48 Quart Portable Electric Car Camping Cooler

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Key Features

  • Two-way Door and Portable Design: Unique two-way door design makes it easy for you to take things. One side storage box and 2 top grooves provide extra storage space. The built-in LED light is convenient for you to use in low-light conditions. Sturdy stainless steel handles allow you to move it to any desired location.
  • High-quality Compressor and 2 Modes: With compressor cooling technology, this car fridge can achieve rapid cooling from -14.8° F to 50° F. And it has fast cooling mode and energy saving mode for you to choose as needed. The easy-to-operate display panel can control temperature and switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Home and Car Use and Battery Protection: The car fridge is equipped with a 3-level battery monitor to protect your automobile batteries. And it has a shock-proof design and a standard inner basket to avoid impact on the cabinet. It can work with a standard household 100V to 240 V outlet or a 12/24 V power source, like an automotive battery.
  • Large Capacity: This 48 Quart portable refrigerator can hold up to 66 bottles of 330 ml drinks or 15 bottles of 750 ml red wine. It has 2 areas for refrigeration and freezing, which can store fruits, drinks, vegetables, meat and more. It is perfect for your personal space, travel, camping, commuting to meet your different needs!
  • Best Gift for Family and Friends: Equipped with an attractive package accessories and a versatile wine opener, this refrigerator can be the perfect gift for relatives and friends. The mute design allows you to enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment. Moreover, it has low energy consumption and multiple air outlets to effectively help dissipate heat.
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MaterialABS, metal
Overall dimension26.5" x 18" x 17.5" (W x D x H)
Net weight42 lbs
RefrigerantR134a /45±0.5g
Capacity45l/48 quarts
Working temperature50 ° f - 109.4 ° f / 10°c - 43°c
Voltage12v/24v(dc), 100-240v (AC)
Input power60w
Dc fuse15a
Rated current4.8a/2.4a
Cooling range-7.6 ° f to + 50 ° f (ambient temperature is above 77 ° f)
NoteMinimum temperature depends on ambient temperature
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If you like a cold drink on a hot summers day, the portable car refrigerator makes you feel cool on the go.


The unique two-way door design and built-in led lights give you maximum convenience. With dual-zone design and high-quality compressor, it can meet your freezing and refrigeration needs. And it has fast cooling and energy saving mode. Equipped with three-level battery protection and shock-proof features, it is ideal for homes, cars, yachts and outdoor use. Conveniently plugs into standard home outlets and 12/24 V car chargers so you can take with you anywhere you go. The easy-to-operate control panel allows you to choose the right temperature.


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  • Unique two-way door design allows you to open the refrigerator in a narrow space
  • With a capacity of 48 quart for storing 66 bottles of 330 ml beverage or 15 bottles of 750 ml red wine
  • 2 top grooves for putting teacups, side storage box for putting bottle openers, knives and forks
  • It has max (fast cooling) mode and eco (energy saving) mode
  • Includes 2 power cords for 12/24 V dc and 100 V to 240 V ac input
  • When the door is opened at an angle greater than 20 ° degrees, the led light comes on
  • With an attractive package accessories and a versatile wine opener, can be given as a gift
  • You can freely switch between fahrenheit and celsius 
  • Drain hole at the bottom for easy cleaning of the refrigerator
  • It has 2 USB ports for you to charge
  • Includes a reusable ice pack to keep cool
  • Sturdy stainless steel handles for convenient transportation
  • 2 separate areas for refrigeration and freezing
  • 3-level battery protection to protect your vehicle battery


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Frequent Mentions

  • K

    Poor delivery.


    It was delivered upside-down and with a large gash in the box.


  • Q:
    avez-vous une glaciere qui peux congeler et refrigérer en meme temps!?
    Oui, ce produit est un régulateur de température double.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How long is the cord? Is there a way to plug it into a USB-A or USB-C outlet? My car only has a cigarette lighter outlet in the front seat. Thanks!
    Hello, you need to use an adapter.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    If using this cooler on DC current from car battery or storage battery, how much electric power does it use in Amp hours ? Asking because my car's 12V cigarette lighter power source is only active when the car is running and I'm considering buying a camping/storage battery to power the cooler for times when the car is not running.
    The output voltage is DC14.4V, the current is 10A, and the capacity is about 15AH. It can be used for almost 6 to 7 hours.
    Costway representative

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