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40 Inch Foldable Fitness Rebounder with Resistance Bands Adjustable Home

The 40" trampoline is made of high-quality steel structure, which can ensure high durability and sturdiness and can bear the weight of 330lbs.

Overall Rating:
26 Reviews
Item No: 35146927
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Key Features

40" Folding Workout Trampoline: This trampoline has a diameter of 40" and can provide a large enough range of play and leisure places for children and parents. Besides, the foldable design and compact size make it easy to store or carry. There is no doubt that this will be an excellent gift.
Height Adjustable Foam Handrail: The bouncer has 3 different handrail heights to choose from, ranging from 43" to 51". Adults and kids can adjust the handrail to different heights according to their needs to get a better bounce experience. Covered by foam material, the handrail is comfortable and easy to grip.
Strong and Rugged Structure: Adhering to the principle of safety first, we chose strong steel to make the overall frame of the trampoline. 6 sturdy support foot with non-slip pads can provide you with a stable bouncing and fitness experience. 32 reinforced elastic buttons combine the PP jump cloth and the frame to ensure the safety of kids.
Strong and Rugged Structure: Adhering to the principle of safety first, we chose strong steel to make the overall frame of the trampoline. 6 sturdy support foot can provide you with a stable bouncing and fitness experience. In addition, 32 sturdy springs connect the trampoline cloth and frame to ensure the safety of kids and parents.
Simple Assembly Process: The detailed installation steps and the accessories needed for each step are drawn on the manual. You can complete the assembly of the trampoline in a few minutes by following the steps on the manual. The appropriate volume makes it suitable for being placed in the living room bedroom or outdoors.


    The 40" trampoline is made of high-quality steel structure, which can ensure high durability and sturdiness and can bear the weight of 330lbs.


    32 reinforced elastic buttons firmly combine the jump cloth and the frame to ensure the safety of kids and parents during the use of the trampoline. Besides, we have carefully designed 2 resistance bands for you, you can use it for stretching. 6 sturdy outriggers can provide you with a stable bouncing and fitness experience. Its foldable design saves space and allows you to store and carry it easily.
    This fitness trampoline can help you build muscle strength and improve health. Needless to say, it is also an ideal gift to bring joy to children.


    If you are looking for a trampoline like that, do not hesitate to buy it!


    • Stable steel structure ensures a maximum load capacity of 330lbs
    • 32 reinforced elastic buttons and 6 sturdy legs with non-slip pads ensure high stability
    • Durable PP platform provides a comfortable jumping experience
    • Foldable design for easy storage and portability
    • 2 resistance bands help exercise arm muscles
    • Comfortable and easy-to-grip foam handrail has 3 adjustable heights
    • You can remove the handrail to practice sit-ups, push-ups or yoga
    • Helps to strengthen muscle strength and bone development
    • Suitable for indoor-outdoor use to help your whole family play and exercise
    • Easy to assemble, saving your time and energy
    • Color: Blue/Green
    • Material: Steel, PE, PP
    • Product dimension: 40" x 40" x 51" (L x W x H)
    • Adjustable height of handrail: 43"/47"/51"
    • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
    • Product weight: 19 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Trampoline
    • 2 x Resistance bands
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Easy to assemble and durable enough to look, it withstood our violent bounces during the bounce and remained intact. If you can stick to it, it really takes a lot of energy.


The height of the three handrails can meet various needs, and the diameter is large, so that children have more space for entertainment. The most important thing is that it is folded, so that I can take it outdoors at will. I am also very happy to see the children playing happily.


The trampoline part is great, but something obviously went wrong in manufacturing with the handle and also, the quality of the spring cover is bad. The handle is supposed to fit one way, but due to placement, it's impossible to fit it on securely. There's no way to scre in the bolt that attaches it to the frame. Also, I was unable to use the cover even once because 3 of the tabs broke just trying to get it secured on.


Good little trampoline. The instructions were worthless. Be sure to verify that you have the "left and right" safety bar holders in their correct spit to accept the cross bar. ESPECIALLY before you tighten the bolts. Putting on the net piece is tantamount to giving birth. You have to have faith it will stretch enough! It is sturdy and a good value.


Bought it as a gift she seems to love it, uses it every day


G screws did not come with my product. Can anyone tell me what size they are and what size I need to go purchase myself to put this together and use it?


I don't usually have a tough time assembling things, but with this product, I had an issue at every step and was following the directions and this took me an hour and a half to assemble. Unfolding the base was not easy, takes a bit of force. The caps on the threads that the legs go on were impossible to remove without sticking a pair of scissors in the hole, twisting it off, and ruining the caps. The legs screwed on pretty easy. For the handle bar, probably more my fault than the instructions, but i had to remove them completely after installing all 8 screws and swap them, would've been nice to have stickers on the parts for more clear identification. The actual bar on top that snaps into those side pieces was hard to get in. The net around the bottom rim is a nice concept but wasn't easy to get on without it snapping at me lol. And I think it's easier to install the resistance bands before attaching the legs by sliding it over the leg and then screwing the leg on. If you look at the last photo you can see where the bands belong. It's a pretty good price for the product, and I bounced on it for a bit after assembly. Will update my review if need be, but seems solid. I had to give it three stars because the assembly really ruined it for md, but it's a good purchase.


This trampoline was supposed to be easy to assemble but it was very difficult. The main frame of the trampoline comes folded in half and is supposed to be opened up. But, whoever assembled the frame put it on backwards and we couldn’t get it open. After over an hour, my grandson finally realized what the problem was, had to get the tubbing out 9which was agonizing) and reassembled it correctly. Now let’s hope this product was worth all the headache


Would 100% recommend to workout, its different but effective


My daughter loves it she uses it every day


Works great for the whole family. Sometimes if you pull to hard on resistance bands the trampoline will rise up off floor a little bit in mid workout


It was pretty easy to assemble and we like how it is more quiet than the ones with steel springs.


I really enjoy this trampoline!


The main reason why I bought this trampoline is for me to start exercising and lose weight and I have to say that after one month of use, this trampoline is still going strong. Quality is well made, very sturdy and it bounces really well. I am about 150 pounds and it have no issues supporting my weight and I jump on it almost everyday. This is such a good buy.


fácil de armar y material de muy buena calidad


 Very nice and stable. It’s fun to jump on it and my kids are well-entertained from playing with the trampoline! It didn’t take overly long to assemble too!


Health ReasonsPoor circulation in legsMobility increased.


This is a nice and sturdy trampoline.


Really enjoying using this product for low impact exercise!!! It really gets my heart rate up with no pain to joints unlike jogging in my neighborhood lol. Very stable and such a great price!!


Llego rapido y sin demora. Un poco duro de armar la primera vez ya que las liga estaban muy tensas, pero una vez se armo es mas fácil de cerrar y abrir. Rebota bien y sin ruido.


I love it. Easy to assemble, light to carry, and perfect size for your basement or other busy room. Perfect for daily quick exercises, happy hours for kids, stress reliever and energy drainer when you want them to go to bed


Excellent 100%


I liked that it was already put together with the bungees.


Since I became pregnant and gave birth to my baby, I have gained 30lbs. I tried many ways and purchased some equipment trying to lose weight, such as treadmill, exercise bike, jumping rope, yoga, intermediate fasting etc. I have to say they are not the right methods for me because I always give up after few days.Occasionally, a friend recommended trampoline to me, saying that jumping on the trampoline is fun and doesn’t make you exhaust as much as running and the effect is better. 10 mins jumping on the trampoline equals to 30-40mins running. I thought I could give it a try. So I bought this trampoline and it did not disappoint me!The quality of the trampoline is very good and strong. I weigh 160lbs and I feel very safe and stable to jump on it. The trampoline will not shake at all. The adjustable handrail gives me a great sense of security. I tried all 3 different heights and finally decided lowest height fits my 5’3 height the best. It also has pull ropes. Every time after I finish jumping, I will stretch my arms to increase the strength and build muscles.The trampoline itself is not heavy. I usually exercise in the backyard and it is very convenient for me to move between garage and backyard. There is nothing to complain about this trampoline.I found some tutorial videos on the Internet and followed along to exercise everyday for a week. To my surprise, I lost 5lbs! This is like a dream for me. I am so happy! Would recommend it to anyone who is seeking for a fun way to lose weight or keep your body healthy.


I'm very happy with my mini trampoline. It was a little difficult to assemble but it was worth it. Both my husband and I use it as we both have joint issues. After a 5 days of using it, I can see the difference in my stomach is going down and I have way more energy.


This is better than I expected.Very easy assembling. Sturdy. I bought this trampoline for my 6 years old son. He loves to play with this. Actually I used this more than my son now (180 lbs). It is great to play and exercise