. Feet feel great afterwards.


LOVE THIS ALL IN ONE FOOT SPA!!! I originally bought a different foot spa for my dad and it was fine except for the fact that when you rest you feet on the massagers they would stop turning, which really sucked. So I proceeded to return it and look for a different one. I found this foot spa and read all the reviews and nothing indicated that the massage rollers would turn off, if anything, people complained they were “too strong” and that they would “push their toes to the front of the bucket”. Well I’m here to say, if you have soft tiny feet, don’t get this product. But if you’re a normal person who works on their feet all day everyday and want to come home and soak your feet and get a nice massage, this is what you want! My dad loves it and you can comfortably rest you feet on the rollers and they will not turn off. Also, for anyone who says, “the water takes so long to heat up”, be smart and start by putting warm water in the tub, it’s not rocket science. All in all, this thing is awesome!-True reviewer


I love that this foot bath is big enough for big feet. I do not have big feet but I give pedicures to friends and family and everyone's had an easygoing time with it. I appreciate that the bottom part comes out to get a more detailed sanitizing of the inside. It is easy to clean. The only fault is it seems to get warmer than the the temperature you set it to. I can set it to 99 and it goes up to 103. That's not enough for me to give this product less stars because it does everything else perfectly. My favorite thing is the massage setting, it gives it a luxurious feeling.


It’s easy to use and very comfortable. My family loves taking turns using it.


First, when we bought this spa machine because we want to know how it help. So we got it. First impression that machine is stable compare to the one we have, this one was tall but we need to put on the flat surface not on carpet. Temperature was hot when I am increased to 105 degrees and so we decided to low to 95 degrees before we can use it. We love this machine and we used it 15-25 minutes before we go sleep, hope it will help my foot problem because I sit down all days at work.


Mother loved it


The product is exactly what I ordered, I will be ordering a bigger one soon. I use it at my nail station and easy to sanitize.




Worth the money!!!! Great product. Heating capability is fantastic. I actually had to turn it down a bit. And it stays hot. Depth is nice too. Massagers are a bit intense at first, but, really do work well


This is my first time using it and OMGGGGG! It’s worth every penny! It heats up to the desired temp you set and it massages my feet so well. No complaints here. My pedicures are about to be BOMB! The drain spout is super convenient. I have multiple clients and I was glad to know the plastic bag liners for a pedicure bowl fit this foot bath with no problems. I will be purchasing another one.


Very nice product gets warm/hot takes about 7-10 mins Shower is very nice and massage is also good has a small red light and you have a goes to drain water easy to clean and a handle to vary it very nice


Massages great, great temperature, and shower looks cool


Definitely recommendedBest thing ever!!! Absolutely brilliant for your feet and legs I've got fibromyalgia and this helps me so much


I was just thrown by remote control question because there was no remote in the box- so that’s why one star. It maintained heat fabulously. The height of the basin was good for my ankles and calves but I had to put a pillow under my knees to support the position. Also in my furious comparison of items to finally select this one, I missed that this item had no jet bubbles. But the other features are cool. Jet bibles would have made it perfect


This is a must have. I love it.


Very nice foot bath.It's a bit too tall which makes it difficult to get out of. I like the rollers, because I could move it to drain.


This thing is amazing. It actually heats the water and the rollers on the bottom massage your feet. After long 16 hour days being on my feet as a nurse, this is a great way to relax sore feet. Recommend this product to everybody! Makes a great gift btw It has automatic massage rollers which is a game changer when it comes to call something a foot spa ;)


Absolutely love this!!!


Helps my feet


I love this foot spa!! My husband loves it too and we use it regularly. The messaging rollers make achy feet feel completely revitalized and the shower is convenient for rinsing our feet... The only thing SOME folks may want to know is that there are no bubbles or jet streams on this product!! Thanks


Does what it’s supposed to and has brought much needed relief to my feet! Feels great and is easy to use. There’s enough room to shift your feet at different angles to get just the right feel. I like being able to pop out the entire bottom assembly for cleaning. You can push down decently hard for varying degrees of relief.My only issue and it’s not the product’s fault- I find it’s not super comfy in a normal chair, but a bar chair height is great. Otherwise your legs are at a little too low of an angle. I’m 5’10”Otherwise great little foot spa!


This is well worth the money. Love that it has a drain tube. Massage part snaps in/out easy for removal and cleaning.


This product works as expected. I like the massage feature and that the massage mechanism can be removed to clean.


This product product is great


Great so far. I got this for my fiancée as a early Christmas gift, it works very well. For the price point you get truly motorized massage rollers for the whole foot instead of just the one for each foot that resides in the middle. The heat works well, sometimes too well and can get really hot really quick, but it functions. Waterfall effect is a nice add-in. The removable foot massager portion comes out when the two tabs are moved which definitely helps with cleaning it, and the hose makes it easy to drain, just make sure to re-cap it after so you don't accidentally spill it when you use it again. I seriously question the claim that the red light is for 'sterilization' as visible light cannot kill off bacteria, only UV can do that. But so long as you don't have athletes foot or something, you rinse it after use, and use some kind of mild cleaner every once in a while, it shouldn't be an issue. Thermostat is consistent, unit has a carrying handle and rollers. All in all a good buy.


Got this for my dad. Wish it had jets but it’s good.


This food spa bath massager is awesome,control board very easy to read and setup ,can heat up the water very fast.motorized roller massage was strong enough for me


This is foot spa is great and easy to use. I’m using it daily since I bought it. The massager sooth my tiredness after a long day and I’m feel so relaxing while doing the foot spa. The heated water and water bubbles is a great plus in giving me a sense of relax. In addition, I’m able to cover my entire foot with water. Having this unit safe me money as I can do my foot spa massage treatment at home as I can add epsom salt to soak in.


First foot spa I ever owned it rocks after being on your feet for hours.The massagers and heating element are awesome. The foot bath is very light .There is a foot massage function. When I get tired from work, I feel comfortable after getting back and can heat the water. Don't worry that the water will be cold. Very nice. I would recommended this product. Now I can do spa any day ,anytime . After use it. You also sleep much better. I will buy one more to my parents for a gift in the future.


It's nice enough. It arrived with absolutely no instruction manual. I used common sense and logic to read the buttons and just press them for what I wanted it to do, but no instructions means I dont know how long it can run safely or even proper maintenance and cleaning of the machine.


This product is just the treat for restless feet


The foot bucket is so cool. Especially the insulation function. Also intimate plus lighting function.excellent


Purchased this foot spa massage machine for my husband. He likes it a lot. Especially the massage function. I like the temperature indication, it tells the temperature of the water inside the bucket. Auto stops after 60minutes if didn't set timer. The massage part inside can be removed for people who don't like stepping on massage peddles like me. Shower function looks cool. I don't know what's the use of the red light, just to look nice? Overall, nice machine. Hope it last for a long time.


I really liked this product! I liked how it’s big and it’s very comfortable!


Love it!


 There are numerous of foot spa massage on the market, I am glad that I picked this one. good quality and reasonable price plus fast shipping…It has all the functions that I need, water heating temperature control, motorized massage ball, shower, red light, timer, drainage pipe, and the medicine box that you can place herbs or sea salt in it.It’s very easy to use, I added some essential oils in the water, really enjoy the massage, very relax and help my blood circulation and metabolism.It’s such a nice product to have!If the wire length can be longer and the water tank can be higher, that will be perfect!


I bought this foot spa bath massager to my grandpa as a birthday gift. This foot spa bath massager comes with motorized rollers. It is easy to set up. This foot spa bath massager can heat up the water very fast. The control panel is easy to understand and my grandpa can set out the temperature he wants and enjoy the foot massage. He likes this foot spa bath massager a lot.