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  • 1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub - Gallery View 1 of 11
  • 1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub - Gallery View 2 of 11
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  • 1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub - Gallery View 11 of 11
1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub

1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub

This 1700W compact laundry dryer must be the best assistant to dry and deodorization of your valuable clothes.
Overall Rating:
39 Reviews
Item No: 63274859
valentine day,love deal,best gift for every honey
CAD $529.00

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1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub 1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub 1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub 1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub 1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub 1700W Electric Tumble Laundry Dryer with Steel Tub
Key Features

● Large Capacity Front Load Dryer: This electric clothes dryer feature a spacious 3.22 cubic feet capacity and dries up to 13.2lbs of clothing that can meet the entire drying needs of the whole family. Equipped with powerful 120v/60Hz motor unit and PTC heat element, the inner drum will rapidly form the warm air flow to provide stable drying performance in low noise.
● Forward & Reverse Tumble Action: Featuring large-diameter stainless steel tumble, this laundry dryer adopts the forward and reverse tumble action with inner s-shaped device for easy rotation to prevent tangling, effectively removing wrinkles and restoring the fluffy and comfortable fabrics in the moderate temperature.
● Energy Efficient & Quiet Tumbling: This Electric clothes dryer equipped with Four- layers intake & exhaust filter that is easy to clean, to work efficiently and automatic shut off to save energy. Experience reduced disruption with the quiet tumbling functionality, allowing you to run the dryer when sleeping or when going about your daily routine without excess loud noises.
● Easy-to-operate Panel: Selected intelligent program has been set according to the material and quantity of clothing, convenient for people even for the elder to operate. and airing function can successfully dispel peculiar smell and cool the cloths to achieve the effect of second cleaning. Note that only when it's set in "1 hour" can you choose the corresponding options of "140℉", "104℉" and "airing".
● Compact & Space-saving: This electric laundry dryer weights only 60.6 lbs, 23.5" x 20" x 27.5" (L x W x H) compact size perfectly fit your apartment, dorm room and the little corner of the house. You can wall mounting it, place it on firm horizontal ground or rack mounted (the bracket is not included).


    This 1700W compact laundry dryer must be the best assistant to dry and deodorization of your valuable clothes. 


    Have you ever been bothered by the humid weather or bacteria accumulated on the clothes.It can dry up 13.2pounds of laundry. The stainless steel tumble features two-way rotation to crease guard and stay fluffy and the double filtration not only isolate the air filter but also accumulate the fluff of the clothes, maximum avoiding secondary pollution. Easy-to-opeate control panel with viewing window allows that you can observe the real-time drying effects and stop as you wish. You can place on firm horizontal ground or rack mounted or wall mounted, suitable for small apartments.Wash your clothes using compact laundry dryer by saving your time and energy.


    If you are looking for this product, don't hesitate to buy it.


    • Stainless steel tumble structure, two-way rotation, crease guard and stay fluffy
    • Selected intelligent program according to the material and quantity of clothing
    • Strong motor unit and PTC heat element, fast drying clothes, and saving time
    • Multiple filtering, maximum to avoid secondary pollution
    • Large capacity, 3.22 cu ft, meets the drying needs of the whole family
    • Control panel downside, easy to operate even for the elder
    • Viewing window, observe real-time drying effects
    • Lower noise, 58-62dB
    • Power-off protection while opening door, safe for kids
    • Wall mounting, place on firm horizontal ground or rack mounted (the bracket is not included), space-saving for small apartments
    • Color: White
    • Material: Stainless steel tumble
    • Net weight: 60.6 lbs
    • Overall dimension: 23.5" x 20" x 27.5" (Lx W x H)
    • Power: 120V, 60Hz
    • Weight capacity : 13.2 lbs
    • Capacity: 3.22 cu ft
    • Rated input: 1700 W
    • Noise: 58-62dB
    • Dryer power source: Electric
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Cloth dryer
    • 1x Exhaust connector
    • 1x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Wanted to love this dryer, but it takes too long to dry anything. Hours to dry a small load. I will be returning it.


This little dryer es the best for small apartment and the don't heat around at all I strongly recommend.


I have not had this dryer very long but I am so impressed. It really delivers. I will update in a few months.


I like how light it is I can move it by hand. Price wasn’t great it’s a bit expensive. Went with this one over the panda because of the wattage. This thing takes FOREVER to dry things and minimal items at that. Also doesn’t come with any tubing I had to do even more research to find out what I needed exactly which was even more stressful. Disappointed but it’s useful so far


One hour on full heat which isn’t extremely hot because it could melt the plastic but that’s a plus because the machine will last longer , after the first hour my clothes are still damp if I fully load the machine but that’s normal, I remove my clothes clean out the lint and put it back for a whole full more hour so that would be two hours for a full load and my clothes are fully dry . Remember to clean out the lint that is very important. I bought extra filters to save time I switch around the filters and clean them. I have done a full days wash and dry with this dryer once a week since I got it and I can tell you it’s a five-star to me saving me time at the laundromat I can stay home and just do what I want and it automatically shuts off in an hour. I have not had lint problem in my clothes since using this. Clothes may be a bit wrinkled still if fully loaded but I almost sure smaller loads will give better result and in an hour


So glad I invested in this for my small apartment! Works amazing!


Love this! Extremely surprised and pleased. Hope it continues to perform as well.


Stops and drops the laundry occasionally to keep it fluffed. I love it. Not for many heavy clothes at once. I hang heavy tops that haven't dried all the way or jeans.


The control panel malfunctioned after a couple weeks and the dryer got WAY to hot. I guess there is no temperature shut off safety mechanism. Since I live in an apartment I was too worried about a potential fire. For the price of this unit I expected US based tech support and a decent owners manual. At least I was able to return it.


This is an amazing dryer for small homes! I have a home that is 800sf with no hook ups for a washer or dryer and this dryer is awesome it raises the temperature in the house between 1 to 5 degrees depending on how much you use it and that’s if you don’t have it vented outside but works well for small families as long as your not doing large loads of laundry or more then 3 towels at a time.


Pros: It's quite ,It's simple to use ,it don't take up alot of room
Cons: it takes forever to get towels dry ,the lags don't help it's always off balance ,it don't heat up like my old splendid dryer did ,We had to drill holes to make the vent go down instead of up which is a stupid design ...Now my over all rating is 7 of of 10 ..The dryer sheets don't desolve right and I do love it don't Wrinkle my work uniforms or any clothes in it


I love having an extra dryer on the main level of my home (not in my actual laundry room). I purchased it because it uses 110 electricity as opposed to the 220 for a larger dryer. It’s metal inside and out and has handles on the sides which are handy when unpacking. It comes with a vent deflection tube but I plan to vent it out a window to keep the heat and moisture down on my main floor. It also has a lint trap that is easily accessible in the back of the tub. I’ve noticed it takes on average about 90 minutes to dry a medium-size load. It looks exactly like the picture on the seller's page.


Hello this dryer is small but I think it’s going to work for me nicely I have not turned it on yet


Read many reviews, researched & searched for the perfect dryer. My search was over.
Im totally in love with this dryer. Its a power house. Can take anything you throw at it. Easy use, energy efficient, quiet, large capacity dryer. I use it daily, drying everything well, its large capacity allows for large loads with no problems. Love my purchase. Its a time & money saver.


Because of limitations on space, this dryer is in my living room which I thought the noise might be an issue. Other than that I would recommend this product for sure! I hope to be using it for many more years.


My child bought it for is easy to operate,i am enjoy it.


Very small but does the job well. Happy with the investment.


This dryer was exactly what I needed. We full time in an RV but we have a large shed. We needed a dryer that plugged into a regular outlet without having to make any holes in our shed.

This dryer doesn’t get as hot as a normal dryer. For my I find this ideal, I don’t like to cook my clothes.

For a portable dryer it has a large capacity and can fit 2 loads of my portable washing machine.

I do not love the location of the lint catcher but what is more frustrating is the filter behind it that came with the dryer. I’m not really sure of how necessary it is but I keep it on anyway.

I love the simple settings

It makes a little bit of a squeal sound like there is a pebble caught in it somewhere but I’ve heard regular dryers make this sound. Since the dryer is in my shed, this does not bother me. It could have happened because I have boys and it’s very likely it may actually be a small pebble.

Very easy setup!!!

I would not want to move this around much, it’s portable as far as dryers go but it’s fairly heavy. I do not move it, I have it in one location only.


I'm very happy I chose this dryer. I am also very pleased with the dryer overall. It works really good.


Fácil de instalar y trabaja muy bien


I was on the fence, for ages but I decided to bite the bullet for my apartment and I’m so happy I did! Worth every cent so far!


Bought for our RV afte campground kept closing laundry room. Fits perfectly in our washer/dryer closer, sits on top of our splendide washer. I use the extra setting for all but small loads and clothes are dry everytime. Has developed a small squeak when changing directions every now and then not Everytime so not a big deal yet but not a week in either. Don't have it vented outside yet just connected to a ventless system right now and seems to be ok but definitely going to vent outside before summer. Seller is very good about contact as FedEx lost package for 2 days.


I live in a small apartment so I have had a small fridge, washer and now a dryer. If you have had small appliances you know sometimes they won't work as well as regular size.


Portable, weighs about 60lbs
Quiet, I have it in my living room and still doze off in my chair while its running.
Solid Heat, the exhaust pipe gets hot to the touch, so its putting out good temps during operation
Two direction tumble for fluffier clothes
Handles for ease of moving

The door isnt see through, this may not bother you, but for some reason bothers me
Wall mounting although possible, isnt truly wall mounting based on the instruction manual, as it looks like you need a frame base to also support it, so its more of a raised mounting system.(this is not included and must be purchased separately.


The result of this dryer is beyond my expectation, it is really good, I no longer have to worry about drying clothes.


I recently bought a portable washing machine that helped me reduce my laundry costs and since it became too cold to hang dry my clothes outside, i decided to buy this portable dryer because of the reviews.This dryer has been a great purchase! It is bigger than my washer so I can comfortably for all the washes clothes in here with no problems. It takes 45mins to 1 hour to dry completely which is on par with regular sized machines. I also love the design. It looks very modern and futuristic and it fits great in my bathroom which is small.I did have to vent the air out the window due to the moisture was making my bathroom moist especially on the walls. That moisture can turn into mold so you should definently vent it outside. I bought a vent exentsion and window kit from my hardware store and it was an easy fix to the moisture problem.Also the filters are on the back of the unit, took me a couple of cycles to figure out where it was but Read the directions and do not be like me.Overall very happy with my purchase


I returned it .


I love this dryer! We are full-time stationary in our RV and this dryer has been a game changer for us. It dries our clothes perfectly. This has to be one of the best purchases we have made for our RV life style.


This portable dryer has been such a life saver as our main dryer has a gas valve problem and currently isn’t working. It can dry Amit half a load from our regular, full-size washing machine at a time.


I like this dryer. I put it level on a steel rack shelf. I attached a separate indoor vent kit with lint water. So, press Power, then Start, to gently dry most everything. The higher temp and the lower temp work ok for their respective jobs. Cleaning the filter is important, so I pause it to clean the filters during use with a vacuum dust tool. The cycles pause and reverse at intervals, making it easy to discern which direction it is going because it squeaks a bit in the dryer direction and silent in the reverse direction. The noise is comforting and has not gotten worse after a month of use. Gently launder the inside filter by hand overnight, rinse well and air dry to reuse because some replacement filters can be unreliable.


 My daughter has a laundry closet. This little dryer fits on the space perfectly. The controls are on the bottom so we put on top of a table for now but will get a shelf table for supplies.It’s compact but wow does it heat up and dry clothes. The tub is a good size for this space and can put a load of laundry in to dry. There are different temps on this so your clothes will be treated with love.It’s so cute and my daughter was thrilled with our surprise. Now we need a washer. I haven’t found a small cute one yet but have been looking. I wish this company made one it would be a cute set.This comes with a vent hook up all we needed was the tube.


So far so good ! Still working ! Have it in a room I don’t sleep but still noisy ! Otherwise it does the job !!


Portable, works great but limited in quantity of clothes it dries. Being 110v, it lacks power so not a lot of clothes can be dried at a time.


 This is a good partner with my portable washer. Glad I decided to buy this.It is quiet with a subtle sound. We have a small space and a little noise will really make a difference. For me, it’s as loud as my microwave heating up food or a bit more.This dries up my our clothes fine, as long as I don’t fill it up too much. I can put in my drawer right after. I tried cotton, silk and jacket with fleece, no damage done.Would I recommend this? Yes! I’m just waiting for our electric bill and I’ll update this post regarding it.


Love the little dryer. It does take a little longer. But the finished product is nice and toasty..


The dryer arrived with a dent. I did not want to go through the hassle of returning it and I had been anxious for its arrival so I am just stuck with a brand new dented machine. However, it is a great dryer. The clothes dry faster than I expected. Do not overload the dryer or it will take longer as with any dryer. It is large enough to hold all of the items out of my portable washing machine. The forward/reversible tumble dry feature is the best in preventing clothing from tangling thus leading to a faster dry time. Thumbs up!!


Works great but clothing still damp a little


drying laundry


Love this best investment ever