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Portable Folding Beach Canopy Chair with Cup Holders

This adult folding chair is equipped with an adjustable canopy that provides shade at several different angles.

Overall Rating:
84 Reviews
Item No: 17925804

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Key Features

Sturdy and Strong: This foldable beach chair is made of high quality 600D PVC fabric. Extra supporting steel tubes on the bottom improve the overall weight capacity of 265lbs. This beach chair is durable and stable which can be used for a long time.
Sun Protection: It comes with a canopy in the up position for sun protection. Providing you with cool shade in a hot summer day. You can enjoy the shade and breeze at park, beach, pool, backyard, camp site or other outdoor places.
Easy to Set Up: The foldable design allows you to use this beach chair immediately when you open this folding one without the hassle of assembly. It is easy to set up and no tools required.
Comfortable and Convenient: The padded armrest and oversize frame ensure comfort of this beach chair. It also includes two cup holders for convenient storage and you can easily get your water bottle for staying hydrated.
Easy to Store And Carry: This beach chair is lightweight and foldable. It comes with a carry bag which is convenient to take, wear and store. You can store it at home or take it in the car for camping.


    This adult folding chair is equipped with an adjustable canopy that provides shade at several different angles.


    When you want to feel the sun on your face, the canopy can be folded down behind the chair so you can catch some rays. The chair also includes two cup holders and an accessory pouch to hold phones, books, and more. Under the red bright chair ,it can cheer your mood up and improve your sense of happiness!


    How can you miss such a wonderful beach chair? Just add it to your cart!


    • Sets up quickly and packs easily back into its carry bag
    • Use a durable heavy-duty steel stable frame, more stable construction
    • The design with canopy keeps your skin a glowing, healthy complexion
    • Ideal for outside uses such as beach, picnic, fishing and football games
    • Sturdy foot pad is fine workmanship, good antiskid effect, protecting the chair from flipping over
    • Two cup holder provides you best convenient to store snacks and cool drinks
    • It provides you a comfortable lying with high quality fabrics and ergonomic backrest construction
    • Color: Blue/Red
    • Material: Steel tubes + 600D PVC fabric
    • Net weight: 13 lbs
    • Max load: 265 lbs
    • Overall dimension: 38" x 26.5" x 51"
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Beach chair
    • 1 x Carrying bag
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This was a great purchase. This chair is comfortable and very durable. It’s very easy to open and close for storage. It has a little weight to it but that’s a minor factor because it’s a beautiful chair at a great price.


Great Chair, slightly heavy


Need to have COSTWAY vendor send replacement clips for the canopy. - Literature says not to return item contacting them instead. NO CONTACT information (address, web site, customer phone, etc.) included in the paperwork sent with the chair. On Page 3, Item3 of instructions the photo shows the clips in question. THESE clips are NOT going to last and without them the top will not stay up.


Got this for my dad who is 6’2” and over 250lbs. He broke his hip not too long ago and needed something sturdy to get up from and something that won’t sink in too much. This works perfect. He loves taking it to the car shows and telling people it has a convertible top. So far it’s been great and dependable.


It is certainly very sturdy. It is much larger than I expected. Seems to be for a large person


Very sturdy material.


Just got these - Seem as advertised - block sun effectively. But the nuts who designed the carry bag didn’t use common sense. Bag is too small. It’s basically useless. Can’t get chair back in carry bag unless precise surgical actions are taken.


Good chair, good height too.


Good chair, but it is very heavy. Other than that, it's very good.


The bag is too small


Much stronger than most other chairs that I'ver had


A good chair. I have three other chairs with umbrellas. But this one is a lot heavier to carry. But overall it a good chair.


I didn’t realize this chair is HUGE and HEAVY when I ordered it for my mom for Mother’s Day. She can’t even carry it. She also said it was a pain to try and put together. I am returning it for these reasons. Now, if you’re someone who needs a wider seat and don’t mind the weight, then this might be for you.




Sturdy, but heavy to carry. Great coverage from the sun at soccer games and the beach.


This is a very sturdy chair. Great product!


If you need to be out of the sun this is the chair for you. Love it


It’s comfy and it has two cups holders - one that’s a little bigger so larger cups/bottles will actually fit. As was mentioned by many reviewer’s, it’s definitely heavier than most of your camp chairs. But that’s because it’s much sturdier and made from a heavier metal. So I knew this going in, and other than the additional weight, I think it’s an awesome chair!


Great chair and coverage


Nice quality


Impossible to get back into bag but chair is sturdy and folds easily. Fortunately I have a beach cart to carry it in.




Bought this for my wife and she loves it


This is the Cadillac of camping chairs. Comfortable, sturdy, and supportive.


This is the strongest & the most roomy comfortable chair that I ever had. The canopy is really nice! This chair is definitely worth the money. I am so happy that this was a great purchase! If you buy it you will absolutely love this chair!!! ENJOY!


Comfortable and sturdy


I really like this chair. Bought a couple of them and we tried them out on the first day. They are very comfortable...they lean back just slightly to make you feel relaxed. All materials are sturdy. Canopy looks bigger than the pictures. There is weight but I wouldn't say excessively. With the Canopy bags with straps I carried both over each shoulder with no problem. It depends on your position and general strength to how weighty they feel. A cheaper less sturdy chair would feel lighter I'm sure but that's not what I want. They pack a little tightly in the carrying bags but again not too excessively. It help having two people pack a chair. One to hold the bag and another to maneuver it. Anyway I'm thrilled with these chairs!


It's very sturdy and comfy and roomy..but dark navy color too.


Bought for car shows. Great way to keep the sun off.


Perfect for soccer games under the intense summer heat


It’s heavy to carry, and I have had more comfortable chairs. I will keep it though. I need the shade part of it since my daughter plays travel ball and it’s very hot here in the summer.


Perfect for me. 5'5 and 235#'s. It fit my bottom perfectly. My feet dangle a little but when I scoot up in the seat I can get out easily even with my bad knees. The canopy is not height adjustable however you can flip it up to use or flip back to store. The chair is very easy to fold and put back into the bag. It's not too heavy for me either and I am weak.


So comfortable and awning shade is perfect!


The quality is good and it’s a comfortable chair. It is very heavy and I haven’t been able to put it back in the bag.


Reused our chair while camping in our RV


Great durability!


Excellent product and wonderful seller. Very accommodating. Appreciated doing business with this company.


Brought it for beach trip and the chair is comfortable and sturdy, even on the beach. And carry bag is very convenient, I can simply put it in my boot on the way.


The product is excellent for me


Great product


Love my chair with the canopy great shade for fishing when there is no trees


Used it on beach, sturdy, comfortable, I have a problem getting out of smaller chairs, this I didn't. only thing if it's a windy day and the canopy is up but your not sitting in it the chair will flip over. Put it down chair will stay upright. No big deal. love it!


I love the canopy for shade, the ease of lifting it from spot to spot, the way it folds up in a smaller space to avoid rain, and the comfort of it.Absolutely the best outdoor chair I have!


I needed a chair that would be comfortable and sturdy. At 78 it is more difficult to get out of a chair. This one meets my needs as well as comes with the bonus of a Canopy To keep the sun off.


Wery comfortable chairs. Good protection from sun.


Love this chair. It’s sturdy and comfortable. I weigh 250lbs and it’s holding up. Providers the needed shade. Everyone that sees it wants one. Lol


Heavy for the elderly , but great quality, worth the purchase!


Overall great chair!!!


Very sturdy and comfortable chair. Great product! It's heavy if you want to carry it around but other than that it's all good.


This chair was so worth the price! There is literally no assembly at all, which I was afraid of. You literally take it out of the bag and open it up. The sun roof just slides up or down for if you want it or not. The chair is pretty wide! I can sit criss cross on it and have my legs up and I'm not a thin person lol


Awesome chair ! As a plus size girl this is a comfortable chair . I was worried about sturdiness but this chair is very sturdy !


Use on beach everyday, easy to set up and take down. Sun roof works great. Less use of umbrella now.


love chair


Bought for my son as a Christmas gift. His son plays lots of sports ! Keeps the sun off during those hot days! It’s great!


Sturdy, good quality chair.


Great sturdy chair. Heavy duty metal frame, and the canopy is convenient on the rainy days stuck at the kids' soccer game.


Like- easy assemble Dislike- no foot rest


Great chair and very sturdy


I love my chair, comfort and the shade.








Easy to use


OK, so I have been purchasing chairs like this since the early 90s. And this chair is just as high quality as the ones early on the market. GREAT quality. Material is very heavy duty quality and great coverage in the canopy. Over hang is great for sunlight. Comfy chair and nice size. Very happy. I use these for air shows.


I’m very pleased, it much more durable then my other fold up chairs and the canopy works great.


Bought this to use on visits to the ocean. I chose it because of the sun cover. Have used it on three occasions and have been pleased with it. It is a little heavier then I thought it would be, but with the carrying strap, it is not too bad. Does what I want it to do.


Great chair, strong, durable, but to be expected, a little heavy


It is very easy to set up and put away.


Got to have


Chair works and sits great !


already got use


I ordered this chair for my elderly father for his birthday so that he could sit out by the pool. It is very sturdy and easy for him to get in and out of. The coverage is perfect and we are very pleased.


I bought this to use at my daughter’s softball games, trying not to scorch myself. It is the perfect chair to do the job


Use it weekly. Worth the money.


It is a great chair; the only thing I had a hard time with was carrying it as it is heavier than some but it is because I am 79. To make it lighter might take away some of the I can handle it....


I would buy more. Great quality and function. Love the overhang for shade.


Out side at pool area ,it is awesome and Very sturdy


I bought this for my daughter. She attends the ball games for her grand children. Easy to open and get back into the carrying bag. She love it so much!


These are the BEST chairs for the weekend warriors going from one kids sporting event to the next. The best part is NO BAG! It collapses nicely and the sides clip together and you are ready to go. The canopy is also nice for both sunny days or an occasional rain shower. Get rid of your bag chair once and for all.


So far good! I took it out the box and put it together. I plan to use during summer events which haven’t started yet.


Just what I wanted at the right price. The chair is wide enough to sit comfortable. You can collapse the canopy and use as a regular chair. The canopy is a nice feature on a hot sunny day. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a foldable chair.


I have a cancer diagnosis and cannot be in direct sunlight so I needed a chair with a canopy so I can still enjoy the outdoors. The chair is great, sturdy with lots of coverage. The chair itself is a little bigger than your standard camp chair. There is plenty of coverage with the canopy. It's affixed to the chair itself and it securely snaps in the back to help keep the wind from taking it out or blowing it back. It's not too heavy to carry but it is much heavier than a standard camp chair which is to be expected with the added canopy and a better quality product.


This chair is sturdy and has a great weight limit. Not everyone can use the regular chairs believe me I know this. I broke one trying to use the arm rest to get out. This one is sturdy. It is larger than normal


I was enjoying the day outside the house with my friends in the park (We had a BBQ even). This chair arrived at the right time I used in the park. It is conveniently carried and left it in my car. It was easy to set up and then stable to use. The only problem for me is a little heavy for me. I asked my boyfriends help.