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8 Feet 4 Inch High Gothic Steel Rose Arch

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Key Features

● Easy To Assemble And Remove: Lightweight and easy to move , quick to assemble, simple step by step instructions include.
● Multifunction: Looks great when decorated with flowers (decorations not included),perfect to decorate the partie.
● Perfect For Climbing Plants: The Gardman Gothic arch provides an attractive archway for climbing plants to create a beautiful entry into your garden.
● Durable Construction: Made from durable robust tubular steel construction, and weather-resistant black polyester epoxy coating for long service time.
● Recommended Use: Great for events such as weddings, birthday parties, garden decoration.

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Arch dimensions8'4" x 4'7"( H x W)
Net weight6.6 lbs
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Gothic Steel Rose Arch Gothic Steel Rose Arch Gothic Steel Rose Arch Gothic Steel Rose Arch


This extra-tall arch provides an attractive archway for climbing plants to create a beautiful entry into your garden.


Gently curving structure forms an archway topped with gothic inspired spires at either end. Horizontal bars connect vertical sides to each other producing a sturdy structure. Horizontal bars in the top portion serve as an ideal place to hang lightweight, potted plants. This arch is perfect for supporting lightweight climbing plants and vines or for displaying small hanging accents. Train your plants to grow through the arbor by weaving them in and out of the structure as they grow. Sturdy tubular steel frame construction; powder coated in a durable black polyester epoxy coating. Black coloration will blend with any surrounding.


If you are looking extra-tall arch like this. Don't hesitate to buy it now!


  • The gardman gothic arch provides a decorative support for climbing plants
  • It's ideal for framing garden entrances, pathways and views
  • Made from robust tubular steel, weather resistant finish
  • Quick to assemble, simple step by step instructions included
  • Ground hole-maker provided for easy fitting



26 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • L

    EXTREMELY pleased with these 2 arbors.


    I love how this looks and how strong it is. I have Passion Flower vines with fruit and it holds up beautifully.

  • E

    Gothic Arch


    Received right away. Will look great in the garden.

  • D

    A bit tricky to assemble, but stands nicely even in wind.


    I got two of these...the first one confused me but then built the second quickly. Put them in front of gates in my fence and have lights going over them. May need to affix them to the fence when my new clematises climb them and give a wind profile, but sturdy as they are now.

  • S

    Supported by pushing into the ground


    I assembled and installed these a couple months ago, and they ook good. They are easily twisted, so I need to anchor them to the fence on either side. The bolts are already starting to rust, so I am debating getting new ones of a more weather appropriate material, which is annoying because they were advertised as outdoor items. They seem sturdy enough for roses and morning glory flowers, but the clearance gets a bit iffy for tall people once the posts are sunk far enough to feel secure (my family is 6'-6'11"). I am worried that plants up top will get caught in hair as taller family members walk underneath.

  • R



    Works great for my purposes (Carrying honeysuckle vines over a gate.), but be aware that it comes without any assembly instructions - Just a pic of a completed arch, and a parts list. I found it pretty easy to figure out once I got going, but I could totally see that it could be a very frustrating experience for some. Also, the finials (Which, I'm happy to say, were black, not blue as shown) fit so loosely that they would have blown off on the first windy day. (A few turns of electrical tape solved this problem!)


  • Q:
    My arbor arrived with no instructions! Please help
  • Q:
    Would this be structurally sound enough to hang a REAL basket of soil and flowers from the middle center bar at the top? Basket weighs approx 10-15 pounds.
    It is better to hang an item within 11 lbs.
    Costway representative


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