Portable Air Humidify Tower Fan with Remote Control

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Key Features

3 Speeds & Modes: The fan can be controlled at 3 different speed settings for your optimal comfort. And it provides standard, natural and sleeps wind to suit your needs. Additionally, this air cooler improves airflow in the house and helps you cool down. All these occur at less energy consumption and costs.
Remote Controlled & LED Display: The remote-control function lets you control all the available functions on your demand while remaining stationary. And the LED display shows all the data on the screen to easily understand and operate this cooler.
8-Hour Timing Function: This fan features a quiet sleep mode with noise control below 58db. Therefore, you won’t get disturbed by the noise during your sleep. Its 80 hours timing function allows setting the auto-off time.
Blade-Free Design: The tower design and the wide base give the fan its required stability. Safe American-style two-insert and UL certified fan wires ensure its safety. Furthermore, the safety is further ensured by its blade-free design. Your children are totally safe around it.
Multi-functional Design & Rotatable Body: This tower fan features cooling and humidifying functions to keep you cool. Additionally, the air supply is expanded by the rotatable body to create a pleasant summer for your family.

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Rated voltage120 v-60 hz
Rated power50 w
Refrigeration power70 w
Power cord18 awg
Noise≤58 db
Water tank capacity6 l
Product size11" (l) x11" (w) x41" (h) 
Net weight13 lbs
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This tower cooling is then your best bet! It comprises 3 different modes and speed configurations for you to have your preferred airflow type.


Are you still concerned about the hot summer days? Are you concerned about getting sick for long hours in an air-conditioned room?  Remote control lets you control all functions while remaining stationary and at your convenience. In addition, this tower fan operates quietly, minimizing noise while providing consistent airflow.


If you are looking for this, don’t wait too long before it’s out of stock!


  • Available in 3speed settings and modes
  • Quiet cooling and promotes good air circulation.
  • Remote control and LED display for convenient control.
  • Universal wheels aid in moving and carrying.
  • 6L water tank reduces the requirement of frequent tank filling.
  • The timed shutdown function makes it ideal for night operations.
  • Cooling and humidifying function among a few to choose from.
  • A rotatable body expands the air supply range.
  • UL certification ensures safety and quality.


3 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • F

    more or less this air


    It is more or less it did not go well and it only lasted 4 months and it no longer works.

  • L

    Not worth the money, just a fan really!


    Just a fan ! Not worth the money!

  • M

    Works Great


    This fan works surprisingly well. I purchased this for my sons small room that gets very hot. I live in San Jose, CA. It cools his room significantly. When he is not home I am using it in my room instead of my very expensive AC. Two Thumbs up!


  • Q:
    Why it makes weired noise?
    There is foreign object inside,please turn it off to check and remove the foreign object..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Remote control does not connect.
    Please replace the battery.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Does the tank come out completely so that it can be cleaned?
    No, it can't be taken out.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    My fan suddenly stop oscillating. How do I fix it?
  • Q:
    The ice crystal boxes... do I put them in my freezer after I fill them with water? Then after they are frozen, I place them in the water tank?? Also, where is the max fill line on the blue ice crystal boxes??
    It is just a fan. The filling line is about eight or nine minutes. It doesn't have to be precise. Just leave some space.
    It is just a fan. The filling line is about eight or nine minutes. It doesn't have to be precise. Just leave some space.
  • Q:
    can u order more ice crystal boxes
    No,we are sorry that we don't sell the ice crystal box on our website.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    my question is are we putting water in the water tank an then putting the froze ice crystal in the water tank
  • Q:
    I ordered this from Amazon and just received only works with remote. The control panel on fan does not work, is it supposed to be this way?
    Our customer service staff will contact you to help you.
    Costway representative

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