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Kids Toy Storage Organizer with Bins and Multi-Layer Shelf for Bedroom Playroom

This kid toy storage shelves can help keep your child's room clean and orderly.

Overall Rating:
20 Reviews
Item No: 68549207
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Key Features

● Multifunction Space Saver: This 3-in-1 storage combination set is a good solution for storage space. It can be used as children play collection shelves, bookshelf or corner rack, Designed with a Layer of storage board, 6 storage bins and a 3-tier bookshelf, this children's toy storage set can hold books, toys, dolls and other objects to help children develop a good habit of storage.
● Open Storage Design: The open storage design of the storage organizer makes it easier for children to see toys or books. At the same time, it allows children to store essential items such as art supplies and handicrafts anytime and anywhere, providing a clean and safe play space for children.
● Flexible Combination Modes: This kid toy storage shelf can be used with the bookshelf. The large capacity of the storage organizer helps you solve the problem of insufficient storage space. Whether it is a kindergarten or a home, this kid storage shelves with good stability is a good choice.
● Sturdy and Durable Material for Safe Usage: The kid toy storage organizer is designed with rounded corners and odorless HDPE, which is not only durable but also effectively prevents children from being injured and makes them safer. The thicker shelf and sturdy frame make the toy storage box more stable and not easy to fall.
● Easy to Assemble: You can easily assemble the children's toy shelves unit for just one coin or the edge of nuts. These removable storage boxes are lightweight, so you can take them off effortlessly. In addition, the smooth and waterproof storage box is convenient for you to make cleaning.


    This kid toy storage shelves can help keep your child's room clean and orderly.


    The space-saving toy storage organizer is with 1 storage board, 6 storage bins, and 1 bookshelf that can be used to store children's toys. At the same time, it can help your children develop the habit of organizing their belongings. The open storage design is convenient for your kids to view. The lightweight and durable HDPE storage box is easy to wipe clean and can be moved at will. Odorless HDPE and no sharp edges can provide a safe play environment for children. You can assemble this kid toy storage shelves in a few minutes using coin or nut. This kid toy organizer will be the perfect complement to all game spaces.


    If you are looking for a product like this. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • The large capacity of storage organizer for more storage space
    • Tilted open storage box makes it easy to find and access items
    • Unique design makes the storage box not easy to fall
    • Odorless HDPE and rounded corner design are safe to use
    • Help develop children's storage skills by storing toys
    • Assembly is effortless, as long as the edges of coins or nuts
    • Easy to clean and maintain, only need the wet rag
    • Color: Blue/Green
    • Material: HDPE
    • Product dimension: 44" x 14" x 36"(L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 24 lbs
    • Maximum weight: 44 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Kids toy storage organizer
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Perfect for what it's used for. Two of the buckets did warp a tad once everything was put together but not enough where they don't do their job.


I was VERY surprised at how large this was. I expected something much smaller and almost bought two, but I am so happy it’s the size that it is! Very simple to put together and perfect for a toddlers room. He’ll definitely be able to use this for a a few years. One of my favorite buys.


Everything is great. Only downside the instructions weren’t the best


First off this shelf is amazing! Very lightweight and the perfect size, even the green color is so neutral that it can be for boys or girls. Now, although it serves great purpose and I love it now that it’s done, during the assembly process I was getting pretty frustrated. For me working alone, it took me about 40 minutes because I put it together incorrectly the first time (since the instructions weren’t clear), and realized halfway through that it was backwards and had to unscrew it and start over again. The instructions do show pictures and parts, but it is so vague that the manual was not very helpful at all. Also, although that screws are very large but they are super flat so it makes it so hard to do with your fingers because there’s nowhere to grip, It’s almost impossible so I had to find the largest screwdriver in my house. When you screw it tight the screws seem to be like soft or made of cheap plastic, that if you tighten it too hard, the plastic seems to like warp or bend, kind of liked I stripped them, please see the photo of the screw I posted for reference. So, in order for that to not happen to all of the screws, I had to screw very slowly and gentle. Anyways, other than the screw issue, they still worked out fine in the end, and this toy organizer is a great accessory in my house. As long as you have the patience to build it, and a fat screwdriver, I would still highly recommend buying it.


Even better than the photos. Well designed, easy to assemble, easy to use, and it looks great.


Took 1 person 1-hour to assemble no tools necessary. A clear mind and extreme patience goes a long way. I had neither…Please don’t talk to the elephants they may conflux the situation. Take a good look at the book shelf, then take a shot. No you are not seeing double unless you are looking at the elephants then you are actually seeing triple. Tap the bottom of the ripple bottle my elephants are not facing the same way. Again don’t talk to the elephants they use elephant language that is hard for humans to understand. Glad the kid is sleeping. He would definitely talk to the elephants. If you put this together with a kid awake and assisting you are my hero and it may take 4 hours. Scratch the scotch bonnets my fingers are not skinny enough to turn the plastic screw thingies….cramp oh my arthritis…take an other shot…. Maybe I should wake up the kid. Oh no you clown DON’T wake a sleeping toddler terrorist he will hide the parts and talk to the elephants! Need some brown Red rum to make putting this together go better. Almost done ready to lift a glass, but the plastic bins are stuck together. What robot shoved the bins together like this. I need some white cause I’m ready to fight. Chug a beer make a toast and get a buddy to help you inch them apart. All in all a great piece, great price, sturdy and heavy with toys on it, and hopefully built to last!


Absolutely perfect! Safe, fun and well organized.


Great for holding toys, shoes and diapers. I keep this in my living room and previously had a smaller one, this one has shelves that make it easier to store bigger toys or other things. It was easy to assemble even though I had to find a flat head tool to make it easier. Nice and sturdy. The only thing is the bins can fall down easy when my 2 year old messes with them too much. In other words - it was a good time


Very sturdy and holds lots. Bought for 10 month old baby and easily assembled by 70 year old grandma. He easily can access all but top shelves.


Very nice product. Pleasant addition to my nieces nursery.


Exactly what i ordered we love it in my son's room. Easy to put together. You do not need any kind of tool.


I bought this for my grandson. It holds quite a few toys and books. It was very easy to assemble. Its sturdy enough to last him for many years. I looked at many toy organizers, before deciding on this purchase. I am really happy with this product.


Love this! Feeling so much more organized. Sturdy material, easy to wipe and assemble. Fit in my daughter's closet to tuck toys and books away.


Let’s start off by saying it is sturdy and durable. This is a very beautiful set of toy storage that has 6 containers included and an additional side to put books or any large toys. Putting it together in 10 minutes. It isn’t heavy like the wooden ones so moving it is easy. There are 2 colors and I bought the blue one, I’m glad I did that because it’s beautiful and matched with our room. It would be cool if we can purchase another set and attach right next to it to make it a completed. That’s just my personal opinion because I might buy another set to put it next to this on one side of our wall.


Great company! Ordered many products from them for my daycare facility! All products are delivered on time and are in perfect condition.


I LOVE this toy storage for my son. The way the bins slant makes it easy for him to reach his toys. I also loved the fact that no major tools were needed for assembly (I used a quarter to help screw in).


Easy to set up, will withstand a beating from the kids, and lots of storage space!


The organizer fits perfect in my sons room. Exactly what we were looking for.


I buy this for my son to put the toy and book. After when I get this when he play he will put the toy in the Bucket don’t see the little car or toy all over the floor.


I like it, it’s great to have both shelves and bins and it’s sturdy. It was pretty difficult to put together though and the instructions were awful.