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Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game Set with 42 Jumbo Rings and Quick-Release Slider

While learning how to play jumbo 4-to-score giant game set, kids could develop team spirit and cooperative skills.

Overall Rating:
126 Reviews
Item No: 74291850

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Key Features

Giant Puzzle Game: This exciting giant toy is perfect for playing at home, outdoors, at a birthday party, or at a barbecue. With it, family game nights become even more exciting. Besides, through this game, children's motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills can be greatly improved.
● Premium Materials and High Durability: The materials used in this jumbo 4-to-score giant game set are carefully selected, so there are no safety risks. Premium PE and PP materials are very durable and can provide you with long service life. And the edges are very smooth to ensure that the player will not be scratched during the game.
Light Weight and Easy to Carry: Due to the use of high-quality plastic materials, these four pieces weigh a total of 25 lbs. The lightweight and portable design make the game set very easy to carry. In this way, the playing field will be unrestricted and you can compete with family and friends anywhere.
Easy to Assemble and Clean: The jumbo 4-to-score game can easily be set up or taken apart to take to your next party. You can do all the assembly in just a few minutes without using any other tools. In addition, the cleaning process is very easy and simple, occasionally wipe with a wet cloth.
The Perfect Holiday Gift: The colorful toy is the perfect gift for children. Whether it's Christmas or birthday, these gifts are always a surprise and will keep them entertained for hours. The rules are very simple and children can learn them quickly. Besides, the two red stripes at the bottom can quickly restart the game.


    While learning how to play jumbo 4-to-score giant game set, kids could develop team spirit and cooperative skills.


    The height of 4 feet makes it suitable for all adults and children. Therefore, you can also compete with your family and enjoy a happy time with them. The giant 4 in A row is made of high-quality PE and PP materials, which can provide you with long service life. Take a look at the jumbo 4-to-score giant game set we've prepared for you.


    Let's play with friends and family with the jumbo 4-to-score giant game set!


    • Giant toy for home, outdoors, birthday party or barbecue party
    • Help to improve children's motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive ability
    • Carefully selected materials ensure high durability and user safety
    • Smooth edge ensures that the player will not be scratched
    • Lightweight and portable design make it very easy to carry
    • Unrestricted playing area allows you to enjoy the game
    • Wipe with a damp cloth once in a while for easy cleaning
    • Can be assembled in minutes without any other tools
    • Perfect gift for children during the holidays or birthdays
    • Color: Red/Blue/Green
    • Material: Plastic (PE + PP)
    • Product size: 47.5" x 17" x 41" (L x W x H)
    • Rings diameter: 5.5"
    • Rings thickness: 1.5"
    • Net weight: 25 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Chessboard
    • 21 x Yellow rings
    • 21 x Green rings
    • 2 x Supporting foot
    • 2 x Pull strip
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


The price It’s similar to others so I guess it’s all right but it seems like a lot. On the other hand the kids have enjoyed this all summer long and adults join in too. Way fun For rotating games that include adults and kids together on the lawn


The rings store on the side, they're large, and it's easy to carry once it's assembled too take it inside in the basement in the winter. Not a game 'just for kids' we have fun as adults with game.. definitely better than any other ones out there


Excellent product, I don’t have to be worrying about the rain with it, but when the winter coming I have the bag to store. I recommend this product for the good material and for the fun that your family can have.


Awesome kids love it


My son often times has many of the neighborhood kids at our house playing. We have the pool and the trampoline and wanted something a little different--this hit the spot! Everyone has a blast with it! Both children as well as adults! Its so easy to put together too! Very well built and good quality.


It was great


Has become one of the family favorites


Easy to assemble and take apart. Light for transport.


Great and fun game for everyone - of all ages. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Highly recommended. Fast delivery.


Assembles easily. A great thing to do with kids and family.Love this game.


It arrived after the expected due date! Fantastic game to play. Very durable and hours of fun with everyone standing in line waiting to play the winner. Strongly suggest this item for outdoor and indoor playing.


This product is worth every penny. It’s made study and easy to use. I have grandkids from ages 2-16 and it is great ff or every age. My little 2 yr old loves stacking the ducks on the pegs, my 4 and 6 yr olds love to fill up the entire board and then letting them all drop out at once. While the older kids love the skill of the traditional connect 4 game. So happy I bought this, it’s not cheaply made and it’s worth getting a great product. Love this


Made my grand son love it


This was so easy to put together! Very sturdy and durable. I would highly recommend this product!


My kids have always wanted one of these since playing it at a local ice cream shop. It is quite a bit of an investment so I was a little hesitant to get it. But we play it all the time! They do make much larger ones that are difficult for my 3 and 5 year old to put the pieces in. But this one is perfect for everyone. Its large enough for adults to be able to play without bending over but not too big that my kids have to stand on ladders to play. It was really easy to assemble and didn't take much time to snap it together. It does come with a basketball hoop and a ring toss game but I think it would be a better design if they were to turn them into drink holders instead as nobody has much interest in that part. The colors are really bright and the plastic is high quality. Overall I love this product. It is so much fun for everyone in my family and we look forward to playing it at out BBQ's all summer long.


Loved durability and bright color.


Very easy to assemble, sturdy and so much fun for kids and adults.


My boys love it. It came sooner than expected and I love that it's a giant size making it fun for the entire family. And we also saw it on the Ryan Show.


Amazing quality and best price around for this item. My daughter is obsessed. Perfect for toddler size.


This set is very easy to set up. And it is gives my kids a lot of fun.


I loved everything about the game! However it arrived missing some rings and I’m having difficulty getting replacements. Nonetheless, my family and I enjoyed the game. We played connect 3 instead of 4 due to missing rings


Great delivery, easy to assemble!


Easy to assemble and sturdy. Great hit with children and adults.


Christmas gifts don’t know yet! Parents super excited!!


Ordered this for the kids for our family Christmas Party. They had a blast. Husband said it was the easiest thing to put together that I've ever bought.


Connect 4 is such a simple game to get the kids into, and having a giant size version to play outdoors is awesome. The construction of the game is nice and its easy to release the pieces after the game is complete.


Makes for some fun family game nights! Family tourneys get intense! The 9 and 13 year old enjoy it as much as the grownups do! Very sturdy and easy to build!


This was a great gift for me to give to my 3 sons during the pandemic so we can spend more time outdoors. It was super easy to assemble even without me reading the directions, and you don't need any tools.


Easy to assemble with one person. Fun two play with two! Seems to be sturdy and well designed. Love this!


Love this item. Purchased for when our grandchildren visit, however as adults we enjoy playing. Will be able to easily transport game to parties.


My kids love it so much, it is a perfect gift for them! Recommend!!!


My child is very happy to have it,nice product,arrive so fast.


The game set is perfect for users of all ages and for both indoor and outdoor activities. Great to enjoy your leisure time at home!!


I purchased this for my granddaughter's party. While the unit is sturdy, it is smaller than the image shown.


Assembly took about 5min and is a one-person job. No tools required, just pop the pieces into place. It's heavy and sturdy, much like Little Tykes type hard plastic.


We ordered this for our annual 4th of November party and everyone loved it. It is very sturdy and well worth the money.


Very simple to set up and have a lot of fun.


The games was a huge hit. The kids young and old loved it.


This has been a huge hit at our house. Bought it for our 11 year old to play with his friends, but the teens that come over to hang out with our older son play with it the most.


It’s a lot of fun and holds up well. Great game for playing with friends outside.


my family and I loved it


Loved the game as a kid, now we can play it by the pool! This has seen plenty of action during parties and is a constant hit!


Absolutely love this game. It is nice and large, which is what I was going for. Very easy to assemble - takes 5 minutes. Bought to use for a teen party, but our family has been playing it and we’re having a blast. Worth the money.


Very great for the yard excellent in rainy weather


My kids are too young to understand connect 4 at all, but what is cooler for a little kid than a giant thing they can play with! They love messing with it! Maybe someday they will actually play the game too.


So much fun!


Enjoyed playing with family.


Kids love it and easy to clean.


We really like this game in our house, it is used a lot. The game piece stays inside and can be easily removed with a small slide piece that is pulled out. You can also play toss and basketball, so that two or more people can play this at the same time. Good quality, bright colors, and large enough to work well in our garden.


Me and my family had a great time


This is a great game for adults & kids. We use in and outside.


Everyone loves This! Even though it’s for playing, it works great for home schooling and teaching kids patterns!


Very cute and fun, falls apart of it falls over. The bottom is a little hard to open and close to let the pieces out.


Great buy! No complaints here.


Game room/grad party


This is a bit heavy to carry but lots of fun to play.


Super fun!! If it’s a little windy, it falls over, but we just put some weights on it. Wish I would have realized this one didn’t come with a case so I had to buy a bag separately.


We Always have family parties and barbecues it my house and the grandkids love this.


The kids and adults have great fun with this. Sturdy and well built. Only thing I would change is higher off the ground (longer legs) as the disc get stuck on the bottom when you release them but quick fix.


Very easy to assemble, very sturdy, not only the kids are enjoying it


Exactly as advertised. Very sturdy and kids love it!


Bought for my grandkids to play.


Funs of entertainment indoor and outdoor events..definitely purchase of you love games at family/friends events


I'm glad I purchased this. I bought the carrying case but it would be too heavy to carry around or disemble. We play it on our porch or take it with us camping. Kinda heavy but well built.


I bought this for my residents in the nursing home. They love the size and have playing.


I am SO PUMPED about this!! Got it for the new house since we will be hosting a lot and it has been such a hit! So so so easy to assemble and take apart to store in the shed! Probably will even take it to the lake this summer! I need all the yard games now!


We wanted a jumbo connect four and we’re so glad we purchased this one. It is well constructed and super sturdy. Totally recommend.


Kids love this game. It very fun for game nights


A little awkward to assemble by myself but is a very fun game to have


Absolutely hit! My family loves this and during quarantine, fun while staying inside!!


Bought this for my kids for Christmas. Thought it would be great for the yard in the spring and summer. We host lots of neighborhood kids, do Girl Scouts, school and classroom parties/-events, etc. We are adding this to our selection of “yard games.” It’s currently in the toy room and getting lots of action there during the winter.


It was a gift, watched via video - was assembled


Easy to put together, though be careful you can pinch your finger when snapping pieces together.


The kids truly love it!


we saw this at the PHX airport a few years ago and the kids loved it so we got one for Xmas and they played with it for about a week....which is not bad for young kids keeping interested. I was waiting for the price to be around $125 ish and that's what we got it for (about that plus tax). I think its a great purchase for that price and will keep a group of kids entertained for awhile. (also quick and easy no tool set up!!!!!!)


This was our family gift this year and a huge hit with grown sons and grands. Very easy to assemble and very durable. Everything is well made and smooth so no chance of cutting small hands. The checkers stack well on the holders and drop into the slots easily. It comes with a durable storage bag that was shipped separately. Great quality and has already provided hours of fun for ages 4-55!


Easy to assemble after watching a YouTube video. Could use better packaging


Buen tamaño, y muy entretenido con los niños muy bonito juego me encanto


Took way too long for delivery however, it was easy to assemble. My family began playing immediately and had so much fun!!!


 This game is so much fun. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. It comes with a very nice carrying case that holds everything together. It is huge. Everything feels very sturdy and well made. The game is easy to learn and follow the instructions too. My kids have been playing for hours. I am really happy I made this purchase.


 Easy to put together, sturdy and was a huge hit at my birthday party.


It kept all my nieces and nephews entertained for a while


i was originally thinking to get this for my kids. after i got, we all had fun. me and my husband also played it for so many times. we have several big fight for who getting to play it first. we had so much fun of it. nice to have


This is one awesome Jumbo 4 score game. My granddaughter loved playing the standard size while I was visiting her in Austrailia. They are coming for Christmas and this is going to bring fun times. It is big enough for kids, teens or adults to stand while playing. The colors are incredibly welcoming to a child or adult. There are options to choose colors from, and I chose to stick with bold primary colors as the 2 year old is learning colors, as the 4 year old and 6 year old know these colors, and can help their brother learn his. There are so many places this fun game would be great for. I think it would be a great birthday party activity, for a school, library, children’s groups or clubs! It is so much fun and is very inviting with the size, colors and pieces.


As expected


Kids 2& 5 love this,Parents approved bc they could play along.They usually don’t like big toys for the kids. This one they all enjoyed. Nice colors


We have had so much fun playing this!!!


 This four to score game is huge. My daughter and I were on vacation a few years ago and the hotel had one like this, she loved it. When i was looking and saw this I knew it would be a great gift. She will be home for thanksgiving along with her college friends and they will be playing away. I am looking for a few more large games.This was easy to put together and has the storage connected for the pieces. The bottom pulls out to release pieces for more play.Bright and vibrant colors for play.


I got it as a 4th birthday gift. It’s amazing my boys they love itthey play together even it’s a very good activity for kids for their brain to think how to use the rings


Great for parties and baby showers


Love it


Great product. Sturdy and easy to set up. Worth the money.


 This is my kids favorite board game so I figured it would be a fun family / party game if we got a huge one for the weekends. Easy to set up. Happy with purchase.


Came exactly as advertised. Setup is super easy, 5-10 minutes tops. Love it


Great addition to our Games!


The game is exactly as pictured. All of the kids and adults will have a fun time playing. I suggest buying the big bag if you don't want to leave it set up all of the time.


We use it for game day or night with family or friends. Everyone loves it!!! It was easy to put together. The kids love the big size of it. Great purchase. I also use it to help my younger grandson count. He loves it!!!!


Absolutely love it


This game is very great for entertaining! It was a big hit for my family fellowship party. Every body loved it. I would definitely recommend


Easy to put together and fun to play with littles.




Easy assembly, great in or out doors fun for the entire family...


My granddaughter just loves this! Exactly what we expected


Big fun game.... Grandkids love it.


Love it. Family loves it.




The kids love it, adults love it! Its a big hit at every BBQ. Only downside is storage space, but made it work.


We love it


Sturdy and easy to put together!


Easy to assemble


This is a great addition to our yard! Fun for get togethers. It was quick and easy to put together.


Was a great purchase.. great to have for the kids!


My kids love it


I got this for my grandkids to play with this summer. They have loved it along with their parents.


So this was also a part of our fun day with our grandshuggas. They were excited. to see the giant game. It was a hit at the party. We will be looking for other fun giant games to add to the. collection.


We were like big kids playing this. Inside and Outside we ahad a ball. 45-60 yrs of age.


This is not just for kids!! Adults love this product also.


My kid likes it and that’s all it count


Very Durable, easy to move around


I l❤️VE this!!! I received this a few days ago and my kids cannot stop playing.


Everyone at the party loved it


Huge and the kids love it


Great fun! My kids has enjoyed this during Quarantine.


Veey awesome. My childre. Love playing.


I purchased this for my resort guests and they love it!


Good item. My kids love it.


We purchased this for outdoor play in our backyard. Easy to put together (just took a few minutes). Kids and adults all love it. We have it on our screened in lanai most of the time but do occasionally take it into the yard. I'm not sure it would hold up if left out in the hot Florida sun for an extended amount of time, but I think it will last us many years if we remember to bring it back to the lanai when not in use.


This item is great for all ages!


My family and I love this game. It is a lot of fun got all ages. Definitely recommend if you plan to purchase,


A lot fun to us, adults play and kids play, it’s big but don’t need a lot space and also quality good, the item doesn’t have odors, the material is plastic, so it can wash, we enjoy play it