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  • White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters
  • White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters
  • White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters
  • White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters
  • White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters
  • White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters
  • White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters
  • White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters
White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters

White Wooden Storage Cabinet Organizer with 4 Casters

This white wooden cabinet with a simple elegant design can be used for storing lots of items in your living room, kitchen and bathroom. 

Overall Rating:
88 Reviews
Item No: 24597630

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Key Features

● Multiple Values & Premium Performance: With various drawers, baskets and cabinets design, you can surprisingly place your newspapers, magazines, toiletries, shampoos, creams, towels as you like. The lightweight slide-out bathroom floor cabinet helps you to make full use of space. Its premium performance can totally meet your demand of toilet storage.
● Optimal Organizer & Space Saver: It maximizes your bathroom's available space while providing functional storage, which also makes you quick access to your bathroom accessories. The unique cabinets design can perfectly improve the storage efficiency, which also brings a reliable using experience.
● Sturdy Body & Solid Shoulder: Sturdy construction made of MDF material features solid and stable while shouldering your tissues and various kinds of bathroom essentials. It is surely your reliable helper in refreshing your bathroom to a neat and organized place, which can bring you a long lasting using satisfaction.
● Simplistic Style & Concise Appearance: Simplistic style with white brings you a brand new feeling of style. It is also a perfect decoration to fit your bathroom and offers you both concise and convenient life style.
● Portable & Mobile Design: Equipped with four casters, this cabinet is easy to pull out and push back, and it can move across most floor surface smoothly. It is an ideal product for your modern home.


    This white wooden floor cabinet with a simple elegant design can be used for storing lots of items in your living room, kitchen and bathroom.


    This cabinet's top drawers are ideal for stashing small bathroom accessories or vanity items, while a spacious, deep-set lower drawer and two built-in shelves provide plenty of room for larger toiletry items or towels. Two small baskets are also included. Equipped with 4 rolling casters, this storage cabinet is easy to move around and transport. Crafted from white solid wood, the cabinet will definitely add a style of classic to your house.


    If you are looking for a cabinet like this, don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Multiple compartments to provide enough storage space
    • With 4 casters at bottom for easy movement
    • Perfect to store small bathroom accessories or vanity items 
    • Sturdy solid wooden construction for more load capacity
    • Compact size to fully match your bathroom's available space
    • Features a subtle white finish for a clean appearance
    • Easy to clean and assemble
    • Material: MDF wood
    • Color: White
    • Overall dimension: 19.6” x 6.3” x 28.7” (L x W x H)
    • Size of basket: 8.8” x 6.3” x 3.5”(L x W x H)
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x floor cabinet
    • 2 x baskets
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Fits in space I needed it for. Casters not the best of quality.


The instructions aren't just unclear, they're actually wrong. In places they mix up part 7 and 8, which are nearly identical, but not quite. So that makes building it take longer than it should as you try to figure out where you went wrong.


As described, good follow-up from company, decent value. This size is perfect for where I need it. Just wish there wasn't so much styrofoam, though I understand it's protective purpose for shipping.


Fits the space just right. Added my own silver knobs to dress it up.


Actually made cheaply but it suits my purpose for storage next to my makeup vanity . I put together myself it comes out in one piece and only have to put on casters and knobs .


Ok. This tiny mobile storage cabinet is just what I needed. It was easy to assemble and fits in exactly the spot I needed. I placed it between the toilet and the vanity. I like the storage shelves in the back. The cabinet is easy to move and it’s sturdy enough for my needs


The drilled holes were not drilled correctly. We had to drill our own holes to put it together. The only holes that were correct were for the wheels.


This product is well designed. I like the design at the back part. It can insert a toilet brush. But the baskets are too short to sit in toilet paper rolls.


this is a great cabinet. Perfect size for small bathroom. I use it sideways against long wall. It holds a lot of stuff. Very pleased.


Cool design but surprisingly shoddy craftsmanship. The pilot holes for the wheels did not match the wheel brackets, as if they’re not using stencils on the line. One of the holes drilled for a knob was in the wrong place so the screw couldn’t even reach the knob. The instructions refer to pieces as “piezas” in the English section.


This slim bathroom storage cabinet holds so much more than it looks. I also tried and it fits next to the toilet but I was looking for a narrow cabinet for a specific spot. I have been searching for more than six months and finally found the perfect size.


Perfect slim bathroom stand for storage! Our oldest daughter recently moved back in, and her and our youngest daughter are having a battle of the bathroom storage! I needed to find something to provide them a little more storage, and this was the perfect answer! It has two drawers and two baskets, one for each of them! In the back there’s little shelves for toilet paper which is great! There was very little to actually assemble on this which made it a big bonus in my book! Super sturdy and well-made! Looks very nice and sleek in the bathroom and fits perfectly in between the toilet and the wall! Great deal at under $130! Highly recommended!


Nice product for the money. Easy to assemble and it’s functional.


Sturdy, practical, elegant. The cabinet comes already assembled, only wheels and knobs need to be screwed on it. Great for small bathrooms.


I keep wet wipes and TP in it along with medical supplies after my surgery. A tall spray bottle of Clorox Cleaner fits on the bottom drawer as well! I had to write to the company for a delivery date due to It being Christmas time and they were prompt with returning my answer and very courteous! I didn’t know it but a toilet plunger fits perfectly in the back of this cabinet! Convenient place to keep it! I would purchase from this company again.


it is fashion and simple design. Nice to have in your limited bathroom space. Price is reasonable. Nice to have


The cabinet is well built and sturdy it has a lot of storage room and fits perfectly in the space . I suggest having another person available to help with putting it together but once it is built it looks good .


I have a very narrow space around bed. In deep needs a very functional night stand, anything regular will not work out so I figure out this one is very good. One picture says everything. Two even more.No smell!!! Very decent quality. Like drawers much more than shelves.Top small itemsBaskets host all electrics and easy access itemsFirst drawer short itemsLast drawer water bottle and books and taller itemsBack side computer and accessoriesTop I tried not direct have ice glass on tip just because I don’t like coaster nor water stains. But I feel it’s should be ok for a short time compare to other products.Need install my crystal knobs.Plan to have one more for other side.


Fits small space great!


 This nifty bathroom storage roll-away drawer set comes in really handy for added storage space. I’m ashamed to admit that I need more than the 4 big drawers than the apartment provides but I do. I have this piece situated right next to my toilet and it comes in so handy when I need access to toilet paper or a sanitary product! Not to mention, it looks really nice against the dark material of my bathroom drawer set and it compliments the white porcelain of my toilet quite nicely. The packaging was put really well together and it was honestly so easy to set up, we didn’t even need the user manual. I wish the craftsmanship was a little more polished but all in all, we’re happy with the price! Well worth what it costs!!


Easy to assemble and takes a small space which is just suitable in our bathroom.I also like the color which makes our bathroom looks clean and tidy.


This exactly what I needed. Super perfect for the tight space or bathroom . Unfortunately just little little too wide to fix my new bathroom. So I just put in kitchen now but still looks great .I would like to move to next to my sofa later . Love the beautiful look. great for storing extra little things and super easy to install , would highly recommend it .


So relieved that it came assembled! It fits perfectly in my bathroom. Love the holder in the back for my toilet brush. I opted to leave the wheels off and it functions great.


I need a slim cabernet by my glider chair, and it’s a perfect fit. Take some effort to install, but it very well worth the money. Love it


Great for small studio bathrooms like mine! Pretty much comes all assembled, just needed to Attach the front of drawer knobs. I store toilet paper in the bottom and misc small bottles in the top drawer. If you live by yourself, no worries that it’s not too heavy, you can move it easily on your own.


Perfect for my tiny bathroom to add some storage.


Awesome cabinet fits perfectly where I wanted it to


It works well in small places


While this cabinet fit the space I needed perfectly, it was disappointing to find four things about it beneath my expectations. First, one of the drawers didn't have a hole drilled in it for the screw needed to affix the drawer knob. Second, the screw for one of the knobs was too short to fit through the knob and the thickness of the drawer front. Third, the wood interior had (and still has) an odor of smoke, as if the warehouse or workshop had had a fire. There was no discoloration or anything, but the odor persists. Finally, the plastic baskets were absolutely filthy. I soaked them in soapy water with a disinfectant before using them, but also had to scrub them with a brush. After all that it is a useful cabinet, but if I had seen it in a store before buying it, I'd have passed on it just based on the smell and the appearance of the baskets.


When we renovated our laundry room we wanted a neat place to store our cleaning materials. This cart fit that need nicely and isn't so big that it looks out of place. I love that the baskets can be used to hold dryer sheets and that it has extra storage. My only complaint is that the big drawers are big enough to hold large bottle of Tide pods but it is close enough that you have to remove the lid on the container in order for it to close. Regular bottles of detergent don't seem to fit if they are on the larger side. We normally buy the larger bottles since we have an active household and it makes more sense financially. While I love this cart I just wish the drawers were a bit bigger.


Assembly was so easy, just the knobs! The wheels get stuck a little and the wheel brakes are a suggestion of a brake but otherwise exactly what I wanted.


It fits where I need it, but it's a bit tiny for the larger toilet rolls. I use it for feminine supplies, and so it works anyway. A bit expensive, but a good purchase for what I needed it for.


Works great in our master bath. Nice product


This narrow cabinet was a lifrsaver for me and my tiny bathroom. It is well made, easy to assemble, And fits perfectly between the toilet and wall with space for toilet brush. Various cleaners, a drawer for personal items. It is nice looking and the top is a good spot for decorative & functional articles


Love this


looks Nice, rolls well, the bottom drawer allows for tall bottles. This gets a lot of hard use in my assisted living home. I bought two for each bathroom. If they last a year, I'd be happy, for the price.


I added legs and wheels to make it taller!


The size of this cabinet is small, but it can put a lot of things. I put it in the bathroom, it doesn't hinder the place and puts a lot of things. The designer is too talented!


lol all you have to do is add the wheel, I’m using near near the bed to store snack


Needed something for storing novels, Bible, extra tissue, and cleaners in my husband's small bathroom. This cabinet fits perfectly beside the commode and is just the right companion!


When I initially opened the package, I was surprised that this storage cabinet came in a hold piece. The only parts needed to be put on were the four wheels. Even with a wrench, you can do it in 5 minutes. Besides this, there are a lot of space in the cabinet. I can put a lot of stuff in it. I use it to store some makeups at the restroom, which is very helpful.


Smaller height wise than I imagined but perfect fit for where I wanted it to go. Was well packed


I've been looking for a storage cabinet that fits between the wall and the bathroom sink. The space between the wall and the bathroom sink at my house is very narrow. This product fits the space perfectly! It was less work to assemble (I only had to assemble 4 casters).


Great... only thing i had to do eas put on the wheels... came built... wish it was a lil taller tho...


This is for next to my bath tub , it helps me organizing all my bath stuff. I like shopping I like buying everything I think we need, and some times it’s too much, so we need extra space to make it work! This is one very helpful!


Took a little while to assemble. It’s cute and will work fine for what we purchased it for.


There is a storage area in the back of this cabinet for a bowl brush. The cabinet has to be turned around to reach. Very impractical in my case. It would have been better in my case to have more storage in the drawers. The cabinet came assembled. I only had to had drawer pulls and casters. Nice for small spaces. The drawers are just not as deep as I expected.


I needed a bit more storage space in one of my bathrooms in my new condo. This fits the space perfectly and gives me a little more storage. It is sturdy and was already assembled (just had to put the wheels on). I do feel for the size that it is a bit on the expensive end.


This look should be handmade - quality OK, do not take up space like this.


I love this Bathroom Storage Cabinet! Looks in my bath very good!Very convenient to installAnd everything is organized for my stuff!Compact and looks good!Recommend!


Just fits the one little space left. I rubbed a bar of soap on the bottom edges of drawers so they would slide easily.


Works perfectly next to our toilet. Came fast and easy to assemble


This fit perfectly between the toilet and the sink cabinet. I like the extra storage it gives me


Very easy to assemble, Just the wheels.Very cute cabinet, but being particle board may not hold up to children.


The drawers weren't as comoatible as I would have liked, not very sturdy. Was easy to assemble. Bottom drawer sticks real bad.


Perfect size and functionality


I love this Cabinet. You can't find a better price! My bathroom is very small and has little storage .The little hatch in the back, the drawer in front . I searched all over for something like this that would fit and finally found it!


Love it! It’s quite narrow, but was a bit too bulky to place beside the toilet. So, we placed it in front of the toilet and it works. It’s bright. Lots of space on top. We placed sage on rice appear and stillon top but there's still room for guest to lay their makeup. There are little drawers for guests too and for bulky cleaning items. My husband put it together in no time and he’s not always the handy one.


For the price this is a great value. Heavier so it doesn't move when you open the drawers. Looks nice. It was assembled and all I had to do (76 yr. old female) was screw on the knobs and wheels which required a screwdriver. Very easy. Love it!


It looks nice. It was simple to put together. Fits perfect in small spaces. Love the 2 baskets for additional storage.


Exactly what I needed for extra storage in my bathroom. Comes already assembled and looks cute, plus holds a lot of stuff while fitting into otherwise useless space


fits any bathroom supplies you’d need but also could be used as a side table and its very durable and doesn’t scratch my wood floors


Need a small storage for my guest bathroom. This cabinet perfectly fits besides the vanity sink. The storage can hold roughly six rolls of toilet tissue. Which perfectly good for the guest bathroom. And mostly I like is the cabinet is preassembled, just screw 4 wheels to enjoy it.


Love my new storage unit- just the right size


Satisfied with this purchase. Perfect size for what we needed it for.It suits my needs for the narrow space in my bathroom.


Very easy to use, also very beautiful cabinet, put in the toilet most suitable


Just what I needed!


Has a clean look in between my washer and dryer. It stores everything I need to do laundry....


Was surprised at how much fits in it. Only thing that could have been better is packaging. There was a small scrape along the Lowe edge of the cabinet. I chose not to use the wheels. Fits nicely between the commode and shower stall.


great product


It comes complete so no installation is necessary, a big plus!!! I use it in my kitchen. The baskets holds odds and ends, the top drawer holds all our plugs for our electronics and the back (where you would normally put the toilet brush) I have my handheld vacuum cleaner. Perfect for my kitchen! It matches my white cabinets perfectly.


Super kompakt und stabil und praktisch.Kann ich auf jedenfall Empfehlen.


I was very surprised at this space saving cabinet. It is great for just about anything and everything you would want to keep handy in the bathroom. I was a little leary after reading the reviews about it being hard to assemble and sturdy. To my surprise it was assembled, only needed to add Knobs and rollers on bottom. The bottom did not have pre drilled holes for the rollers but they we so easy to put on. I like the knobs that came with it but I had a couple of fancy ones from a kitchen cabinet remodel, I used them. Looks very classy. I did not give it 5 stars because it did have a couple of spots not painted on top and a couple on the side. Nothing that I cannot cover over but I felt with this being a bit pricey, I should not have too. I think this is a handy cabinet to have. Holds hairspray cans, lotions with pumps. Has a holder in back for toilet brush. Very pleased.


The product was not easy to assemble. It does have nice storage.


This is very sturdy, but be prepared for a million pieces and take your time putting it together. It went together fairly easily but I did do a piece check and definitely had to pay attention to directions. Some pieces may require assistance from another person. I was able to assemble alone sitting on the floor and holding pieces upright with my legs, but if that is something you can't will need a second person to assist. The instructions look daunting but it is doable if you take it slow and pay careful attention to the pictures instructions. The unit is very sturdy once assembled and of good quality for what it is. I do not regret this purchase but if you don't enjoy assembling things like this...I definitely wouldn't recommend.


The size is design perfectly for small area. Bought it for toilet room, just put some sanitary pat, phone, toilet paper air freshner and toilet remote etc. , makes my toilet room looked clean and neat, quality is just ok enough, white paint furnished, lots of storage.


Smaller then what I thought it was. But perfect for as t I needed. Packageing was good.


I am very satisfied with this purchase.Simple and practical without taking up space


Purchased this for my personal enclosed bathroom in our master bathroom. For its small, sleek and narrow size, it is perfect for concealing so many items, such as toilet bowl cleaner, liquid soap dispenser for my bidet style unit, along with a drawer to fold up some small towels. The lift up top is perfect size for personal hygiene items. You could even store a few rolls of toilet paper, however, I ordered a lovely chrome contemporary toilet paper dispenser stand that also stacks three rolls. Now it looks tidy and easy to keep clean. Perfect for that space along side your toilet for extra storage.


This is a nice small piece, decent storage for it's size, it did seem a little overwhelming with all the pieces, however it went together easily.


We are using this for extra storage in our bath.


Bought two to fit in a narrow space between my bed and the build in ikea cabinet around my bed. They hold a small lamp and I am using them as makeshift nightstands. I didn’t get the screws for the knobs though but found some around the house that worked.


Not the greatest quality, but does what I need it to do at a reasonable cost. It fits in my bathroom and holds medical supplies I had nowhere else to store. It looks fine and in this case function is much more important to me than form. It came well packaged, and required no assembly other than adding the knobs on the doors (I chose not to add the wheels).


great for the small space I have but stains very easily


Love this for my tiny bathroom !!


Nice storage cabinet. Was just the size i needed for the space. Came fully assembled which was great except for the wheels. No holes were drilled for them but it still looks nice without them.


I have a small powder room that has no storage because the sink is a stand alone so I found this. Easy to put together and came with no damage. Its used to house my toilet paper rather than the closet. I love the little baskets they give it holds a few smaller items. I would definitely purchase again if needed.


We use this between the wall and the bed in our room. Makes a great thin night stand with some storage.