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Wall Mounted Folding Laptop Desk Hideaway Storage with Drawer

This high quality foldable laptop desk is perfect for compact space.

Overall Rating:
78 Reviews
Item No: 35107896
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Key Features

● Sturdy Construction: This wall mount computer desk is made of high quality MDF material, it is sturdy and strong enough for your daily use.
● Ample Storage Space:Features multiple storage compartment, our computer desk provides spacious storage for you to store and display you items.
● Space Saving: Wall mounted and fold up design make our computer perfect for compact space, it offers an ideal space-saving solution for those who want to store essential items and keep the room clean.
● Elegant And Modern Appearance: Clean lines and stylish design add a modern feel to your home or office, simple appearance make our foldable computer desk matches other furniture very well.
● Multi-function Desk: It can be used as a computer desk when expanded and a cabinet when folded, this wall mounted desk is perfect for bedroom, living room, reading room, office or other place you want.


    This high quality foldable laptop desk is perfect for compact space.


    Constructed of premium MDF, this desk is durable and sturdy. It provides ample storage for your to store your personal things. Featuring wall mounted and foldable design, the desk without taking up much space. Simple and stylish look adds an elegant feel to your home, it can be combined with any decoration style.


    This foldable desk is multi-function, not only can be a computer desk but also a cabinet. Don't hesitate to buy one!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Made of premium MDF, sturdy and durable
    • Wall mount design makes the desk more convenient and save your space
    • With a safety lock can be folded when not in use
    • Ample storage to store books, magazines or other items
    • Clean lines and stylish design can be combined with any decoration style perfectly
    • Can be used as a cabinet or a desk, multi-functional
    • Features four compartments, one angled paper organizer, one drawer, and a fold-down desktop
    • Suitable for office, living room, bedroom, etc
    • Easy to assemble and easy to clean
    Installation guide
    • Color: Brown
    • Material: MDF
    • Fold size: 23.5" x 6" x 20" (L x W x H)
    • Unfold size: 23.5" x 20" x 20" (L x W x H)
    • Weight capacity of each shelf: 11 lbs
    • Weight capacity of desk top: 44.1 lbs
    • Net weight: 22.4 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Wall mount laptop desk
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This product is OK. Was easy to assemble the desk but installing it to the wall was difficult to say the least. Spend some money to hire a handy person to install. Unfortunately a year later the latch broke and I’m not sure how to contact the company. Hopefully I can figure something out…


It took some time to assemble, but I never felt like I screwed up or never had to re-do things because of crappy instructions, btw, that happens to me most of the time. So this was a pretty sweet deal.


EASY TO ASSEMBLE!!!!! WOW! Merry Christmas


The desk was easy to assemble and is pretty sturdy. The mounting hardware is weird and not super safe. Fell off the wall once when the table came down. Just be gentle with opening the desk and it will be fine.


This desk is not too shabby for the cost! I bought this for my remote job so I could hang it at a height that I could stand and work.
Two things I wish were different:
1. The instructions are confusing af. It’s still doable, but there’s no reason to not give better instructions with something that is going to be mounted to my wall.
2.I wish they would’ve included little pieces to fill the holes on top. It just looks tacky but since mine is so tall it’s not such a bid deal.
Overall, a good buy if you’re limited on space and need the functionality of a desk.


Desk is very sturdy, but Wish desk was one size larger.


Love that it saves space, low priced, and easy to mount (as long as you have basic knowledge of doing things around the house)
Not fond of knob and latch, plastic gold... tacky and tackless simultaneously.


Only thing I see wrong with these is the center bord is not flat it's set on an angle .


It was too small. My small laptop barely fit on it


Take times to install but after that hard work anyone will love it.


Good value for money,Granddaughter loves!


Small screws


Great space saver


- It’s minimalist design makes it easy to style to match any room aesthetic.
- The instructions were a bit complicated to follow towards the end , so you’ll need some imagination there. All you need is included in the box. I chose to leave the middle shelf out.
- I used my stud finder to find the studs in my wall, I made pilot holes with my drill, and then for the rest, I used a screwdriver.
- to mount it at the right height , I placed a chair next to the wall and then marked the wall for about where my belly button would be if I were sitting .
There’s a natural wood design available by another seller


Great value good product true space saver


We purchased 3 of these and I should have tried to hang it before I purchased two more..The brackets installed to the wall don't extend farm enough overlap the hangers provided with the installation.


Too many pieces


I like it


This is a fantastic workstation for individuals who prefer to live a minimalist lifestyle. When closed, it makes the room appear larger and conceals all of my junk. When it's open, it's ideal for studying with a book and a lamp. I've attached a photo to demonstrate my setup. It was quite simple to assemble and hang. I normally just eyeball where the screws should go on the wall. Others may like to make advantage of a tape me. it's my first time purchasing a table like this for my children; it also saves a significant amount of space in my children's room. It's quite simple to assemble and extremely durable. It's ideal for compact rooms and areas. This purchase has made me really happy.


I was looking for something where I could easily do my computer work but I don't have the space for a full desk but this has filled that need. I have a corner in the living room where there was enough space for it. Assembly was straight forward but there were a few similar pieces that I had to take apart again because I didn't focus on the instructions manual. Only 2 screws were needed to mount it to the wall and it holds well without an issue. The little drawer is use to keep the pc accessories. I am very pleased with the looks and usability of this wall mounted desk


Good little desk more for a child. Anything more then a laptop is a tight fit not even room for a mouse unless used on the wood. Sturdy but hanging it was a fiasco the hooks are very difficult to get onto the wall clips. I had to prop it up with a bunch of stuff and use a screw driver to push the hook out to hook on to the wall clip. Not an easy task alone or with one person.


Much smaller than pictured but accurate according to the dimensions posted. Handy for small areas or when you want to remove a desk.


The storage is definitely nice. The middle part is big enough to hold a binder, which I like. The assembly portion was a little difficult in terms of instructions actually giving all the part names, but the pictures are detailed enough that you can figure it out. It’s a good desk for the price though! My main complaint is some of the parts are pretty cheap. The knob for instance feels like plastic that you could get from a Dollar Store toy that’s pretending to be metal. It’s not a huge deal and I’m sure it’s replaceable, but it was a bit disappointing. The drawer itself is a little wonky as well. It’s held in by these gold studs of sorts so it blocks the drawer from coming out. Not the smoothest, but again definitely functional.


I use it as a vanity over my bed and it’s actually pretty great works perfect for me since I don’t have much space.


Desk was easy to assemble. All picture directions. Sturdy and works great for laptop. Should be known that the recommended height installation on the wall is a little high so you would need to lower for an office or regular height chair (we are using a bar stool). Overall, very satisfied! Would love another as a vanity!


I liked how fun it was to assemble. The instructions were straightforward


I needed a place for my clients to ‘check out’ and a place to keep a few office supplies. I looked for something small and came across this desk.It assembled easily and hangs nicely in my studio. The middle slots hold paperwork, etc but not like a small binder. The little shelves hold smaller items like tape and post-it’s and there’s a drawer below as well.I like the look of the desk, it does what I need it to and I think it’s an attractive piece that is well made.


Wall Mount Anchors are not big enough to support the desk


I had very little space in my room for a desk but desperately needed one so I decided to go for a fold down, hanging desk. This was so easy to assemble, I did it by myself with just a screwdriver and what ever tools came with the product. 5/5 stars! The only feature that I did not like is the slanted shelf in the middle. I wish it just attached vertically so that my notebooks and things stored better. Otherwise, great product.


Works great for our disabled son. He can drive his wheelchair under it and enjoy his laptop. Nothing to get caught or stuck in underneath. Perfect for him!


Needed a desk in a very small room. Small enough to be out of the way but also has enough room to do homework on and use a computer.


It was perfect. Just what I wanted


I bought this Wall foldable cabinet for my son’s playroom. I like it because it does not look like the normal table, it doesnot take much space. It will help u save space. When my son is playing in the room, I will fold the cabinet. When he need to study, I can open it. It is so convenient. But one thing that I was worried about that the cabinet can hold how much weight? That why I put 2 “L” under cabinet. I will recommend it if u want to save space in ur room.


Sturdy well built perfect desk for granddaughter.


I am happy I found this, I love it. I put it in my living room, as I frequently use my computer while I am watching tv. I got myself a chair to go under it. It looks great. The process of assembly was easy, I did it in about 30 minutes. It is made of sturdy wood and the hardware all fit where it should, and all pieces were right there in the box. I like the boxes it makes so that I can put some of my favorite items in to display in my living room. It has plenty of room for a large size laptop to sit on. Item was as described by seller.


This is a good choice if you need a small amount of space to work, ie laptop or tablet. The color is true to what’s described but the latch to close the desk is not very sturdy at all so word of caution there unless no issues with keeping it open.


It took me and husband 1 hour to assemble it. For us, it is not that easy to put them together. The reason I bought it is small enough to put in my daughter’s small room. The desk is exactly what I want. It is very small when it is folded, but has enough space writing sheet work when it’s down.


I bought this for my son , he absolutely is happy for He’s new desk , is just perfect size and fits his bedroom nicely while saving space and looks great as well.Multi function desk can be used as a computer desk when expanded and a cabinet when folded.Last thing is the desk is very easy to installation.


This desk took about 1 hour to put together. I had a carpenter attach it to the wall. He placed an extra support at the base of it. I love this. It takes up so little space and is practically invisible when not in use.


Love this; fits in my sons room perfectly


I thought that I was going to have to replace my existing wall mounted toilet paper holder because it wouldn’t hold these mega rolls that are everywhere now. This is the greatest and solved my problem in a snap.


The screw holes for the hinge are not located in the same place on the delivered product as on the photos for the product. This has caused a lot of confusion for other reviewers, and had me stumped for a bitOne claimed the holes are drilled "wrong." The holes are drilled BETTER. It works just fine if you do it as the updated sticker shows, which I've taken a photo of. That way the hinge never tries to pass over the screw which precludes properly closing it.


Even though it feels heavy it looks pretty cheap. Glad that I got it for my child though and not an adult because it’s super small


My bed room is too small to place a big table so i use it for my bedroom. I plan to put some lotions on it and work on the platform with my computer when I am too lazy to get out of my bed room. It is white and goes super nicely with my blue wall. It is very stable and very easy to install. As a matter of fact, my husband completed it from opening box for 30 minutes without help from 2nd person.


My 7yo loves this desk! It has lots of nice storage space, folds up nicely and is well made. It's a little tricky to put together but if you take your time it should work out nicely. The only drawback, the enclosed latch was not working well. I had to purchase a replacement which took just a few minutes.


This was very hard to put together, you have to put every single piece together and by the time I got done with it the hinges didn’t close properly, so I ended up taking the hinges off and just leading the top flap down completely. The mounting was really hard too, you had to make sure that the measurements were perfect. Overall after I got done with assembling it, which took several hours, it was worth it because I live in a very small space where only this would fit. I made it into a make up vanity station. And overall it works really well for my needs just be ready to assemble quite heavily!


I like that it has a good measure but it too expensive. I use for my laptop


The desk is very solid and is beautiful to look at. The shelves are useful and easy to put things away to organize. I have a small living space, and this works great for me. Saves me a lot of space. I like that I have plenty room for my legs to move around.


The mounting brackets were easy, and the 'clips' were pretty slick. Allowed you to adjust for levelness and snug tight against the wall.


My daughter loves this desk. Takes a little time to put it together. But looks great once its done. Only thing i would chamge would be for it to come with mounts for studs


We got this mounted table my daughter because her room is small . Very easy to assemble and fit perfectly. She really love and has her own little space.


The hinges aren't lining up to allow the door to close all the wall. We had to bend them out so they dont hit the screws. The latch is also not lining up with the pressure drilled holes so will need to get a different one along with another form of hinges. Other than that it looks nice and will fit in my daughter's small space.


Simple and modern. Love the fact that it's foldable~~providing a great work station while some stationary items can also be easily stored. Love love love~


Perfect size. A litter hard to assemble and install. But other than that, good quality.


It was easy to assemble, great looking and functional desk, it really helping save my bedroom space.


This is a really nice desk for those living the minimalist life. When closed, it makes the room feel bigger and hides all my clutter inside. When open it’s perfect for a book and a lamp to study. I have attached a picture to show my set up. It was super easy to put together and hang up. Eyeballing where the screws should go on the wall usually works for me. Other people might want to use a tape measurer. All in all it came out perfect.


I love it is exactly what I wanted. easily to assemble


Perfect for my daughter not so big room, doesn’t take up much room but still allows her to have enough room for homework or drawing.


The wall mounted table was nice,its really pretty.And its easy to install,its very useful,also it saved up space for my room.For example when I'm not using the table,I just close it .


It’s easy to install and the quality is very good.


It's very convenient and won't occupy the position.


Perfect little wall desk, easy to mount on wall. Sturdy and handy for small work areas. Love it!


Love, love, love it! It’s perfect and exactly what I had in mind.


Love the desk itself, perfect for small spaces and very pretty! Reason for the 4 stars is I wish the anchors and screws that came with it we're a little bigger to handle the weight! We went to the hardware store and purchased larger ones that work great but it'd be nice if they would upgrade the ones that come with it.


Bought this desk for my daughter and was very impressed. It was very simple to assemble and mount. It also feels very sturdy. Overall, excellent product for the price.


The product was extremely difficult to put together since the instructions didn't have any verbiage explaining installation, only images. All in all, we are pleased with our purchase once the table was built and mounted wall.


l. Was a gift to my granddaughter. Was easy to mount (grandpa installed it) and it is very functional. Highly recommend.


This desk is great! Easy assembly and very sturdy


I bought this wall mounted table for my bedroom,because my bedroom is really small,doesn't have enough space for regular table,I really like this one,help me to save space,easy to installed,high quality


This is easy to assemble and saves up lots space and it looks really nice as well and the storage area is big as well good for kids to use in a office and I like the color verities too (brown and white)


El producto cumple con las descripciones, viene protegido en su paquete y con cada pieza específica, todo completo y detallado. Llegó a tiempo. Tomando el cuenta que es para laptos o de un uso no tan pesado.


This is a small foldable take with a lot of storage. It packed very well. The assembly process is kind of tricky by if you follow the instruction then you will have no problem. It took me about an hour to get it ready to use. Looks great!


This is amazing, I found this so convenient, it's my first time getting this kind of table for my kids, save a lot space for my kids room too. Super easy to install & super sturdy. Really fits great for small rooms & little spaces. I am so satisfied with this purchase. Compared to other manufacturers, this is much cheaper & it's affordable.


Great high quality wall desk for my laptop.
Nice drawer on the bottom holds all the bills to pay online. 15” laptop easily stores inside.
I added a padded saddle stool.


A nicely constructed desk that we had no trouble installing. It is a perfect option for our tiny home, and we are quite pleased with our purchase.


Works perfect for what we wanted it for. To hold a laptop and have reps sign in for access to our center! Beautiful wood and sleek design!


I love it is perfect and exactly what I wanted. Just be careful not to put too much weight on the extension desk part because it gets very stiff and feels unstable. But easily can work on my laptop worry free, love it.


Finally got both installed. They seem very sturdy. Those who mentioned the terrible hardware are CORRECT! Don't even bother using them, get better anchors or you'll get halfway through like I did and have to go buy more. Time will tell on the sturdiness. Spacing of the mounts only allows for one stud to be used. I mounted it higher as some others mentioned and ordered two 30" barstools for each kid's room. Minus one star for useless hardware.