Automatic Pet Feeder for Dog Cat Food Dispenser

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Key Features

  • Feed Your Pet While You're Away: The customizable feeder can set simple programmable portion sizes and 4 automated feedings can be scheduled per day. Dispense from 1-10 portions per meal, each portion is about 10g. The blue light LCD display provides easily adjustable settings. Voice record function.
  • Call Your Pets For Feeding: The automatic pet feeder has a built-in voice recorder and speaker. Record your voice to call your pet for a meal up. When the sound plays automatically each time, your pets will hear and come to eat.
  • Large Capacity Storage, Easy To Clean: 4.5L capacity is perfect for dogs, cats, and multi-pet households of various sizes. Keeps pets on a routine feeding schedule. Additionally, the grain storage bucket and a food tray are removable, easy to disassemble and clean. Magnetic lock lid prevents your pet from digging in.
  • Reliable Design Prevent The Food Locking: Unique conveyor design can prevent the jams, let your pets enjoy the meals. This system can fit most of the different shapes dry foods, but the food size can not exceed 5-15mm, otherwise, the food may be stuck in the hole. Perfect for healthy feeding of pets.
  • Power Adapter: runs on the power cable to outlet or 3"d" batteries: The feeder is plug-in powered and battery-powered. And the power plug is us ul plug. In case of a sudden power outage at home, the battery will automatically supply power to keep it work to assure the pet gets to feed. batteries not included.
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Size12" x 9" x 15" ( L x W x H )
Net weight5 lbs 
Power supplyD batteries 3 pieces ( not included ); AC / DC adapter
Output5V / 0.8W
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This is the automatic pet feeder which can help feed your lovely pets and help them keep good eating habits. 


If you are still troubled by the fact that your pet is unable to get feed on time due to your business trip, overtime, travel, our automatic pet feeder is for you. Our automatic pet feeder can help feed your lovely pets and help them keep good eating habits. This feeder is convenient for you to control the food intake of your pets. In addition, it has a record function. You can record what you want to say into the machine to call your pets for meal, so that your pets will come when the sound plays automatically each time. If there is one automatic pet feeder, you do not need to worry about your pets any longer. And our automatic pet feeder will be your great choice. 


This is the automatic pet feeder. Don't hesitate to buy it. 


  • Up to 4 meals a day, dispense from 1 - 10 portions per meal
  • Record your voice to call your pet for a meal up
  • Easy to disassemble and clean the grain storage bucket and food tray
  • Runs on power cable to outlet or 3 " d " batteries ( not included )
  • 4.5L capacity of dry food, it can be supplied for many days amount of feeding
  • LCD display shows the pinpoint accuracy
  • The magnetic lock cover prevents your pet from stealing
  • With CE, FCC, rohs certificates


9 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • S

    Works great, sounds like an evil Furby


    Works as intended! Portions out food for my Major Chonk, although the timing is sometimes odd — I feel like the hours are close to correct, but don’t always match the actual time of day. Still, it’s precisely what I wanted; portioned food at regular intervals.Fair warning, I would not recommend the voice recorder feature. There’s nothing like a horribly distorted rendition of your voice warbling out a scratchy call of your cat’s name into the silence of ten o’clock at night to really put the fear of demons into both you and your pet.

  • G

    It does the job and looks good.


    I am happy with the feeder. If you have your pet on a VERY strict diet, you may have to look for a machine that doesn't leave a few pellets in the hopper. My cat manages to get his paw inside and get the remaining pieces, BUT, the hopper can not be turned from the outside in order to get a full portion size, which I am happy with. I weighed out how many grams of food was being dispensed and it was pretty consistent each time. I am very happy with this product.

  • N

    Working great


    Working great. Purchased this for our weekends away. Directions weren’t all that helpful, but with some common sense the setup was easy. The personal recording alerts the cat for feeding time. You’re able to set specific times and amounts per meal. I would recommend.

  • S

    five stars


    We loved this machine, very easy to use, we programmed it and it works very reliable. For pet owners like us, long working hours, our dog won't be get hungry if we come home late. Price is reasonable, totally worth it!

  • S

    Happy I bought it


    Update: I am so, so happy with this!! It really has calmed the cats down a little.It’s working well so far; & my family’s cats leave my mother alone in the morning because they know when & how the food is coming.


  • Q:
    What food can be put in
    Suitable for dry food only and the food size should be from 0.12-0.59 inch.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How to set up the time?
    1.Long press “SET”and the screen light up 2.Short press”SET” to Adjust hours,press up or down to adjust 3.Short press”SET” to Adjust minutes,press up or down to adjust 1..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How much food can be served at one time?
    Each meal can be up to 10 portions. And 10g(0.35oz) per portion. 1oz is about 3portions. It is without limitation of remote manual feeding times..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    This one has a camera???
    No, this item doesn't have a camera.
    Costway representative

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