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  • New Bike Bicycle Lift Ceiling Mounted Hoist Storage Garage Hanger Pulley Rack - Gallery View 1 of 9
  • New Bike Bicycle Lift Ceiling Mounted Hoist Storage Garage Hanger Pulley Rack - Gallery View 2 of 9
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  • New Bike Bicycle Lift Ceiling Mounted Hoist Storage Garage Hanger Pulley Rack - Gallery View 9 of 9
New Bike Bicycle Lift Ceiling Mounted Hoist Storage Garage Hanger Pulley Rack

New Bike Bicycle Lift Ceiling Mounted Hoist Storage Garage Hanger Pulley Rack

This Bike Ceiling Lift Rack is ideal and perfect to meet your Storing Needs. When the bike is not used, the Garage Organization Bicycle Hoist can help u lift your bike to make more floor room.
Overall Rating:
74 Reviews
Item No: 28639501
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Key Features

Reliable Safety Mechanism: This bike hoist features a safe locking mechanism to lock the bike in place steadily, which can prevent the bike from accidentally releasing and falling down. So in order to ensure safety, please lock your bike firmly before you use it.
Sturdy and Durable Construction: This bike hoist is made of strong steel and premium PP rope, which is extremely tough and durable for long-time use. Besides, hooks are designed with a protective rubber coating to protect your bike from scratches.
Convenient Versatility: With robust engineering design, this bike hoist allows you to lift up the bike to 45 lbs. It can not only hang bike, but also can hang kayak, canoe, ladder and other appropriate sundries. This heavy-duty mounted system fits on solid wall and ceiling, which is perfect for garage and indoor use.
Space-saving Design: The heavy-duty lift is ideally designed to ceiling mounted for bike storage in garage or other places when the bike is not used, which helps you save a lot space. You can free up so much floor space to store other items, organizing your garage instantly.
Easy Operation: Comes with a convenient pulley system, the bike hoist is easy to hang bike on the ceiling. You just attach the hooks to your bike, lift and lock it, and then smooth pulleys make it easy to lift heavy bikes. This bike hoist can lift up to 12ft high in no time.

  • Brand new and good quality.
  • Garage Organization to Create More Space
  • Simply attach the hooks to your bike, lift and lock
  • Pulley System Allow Easy Lifting of Bicycle
  • Long Rope Makes Mount Enough 12 feet High
  • Ceiling Lift for Safety Purpose
  • Color: Black
  • Weight Capacity: 45 lbs
  • Material: Metal
  • Package includes: 2 x Lift Assemblies, 2 x Hook Pulleys,1 x rope
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


When it arrived I was checking out the garage for a place it would be accessible but not bump my head on the tires. During that search, I spotted my extension ladder and the space it occupied. After some quick measurements, I decided to use the bicycle holder for the ladder. I was able to mount in the space between the garage door when up and the ceiling. Wasted space put to good use! I'll order another one for the bike.


I have 3 bikes hanging from the garage ceiling now. The 1st and 3rd lift hoists are about 6 feet apart, and all 3 bikes go up and down great. When installing on a ladder, it's nice to have a partner nearby.


This bike hoist works great. It was super easy to install and set up. I installed it in my shed to lift the bike off the ground. It is very sturdy and hold my bike without any problems. The pulleys are smooth and easy to use I am very happy with this purchase.


Came fast, easy to install. Exactly what we needed


Holds our tandem Bike just fine. Glad we purchased it.


Perfect for storing our bikes. Easy to getUp and down and it allows us a lot more space in our garage.


Husband loves it and I can still park in the garage.


Just what I wanted to store my bike out of the way.


Installing on a board first and then screwing the board to the ceiling joists is much easier than trying to mount the lift parts separately. Directions are blurry and difficult to read.


Easy installation instructions and works well


Sturdy, strong, well designed


Quality materials and works well. There are lots of these out there and the price tags on the blue ones is very high. Have used this a few times now and it is well worth it. Great price and great item.


We hung 2 bikes above our workbench in our garage on 2 of these, and so far we like it. Installed 3 months ago. Hopefully will last for years to come.


Can’t beat the price


Well made and easy to use.


It is a little weak but nice for lubebing .


Brruy nice


I am very happy with the quality of this stand for the price. One thing to note, however, is that the stand is designed to clamp onto the bike and hold it on the top tube of the frame. If you want a stand which grabs onto the bike underneath the saddle, this is not the stand for you.


For the price an outstanding standThe front of the bike tends to want to drop forward


This is amazing for the price. I own and have owned dozens of bicycle stands over the years as a professional bike assembler. This is an excellent home stand and also a great loaner stand for my new employees.


Works great!


Good+Secure stand.clears pedals w different settings to be very versatile.Seems like a good buy to me.Doesnt take up much room on floor as a Park PCS-10.


I don't normally write reviews but when I do it's usually because I got a fantastic product for the money. I am a diy-er for just about everything. I have lots of tools and I'm also a stickler when it comes to dependable stuff. I must say I was a little skeptical as I was deciding which one to purchase. I just received this stand last night so this is a very short term review with my initial impressions. I will update the review in the future if needed. Assembly was super easy and I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy and well built this stand is. It works perfectly for my 30 lb Trek 29er MTB and could easily hold a heavier bike. The little tool and part tray is also a nice touch. I would definitely recommend this product if you're in the market for a bike stand. You could pay as much as 5x more for a bike stand but I have no idea why you would unless you have more money than sense.


Makes working on a bike so much easier. Setup was simple. Placed a 65lb ebike and had no issues. This replaced a bike stand where that held the bike at the bottom bracket.


I picked up this bike stand because of the reviews. Surprisingly stout stand. I use it at it’s lowest setting most of the time and don’t even close the clamp, my bike has cables on the upper bar and I have things mounted on the seat post. See my photos. Mainly I set it in the clamp and it does the job! I would recommend this to anyone on the fence about purchasing a bike maintenance stand.




For the price of this stand i would recomend it to anyone, It works perfect my buddy bought one from a bike shop for over a hundred I wasnt spending that so went this route and it was the best route ever, He wishes he would have plenty sturdy, I have changed tires to installing a rear rack to misc. other things and have been nothing but happy. I would reccomend the park tool HBH-2 Handle bar holder though to keep front wheel from turning,


Solid construction. Not top of the line, but definitely solid. I've had a dozen different bikes in it so far and no problems other than needing to wrap certain frames with styrofoam pipe wrap first (to make the clamp firmer). It hasn't tipped with any bike in it. It was definitely worth the money.


wish it had a quick release but for the price i like this more than other stands.


Great product


Great for the type of work I intend to do which is just occasional maintenance for my 2 MTBs. Price is not the expensive compared to the other ones which is just what I'm willing to pay for non-professional type of work.


happily surprised! Actually quite sturdy, solid materials. Weakest link are the various knobs for tightening sliding/swiveling parts, which feel like they will fail sooner or later. It's standard hardware, any reasonably handy person can replace or repair as required. A great buy at this price. Worth it for chain maintenance tasks alone.


Nice for price


I have a tendency to be very hard on my bike so it spends a lot of time on this stand and it has held up well. I had serious doubts as to the plastic clamps that hold the bike because there is some free movement from the clamp but so far it has been fine. However I have removed the bottom bracket twice on it but would not dare to use all the force needed to remove it against the stand itself so I brace the bike with my shoulder for that. All in all, you get a pretty decent piece of equipment for what you pay for it and will likely fit most people's needs.


works great--even hung up my canoe


With a little work and duck tape and it's works fine.


Works great, works just like it should.


For the price I was expecting this to be a fairly cheap plastic product. I was very surprised to open the box and find a sturdy steel stand with the only plastic being found on the connections. The main clamp connection does have little play but I have yet to try and tighten the post clamping bolt so this may go away, and this is not an issue for me regardless. This is a very nice product that should last a long time. I'm more than pleased with this purchase.


Good buy , excellent product


Very sturdy. Once brackets are tightened, it is very easy to mount. I'm curious what more expensive models give you, because this worked perfectly for my needs!


Very nice repair stand for home use.


This a great value. It is very easy to move/store indoors for storage and to tinker with the bike in front of the TV. It collapses small enough to store just about anywhere.Outdoors, I mainly use it as a way to clean a chain and wash my bike with both hands free. The base is surprisingly stable.Only negative feedback is with the orange plastic protectors. They are difficuly to keep affixed to the clamp, always falling off. Another softer/tackier material might be better.


Excellent value - a perfectly adequate, fully adjustable bike stand at a super low price.The only problem I had had, was very minor - the red plastic cushions on the gripperclaw were falling off frequently so I used some silicone to glue them on. Very happywith a great buy on a very versatile bike repair stand. High recommend.


Knobs and fittings are a little weak but this item functions well.


I don't normally write reviews, but so far this product deserves it. It's way more heavy duty than I thought it was going to be. Seems to be a great value, but time will tell durability.


Vertical clamp is weak. Otherwise a good product, especially for the price paid.


Nice set up


sturdy and stable. cant ask for much more for a bike repair stand.




Great product, very useful


First stand I have owned and seems to do it's job, time will tell how it holds up


Perfect gift for cycler


This stand worked great on my 29er MTB. The tool tray is very handy also. Great product for the price.


There is no need to purchase a $100+ repair stand to get a quality product. This is a very nice repair stand that should provide years of use. It has sturdy 1.5" tubes, beefy plastic clamps, and a strong steel pedestal with folding feet for support. The 7" x 12" tool tray is a handy feature. If you are looking for bargain-priced quality repair stand, you just found it!


Purchased and assembled this stand. Not used the stand yet to work on bikes I have so cannot speak as to how stable it is for holding bikes or give any rating on use. The stand was easy to assemble and there were no missing parts. I like the quality.


works well just wish the clap was able to go small enough to hold my seat post correctly




Service great. Works well


Works well and we'll built, very good price.


Very good stand


Great product for a good price. Sturdy, functional and easy to store. Very pleased.


Perfect price, Perfect product easy to assemble and is a lot better built then I though . A great addition to my road bike needs!


Love this thing, it holds my bike well, very adjustable, easy to store. Can't go wrong for the price


Great product and great service. UPS lost my first one and the vendor shipped another one promptly. The stand itself is much better than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised. It is rugged, heavy. Height is adjustable which makes it easy to work with my bench. I'm happy with it.


It works great.Make sure it's secured and tightened.


The orange pad caps on the "jaws" keep falling off, but I have managed to work on 3 different bikes (road, hybrid, cruiser) so I have no major complaints.


Very solid, everything works well. However it turns out that the clamp attaching the stand to the bike can only clamp to a tube. It cannot clamp onto the seat tube (which is something I found out when I moved from clamping my aluminum road bike on the top tube to a carbon bike where I should not clamp it to the frame). It makes me quite scared whenever I have to clamp my carbon bike as a result. However if you have an aluminum frame or steel frame, this thing is a great bargain.


The bike stand is wonderful! It's very sturdy. The packaging was good and it arrived timely.


Absolutely incredible bike stand. I've got my 34 lb fatbike on it. Very impressed with the quality. 6 stars!!!


I love it.


Excellent! It's got lots of move options, sturdy, and light weight. No problems so far.


I use the stand frequently and am still amazed that I was able to get such a high quality and well engineered tool delivered at such a low price. It is stable and can be adjusted in many different ways to hold you bike in most any position. I like the large knob used to tighten the clamp. I can easily change the grab point without having to adjust a quick disconnect lever.


This bike repair stand is great, durable, makes fixing a bike very easy. However the box that it was delivered in was destroyed when it came to my house, and it was missing a nut for a screw, which I'm sure it fell out of the box seeing how you could see into the box when it was delivered.


This is a good purchase for those on a budget that have a 4ft x 6ft space in their house or garage. The clamp is a little too big for my road bike, but I used a few towels to adjust it for the distance. It is easy to assemble and it almost arrived on time. There was a slight delay in shipping because of weather, but that isn't the companies fault.I just a few repairs on my mountain bike and my road bike. This stand worked well for both.