Dual Rolling Snow Pusher with Adjustable Handle

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Key Features

  • Dual Angle for Effective Snow Removing: The unique dual-angle snow pusher enjoys a large shovel plate size in 30.5’’*8’’. Its large capacity and ergonomic radian design allow it to effectively remove a layer of snow up to 5” deep snow at one time. The dual-angle design makes it more convenient and more time-saving to solve the snow pile up.
  • Durable and Solid Structure: The blade of the pusher is made from PC + ABS alloy, making it tough and would not crack easily even in freezing environments. In addition, metal fixing bolts and nuts that are galvanized and passed a 24-hour salt spray test, avoiding damage and erosion to the pusher and allow the pusher to accompany your family longer.
  • Humanized Handle: The wheeled snow pusher is equipped with an adjustable handle, whose length could change from 45.5''to 50''freely. Adjustable height allows you push snow in different positions and angles, and also makes the hand-push forklift apply for more family members to use.
  • Non-slip Wheels: The snow cart has two anti-slip wheels, which can easily clear the snow on the road by simply pushing the push rod forward. A large number of deep ravines on the tire increase the friction force of the snowplow and ensure its safety in snow removal on a slippery snow road.
  • Compact Design for Easy Storage: Because of the unique dual-angle design, you can store this dual-angle rolling snow pusher in the corner, shed or garage. This snow pusher has high practicability. Besides, the pusher is easy to assemble and you could install it simply the direction of the manual included.
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MaterialPC+ PP + ABS alloy
Dimension30.5" x8" (L x W)
Adjustable height45.5-50"
Wheel diameter6"
Net weight12 lbs
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This is the rolling hand-push snow forklift which is a great helper for you to deal with snow pileup blocking driveway and pavement.


The special design allows you to push away snow to where is convenient for you and no need to duck down again and again bearing the overwhelming backache. The non-slip wheels make you clear up snow in this effective and effortlessly method safe and sound, even on a slippery and wet surface. Easily installed feature and tender EVA cover on handle improve your using experience more, offering you a simple and pleasant way of snow removing.


If you are looking for the forklift, don't hesitate to buy it!


  • Dual angle design to clear up snow by pushing away rather than shovel off, more effortless
  • Easily to move snow pile up together and solve
  • Handle length is adjustable and no need to bent
  • Durable wheels ensure the stability of the snowplow on smooth ground
  • High capacity shovels help you dispose of a lot of snow at one time
  • The cushion design of the handle provides you with a comfortable feel
  • Easily assembled with attached manual
  • Anti-slip wheels ensure your security


8 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • S

    Double check your bolts and buy loctite!!!!


    The idea behind this is great and in practice it worked phenomenally! My issue is the fact the bolts fall out of it when you really use it. I do snow removal and this past year was a crazy one. By the SECOND stop bolts were falling, I replaced them as soon as the fell. I would loctite every single bolt. For easier storage in my truck, I put coder pins on the handles so I could fold it over.

  • J

    Does the job/Great product!


    My husband picked this out to use in Colorado for all the snow we get after moving from GA. It makes snow plowing so much easier, and he loves it. Great quality product!

  • K

    Works Great!


    Tried it out today on about 2 in of snow. (Not light fluffy snow, not heavy wet, somewhere in between, with a splash freezing rain on top.) Worked great. Very easy to use & makes quick work of a corner lot and driveway. It's actually really fun to use, 1st time I have ever smiled while sholveling! We finished our shoveling in way less than half the time it would normally take. You have to think like a snow plow after the first pass. Make sure you just keep brushing the snow to the one side. The blade seems very heavy duty and cleaned up the snow right down to the concrete very nicely. It was a little bit cumbersome to assemble. Everything fits together pretty tightly and the instructions aren't super clear. My only complaint is the two bolts that keep the handle to the blade come loose while in use due to the vibration. That's partially my fault because I don't have a 1-inch screwdriver to fit in the tiny Gap to hold the bolt while I tighten the nut tighter. We'll have to figure something out on that end. Seems like it would work on deeper snow. You would have to make more passes with deeper snow, and obviously any tool has its limits when it comes to a foot or more of snow but for a snowfall like we had last night that isn't quite enough to get the snow blower out this was perfect! I will update once I try it out on deeper snow. Had so much fun using it, I "plowed" the empty lot sidewalks across the street too.

  • C

    Good product


    Used for pushing snow on sidewalk, got for adhd grandson who loves snowplowing, a huge success. He is 8 and loves it. The assembly was challenging, watch one of the previous reviewers videos, it will help, my husband didn't and he had to undo and do several times but it finally came together. So far it's held together well but haven't had a whole lot of snow, just a few inches twice. It catches on gravel but does a wonderful job on sidewalk and driveway,that are cement or paved. It's not heavy, blade is some composite plastic, sturdy, I would recommend buying.

  • J

    Great shovel


    Used it twice. does not scrape all the icy snow. better than a shovel for sure, less time and effort to clear our driveway and front roadway.


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