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18 Inch Metal Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan

It has 3 wind speeds for you to choose from. Let you feel the most natural wind.

Overall Rating:
78 Reviews
Item No: 08642791

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16 Inch Metal Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan 16 Inch Metal Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan
Key Features

● All Metal 18-inch Pedestal Fan: This high-velocity fan is mainly made of high-quality metal, which has the characteristics of durability and wear-resistant. The powerful motor can quickly cool the entire area. Our stand fans can give your air conditioner a break and can help reduce energy consumption and costs.
● 3 Adjustable Wind Speeds: There are low, medium, and high wind speeds for you to choose according to different situations and temperatures. Different wind speeds make our pedestal fan ideal for many places like office, home, and so on.
● Adjustable Height and Oscillation: This metal stand fan has a shaking-head design, which can speed up the air circulation to accelerate air cooling. In addition, the height of the pole can be adjusted at will, so you can feel the cool wind no matter you are standing, sitting, or lying down.
● Powerful Motor and Stable Base: Our metal adjustable vertical fan blades are very smooth in operation because of its powerful motor. So during the operation process, it produces less vibration. In addition, the heavy fan base can provide high stability during operation and prevent dangerous situations caused by tipping over.
● Simply Installation Process and Easy to Maintain: We have prepared a manual for you, which contains a detailed assembly diagram. According to this instruction, you can easily complete the entire fan assembly. In addition, daily maintenance is also very simple, only need to wipe with a cloth can.


    It has 3 wind speeds for you to choose from. Let you feel the most natural wind. By accelerating air circulation, it will cool air fast and save more energy and money.


    Besides, it has tilting and oscillation modes, allowing it to provides wide-range cooling wind for large areas. In order to make it suitable for different rooms, it's pole is designed to be adjustable. There is no need to worried about the noise because our fan blade will operate smoothly and won't bother your sweet dream.


    If you are looking for a fan like that, don't hesitate to buy it.


    • 4 heavy-duty blades to powerfully circulate the cool air
    • 3-speed settings meet your needs
    • The height can be adjusted from 34.5"- 48.5"
    • Oscillation can make the whole room cool
    • The base ensures high stability and prevents fans from flipping over
    • Assembly can be easily completed according to the instructions
    • Low noise operation will not affect work and rest
    • Premium material ensures a long service life
    Installation guide
    • Color: Silver/black
    • Material: Metal
    • Product size: 16"
    • Product weight: 17 lbs
    • Fan speeds: 3
    • Oscillation: Widespread oscillation
    • Air volume: 1500CFM/1300CFM/1100CFM
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x 16-inch pedestal fan
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I've had pedestal fans in my home the vasy majority of my adult life, and they all were ok. On the highest setting you'd feel a slight breeze across the room. This thing, on the other hand, is borderline ridiculous in it's wind creation. On it's lowest setting I'm feeling it from across my 25 foot living room. On it's highest setting it's kicking papers off of tables from the same distance. It's a bit on the pricey side, but I feel it is 100% worth it if you're tired of the regular cheap plastic fans you buy every year.


This fan is very sturdy and does a great job of keeping the air flowing. We live in hot FL and needed a fan for our bedroom. This fan is attractive and effective. I highly recommend.


Love this fan! A friend assembled it and it seemed simple since it took him about 15-20 minutes to do so. It’s quiet and pretty powerful for its size. It’s also attractive and doesn’t take up much space. In a year have gone through 2 other fans. Think this one will do the job.


i liked that it was all metal parts. i made the mistake of assuming that would mean it was a high-quality fan. it was ok at first, definitely helped move the air around and was loud, which i prefer. i have a fan on at night year-round, so ~8 hours times ~394 days used, i got about 3,152 hours out of it. i originally purchased it for $75 in april 2021. it lasted a little over a year before it died on me. i reached out to the seller and they weren't willing to do anything because my warranty went up after the year. after taking it apart and doing some research, i'm better off buying a new fan. i did thorough research before purchasing but if i've learned anything, just listen to the bad reviews. i've had $20 plastic fans last way longer than this one. don't waste your money. smh


So far, exactly what I was looking for!


I like the fan. It is easy to setup,i setup the fan without instructions, it is firm worth for the price. It has three Speed of wing we could choose, although the higher speed is a little noisy but very cool.


Solid fan, moves a lot of air, very quite on "1" and still not unbearable on setting "3".




It was quiet enough for sleeping


While the circumference of the fan body was smaller than visualized in my head, and having to turn 3 clicks to get high rather than 1, it's a solid fan that works fine. Not easy to topple over as the base has a good weight to it. The blades are a 16 inch span as advertised. Not loud when on high. It won't blow you away, but moves more air than it's plastic counterparts. It does seem to lag in power a little when oscillating to the right, then recovers when coming out of it. I typically don't use oscillating fans so just keep it in one position. I just needed a fan on a pole.
I LOVE the clips on the cage rather than the typical screws. Makes cleaning the blades so much faster.
I'd recommend for general household use as an addition to air conditioning, and/or mild sound blocker and air mover when sleeping.


This is a great looking fan and moves air fine. Easy for me to assemble by myself - just be careful not to lose the small screws. Recommend.


We never turn it on past 1 but it pushes plenty of air and is fairly quiet


Finally a real good metal fan! Thanks!


The fan that I purchased last year I had used for an entire year and it’s so good Even now it doesn’t have any noise and the whole appearance is very slick because of the stainless steel and is very distinctive putting it in a small living room doesn’t make the space seem cramped in any way It’s very easy to assemble and only took me about 15 minutes to do so I highly recommend this rotating fan


Putting it together was a bit of a pain. If I were elderly I wouldn't want to do it. However it's a good fan so far. It's only been a couple of weeks, but no real complaints. I think if I used the highest setting it may blow my walls down. I haven't had a need to test it though.


great fan I just hope I put it together ok the directions suck


I love this fan. When I turned it on the first time I clicked the knob once, I thought the fan was on high and I was impressed. I was beyond thrilled with my new fan when I figured out that was it low setting. On high the thing would probably blow someone's hat off their head.


I love how the fan base has a weight to keep it in place. Small but good airflow


Great fan. Really helps our AC keep up.


this fan really does great cools very good


Great fan for the price, easy to move around and put in whichever room its needed in.


This stand fan gives me the air blowing tremendously. I like it specially it is too hot outside the house this time.


The fan arrived faster than expected and packed well.I ordered this as replacement for the plastic fan I bought in store last year .I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the fan.I had no trouble assembling it.


While it makes the same level of noise as the cheap plastic fan it replaced, this fan can move some serious air. I can easily sleep with it on the lowest setting, and I've used the medium setting to help dry taping mud when patching sheetrock. I have not found a use for the high setting yet, but I'm sure I will in time. Also, since it's a physical switch instead of digital, I am able to use it with a Zigbee outlet as part of my home automation.


The fan was very easy to put together (about 15 mins) and looks amazing. I did not want a plain looking fan and this did not disappoint. It was a very modern feel to it. I like the fact that it is very stable and has a metal base. It has 3 speeds which we typically use it on level 2. It is not noisy at all. We have used it in the garage and in the work out room.


High quality but little expensive


I love this fan, it make with good material and easy to set up. I put it in my room to make it feel cool love it.


Sturdy all metal fan moves an abundance of air. However, even on low setting it is fairly noisy.


Excellent fan , easy to assemble , very sturdy and works great


I love this fan!! Not the cheap plastic but very well made metal and sturdy. Highly recommend!


Great fan! Very quiet. Wish the model I got had a remote. My unit is all metal, no plastic. I will never buy another plastic pedestal fan. The brushed oiled bronze color is beautiful. Moves a nice volume of air on medium. I dont even need to set it on high....


This fan is AMAZING. It moves SO MUCH air, and creates just the right level of white noise to help me sleep. Just FYI the assembly instructions included in the box were for a totally different fan model, so a background knowledge of fan assembly is required lol. Planning on ordering at least one more!!


Pushes air out better than many fans. Can feel it 15 feet away.


The fan was easy to assemble. It is all metal so that was nice. The size was smaller than I thought but they do mention it is a 16 inch fan. I just thought 16 inches would look bigger. But it works and is doing what I bought it to do. I have it in my shed to circulate air.


Nice fan for the price


Powerful fan ,wonderful price.


I've had this fan for a couple weeks now and I like it very much. It's quiet and powerful. You do have to assemble it, but itis very easy to do .I will reconmend!


Great product


It was a booger for me


It was a booger for me


Very well made


Super heavy duty and sturdy. Extremely elegant looking as well. Smaller type 16" fan that puts out great air. At first glance I thought the blades looked pretty small but let me tell you, this moves some serious air on low! It is very quiet and smooth running giving you the perfect whitenoise to sleep to. It required a little bit of time to put together as opposed to cheap model fans, all you need is a screwdriver and some good finger dexterity. For me, I'll give this ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars. So far its my best purchase of the month! PS....It was worth spending a little extra for this quality, you can find cheaper but not a nice as this!!!


For a 10x10 bedroom, very easy to understand


Love the quality of this fan. Easy to assemble, love the fact that the fan cage does not require tools to assemble, quiet but strong breeze, and it's pretty! I will always buy metal fans as they are durable & give the best breeze.


Good value, easy to assemble and not much noise. I recommend it


Good seller arrived on time good fan


 Well this fan is an upgrade from our cheap plastic one!Very well made, easy to put together and I love the fact it comes with a heavy clay base you attach to the bottom. This way it is very sturdy and won't tip over easily.Plus it's quiet even on high mode.


I have never cussed at metal so much in my life. The directions were absolutely useless. I finally got it together after a few battles thankfully because it almost ended up in the damn yard. Luckily I have put together basic fans over the years so having common sense definitely helped.


This has a strong airflow for a smaller industrial type fan, I haven’t needed to use it beyond the first setting in my bedroom, and it is pretty quiet.


I wanted a fan that was all metal construction for my garage. This fit the bill. Very sturdy and can be adjusted to several angles.


Great fan for any room. Looks great and it’s not noisy. Easy to assemble. It took me about 10 to 15 minutes put together. This fan is actually a replacement for the other one which just stopped working after about 3 years. This time around I decided to try out this brand based on better quality from what I read. So,hopefully this one will last longer than the last fan.


The fan is super sturdy and nice.


We just purchased this fan and with the heat, we have it on pretty much all day and it seems very robust. I also like industrial look. Worthy purchase.


We love this fan. It is all metal and it blows lots of air. It has 3 adjustable speeds. Very heavy base. I highly recommend this product


I got this pedestal fan for my second floor recreation room. Kids love to running around and doing exercises there and got hot easily. After receiving the fan , took my husband 30 minutes to set up and move it to the second floor . Love the nickel looking of the fan , goes really good with my hardwood flooring . You can adjust three different fan speed as you need . The height and oscillation angel can be adjusted as well . It is very sturdy and runs very smoothly, really meets my needs


This fan almost has to much power. Great price for tte power and look. I had a dumb question. Customer service responded within hours.


This is great Fan!!It was easy to assemble it took me around 15 minutes. This fan is strong and has a industrial motor of 3 wind speeds.the large 16 inch blades Keep room cool. Also we can adjust height and wide oscillation angle. Good to have.


This is great Fan!!It was easy to assemble it took me around 15 minutes. This fan is strong and has a industrial motor of 3 wind


Very sturdy but very loud. I have to turn my television up.


Very classy, well-made fan. Looks awesome in our industrial/modern/mid-century style living room. Great oscillating feature. Highly recommend!


This fan is really quiet and works really good. It’s also a very attractive fan. The reason it only got four stars was because the directions did not match the product. I found it very hard to put together but was able to figure it out.


I love this fan!! Keeps me cool all night long. Not sure about the quiet part because I buy fans FOR the noise!! This one is perfect for fan~sleepers!!


It’s great!


So far so good and I like it.


Nice fan that looks good too


There is no remote control as indicated above. Fan ie quiet and I like the three speeds.


I almost sent this fan back because I couldn't figure out how to stabilize the fan motor and fans/top, the instructions were duplicate and a both for another product and different parts. After it couldn't keep its top up and it kept falling over, I finally put it together any old way after 3 weeks. Now, other than that, I can't tell you how long it will last but it is nice silver metal and provides a lot of air flow which is helpful down here in Florida.


cooling the upstairs rooms


Lightweight easy to assemble fam keeps my rooms cool. Liked the first one so much because it is quiet, so I now have 2


I purchased this fan because of it's all metal construction. Was easy to assemble looks great. It moves as much air as bigger plastic fans do. Yes it costs more than plastic fans but it's worth it to have it move more air.


This was a great purchase buying this fan. I have always known that metal fans give out more air than those plastic fans. This metal fan did not disappoint me at all. It has a great distribution of cool air. I have never needed to use the third speed at all. Absolutely great fan!


Great item for a large room. 3 speeds. Nice purchase.


Works like our previous pedestal fan and does move a lot of air


The fan works extremely well. very quiet and will move a lot of air.


Strong fan and very easy to assemble. 3 settings for strength and the quality is good.


Fan is heavy duty and puts out a lot of air! Easy to assemble, and looks great. Works perfect for use on our screened in patio where noise is not a huge concern... I wouldn’t want to use this in an indoor setting on anything above the lowest speed, as it is pretty loud turned up any higher than that. Can’t rate the remote function, as ours did not include a remote. Have been using just over a month and very pleased so far.


Great fan for our patio. We have it rotating to keep away bugs. Little sound from the fan.Not using remote.


This high quality metal fan is quite and incredible. It’s very easy to install it. The three speeds mode fit all my family’s needs. This fan runs super quite and windy. Very stable to stand in my living room due to metal and heavy base which is safe for having children in the house.