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  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine
Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine

Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine

This is the gymax rowing machine which is perfect for your home or private gym.

Overall Rating:
28 Reviews
Item No: 97480516

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Key Features

● Full Motion Rowing: This rowing exercise machine is designed for full arm extensions which can tone lower arm muscles, upper arm muscles, thighs, buttocks, calves, abdominal and back muscles as well. Perfect for toning your muscles and stimulating your blood circulation, you can exercise and keep fit.
● Adjustable Hydraulic: Up to 200 lbs adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance creates a versatile home rowing workout. Choose your resistant need and hold onto the slip-resistant handlebars for full arm rotations. Engage muscles in your full body with the cardio rowing machine built for tough workouts.
● Track Your Progress: With an easy-to-read LCD fitness monitor displaying time, count, total count, distance, calories burned plus it and scans, you can customize your workout to reach your Goal. In addition, slip-resistant, comfortable handles provide additional control for your rowing exercise.
● Solid Steel Frame: Solid and sturdy steel construction is strong enough that can hold a max weight capacity of 220 lbs. It features high corrosion and wears resistance for a long time using. Specially designed for small spaces to use; for compact and portable to take, and for storing to save your home space.
● Comfortable Workout Design: Thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort. The large, anti-slip foot pedals come with Velcro adjustable straps that fix your foot and give you the confidence to engage those legs' muscles while rowing. The PU soft seat effortlessly glides across the slide rail and supports you for longer rides.


    This is the gymax rowing machine which is perfect for your home or private gym.


    Use this rowing machine for an effective aerobic workout for a full body that burns fat and builds muscles which help in weight loss. The magnetic rower features an adjustable resistance system that allows a variety of body types and ages to achieve their exercise requirements. It also has an easy-to-read LCD fitness monitor, soft seat, pivoting footplates with velcro adjustable straps and comfortable non-slip grip handlebars. It is the perfect exercise equipment for your home or private gym. 


    This is the gymax rowing machine. Don't hesitate to buy it. 


    • Great exercise equipment for your home or private gym
    • Get a full-body workout, exercise different parts of your body with one tool
    • Up to 110 lbs double adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance create a versatile home rowing workout 
    • LCD monitor tracks your count per min, time, count, calories, distance and scan
    • Constructed with sturdy steel for solid performance and durability 
    • The PU soft rowing seat on rollers effortlessly glides across the slide rail and supports you for longer rides
    • Large pivoting pedals with velcro adjustable straps fit most foot sizes and make your feet remain in place
    • Conveniently store and take up less space when not in use 
    • With a non-slip rowing handle for better grip
    • Supports up to 110 lbs
    • Material: Aluminum iron + steel + PU
    • Color: As the pictures shown
    • Weight limit: 110 lbs
    • Dimensions: 42.5" x 33" x 8" ( L x W x H )
    • Net weight: 30 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Rowing machine
    • 2 x AAAbatteries
    • 1 x Manual
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Everyone has a different health story-from body issues to time constraints. For me, this machine is perfect. The key to this machine is your form. If your form is excellent, you will work all the muscle groups as advertised. You will get your heart rate up. It’s perfect.


I bought this to strengthen my muscle. Up to now, everything is good. What is quite important is that this rowing machine is very beautiful.


Haven't used it yet, looks good


The product was delivered in the time period as promised. It was easy to assemble as the instructions were clear and all the DIY tools needed for the assembly were included with the product. It is easy to use and provides a balanced work out although I am not sure if the calorie count is correct. I am not certain of the purpose of the front stabilizers as they are not really needed for upper body exercises. I did not try the app linked to this machine.


Si yo hubiera sabido que esta maquina era tan buena la hubiera comprado hace años y ya estaria en forma. Estamos empezando desde zero, pero despues de 1 mes ya veo cambios en mi cuerpo. Si se me rompiera me compraria otra. Es facil de usar, no te lastimas las coyunturas como con las pesas libres. Ademas es muy facil de guardar detras de tu sofas si viene una visita. No me estan pagando por dejar este review ni me estan dando nada de gratis.


Easy to use and store


This is a lightweight machine with more flex than some might like, but it's going to be difficult to beat for the money. I weigh over 200 lbs and beat it up and after a year it still works like the day it was put together. In other words my concern is the exercise, not what other people think or some unrealistic expectation for the money, and this machine hits all those marks. To be sure, the front does lift a bit. So what? For another hundred dollars you can get about the same workout without the thrill of the front raising a bit. LOL.


I bought this to fill in until I believe it is safe enough to return to the health club. If I had expected to use this long term I would have bought a different rowing machine.It is lighter. It takes up a smaller space than other types of rowing machines. And it is a less expensive design.What I wish would improve is primarily the seat rollers. If my weight is not centered on the seat then the rollers will bind on the track. This is easily corrected by just keeping my weight centered.The resistance, which is totally adjustable, starts stiffly until the pistons warm a bit. In one minute it stabilizes for the rest of my 22 minute exercise. This may be due to the rowing machine being in an unheated garage.It works well for my purpose at an attractive price.


Easy to assemble, compact, easily put away to a corner while not in use, suitable for small space department. Use the knob to adjust weights. It got loose/light for me after using 3 times and I figured out that the knob is the key to adjust. So far happy with it.


This is a good machine. A nice affordable addition to my small home gym. Not my.first rowing machine tho. However, I am 5'9" and I find this one to be alil awkward when rowing back.


Easy to assemble, have not usesd yet but excited to try


I'm out of shape and in my 60s By the time I get into this machine ans strapped in, I'm out of breath and unable to do any rowing. It seems to be well built and smooth running though.


This machine was easy to put together and use. It's not too loud to use in my apartmentwhile watching tv, the only thing I would recommend is to make the cup for your heel on the pedals deeper to hold your foot more securely. Had to buy a chunkier sneaker to help keep my feet in place. I did read a comment from someone about modifying theirs with some pvc pipe for a few dollars and might do the same. It's nothing to return the machine over. Definitely a good value for the price.


Gives a good full body workout


I brought this Rower for my husband for his birthday. He was researching this since the pandemic began and he loves it. This product works great and so far giving him the results he is expecting.


It was very sturdy built very good. Only problem it was too low to ground for my liking.


 This is the perfect addition to our home gym. My husband put together and said that everything came with this for assembly.The Hydraulic pistons give you the ability to have resistant on different levels. So weather you are just doing cardio or working on muscle tone this machine has it all.There is a sensor to keep you up to date with time, calorie count, distance, count of rows etc. which is vital while working out. But the key is the ease of move and tension.The booklet to assemble also comes with directions on how to row for maximum optimization.The machine is quality made and will last the time. Highly recommend it.


Very easy to assemble, and the perfect size.


This rower really helps you build your upper arm muscles and abs. If you go rowing a lot just for the exercise, you no longer have to drive to the lake, with this you can get the same amount of exercise in the comfort of your home. Its a very tiring exercise but I can say that it’s also one of the very effective muscle endurance building ones. 10/10 recommended.


Just assembled the machine and used it for the first time. So far it is a great workout and stores easily and I can move it to other rooms with ease.


I am planning to attend Chinese dragon boat team competition next year. I need a exercise machine to strengthen my arm muscle. This one is perfectly fitting my needs. The size is compact to fit my study room. Good choice.


we don’t have time to go gym when we have 2 kids at home. We ordered this rowing machine and set is up at our basement room. So we can do our workout at home. This rowing machine is easy to assemble. The instruction is details and clear. It doesn’t occupant a lots space. The large and molded seat is comfortable during workout sessions of any lengths and positions. The slide is made of high quality steel. So far, we are very satisfied with this machine.


You’d better already be strong bc this machine is HARD to row.


Thankful for my dearest friend recommending this great rowing machine to me. I love rowing since high school, somehow I was too busy to do it now. With pretty easy way to assemble it, I work out at least three times a week. It only use a small space of my living room, and it is doing smoothly and quietly, people who have only limited apartment space will love this machine. With the LCD monitor, I can trace how much calories burned. Of course I satisfied with the thoughtful design of the foot pedal and the comfortable seat, I can feel my muscle growing. Thanks! It is helpful.


Use to strengthen legs and abdomin. Great response by the seller, would highly recommend this product.


Very good buy. It took about half an hour to assemble and it feels very professional. It is very easy to work with.


It does everything I hoped. Resistance is really good. Would recommend this item to friends and have. Thank you


This hydraulic rowing machine is amazing! I lost so much weight because of this machine, it helps you work on body exercises! it even shows you have many calories youve burn! Plus it was easy for me to set up! I love the price too! It’s easy to use as well.