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  • 2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder
  • 2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder
  • 2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder
  • 2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder
  • 2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder
  • 2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder
  • 2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder
  • 2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder
  • 2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder
2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder

2015 HD EN131 Aluminum Platform Drywall Folding Stool Ladder

With this folding bench, you will find out how easy it is to do heavy duty tasks.
Overall Rating:
75 Reviews
Item No: 53702168
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Key Features

Durable Construction: This step ladder is constructed with high strengthen aluminum which ensures the safety.

Simple Design with Anti-Slip Surface: This step ladder has a simple and eye-catching design: large load capacity;saving space while folded; special surface design preventing slipping.

CE Approved EN131 Safety Standard: This step ladder is certificated to CE And European Safety Standard EN131.

Locking Legs and Skid Resistant Feet: Locking legs and skid resistant feet is designed for added safety and stability.

Ideal for DIY and General Maintenance Work: This step ladder is brand new and high quality. It makes heavy duty task much easier. It is ideal for washing vehicles,cleaning windows, decorating, general maintenance work and DIY.


    With this folding bench, you will find out how easy it is to do heavy duty tasks.


    With a sturdy HD construction, this ladder will make a handy addition to any home. When folded, it takes little space and can be placed easily. This ladder is of great quality and enjoy the convenience it brought. It makes heavy duty tasks much easier which can save your time. Locking legs and skid resistant feet is designed for adding safety and stability to your work.


    If you are looking for a working ladder, don't hesitato to buy it!


    • Brand-new
    • High-quality and durable
    • Large load capacity
    • Ensure safety with high strength aluminous construction
    • Make heavy duty tasks much easier
    • Simple as well as eye-catching design
    • Save space while folded
    • Special design which prevents slipping
    • Certificated to CE and European safety standard EN131
    • Locking legs and skid resistant feet for added safety and stability
    • Ideal for washing vehicles, cleaning windows, decorating, general maintenance work & DIY
    • Color: Silver
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Overall open size: 43.5" x 16" x 19.5" (L x W x H)
    • Fold size: 15.5" x 6.5" x 31" (L x W x H)
    • Size of working surface: 29.5" x 12"
    • Platform height off the ground: 19.5"
    • Weight: About 8.2 lbs
    • Load capacity: 330 lbs
    • Package include:
    • 1 x Platform ladder
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This stool can be said to be of good quality and low price


Perfect for washing windows etc on the Camper. PLUS wonderful for extra table outside & seating for 2 if needed. Overall, I plan to pick up another one, the size is easy to store when folded up. However, have seen others at a third of the price on line & at local stores. I only gave it 3 stars for weight capacity as I weigh under a hundred and while it easily supported me I wonder about supporting 330#.


This gets used a lot in our household! It is compact and super light. It is able to hold a significant amount of weight, and I'm glad I found this to add to my husband's workshop.


I purchased this step platform particularly for working on my lifted pickup (F350 w/ 6" lift and 35" tires). I like that the platform is 3 feet long allowing me some movement on the platform without having moving the platform. It has been really useful for when I need to reach deep into my engine bay, wash my truck, and also for small projects around the house. It is nice and light, folds up fairly compact, and is reasonably priced. The only downside is that when being used, it squeaks really bad. I compare it to going up and down an aluminum ladder. I believe the sound comes from the contact points between the aluminum and rivets, because every movement I make causes squeaks! I still recommend this platform.


This is one sturdy platform at a very attractive price. It is solidly built, with spring-latching legs that do not wobble when the platform is set up. I find it very easy to reach across the roof of my SUV without my previous precarious method of standing on the top of the rear wheel. It allows me to easily reach the front portion of the roof as well. I also can reach to the top shelves of my bookcase for dusting and cleaning. I look forward to replacing the fluorescent lights in my shop, as this platform allows me just the right reach to work on the ceiling fixtures. Later this winter, i plan on taking the platform out to allow me to reach and prune the tops of the fruit trees (I'll throw a tarp on the soil to catch the trimmings and not get the legs dirty in the process). Doubtless, I'll find many more uses for this well-made platform.


Bought this my regular home use . Like the material stainless steel . Not super heavy but sturdy . Used it several times already , so far no having any issue . Very reasonable price for its quality.


Nice unit for the money use it all the time


This thing is so handy!! Sure does squeak alot though !!




Got this working bench few days, I don’t have to move my ladder up and down stairs when I am not going very high. Great!


Like this platform because it meets my needs. I gave it a 4 because the hinges are not tightly secured which makes the legs move a tiny bit. So I reinforced the locks now it won’t fold up but that’s still a win for me.


This step ladder is an absolute must-have if you are planning to paint your home.I have taken on the task of painting our basement, and I was lugging the cumbersome ladder around to each area. That was such a pain!I discovered this aluminum step ladder via Pinterest, and I am so very grateful that I made this purchase. It is so lightweight and easy to move around. It folds up nicely for storage too.I highly recommend this step ladder!


Seems to be very stable for cleaning the top of an SUV!Easy step up on the side and a perfect height.


My husband love this bench. It’s light weight it locks for security while standing on it . It makes him painting projects so much easier than the traditional ladder. Makes painting the ceiling easier especially when I get the wall color on the ceiling and have to touch up the ceiling.


We bought this with the intent of having a home version of the one my husband has at work. (We use it for loading the camper and putting the kayak on top of the truck rack.) It was slightly taller and longer than the one he already has. Very sturdy, lightweight. Good buy for the $.


Very sturdy and well made. Just the right height for working on a F350 diesel. Highly recommend.


Great work platform. Nice and sturdy. Easy to set up and fold.


I bought this to help me lift a 60 lb power wheelchair into and out of my Jeep. (It's a stepping stone on the way down and up, since I'm not very strong.) It works great for that purpose. The problem is that I live in Arizona - the step ladder gets extremely hot because it's metal (even when it's not in the sun - it gets super hot even in the shade just in the back of my jeep). I've tried covering it, but that doesn't work. Anyway, it works for what I bought it for.


I purchased this to use as a scaffold when painting around the house. However, when camping, I take it along to use as a bench or table. It folds flat and easily fits in the back of my truck. It's very sturdy and lightweight.


I bought this for my 250+ pound husband that has a truck with a 6 inch lift and wanted to be able to wash the top without a ladder! It is sturdy and portable.


Just ordered it


Sturdy and durable. Just brought another one. Using them working trucks and doing stuff around the house. I weigh 350 pounds.


Good size platform. It feels steady. It is rooted together loosely, single ribit so it is noisy and it flexes during set up. The leg lock latch lock is sharp on its edges, it's stamped thin metal, it can cut easily, it works as is. It is light. The plastic leg flanges look brittle and not so durable for heavy use. It not makes a good work bench or platform, it has hard irregular steel surface on each corner and the aluminum would bend easily. I recommend it though it should cost a little less.


I’ve used the ladder a few times and it seems to be pretty decent. No frills just a sturdy platform to work off of.I’m happy with it and would by it again for the price.


Bought this to be able to wash and wax the top and hood of my F150. Well made and secure. The platform offers more movement opportunities. There are ribs on the platform so it is not slippery even when wet.


Very tough design.


For home improbements, it's great. If you are looking for a construction type platform, nope. I am remodeling my house and painting every room, love this platform. Perfect size, hight and weight.


I'm a 300 lb guy and it seem very sturdy.


Love this unit! I use it for detailing to help to get to areas I can't reach. Even being over 6 feet tall.




as described


Lightweight and folds up nice for storage in the back of my service truck. It does make some creaking noises when standing on it that could probably be fixed with some foam or rubber between the platform and the legs. Would definetly buy again


Very nice step bench. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is I thought the metal clips that lock the legs open were a bit cheap/thin.


As described, holds my weight, stable.


Used this quite a bit since I got it - it is quite sturdy (I weigh 215lbs). Very lightweight when carrying or moving around the shop. I wish it would have been designed to fold completely flat, but it's still a low enough profile when collapsed.


it says it can hold 330lbs but wobbles alot at 270lbs of weight applied


Sturdy and is most helpful for us older folk.


Used to work on big trucks, locks work well, very sturdy. Great price!


Nice little bench! Work,sit,stand,does its JOB!


Cant beat the price and it does the job


Great walk plank for the price, you cannot beat it!


Works great


Sturdy product.... good value


Works great. Feels solid.


Light weight and sturdy. Makes working on a wall a breeze. A lot better than a step stool.


This platform is being used daily for my remodel,and is just the right height, and very strong.A good buy for what I needed.


Very strong. Had a guy over 200lbs. work on it all day with out any rocking or shifting.


I love it so much, I bought a second one. Saves so much time. Much better than a 2-step ladder.


sturdy light weight handy to have aroundC OwensPennsville NJ.


well constructed, not the best work table, but very sturdy


Not quite as sturdy as expected but it works fine.


My husband got this for me general use around the house use but especially for aquarium cleaning and maintenance. The aquarium stand is tall and the aquarium is large and tall- I am not tall. It's inconvenient to stop the siphon while cleaning the tank on a little step stool and possible to fall. I should be able to do the whole tank without stopping to move the platform. It's might be little tall to stand on for this purpose (kneeling might be better) but I knew it could be, but the price was right and so were the ratings. If I kneel it's perfect for hand feeding my large fish.Regarding quality and construction:For the price its good quality and it has a nice vertical grid on the platform you're not likely to slip and plenty of room for the average feet to move side to side and turn. I think someone up to 265 pounds could feel comfortable standing on this. It's rated for a higher weight- I think I read it holds up to 365 lbs. If I were that heavy and I am not heavy I might hesitate to use it. The reason is the means for holding it open are two latches that turn inward one on either side of the platform. The latches have a hole in the middle with an overlapping piece that hooks over a round, raised, octagon screw. To lock it you line the hole in the latch up over the screw and put the screw in the hole. The overlapping piece snaps onto the other side of the screw but not super tightly. Since I am not heavy I feel fine about using it but if I were heavy I'd worry about the locking possibly mechanism popping out of place. The metal on these latches does not seem to be the best quality and if they got caught on something I think they'd probably bend They were potruding slightly from the shipping box upon arrival. It does sit level without any rocking at all. I was also concerned about that because one set of legs looked to be folded at an slightly off angle. It was fine.Overall, I am not suggesting that people not buy this product but simply if you are a heavy person IMO would spend more money ($20-30 more) on another product that either does not fold or has a sturdier latching locks than this one has.


Great for cutting 8' ceiling and any other job that does not require a taller ladder. Easy to carry around in my van and is still effective in getting the work done.


works very well


Durable little ladder for standing on and washing my truck. I weight 350 and this holds me no problem. Great buy !!!


It's a sturdy platform that I didn't feel like it could topple or fail during extended periods of time on it doing drywall finishing and painting


the height if this is perfect and can be used in indoor or out door projects.


Very happy with this step. I'm only 5'7" so this helps me get to the top of my car and do a good job of cleaning and waxing. It is light and hangs on the garage wall.


Works as advertised. Great for home use. Not made from heavy guage aluminum but still sturdy.


Very pleased. Just the right height. Good value.


good happy


The ladder is very slippery on the floor. If it wasn't for that it would get a 5 star. The ladder it self is a great buy.


Feels good and sturdy. Legs lock securely. Not sure what actual weight capacity is in pounds, as there are no labels with that info. I have no idea how "stones" translate into pounds. Apparently not manufactured where they are governed by US compliance standard.


Excellent product that works extremely well. Would recommend this to everyone.


Nice platform for painting around the house. Light weight and very sturdy. The fold up design allows storage in a small amount of space. The only thing I can see that would help is a centrally located handle so that it could be moved around with a single hand instead of having to pick it up with two hands.


Very light weight and sturdy! Will be getting another one.


Well built and lightweight.


Bought this for my husband for Christmas and he love it!


Very sturdy. Serves as a light substitute for a ladder.


Very helpful not only for drywall job


good price but a little light weight


Super lightweight but holds a lot of weight. Folds up easily. Great for painting, much better than a ladder or step stool.


Its light weight, folds easily and is sturdy, Ive used it to replace bulbs in our tall ceiling, as a table while camping and as an outdoor table


Was what it was supposed to be, my husband uses this at work and loves it.


Really stable ladder and folds tight. I'll be using this product for a long time. Highly recommended!