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7.5 QT Tilt-Head Stand Mixer 6 Speed 660W with Dough Hook Beater

This 7.5 QT electric stand mixer is designed with pure copper motor to mix food in an efficient way and make less noise.

Overall Rating:
11 Reviews
Item No: 96851023
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7.5 QT Tilt-Head Stand Mixer 6 Speed 660W with Dough Hook Beater 7.5 QT Tilt-Head Stand Mixer 6 Speed 660W with Dough Hook Beater 7.5 QT Tilt-Head Stand Mixer 6 Speed 660W with Dough Hook Beater 7.5 QT Tilt-Head Stand Mixer 6 Speed 660W with Dough Hook Beater 7.5 QT Tilt-Head Stand Mixer 6 Speed 660W with Dough Hook Beater 7.5 QT Tilt-Head Stand Mixer 6 Speed 660W with Dough Hook Beater
Key Features

● Powerful Motor with 6-Speed Control: Equipped with a 660W powerful motor, this stand mixer can mix food in an efficient and fast way, keeping the original taste and smoothness of food. In addition, in order to meet diverse food-making requirements, we have carefully designed 6-speed control with a pulse function. Furthermore, 360° stereo stirring makes the mixing effect more even.
● Dishwasher-safe Attachments: 3 multiple attachments allow you to do different types of food mixing and perfectly deal with a variety of ingredients. The dough hook is designed for the heavy mixture. The beater is perfect for medium-heavy mixtures, such as crepes or sponge mixture. The whisk is capable of light mixtures, including cream, egg white, blancmange.
● 7.5 QT Large Capacity Bowl with Handle: 7.5QT Stainless steel bowl can meet all your kitchen needs, perfect for a variety of recipes and different occasions. Additionally, a detachable transparent splash guard helps you add ingredients without making a mess and against messy drips, drops, or spills. And an ergonomic handle makes it easier to pour out the ingredients or to scoop them out.
● Tilt-Head and Anti-Slip Design: The tilt-head design allows you to install or uninstall the bowl and other attachments easily. Apart from that, tilt-head makes it convenient to add ingredients, helping you save time and energy. Moreover, anti-slip suction cups firmly fix the food stand mixer to the original place.
● Overload Protection System: The motor is protected from burning out by a thermal protector. If the appliance is overloaded or operated continuously for too long, the motor may overheat and stop. Overload protection system ensures the using safety and long service life.


    This 7.5 QT electric stand mixer is designed with a pure copper motor to mix food in an efficient way and make less noise.


    Equipped with a dough hook, beater, and whisk, you can make a variety of different foods. Additionally, all attachments are dishwasher-safe to facilitate your daily cleaning work. It allows you to do all types of food mixing, including creaming, beating, kneading. What's more, the stand mixer features a detachable splash guard so that you can add ingredients without the mess. 6 speeds design and pulse function meet your diverse food-making requirements. Moreover, you don't have to worry about security because of our overheated and overload protection system.


    Come and pick our stand mixer!


    • 660W powerful motor makes mixer mix food in an efficient and fast way
    • 6-speed control with pulse function meets diverse food making requirements
    • 360°stereo stirring design for more even mixing
    • 3 dishwasher-safe attachments ideal for all types of food mixing
    • Splash guard prevents food from staining the countertop
    • 7.5 QT large stainless steel bowl with handle for convenient use
    • Tilt-head design helps assemble the bowl and attachments easily
    • Anti-slip suction cups fix the stand mixer stably
    • Designed with overheat and overload protection system
    • ETL certification ensures the safety and high quality
    • Color: White
    • Material: ABS, stainless steel
    • Net weight: 12 lbs
    • Product dimensions: 17.5" x 9.5" x 13.5" (L x W x H)
    • Power: 660 W
    • Voltage: 120 V 60 Hz
    • Volume: 7.5 Qt
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Stand mixer
    • 1 x Dough hook
    • 1 x Beater
    • 1 x Whisk
    • 1 x Bowl cover
    • 1 x Mixing bowl
    • 1 x Instruction
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


The mixer is plastic housing with metal gear. light weight.
The section under the machine is very strong so it doesn't move work great.i like it


Easy to use and clean machine and detach the hook/ attachments


I like everything about my mixer. I use it all the time.


Easy to use and powerful enough for my needs. This mixer blends well for baking as well as my butters


Nice Just used the mixer to make eighty pounds of a sugar mix for holiday cookies. Mixer runs fine without overheat. I am a bit concerned about the cast mixer blades and how long they will last. The bowl is of good quality. As long as the blades hold up the mixer should last for years.mixer


This mixer did the job right out of the box perfectly. I make at least a 100 dozen cookies every Christmas for my friends and family. My Ex girlfriend took my Kitchen aid mixer so I thought I would try a different brand. So far so good.


I got this for my daughter, because her old one's motor just started smoking after almost 2-years of use. From what she tells me, she loves this one so much and her girlfriends have said how beautiful it is. It's got an enormous mixing bowl and beater. It fits nicely under her cupboards and runs about as loud as her old one; which, wasn't very loud.


Recently looking for a mixer to make some homemade bread and pastry with all the extra time at home. After researching came across this product and decided to purchase this rather than those kitchen aid that costs 3 times as much as this. After all is only a mixer. So far only used about 10 times since purchased and it served its purpose. I got the red one and it was beautiful I decided to permanently place it on the kitchen counter. The build quality seems to last. Fit and finish is excellent. Highly recommended !!


I’ve been cooking for a long time, but I’ve only recently started baking (stay home forever and all that). It seems it’s the mixer of choice if you’re going to bake something. It’s super easy to use. And easy to clean. I really enjoy this addition to my kitchen. She even has a name - Roxie.


Omg where has this been my whole life? I desperately needed a mixer and this one checks all the boxes! I love the white! Great buy!!!


I've been wanting a stand mixer for a while now, but they are expensive, so I found this brand and was a skeptical at first, but man, I am so glad I bought because it works perfect. It's really strong and does the work my hands cannot anymore... I'm very happy with the purchase.