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Reward Point

1.How to get reward points

1) Place order to earn equal value points. C$1 in an order=1 Point.

2) Complete the reward points tasks to get responding reward points.

• Install Costway APP +300

• Phone Number Verification +300

• Write an all 5 star review with detailed using description +200(Extra 300 Points with Image)

• Complete Questionnaire +200

• Follow Costway Fackbook +50

• Follow Costway Twitter +50

• Follow Costway Instagram +50

• Follow Costway Pinterest +50

3) Costway's subscription email and offical Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest is irregularly going to select lucky users for sending large points.

4) Costway will launch more creative events to help users get more reward points, please follow the newest Costway feeds, once the new event has been launched, you’ll get a chance to be the lucky user.

2.How to spend reward points

Costway reward points can be used to cover the order (100 points = C$1). For example, if there’re 20000 points in your account, the 3000 points can be redeemed as C$30.

3.Reward points using restriction

1) Reward points can be stacked with coupons.

2) Any customer including the new customer, could use reward points to cover the purchase from the first order. Each order is available to use up to 3000 points (C$30) to cover the amount of money you pay.

3) Some special items cannot be covered by reward points, including the clearance label items, the sale label items and the flash sale label items, because the up mentioned items have already reached the lowest prices all year round. Learn more about coupon usage

4) Reward points will be sent to your account after the order is completed. If you request for refund, the corresponding gift points will be taken back after your refund request is completed, and the points that have been used in this order will not be returned.



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