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  • Portable Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray w/ Handle
  • Portable Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray w/ Handle
  • Portable Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray w/ Handle
  • Portable Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray w/ Handle
  • Portable Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray w/ Handle
  • Portable Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray w/ Handle
  • Portable Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray w/ Handle
Portable Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray w/ Handle

Portable Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray w/ Handle

This portable bamboo tray is a perfect choice for you to have meals on it.
Overall Rating:
47 Reviews
Item No: 02873965

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Key Features
  • High Quality: This tray is made of natural bamboo, which makes it more sturdy and durable.
  • Multi-Function: Used for surfing the Internet, coloring, reading, eating food, doing homework on the bed, sofa, recliner, floor, car, etc.
  • Easy Handling: The carved handles in the two sides for easy carrying, and the foldable leg design can save much space for storage.
  • Thoughtful Design: The surrounding edge prevents the things fall from the tray, and it’s bamboo material is easy to be cleaned.
  • User Friendly: This tray is environmental friendly, and provides you a healthy life style.

    This portable bamboo tray is a perfect choice for you to have meals on it.

    This is our brand new foldable bamboo tray, which is prefect for meals, reading or working. Owing to its carrier handles and foldable legs, it can be transported easily and stored in a space-saving way. It provides ample space to fit multiple dishes and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

    Don’t hesitate to order it right now, it will make your dining a little more fun!

    • Brand new and high quality
    • Bamboo construction is simple and natural
    • Carved handles for easy carrying
    • Foldable legs for easy storage
    • Designed for meals, reading or working
    • Material: Bamboo
    • Overall size: 19.5" x 11.8" × 8.7" (L x W x H) without handle
    • Height of handle: 1.8"
    • Net weight: About 2 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 × Bamboo tray
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Perfect for my mother in law


I have already had to use this bamboo bed table when I was laid up in bed. It certainly does it’s job but it feels as though it’s not very sturdy. It just means that needs to be handled with care. I wished I had bought a sturdier bed table


This was super light and easy to carry around also I loved how easy this was super comfortable and I definitely enjoyed using this


This was a gift for my husband. It's light weight but really sturdy.. He sure loves it! It's of great quality


Good product to help feed one who is bed bound


Legs could be a little tighter, I'm a bit worried they will fold up while in use. I'll see of it can be tightened somehow!


Great product


Quality product


Great! Use it everyday


Have fun


Very useful for my grandmother while in hospital bed.


works well


Perfect for bed tray


Works well enough.


Great quality size is really good and not high so it’s comfortable


It helps, not much but help.


Love the size of this. I bought it intentionally for use with my laptop. Not much room for my mouse, but I can always use the touch pad. If I had a complaint, that would be it... just a little more room from left-to-right.


The tray is beautiful in appearance and easily folded. It is of practical use. I can fold it and put it in my car and take it out for a picnic.


I love this table is amazing, beautiful material and really comfortable


I like the raised edges on it so if you do happen to bump the table your plate is not going to slide off. The legs fold into the tray so you can choose to have it standing up or have it lay flat.


Great for achy feet. I sometimes wake up with very sore heels & find massaging my soles by squishing it with my feet in a forward-backward motion brings a LOT of relief.


Thanks the quick transportation, the product is very good, love the nature color,and the customer service is very nice to answer my question, thank you!


Love it very much, I can use it to eat, to read ,to put my laptop to watch, very convenience, My friend want it,too. So I will buy more. Thanks the seller.


Prices great I recommend it


Great product for massage .


I did receive the ball and was happy to have it to massage the bottom of my feet after working in the yard all day on Saturday. ??


When I use this I feel two things...relief and a tickle. So there I sit rolling my feet over this spiked ball laughing and feeling relief at the same time. Great combo.


Massage Ball Complete Bundle - Massage Ball For Plantar Fasciitis - 17 Online Massage Videos IncludedOrder received as schedule and nicely packed. Quality of ball good and very comfortable to use to massage on sore points. Nice!


I bought it because I stand and walk a lot on my job and by the end of the day my feet are incredibly sore. I have used the ball with ought looking at the attachments and I am very pleased with the effects!


I love this massage ball. It is firm and the "bumps" add to the experience. I have a problem with tight muscles in my legs and this is perfect for my feet. I start at the bottom with my feet then use other things for different parts of my legs. This is perfect for what I needed. I also bought two and the person I gave it to loves it as well. I was surprised by how form it is. I have used other things and this is much better because of the extra firmness. I think you will be very happy with this.


This really helped me release some tough spots that my roller can't get too. Also, works great to stimulate your feet.


Purchased this to work the knots out of my back. So far so good.


Spikes are a little too hard.


This is an amazing tool to help relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis. I have tried arch supports and elastic arch bands. I was not going to try heat or cold compresses to ease the pain because they aren't as convenient to have at a moments notice. And I don't think they are helping it to heal. I am on my feet for about 11 hours each day and I put in about 8 miles on an average day. I have been having plantar fasciitis pain from stiffness or non use while I sleep mostly. With the bands they don't relieve pain for the whole night, I usually take them off and wake up with arch pain when I roll out of bed. I had been having strange sensations in my arches for the last couple weeks. I have only been able to relieve the feeling by scratching them with my fingernails, like I'm tickling my own foot except much harder. So I thought what if I got this spiky ball and just stood on it to make the sensation go away? When I got the mail at 8pm, I took it out and put that thing on the carpet and put my foot on it and rolled it back and forth for several minutes under varying degrees of pressure. Oh my, the relief was amazing. The sensation was replaced by one of, don't stop! Like I had a really bad itch that I couldn't stop scratching. My foot wanted more and more, like a dog working his leg for a belly rub. The other foot enjoyed it but I didn't need as much pressure or as much time. When I woke up the pain was not nearly as bad. I will keep using it Everynight before bed and see if it helps as much. So far this has helped much more than the bands and the arch supports. I may continue with the arch supports. But, I think they are masking/prolonging the healing and may be part of the reason, this has been going on for several months so far.


good Massage Ball for Feet and hands


These helped stretch the bottom of my foot and it helped with my plantar fasciitis.


This spiky massage ball is good! After your foot is sore, if you can get use to the firmness of this item, it will definitely relieve your pain. I was used to using a lacrosse ball to massage my feet or back and glutes, and this works as well. It is great to also use along with a smooth one! I will use it to massage my back by putting my back against the wall with it. Works well.


This resides under my desk and I use it daily.


I have a lot of pain in my right leg from my sciatic nerve. I love to lay on the ball right where my back and hiney meet (oh yeah). I also have pain in my right foot from plantar fasciitis I love to roll my foot on it but even better putting the ball on my calf and putting pressure on the outside of the calf (amazing). May need 2 for both cheeks.


So, I had this massage ball for some time now and I must say I LOVE IT! I have only briefly looked up the online massage videos they talk about (those that are mentioned in the description - I had to contact the seller to ask if they could sent me their PDF again, since I could not find it)... Well I can tell you you don't really need to watch videos to see how to use the spiky ball.. it is pretty straight forward! BUT, there are a lot of nice videos online, on YouTube... it can help you for sure, so I suggest you just go online and look for "spiky ball" videos... you will find tons of useful videos that show you how to use this simple little ball and really benefit from its massages. You can use it pretty much anywhere on your body, on stiff muscles and for massages. Try it on your neck, shoulders, back... any sore spots will feel much better afterwards. A great, deep massage... a tiny ball, pure plastic... it looks so cheap... you would not ever think that it works, but it does tiny miracles! I LIKE IT A LOT. When I go running, afterwards I put my feet on it and I feel instantly relieved. It comes in a tiny plastic pouch with button, which makes it easy to store and keeps it clean. It is really THAT simple and REALLY WORKS! I think that $7.21 is actually a HONEST, FAIR PRICE for this item... yes it could be cheaper... but it is not "just" a plastic ball... it does really help if you use it correctly.


Love this!!!! I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for several months and tried everything. Dr suggested using a frozen water bottle rolled under my foot but it wasn't doing much. As soon as I used this it felt amazing. It looks like it would be painful but it felt so good. With the ball style it rolls perfectly Under my foot and the nubs give the right pressure. I have used this several times a day and will continue. My foot feels so much better.


I really like this ball for my feet. It feels good rubbing it on the bottom of my feet especially when they feel tired after a long day at work. It's red in color and comes in its own case to keep it in when it's not in use.


Been using this at my desk when I am just sitting there. This is perfect to roll over my feet. It feels great, it is stiff and provides much massaging. The item does have a plastic smell right out of the bag but I think it will go away. It is easily cleaned and has a great color to it.


I've suffered with plantar fasciitis for a long time. It keeps me from doing things that I like to do because of the pain in my heel and foot. I saw this massage ball and it looked like it would feel so good on my foot. I immediately ordered it. I am so glad that I did! It really does help relieve the pain in my foot when I use it. The ball itself was larger than I anticipated. I guess I didn't really look that closely at the scale of the pictures. However, that's a good thing. It's just the right size for my foot. It feels so good when I run my foot along the bumpy spikes. It does tickle a little bit but it loosens that tendon in the bottom of my foot and grants me temporary relief. I use it before and after I exercise to keep my foot looser. I'm able to exercise longer and it helps with the pain after I exercise. I really like this product and I would definitely recommend it. It's such an affordable and easy option for relief from plantar fasciitis. I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by any seller, manufacturer, or any other company. My reviews are based solely on my experience with each product. If this review has helped you in any way, please push the YES button below and let me know.


I am very pleased with the massage ball it works well on the feet helps with acking heels and planter fascitus also very effective on arthritis and numbness of the hands also great stress reliever received product free


Plantar fasciitis is far from a fun thing to endure. It's so very painful! Mine is the most painful in the mornings and after an extended trip to the store. I have tried bottled water frozen and heated towels to relax my tendon. Nothing was helping. I have since found relief with the Massage Ball with Spikes. Every morning, I grab it from the night stand, place it on the floor, and roll my foot over it several times. Now I can get from the bed to the living room without wincing in pain. I also use it in the car between shopping in various stores. This massage ball is not squishy and the spikes are not flexible. It is all rigid. You can put as much pressure on it as you need. Disclosure: I received this product free in order to facilitate an honest/unbiased review. My thoughts and opinions remain 100% my own!


 In my lifetime I have used a few different home massaging types that I use in between massage appointments with my therapist. I never mind my honey grabbing a massager when his hands are sore from working out the crazy knots and fatigued muscles that I've got. This massage ball is rough enough in case the dog gets ahold of it (my black lab did), but really gets into the muscles without creating any soreness. I've left it in my softball bag for in between games. I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% solely my own.