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  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
  • 735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House
735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House

735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House

This 750W blower is designed for medium to large bounce houses. The power rating of the blower is 680 watts which is 1.0 horsepower. 

Overall Rating:
103 Reviews
Item No: 83520467
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Key Features

● Safe Design: The electric air blower has a clear cover on the switch, which is safe enough for you to turn on/off in case it gets wet. There are 2 wire meshes covering on 2 vents, which can protect your hands from getting cut when on working status. This portable air blower pump uses a particular built-in bearing, which performs better than other plastic ones; the air blower pump engine runs more smoothly.
● Compact and Portable: This high-pressure air blower pump with a handle on the top is easy and convenient to transport or carry; The small size of this electric pump blower will take less space in your room, which is a portable operation by one person independently.
● Wide Usage: With 1.0 horsepower, strong and efficient 735 watts motor, 4-1/4" (outside) air outlet diameter, quickly filling and greatly air flowing, this air blower pump fan works well with outdoor bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, air sofas, and other suitable inflatable bouncers.
● Silent Mode: This air blower pump uses high-quality metal impellers, which greatly reduces its noise in operation; This air blower pump will bring your life a double advantage; This impeller and built-in bearing will greatly reduce noise spreading; While getting rid of the loud sound, this material of impeller will not increase the weight.
● Easy Operation: This air blower pump is ergonomic and anti-slip. The inflation rate is up to 34600 CFM/ 968.8 m³ per minute and the input voltage is 110V-120V AC/60HZ 6.2A. This air blower pump has 13 feet long power cord, easy-handhold grip design, which makes it convenient to inflate products and be a time saver for any occasion.


    This blower is designed for medium to large bounce houses. The power rating of the blower is 735 watts which are 1.0 horsepower.


    This is our 735 Watt Blower, which isdesigned for medium to large bounce houses. The power rating of this blower is 680 watts which are 1.0 horsepower. This blower is great for other construction applications as well such as drying wet carpet, blowing off sidewalks, or cleaning up leaves in theyard. With 1.0 horsepower, a strong and efficient 735 watts motor, 4-1/4” (outside) air outlet diameter, quickly filling, and great air flowing, this air blower pump fan works well with outdoor bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, air sofas, and other suitable inflatable bouncers.


    If you are looking for a blower like this, do not hesitate to place the order!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Powerful, strong, and efficient 735-watt motor
    • For outdoor bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, jumpers, and other inflatable items
    • Top-mounted handle for easy carry
    • Material: High grade PE
    • Air outlet diameter: 4-1/4" (outside)
    • Fate of flow: 34600 CFM
    • Weight: 16 lbs
    • Input: 110 V-120 V AC / 60 Hz, 6.2 A
    • Power: 1.0 horsepower
    • Wattage: 735 W
    • Power cord length: 13 ft
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


The appearance of this inflatable slide is very cute, which is the color children like. In addition, there are many places where it can play. The most important thing is that it has large internal space and good stability. It is also very safe for us to play on. It is especially suitable for the backyard in summer. Thank you.


Just as pictured not too small kids are three and four and it’s perfect


Is been really easy to take care of it and the set up and storage are really easy, one person can do it and it doesn’t take to much storage


I love that the slide still is inflated at the end. Most blow up houses end with the slide on the grass. This was the only reason why I picked this one over the others! My two year old loves it.


Very easy to setup but had a couple of pinholes in one of the water cannons. Two grandsons had a BLAST!!


It’s a perfect size for toddlers!
It’s not too big as it appears on photo, for me that was fine it was for my young nephew.. For older kids it might be too small


Sturdy powerful fan/motor


Used for a 5year old birthday party. Directions were fairly clear and inflated pretty quickly with the 750 blower. I was concerned about the weight limit, but good for the age group I had. Kids had a blast.


This product is everything it promised to be. My kids love this thing. It’s a great size and my kids play on this for hours. The model I brought came with the blower. There aren’t any specific instructions for how to install the tubing for the water sprayers, but it is very self explanatory. 10/10 recommend


This has really helped our kids not be bored during summer time!! Must buy!!


Very easy to set up, quality seems very good.
Main issue is there is no way to drain the water out of the pool section. You need to deflate and sweep it out or use a pump. Seems to me it would have been easy to install a drain plug or two in pool section.


Very sturdy. My kids would play with his friends on this water slide for the whole day


My kids loved it


We inflate this in our basement on rainy days and the kids still love it.
No issues with it at all so far and the kids and their friends love it!
We’ve had 6 kids all over it (ages 3-7) and it holds up just fine.


The kids love it and ask for it every day. I'm a little worrisome by the loose strands I see in the stitching already but no holes so far and like I said we've used it every day unless it's raining. Easy to set up a pain to fold to put away but worth it because how happy it makes them. After the 2nd time you find the way that makes it easier to put it away so it's not that bad.


I bought this for my 3 grandchildren. They are enjoying it very much. It’s only me and I am able to move it by myself if I need to. I put a tarp under it just so I could move it if I needed to


My kiddo loves this. However, the side panel on the slide should be higher to prevent kids flying over the side and onto the ground. Toddler bounces her way down the slide and has had close calls flipping onto the ground or deck.


Take it out of the box, spread it out, connect to the blower, and in about 20 seconds it’s ready to go. My grand kids (age 3 and 5) absolutely love it.
And it’s really well-made.


Easy to inflate, seems pretty durable. Kids going crazy got it. Would recommend


Very sturdy fun and huge I love how it has a tunnel Emoji going around it a punching bag a large tall slide and a separate bounce house wonderful purchase would highly recommend


What a great investment for the kiddos! They love and will play for hours. The slide is great, the pool portion is neat but littles littles. Only downside is the drying time. Gotta have a hot day to completely dry the top and interior (some water will seep in) so it doesn’t spot/mold when rolled away. Overall still great!


We bought this fun water slide/bouncy house for our grandkids!!! It’s going to be a total surprise for them…they have no idea we bought it! They will be so excited!!! We choose this one from Amz because its much cheaper than the other competitors. We also liked this one because it had a water slide AND a bounce house…All in 1


Quickly inflates the bounce house but do know the advertised 50 decibel sound rating is not accurate on the item I received. I tested it and it is running closer to 80 to 85 decibels


Better quality and quiet than hoped for.


Bought this got my sons birthday...was a big hit! No issues with set up at all. Layed out flat and used the pegs. Inflated in a minute. Kids used it all day. Only downfall is the bag provided to store it in is so small you’ll be trying for hours to figure out how to scrunch and fold the thing to get it to fit. Ended up storing in a plastic tote instead.


My kids (3 and 5) really like this slide. Bigger than expected and we’ve used it with and without water. Unfortunately the pocket step design on the ladder is flawed and starting to tear. My girls are 50 pounds or less and we’ve only used the slide 5 to 10 times. Good fun, but don’t expect it to last a full summer. Pretty expensive for something disposable.


Used for second birthday party. Only downside was the grass underneath got beat up pretty badly


We have used it 2-3 times now and the kids LOVE it. One hose plugs in to a splitter so it pushes water out thru 2 different areas in the pool. Sprayers are easily taken off to not spray upward for kids that don’t like to get sprayed like my 2 year old. Easy set up


Bought this as we rent large fun apparatus a few times a year for our kids parties.


We are LOVING THIS! Every weekend this is all we do, the neighbor kids come and they all enjoy this. Very easy to setup and take down, wonderful storage bag, high power blower.


My kids love it. Perfect for a 5 and 2 yo.


Can I just say that this is amazing....Purchased this for my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday party. It is the perfect size.. We tried it out to make sure all was good and I would have to say that it is very easy to inflate and deflate and it fits easily in the included bag. We laid it out and attached the inflator and it was up and filled with air in less than 2 minutes. We were so amazed. My granddaughter was very excited and loved it..My daughter also cannot wait to just leave it up allowing the kids to enjoy it all summer long. It even came with toys. It is very sturdy and the seams and fabric are durable. We cannot wait to see all the fun the kids have at her party. If you are looking for a combo bounce house and slide look no further. This one is definitely worth it. I highly recommend.


Our (almost) 3 year old twin grandchildren love this. Inflates and deflates quickly, seems durable but time will tell.


Got it for grandkids ! Have not put water in it yet but used last weekend as a slide & kids played all day ... loved it ..


This water slide bounce house is freaking awesome. My kids had a blast last weekend when temperature suddenly went over 80 degrees and it was super hot following a pretty cold week. Good thing we already purchased this and have it ready for use, cause from my experience, these kind of bounce house went up a lot in price near the summer. Anyway, this was our first time have our own water slide bounce and it was as bad to set up or take down like we thought. It came in 2 separate boxes, one is for the blower (which is quiet big compares to other bounce's house blower I've seen) and one for the bounce house itself. Once everything is laid out on the floor and have the air duct connected and tightened to the blower, we turned on the blower and within a minute, the whole bounce house slide is fully erected. Then we connected the water hose and we were in business!!! The air blower is very strong and able to support my kids and a few of his friends playing on it without any problems, they are between 4 and 7 and weighs about 40 to 60 lbs. The slide is really fun and is very slippery when wet, so the kids were having a blast. We threw in a bunch of plastic balls (the kinds that use in ball pit) into the splash pool and it was fun to have because our 2 years old can't climb the slide to slide down herself yet, so she had a good times throwing balls around in the splash pool. I think, on a cold day, we can still play with this bounce house (without connecting to water) but add more plastic ball into the splash pool instead. This bounce house is totally worth every pennies since the cost to rent for 1 day is about $120, so paying about $350 for it is totally worth it. I'm sure we'll be using this through out our summer and will make our purchase worth it.


It was perfect- rainy outside so inflated in garage and kids had a blast.


Amazing bounce house! Airs up in (no kidding) like 1 to 2 mins! MY Grandbabies love it! Very sturdy! Very worth the money!


My 2 grandchildren ages 2 and 3 love it. They spent hours jumping and sliding on a nice fall day. It inflated a deflated quickly! They were amazed to see it blow up and go down. I purchased balls for the Bounce House for extra fun. In the summer we will add water to the ball pit. Ground stakes make it sturdy and safe!


The pump just fills. When you shut it off it deflates on it's own. The fan continuously runs when the house is in use. This is a great product and made a great bday gift for grandson! Arrived earlier than I’d thought too! Thanks!


My kids love it! But as they were playing with it we could here the sound of air coming out of something. At first we thought it was just the blower being loud. But I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any holes. We searched the whole bounce house top to bottom and we found a little hole. Definitely gonna return and try again with the same bounce house


We bought this slide a few weeks ago and usually I never buy anything that doesn't have reviews, so I took a chance. It was definitely more money than I wanted to spend, but our kids LOVE it. We laid a tarp out in our yard as an added later of protection underneath the slide. We've used it, put it up, got it back out and used it again, over and over several times. Super easy set up (we bought the blower with it) and it airs up in seconds. So far, so good. I hope it lasts at least a few years.


Not sturdy at all


Bought this for my Granddaughter and after one day she said its the bestest toy ever. She has been in it everyday since i bought it. People on facebook are asking me where did i buy this. Feel very happy i chose this.


We haven't had time to blow this up yet. My granddaughter is goi g to Love this


I bought this for our coronavirus quarantine since they closed all the beaches down near me. This has been the perfect way to get my twin boys energy out during the stay at home quarantine pandemic. I bought it for $374.. posted about it on my Instagram and Facebook and told my friends, and I noticed they raised the price to $439 in less than a week which I really don’t think it’s cool. It’s been super fun and so far the quality seems really great I’ve had it for a few days now Highly recommend if you have hyper little ones! Also note, I tried going on it and I felt like I was going to tip the whole thing over! so adults please don’t go if you’re over 130lbs lol


We bring it out almost every weekend and for his birthday party and him and the other kids love it.


Blow up pool slide kids loved it easy to set up safe to use and easy to store away after


Our kids love this slide! It was worth the money.


Perfect size for our basement. Our son loves playing in it. Made the pool area as a ball pit.


I bought this for me 4 and 2 year old daughters and could not be happier with it! It inflates quickly and the blower is not too loud like some others I've seen. Our girls and their friends play with it for ours. Highly recommend to wear them out for bedtime!


Hours of fun


I use this product for my dsy care and it is very good and fun


Kids love this! Set up is fast and easy. Make sure you let it dry out really well before putting it up or it will smell moldy.


My 2 yo loved it.. we bought it for his 2nd birthday party and it was great! Very easy set up!


Only had it a couple of weeks, but great fun for my daughter


We purchased to use for the water slide we purchased. Works great


We love this bounce house. The quality is good, and everything came well packaged and was very easy to inflate.


We took this inflatable water slide from its box yesterday for the first time and I was extremely impressed with how easy & quick it was to inflate. My 2 year old grandson loved it. It was very sturdy and seems well made .. I was even more impressed with how easy it was to fold up and store in the storage bag that's provided.I believe that my two grandsons will get several summers of fun out of this.


Great product


We have used it outside and inside. It comes with a storage bag. My toddler really loves it, her older siblings can't jump. . . They usually just crawl around and use the slide sometimes (57 pound sibling and 78 pound sibling)


My kids love it. Great size. easy to fold up and put away


Have some property, looking to add activities for visiting grand kids if the weather turns bad. This looked nice, price was very reasonable. Thought it might be a bit small...but thought it would be primarily used by the 2-5 year old kids, so no problem.. Very pleased with the quality...better than expected, and the included fan works great...goes from flat to fully inflated in less than a couple of minutes. Also came with a large storage bag...easy to put in there and store it between visits.Biggest pleasant surprise was that 5 grand kids (the most I've had at one time) were all able to play at the same time. Even the oldest (11 year old) had a great time in it. They even came back to play between fishing, riding ATV's, hiking and all the other activities...the bounce house was definitely one of the highlights. shop ceiling is about 9 foot tall, it fits easily in there when inflated (great for rainy days)


I love that fits inside my apartment. And, is an alternative for when I cannot take my kids outside. They love it! Im planning they're next birthday party with it.


The blower is a little loud but that is to be expected considering how powerful it is. Jumper fabric is great and my 5 year old boy, 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl love it. The ball pit space is not deep enough for a bunch of balls but it does hold the ones that come with the product. Overall, it is great for our needs. All the kids enjoy it and it looks like it will last a long time.


All 3 of my children loved it!..ages 2, 5 and 10. HOWEVER, all 3 of them got cut/scratched from the velcro of the extra material that goes on the top of the slide. Unfortunately, it is not the same size. I included a picture so you understand what I'm talking about. Take that off and you're good to go. Otherwise, it's a risk of them getting cut.


I bought this blower to power a gear drying system for my firehouse and so far it has exceeded expectations. The fan is not too noisy and it moves a ton of air.


Definitely for little kids only. I touch the ground if I go in, but that’s okay because it’s designed for little kids. I’m hoping to try it out with older kids later.


Works great!!!


Perfect for our bounce house!


My 2 and 4 year old play on this just about every day!


3weeks own , working really good and pump quick. Little loude but may be normal for some body else. I use for indoor bouncy house.


Works well


Love it !!!Thank you ??


 Using the 950 blower on a 10x10x7 foot bouncy house. Works perfect. And got it to work even better by tying off half of the outlet air. The slide doesn't lean a little any more.


Works great. No issues. Easy to use


Great customer service and equipment.


Used for bounce house. Works great!


Great Blower


This blower works very well for the recommended inflatable play equipment. Easy hook up, easy to store. Good buy


Does work all day with no problem , 9am to 9 pm . Good blower


Works great! I’ve had no problems with it. Came on time and in great condition. I’m glad I bought the 950 watt one as it is powerfull enough to keep our jumper up and full of air. Great price also.


Works well with Bounce house.


Great produt


I only need one of these blowers to hold up and keep sturdy a bounce house


Really nice it's not as big it could fit about 3 toddler or a couple order kids, the slide is nice and high but you would need 2 blowers I bought the 900power blower thinking it's more powerful but had to buy another 400power blower (cheapest) because the bouncy would collapse if too much weight was in the middle. It would work with 1 kid and 1 blower


Works well with jumping castle that is 10' x 10'. Very happy with our purchase.


Works great for our bounce has even been exposed to some rain accidentally and is still going..would recommend to anyone


Works good!


Blower works great and perfect size.


Can I use this with bouncy house indoors


This blower works really good and is very powerful!


No issues


Great product!


I was skeptical. The picture kind of makes it look cheap. It came yesterday. Great packaging! Very heavy duty and not the slightest bit cheap. Work's very well for my kid's bounce house. We bought our bounce house from the same company. Very satisfied with that as well.


works great


Works great, a little on the loud side.


Great product and fair price this works great on the bounce house i bought thanks so much !


Blow my bounce house up in less than a minute. Highly recommended


Pump works great & doesn't take up too much space. It arrived quickly and has been put to use.


I had about 7 kids in a bouncer and it more than did the job.


Excellent. Arrived quick and works great.


I have 2 and 4 year old boys and they love this bounce house! This might be our best purchase yet as far as fun activities and time for parents to get a "time out" while kids entertain themselves. It comes with the balls for the ball pit, it also has a basketball hoop and climbing" wall" on the inside up to the slide. Kids can get in through a tunnel under the slide or the mesh/velcro door on the opposite side. 3, maybe 4, kids can fit comfortably in here. I feel that it is very safe, as the slide has mesh around the sides and back. We have it set up in the basement although it comes with stakes for outside use as well. The blower was sent as a separate package and arrived several days after the actual bounce house, so that was a let down, but the seller was responsive to my message and told me a second package was coming...overall I am very happy with this item! Hours of fun for everyone.


love it