All-in-One Heat Bubble Vibration Foot Spa Massager with 6 Massage Rollers

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Key Features

● Suitable For Daily Use: Take off your shoes and throw yourself into a soft sofa. The heating element of this foot massage that comes with various functions to ensure that your feet are relaxed and painless.
● Massage Design: 6 Motorized massage roller, precision acupuncture points massage, hot-water waves and HF vibration massage, relaxing O2 bubbles and consistent controlled heating, the all-in one spa foot bath effectively promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, relieves fatigue, and smoothen the meridians
● Easy To Use: It has a digital display control panel. Simple and clear buttons for On/Off, temp+/-, bubble, time, auto-massage, surfing & heating.
● Remote Control Design: Comes along with a smart remote control board for ease of use. Water temperature is also adjustable giving you a relaxing and customized heat therapy experience, from degree 95 F up to degree 118 F.
● Portable Design: This product comes with 4 wheels and a handle that you can use for easy to move around and store. Also, there's hole in between the edge of top cover and tub wall to dispose the used water.

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Dimensions20" x 16" x 16" (L x W x H)
Net weight11.24 lbs
Water capacity9 L
ColorKhaki and white
MaterialPP for the main body
Rated power800 W
Volt110 V / 50Hz
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All-in-One Heat Bubble Vibration Foot Spa Massager with 6 Massage Rollers All-in-One Heat Bubble Vibration Foot Spa Massager with 6 Massage Rollers All-in-One Heat Bubble Vibration Foot Spa Massager with 6 Massage Rollers All-in-One Heat Bubble Vibration Foot Spa Massager with 6 Massage Rollers All-in-One Heat Bubble Vibration Foot Spa Massager with 6 Massage Rollers


This is a foot spa massager with 6 rollers, which is a good choice to help your feet relaxed after a day's toil.


After a whole day work back to home, take off your shoes and throw yourself into a soft sofa but still feel something is lacking. Your body and the brain is released but not the overworked feet. What you need this moment is our luxurious foot spa bath massager. Digital display has a control panel with simple and clear buttons for on / off, temp+ / -, bubble, time, auto-massage, surfing & heating, make it very easy to use. It also has a small smart remote control board so that you can be totally released and don't need to bend over anymore. With a timer and temp set, you can adjust the water temp to a most comfortable temperature you like from degree 95f up to degree 118f. 6 motorized massage roller, precision acupuncture points massage, hot-water waves and hf vibration massage, relaxing o2 bubbles and consistent controlled heating, our all-in-one spa footbath effectively promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, relieves fatigue, and smoothens the meridians. Portable design is built with 4 universal casters and a removable carrying handle, easy to remove around or storage.


If you are looking for such a foot spa massager, please do not hesitate to buy one!


  • PTC heater block ensures safety, etl proved standard
  • Smart remote control board, convenient for using
  • Constant temperature heating, bubbling relax, red light exposure
  • 6 motorized massage rollers
  • Water surfing system, features one water fall spray and 2 water fall jet
  • Hf vibration and hot-water waves massage
  • Anti-splash water guarder, anti ash fully enclosed dust cover
  • Universal casters with removable handler, easy to removable or storage
  • 2 wheels lockable system, anti-skip
  • Drainage tube, automatic water drainage
  • Wide range of adjustable temperature from degree 95F to degree 118F
  • Deep tank bath works both foot and calf
  • Notes: Please don't use without water


43 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • J

    It works real good


    I liked the different functions. Really helps my circulation

  • M

    Make a noise


    Make some noise like a marble is stuck inside

  • C

    Overall great foot bath


    This is overall a great foot bath. All the positives have been mentioned by other reviewers and I generally agree. Here are things I most liked: - The water level and unit size was fine for both me and my large bodied husband - water nice and hot, and heats up quickly - waterfall and bubbles are good - someone complained that you had to sit up straight to use this. If you don’t use a pillow/pillows behind your back, this could be true. (Let’s put our thinking caps on). I would suggest the following improvements: - make the massage rollers a softer silicone - I like the harder plastic but I can see where it would be too much for some - the remote is crappy - the 3 loud beeping noises with every single degree of temperature change are NO BUENO. Please get rid of these!!!! Also, the seller misrepresents this “feature” in the Q+A, even giving totally conflicting answers - be prepared for a questionably written English manual - I wish the waterfall and bubbles were a bit more robust I hope and plan to have many enjoyable sessions with this. I can’t comment on longevity because I just got it.

  • G

    Pretty great!


    Several of the reviews seem to be for other models which was confusing. I thought the one I was ordering had the infrared light on the heel of your foot. This one only had really small ones near your toes. I went ahead and tried it anyways. I was very surprised to find out that this can pull up to 800 Watts. If you feel your feet are too cool you can click the temperature up button and it heats very fast which is pretty nifty. The temperature display is in C not F. So if you set this to 40c it will be 107.6 . Be careful this goes up to 45c . I have a size 13 US shoe size and my feet fit perfect. The spray bar and the 2 little mini jets in front of your toes keep the water circulating very nice. There is a small screen to protect the motor that you should clean after each use similar to a lint filter on a clothes dryer. I do really appreciate how quiet this is. You can set the waterfall and jets and bubbles and motorized rollers all on at once and it is quiet enough to watch a movie. I have had other foot bath devices in the past and the ones with the vibration motor are just too noisy , this is the best I have ever experienced. I stand on marble floors without rubber mats constant for 8 hours a day and this is just a heaven send for me. Great buy and I absolutely love it!

  • S

    it's amazing


    this is the best money i have spent. I use it every Friday night to do my own spa/pedicure routine. I would reccomend be careful when using bubbles. a tiny drop will make a ton of bubbles in this. becareful not to over flow with too much bubble.


  • Q:
    Where is the “intelligent” mode functioning?
    “intelligent” mode is reflected in the way of massage. It means the massage wheel at different place moves at different time.  .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    The red plastic part fell
    It may require a little more strength to press it back.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Remote does not function ,  the motherboard on the foot spa is defective
    Please check whether the button on the machine can work? Please press the buttons on the machine to adjust  also, can it work again? If it can't, then the  motherboard is broken, the remotor won't work either  .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Does the red light offer infrared sterilization?
    Yes, infrared has a sterilization function..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    This machine sounds wonderful but I wear a size 14 shoe, is it big enough for my feet?
    No, it is not big enough for your feet.This foot spa bath (No: 85079641) is perfect for you. Just type the number into the search box and you will find it.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Can I add Epsom salts or essential oils to the water?
    Yes, you can add Epsom salts or essential oils to the water.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How much water do, i put in?
    You can put the water in it according to your need since there is a water line.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What is the shipping size of this product.
    The shipping size is 23" x 18" x 17" (L x W x H)
    Costway representative

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