2 Tiers Outdoor Wooden Barrel Waterfall Fountain with Pump

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Key Features

  • Material Selection and Processing: The two barrels are made of natural firm wood and are carbonized to make it smooth without burrs. Therefore they are resistant to corrosion and moth damage. The iron hoop around the barrels and the decorative iron hand pump are powder coated to keep it away from corrosion and rust, allowing it to be used outdoors.
  • 120V UL Certified Metal Pump: This water fountain utilizes 120V UL certified pump to circulate water within the two barrels. It is a low power appliance with a US plug suitable for any power supply. The tubing enables the water to run from the bottom to up. It is easily attachable to the pump handle.
  • Built-in Liners and 3 Gallon Capacity: The barrels are lined with plastic layers to prevent the water leakage. The water storage capacity of this fountain set is at least 3 gallons. Thus it takes a long time to use up all the water. This wood water pump fountain has a smooth design, and its large capacity allows you to keep some shellfish or some water lily flowers in it.
  • Classic Old Time Rustic Design: At first glance, you would think that’s just real a rustic, antique hand pump. After a closer look, you will find out that this hand pump is a decorative accent in the décor of the patio, yard or garden.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Assemble: With a weight of 13.5 lbs, this water fountain set is easy to move around. It’s so light you don’t need any help moving it from place to place. It is also very easy to assemble. It comes in three pieces. You just need to fix the pump to the smaller barrel on top and fix the smaller barrel to the larger bottom barrel.
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  • Material: Fir wood 
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Product size: 17.5" x 23.0" (D x H)
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x 2-tier barrel fountain
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This is the water pump which has a 2-tier design with an antique rustic style look.


The rustic style is the perfect tone for the decor of the patio, yard, and garden. It is made of carbonized natural firm wood which makes it smooth, corrosion proof and insect proof. The pump is made of heavy-duty metal and is ul certified. You may think it is a hand pump, but it’s an automatic pump. The handle is just for a decoration purpose. Its capacity is about 3 gallons allowing you to keep some shellfish or lilies in it. Due to its lightweight, it is very easy to mover around enabling you to find the perfect spot for it without any hassle.


Do not hesitate to buy one!


  • Carbonized natural firm wood of the barrels in two different sizes make them smooth and resistant to corrosion and moth damage
  • Powder coated iron of the hoop around the barrels and the pump keep them away from corrosion and rust
  • The barrels are lined with plastic layers to prevent the water leakage
  • The water storage capacity of this fountain set is at least 3 gallons, allowing you to keep some shellfish in it
  • Utilizes 120V UL certified pump to circulate water within the two barrels
  • The hand pump is just a decoration and serves no purpose
  • The rustic style is the perfect tone for the decor of the patio, yard, and garden.
  • Lightweight to move around
  • Easy assembly needed


18 Reviews

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Frequent Mentions

  • K

    Summer joy


    Easy to put together. Nice to hear the water running every day. We are not using in winter time, as the water would freeze.

  • D

    very relaxing


    we decided to put it in the house, very relaxing. you can hear it clear in the bedroom that makes for a good sleep. the only thing I found was with the splashing at the pump, the upper board got wet and drained down the back onto the carpet. To fix this I drilled two small holes and ran black gasket maker (NAPA auto parts) and ran that around the edge to move the water to the holes I drilled. no harm no foul, well worth the money and relaxation enjoy. highly recommended by the Davison's

  • K

    Fabulous Fountain!


    Soooo delighted! Small, cute, sturdy, and the customer service is truly fabulous! Had a small issue and they were wonderfully responsive, offered a great fix, and were kind and prompt in reply! So rare to have great customer service! Kudos! No issues—I love this fountain! Here are some hints to make your experience as great as mine. Make sure the fountain is level. Do not over fill bottom tub!—remember there is a hole in the back for the pump, so no higher than that. If you put plants or anything in the bottom tub make sure stream of water doesn’t hit them and splash water out. Check the pump vents now and then to make sure they are clean. Adjust the pump flow with little switch on pump—I like mine on the second from the lowest setting. Love this fountain and you will too if you set it up right and don’t overfill it!

  • A

    stay dry


    soothing sounds on the patio.

  • K



    I stacked on top of a large wine barrel super cute looks great!


  • Q:
    Where is the pump located? Bottom or top "barrel"?
    At the bottom of the barrel.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    spills onto the wood top, which then spills on the bottom piece wood top, then spills onto the ground.
    slow the speed of water flow.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Are you able to put fish in this fountain?
    It is better not to put fish in the fountain, because there are water pipes inside that the fish may get in the pipe..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Does it come assembled?
    We appreciate you are interested in our product and this item does not come assembled.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Does this barrel fountain come with a liner? If not is one available to purchase separately?
    Yes, this product includes the liner.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Is the pump actually metal?
    Yes. The pump is made of metal.
    Costway representative

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