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Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Double Doors for Large Cat and Kitty

Are you still looking for your lovely pet's cozy cat house? Would you want to take better care of your cat? If your response is yes, all you need to do is buy this large pet house.

Overall Rating:
83 Reviews
Item No: 67248139
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Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Double Doors for Large Cat and Kitty Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Double Doors for Large Cat and Kitty Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Double Doors for Large Cat and Kitty Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Double Doors for Large Cat and Kitty
Key Features

Private Time for Fluffy Friends: The pet house gives your little feline friends a private space of their own where they can have their privacy for pooing and peeing and feeling safe in the process. Also, this high-quality cat washroom will reduce the undesirable smell.
Multi-functional Cat House: With a stylish appearance, this gorgeous nightstand hides your cat's little bed and can store your personal belongings for easy use. Or put it in the shower to match your bath towels to let your cat sit with you while you're in the shower.
Sturdy Wood Structure: The cat washroom is made of high-quality, engineered board and carefully coated with waterproof and wear-resistant paint that guarantees long-lasting use. It is more stable than the usual cat washroom with a maximum loading capacity of up to 110 lbs.
Cat Hole and Magnetic Door: Featuring a large cat hole with a size of 7.9" x 9.3," it lets the cat reach and leave at will. The smooth magnetic door makes cleaning easier. Only take it out, clean the litter and slide it back under the counter.
Wide Top with Apron Design: Designed with the apron rim, this cat house offers adequate storage space for magazines, potted plants, lamps, drinking cups, and keeps your precious things from dropping out for enhanced safety.


    Are you still looking for your lovely pet's cozy cat house? Would you want to take better care of your cat? If your response is yes, all you need to do is buy this large pet house.


    Featuring high-quality engineered board structure and water-proof paint to make this litter enclosure more durable and strong. It can bear a large weight of up to 110 pounds and creating a safe space for cats to sit, sleep and play. In addition, we set one cat hole and a magnetic door to help you clean the kitty litter and improve air ventilation. What's more, you can also take this cat house as a cabinet or bedside table owing to its large storage space and handsome appearance.


    Do not hesitate to buy it for your lovely cat!


    • Multifunctional cat house meets your various needs
    • Extra countertop space for cat's fun owing to the wide top with anti-falling apron rim
    • Made of sturdy MDF with large bearing capacity, stable and durable
    • Suitable for most litter boxes or pet beds
    • Removable inner wall for separate storage
    • Large-sized cat hole for easy access
    • Side magnetic door with handles makes it easy to clean
    • Two doors ensure good air circulation during the cleaning process
    • Smooth surface without burrs, safe to touch and play with
    • Create a pet with a private and safe space to do their own business
    • Easy assembly within minutes with instruction included
    Installation guide
    • Color: Black/Gray/White/Brown
    • Material: MDF, NC paint
    • Outer dimensions: 29.5'' x 21'' x 20.5'' (L x W x H)
    • Cat hole dimensions: 7.9'' x 9.3'' (L x H)
    • Net weight: 32 lbs
    • Roof weight capacity: 44 lbs
    • Base board capacity: 66 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Cat litter house
    • 1 x User manual
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Easy to put together. Easy access to the cat box for cleaning. Very roomy even for my large Maine Coon cat. Would highly recommend.


I’ve purchased 3 of these, this one is a little smaller than the previous design but overall it is still pretty great. The lip on the top helps my cats bowls not slide off, the magnetic doors stay closed well. I don’t use the center divider so my cat has more than enough room. Honestly with the divider I don’t see how there would be room for a cat to really go into a litter box and use it, but without it it is fine.


Item looks nice but alignment of doors ruins the look and use ability one door is too high and slightly rubs top and other door is too low and does not line up with other door even close. Instructions show no alignment needed even with what play the hinges have it does not align what so ever. This product has instructions that are not to scale and holes do not match what instructions say to the piece you have. As well does not provide instructions for moving the door from one side to another which is possible. Overall the seller provided me a option for partial refund which I am using to fix the alignment issues just with wood filler and drilling holes correctly. I do appreciate that here.


I bought this to help contain litter, and it does well for that. Easy to assemble and looks great. I like the clean look and being able to use it as another surface. The only bad thing is that the divider inside is attached by 4 extremely small and thin dowel pins. Two of them snapped in half during install, even though I was being careful. I was able to make it work with the remaining 2 pins, but wish those pieces had been a little sturdier. Everything else has held up well with months of use.


I had a hard time finding the right enclosure for my cat's litter box- I use the PetSafe Scoop Free box, and it's pretty big. This enclosure is just big enough for it without the dividing wall. I was worried my cat wouldn't use it because she doesn't usually like enclosed spaces but she took to it right away! Overall, it looks great and makes the litter box less obvious and less smelly!


My cats took to it easy. We have been using it about a month now. This was purchased to stop one of my problems, my dog getting into the litter box. It worked... But created a new set of problems. I say know your cats because if you have one like mine (I have 3) who basically stands up to pee.... She ends up peeing outside the box. This gets really messy if that's the case. My other litter ox is a high box with top opening but that won't work here. For now I have put down pet training pads and that helps with the mess. I plan to take it outside and spray the inside with plastic dip for durability when they make messes.
Overall, good box easy to put together, looks nice and cats don't mind it. 100% keeps the dog out!


Wasn’t sure if I or my cats would like it. But they seem to be great with it. When I got it all together it looked a lot better then I was expecting. Seems to be well made and sturdy. I put the cat food on the top of it and it helps keep my little dogs from eating the cat food. I really like it.


Gives my cat her privacy. Dog can't get to the liter box. Doors in front make it easy to scoop out and change the cat liter. Cat also has a place on top to lay down. My cat is really big (domestic and mean Coon cat mixed).


I don't know what people are expecting for $130. It serves its purpose and looks pretty decent doing it. It's not sturdy enough to sit on, at least, I'm not gonna put weight on it to find out. Fitment was not perfect and about what you would expect for this price point. I will say that the assembly was not as straightforward as it could have been as it took about an hour to assemble by myself. But, as long as you make yours look like the drawings, you're good. I don't regret this purchase as it blends in with the other furniture in the house and hides the large tote that we converted into a litterbox to serve four cats. It's a case of, you get what you pay for. Anyone not satisfied should shell out for a pricier item or have one built.


This took a while to assemble but over all this is a great product. It looks nice and really keeps the odors of the cat box well contained. I have an older cat and she has no issues climbing in or out.


Always needing to clean up cat litter that falls out of the front of the box onto the floor. Looks very messy all of the time. A constant clean up after each time the cat has been in the box.


I wanted to disguise the cat boxes and the boxes look elegant. You would never know they are hiding cat boxes!


Cheap materials and nearly impossible to assemble… photos included with instructions are not accurate based on the materials provided. Spent 90 minutes assembling and it is wobbly and barely stands up. Multiple dowels broke because they were so thin and holes didn’t line up.


takes a bit of elbow grease and time to assemble, but worth it!


Looks beautiful in my living room, actually had guests asking were my litter box was. My cat loves the privacy and took to it immediately. I didn’t put the divider up inside so it’s Nice and roomy.


I am happy with this purchase. There are no "non-traffic" places in my house it has an open floor plan. As I was bringing the kitties from their introduction room to the rest of the house, the most logical place for the litter at that time was a corner of the living room. Not where I wanted the litter to end up, but they are used to it in that corner now and I don't like having it out in the open when company comes over. This cabinet fits well with my decor and is large enough for a jumbo litter box. My kitties are 9 months old at the moment and a bit over 10 lbs. So they are almost full grown. It looks to me as if this litter loo will be big enough to accomodate them as they get older. They took to it right away.
I only took 1 star off of the easy to assemble because you do need a screw driver to put it together and I had a hard time finding the right size. I don't have a LOT of tools around the house. I did make one mistake with the top and had to move the screws that attach the top to the cabinet. By the time I got to that point, my hand was tired and I didn't get it screwed flush. But you really can't tell unless you get down on the floor and look for it. The mistake was my bad -- the instructions were clear, I just got a bit turned around.
I read some of the reviews and they said it only took an hour to put together -- It took me longer than that. But the piece is a good size, appears very sturdy, light enough for me to pick up and move. I have been cleaning daily and it is easy to open the doors reach in and clean. I do want to get more for the litter boxes in other rooms.


The instructions told us to put screws in the wrong places and left out important steps to properly assemble the unit. We had to take it apart and reassemble it because an important step was omitted from the outside instructions.


I love this product. It keeps the litter box out of view. We sat our cats food and water bowl on top so that our small dog can’t get to it. Would definitely recommend this product. Also very helpful in trapping odors


This was an experiment, because not all cats take to enclosed litterboxes. I'm a fan of this enclosure. It's very obviously a place for the cats to do their "doody" but it looks nice all the same. It was a little fussy to put together. Otherwise, it keeps down the smells and the litter dust, which was a big problem with open boxes... always dust everywhere. And the cats all took to it like we'd had it forever.


I love that this hides the cat litter in a stylish way. Looking at a litter pan is yucky without something to hide it! My cats like it and seem to appreciate the privacy. ( I have at least one litter box in each floor) The only problem was that it was ver difficult to put together !


We love that it is easy to clean and the cats love it!


This box was easy to assemble, although i did get help from one of my kittens :P. I bought it for litter box, however it wasn’t big enough. Let alone to put in separator, unless the box is very little. I don’t think it’s the boxes fault thou, i should’ve read dimensions. I used it for couple days, now i cleaned it out and it’s their sleeping box, even thou they prefer to sleep under my bed or on my face most of the time. It’s cute and simple. One thing i would warm is to pay attention where you want it the house. Because of the doors and window on certain side, it doesn’t fit anywhere if you want to open its little doors.


Good for hiding the litter box away, but the only has room for a pretty small box and the doors have wide enough gaps that litter still goes everywhere when the cat aggressively digs.


This litter box enclosure is great for our automatic litter box!! We have always had cat furniture around the litter box it really helps keep the litter from scattering and also mutes any litter box smell! Over all happy with this purchase. My husband and I assembled this litter box cover in less than 30min.


It took under twenty minutes to set up. Super simple and didn't require any specialized tools. Our cat likes to lay on top of it and it holds well. Otherwise, it's a nice piece of furniture that hides litter box and makes for easy, convenient cleanup.


I've wanted a litter cabinet for a while, but could not rationalize the cost. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and the only places to put our multi-cat jumbo litterbox is in the living room or the bedroom. Essentially, while we're enjoying a quiet cuddle night and TV dining, our cats are pooping six feet away from us in our line of sight. It's not a very good arrangement.


Overall the product was coming along fine and looks fairly nice. It's not the sturdiest piece, but I think it'll hold up to our cat just fine. Of course it's missing 3 screws so we can't attach the doors eliminating the entire use of this. I guess I'm off to the hardware store tomorrow. I also contacted the seller so I may update depending on their response.
The seller reached out and offered a partial refund in order for me to be able to purchase the missing screws. That seemed the easiest for both parties. While it's not the highest quality piece of furniture I do like it, and I appreciate the customer service being so quick to take care of a mistake.


My cat tracks a lot of litter so we figured this would be a good way to keep some of the litter off of our floor. The assembly was super easy and it’s quite a pretty piece of furniture. Definitely worth every penny. Good quality


I liked the option of putting the door on the left or right. Kitty took to it right awY and products can be stored inside. Very nice


This in theory works, but for my cat it doesn't. He ends up completely missing the litter box inside and sprays on the outside or in the wasted space for being long. I thought it would give him more room compared to a square hider but cleanup now is extra tedious. It could use more height. My cat isn't that tall. But every time he goes in it he has to awkwardly squeeze.


During assembly there was some minor splitting when screwing into the wood, don't recommend power tools to assist in assembly, but for the price it's pretty well what I expected to get. Keeps the litter box out of sight, and keeps the dog from eating the free kitty nuggets. One warning:y cat can easily push the door open when she whacks at it, so I have it to where the doors are against the wall and I just pull it away from the wall to clean. Used to have a cat tree in front of the door which also worked; I just recommend putting something in front of the door so your cat can't push them open and initiate a free for all poo snack frenzy.


Pretty and very functional piece of furniture and no one would ever know it holds a litter box! Able to put a large size litter box in it by leaving out the inside partition. Nice and roomy for my two cats! They also love laying on top with a soft cushion on it! Highly recommend this item.


Granted, I'm not the handiest guy in the world. But this was a royal pain in the butt to put together with unclear instructions, leading me to make incorrect screw holes along the top. Not so pretty anymore, I'm afraid. But it gets the job done and isn't too much of an eyesore.


Nice clean look and left out partition because we have a large cat


This is the second one I bought. These things are sturdy, stylish and keep the litter box out of sight. I left out the inside divider and use an oversized litter box. I put a motion sensor adhesive puck light on the ceiling so the cats can see what they’re doing.


This item is nice but way over priced. Took me 1 1/2 hrs to put together. Don't get me wrong I like it but 139.99 is way over priced for this item.


I wasn’t sure about spending this much money for something to hide the cat litter, but I am so glad that I did. It looks very nice and is a great way to hide the litter box. It helps keep the odor down as well as minimizes the litter tracking outside of the box which is why I purchased it. I don't have any more dogs but is a great way to keep the kitty krunchies away from the fur babies as well.


This product was unnecessarily difficult to assemble due to random holes drilled into various pieces that ended up serving no purpose. There were several random holes drilled next to the area where you attach the door hinges. To attach the hinges, two of the random holes become partially covered, which threw me completely off track because it didn't seem like a good idea to cover those holes. Which then led to me assembling it out of order in an attempt to trouble shoot. Just ignore the holes. Also, a drill would've been very helpful. There were a lot of screws.


Using a litter system with pee pads will cause condensation inside the box. This happened to mine, causing the wood to warp and bubble. I was having to clean out the whole inside of the cabinet and bottom of the litter box a few times a week. I ended up throwing it away after about a month of this. I would not recommend this product if you're using the Purina Breeze system specifically.


Say to take care of and my cat loves to lounge on top of his house ish I had this years ago


My dog thoroughly enjoys helping himself to “tasty snacks” from the litter box. I needed something that would look nice, accommodate my two 20lb cats and their 24-inch litter pan, but NOT accommodate my dog’s appetite for disgusting.
After much research, I found THIS gem! It’s beautiful, well made, simple to assemble and the pan is still easily accessible for cleaning. I didn't use the divider inside because my litter pan is too big to be accommodated with it.
Once it was together, I put a battery operated motion light on the inside of one door, put the litter pan in there and closed it up. Voila!
My cats like the privacy and took to it right away. My dog doesn’t like that he can no longer retrieve his grotesque snack. It’s even versatile enough that one could use it as a napping nook for cats or even a small dog, if a cozy bed or two was placed in there. Over six months later, It has still far exceeded my expectations and I absolutely LOVE it! worth every penny!


This is a great litter enclosure! It'd make a good sleeping nook for cats or a tiny dog too. The only thing I wish it had was ventilation holes, maybe on the back. I'm going to drill some. I have two huge cats and one of my dogs loves poop candy - eeeew. I got this to prevent that irritating "snack." It works great! I didn't use the inside cat door panel because my litter pan is actually a rubbermaid type container and it's about 24 inches long. One of my cats thinks he doesn't have room to walk inside the enclosure before he gets in the box so I may have to get a shorter pan. My other cat uses it with no issues. They're both about 20lbs.


We had been having issues with the dog stealing the cat food (in all fairness, they try to steal his too but he’s a faster eater).
This is a pretty solution. The dog can’t get his big head in there and they have a bonus hideout. Looks nice in the room too.


We had been having issues with the dog stealing the cat food (in all fairness, they try to steal his too but he’s a faster eater).


Overall it looks great. There was a panel that had a weird paint drip but it wasn't enough for me to return it. It's nice and sturdy and a great size for a luuup litter box inside.


Easy to put together. Sturdy. No product smell. Overall, very pleased. Only annoyance is the doors not being perfectly aligned but I didn’t really mess with it to try to fix.


Both my cats that are 10lbs use this litter box. No smell either.


Really wasn't sure what to expect after reading the reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised. My husband had to put it together which took a little over an hour. I left the doors open for a couple of days so the cat could find his litter box, after that he took right to it.


It wasn’t to hard to put together. And I did use the divider (some reviews said they took it out. My cat seems to use it just fine.we use the top for her food to keep it to high for the dog to eat.


Love it ! It is helps the dog away from eat the kitty poops… when having a visitors coming over and they don’t see the litter box and the smelling etc - this litter box is the BEST thing to have and I intended to keep it for as long as I can and I know it will last long time to come. THANK YOU


I was skeptical at first as I read mixed reviews and thought it was a little pricey (in my opinion), but I am happy with this purchase. It encloses a pretty large litterbox, litter scooper, tiny dustpan, and box of litter deodorizer. With that said, I do not use the little dividing wall for the inside which came with all of the pieces. My cat's food and water bowl sit perfectly on top!


Set up is a pain right in the neck. But i thought it would be worth it. The main issue is it does not stay together. Like you have to slide it you cant pick it up when moving it or else it all falls apart.


This is really cute. It’s not the hardest to assemble I guess but I will say this product is cheaply made for the price. My kitties love it and there is no odor from the litter box!


Nice appearance in the room, assembly was made harder because the screws did not fit easily and much elbow grease was required! However, once assembled, sturdy as can be! Bussie likes to sit on top of it and survey her queendom!


I love this little cabinet. It fits my decor (minus the painter's tape) and was easy to assemble. 10/10 recommend getting this if you have difficulty hiding your litter box in your home. I'm so glad I don't have a big old litter box in the middle of my hallway anymore.


I am thrilled with the quality of this litter box enclosure! It’s definitely sturdy and stylish! I would definitely recommend!!


I love this product. It was somewhat difficult to put together. I didn't think the instructions were very clear but I figured it out on my own eventually. And I have to say that I am very pleased with my purchase. There is enough room inside the bench for a little box and storage of 1 box of litter. I bought a hook for the inside of the door to hang the scooper on. Everything is organized and looks lovely!


Looks much better than a kitty box in the closet! I put a simple fur cat bed on top and it is Phoebe’s own little space with her gnome that she likes to cuddle up with!


My kitties love their new litter box enclosure (aka luxury en suite) so much that sometimes I find them asleep in it! I was concerned they might not want to use it (as they are older and possibly set in their ways) but as soon as the en suite was assembled they were lining up to take turns in it! The “powder room” portion is great because the litter falls off their feet in there and not on the kitty mat or carpet. The potty portion helps contains odors until the housekeeper (aka- me) can arrive and tidy up. I was thinking of adding a mirror and jacuzzi but my husband thinks that would spoil them.


This was a bit of a project, but everything was labeled and there were instructions. By myself it took about a hour or so to put together. It serves its purpose. The cat likes to drop poops and then go on high speed runs around the house which makes the litter into a wave that flings across the floor. Now he has to stop and choose his steps before running. I can put some things on the top, but I wouldn't recommend anything heavy.


Bought this because I was tired of having my cats litter box in my kitchen area for everyone to see. Not to mention, I sweep every day to pick up the litter even though I have mats that (try to) catch the litter.


Its what is exactly as described, just don't expect high quality wood or finish. It's cheap wood if it is wood that is. Our biggest problem was the seller. Ordered this item 3 weeks ago from may 27, 2021.


Works perfectly..litter box out of sight


It fit into the space perfectly....and no more mess. Big enough to work for the cat.


This is great! Great product durable, easy to put together! Keeps the smell down! I wouldnt usae it as a nightstand its too low but its great as just a piece of furniture!


Was alot smaller than I thought. I have to try to find a litter box that fits. It does keep the majority of kitty litter inside instead of all over my floors. Just wish it was bigger. There is no way I could even consider using the divider that came with it.


I am happy with my purchase. Thing is not that hard to assemble if you follow the step by step directions.


Nice product


Very discreet cat litter box, so easy to assemble.


My cat got used to it in no time.


For some reason, the two doors do not match up evenly. There's a gap above one and a gap under the other. The litter box doesn't fit in between where the divider inside of the box, so I removed the divider.


The only reason I didn't give this item a five star is because many cat litter boxes do not fit inside. I have to find one that is 18x17 inches or smaller, so for now I just have doors open. Otherwise this is a good quality item.


 This is love ! My cats like to hide and I’m so tired of taking them out of the couch . So I ordered this cat house! And they love it right from the firs second!


Overall it is how it was advertised. Unfortunately it was very tedious to put together! It seemed like a million pieces. It was a bit smaller than I thought. But that was on me because I didn't check the measurements. My cats really enjoy it so I am satisfied!


Love it. Looks great in my room. Never see any messy cat litter. Highly recommend


It was a little challenging to assemble. But it was totally worth it. Right now we only have one of the doors on it until the cat is fully used to it. It looks great. And so much better than looking at the open cat box


Easy to put together only took about 45 min. Did require 2 people. My cat is a very messy cat when I comes to her litter box. This stoped 95% of the mess outside the box.


Love it! Since we bought this our cat is going consistently in her litter box, no odor, and looks aesthetically pleasing!


Love this. My kitty girl loves it! I would highly recommend it!


Easy to clean and gives my kitty a lot of privacy. Although its pretty closed up the smell doesnt get stuck inside. Plenty of space for him to use the bathroom


Not hard to assemble with any mechanical aptitude. Instructions were adequate. My large litter box fit in just fine. Side doors make scooping the box easy. No regrets.


I wasn’t sure about spending this much money for something to hide the cat litter, but I am so glad that I did. The item was packaged very well, arrived earlier than expected, and had very clear instructions for assembly. All the parts were clearly labeled and separated in their own small ziplock bags. Great quality and looks great. The opening for the cat can be put on either side, but I opted for the right side so that I can put it against the bathroom sink and to discourage my dog from wanting to poke his head in. Very happy with the purchase.


Arrived packaged well with no damage. Was very easy to assemble, with clear instructions and adequate equipment provided.