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  • Abdominal Workout Equipment with LCD Monitor for Home Gym - Gallery View 1 of 12
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  • Abdominal Workout Equipment with LCD Monitor for Home Gym - Gallery View 12 of 12
Abdominal Workout Equipment with LCD Monitor for Home Gym

Abdominal Workout Equipment with LCD Monitor for Home Gym

This is the power plank abdominal trainer which can help you get in shape in the easy way.

Overall Rating:
96 Reviews
Item No: 61728340
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Key Features

4 Adjustable Resistance Levels: 4 Resistance levels perfectly meet different needs and training goals. You can choose from four resistance levels so as to gradually increase training intensity, ideal for beginners and professionals with different heights and strength conditions.
Smart LCD Display & Folding Structure: The smart LCD display on the handle clearly shows count, time, calories, and speed. With an LCD monitor, you can easily keep track of your progress and physical condition. Besides, the ab machine is foldable, make it easy to store.
Sturdy & Heavy-duty Iron Frame: The ab machine is crafted with sturdy iron, which is durable for long-lasting use. The Solid Iron frame comes with a large weight capacity of 220lbs. Meanwhile, sturdy material leaves you no worries about using reliability and offers a steady training experience.
Professional Ab Machine: Take minutes to reach your target and get the perfect shape with this ab workout machine. Not only for abdominal training, but a professional ab machine also helps to build up muscles for your full body. Four flexible wheels offer smooth and stable training, aiming to take your ab and core muscle to a new level.
Humanized Design for Better Training: With six foam-covered cushions, this ab trainer offers a comfortable and safe training experience. Your knees and elbows will get considerate protection while training. Meanwhile, the cushions on the handle offer a better grip, ensuring maximum comfort and safety. Additionally, four non-slipping pads enhance overall stability, which also protects the floor from scratches.


    This is the power plank abdominal trainer which can help you get in shape in the easy way.


    Just spend five minutes a day and you'll simply be surprised to see the weight loss result. Your daily workouts will be greatly improved by performing reverse crunches with the abdominal exercise machine. It is perfect for both men and women, this fitness machine features a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 220 lbs. It can workout you upper body, arms, legs.


    If you are looking for a plank abdominal trainer like that, don't hesitate to buy it.


    • Perfect for men and women
    • 4 levels strength adjustable
    • Includes led counter
    • Foldable easy to store
    • The monitorscreen will show the calories burnt, time, and moves per minute. Choose between four resistance levels to gradually increase the intensity of your workout sessions. The power plank exercise machine can be effortlessly set up in no time and does not call for any professional help
    • Material: iron, foam, ABS, nylon
    • Weight:19Lbs
    • Weight Capacity: 220 LBS
    • Overall Assembly Size: 38"x22"x34"(LXWXH) (Maximum height)
    •                                      58"x22"x14"(LXWXH) (Minimum height)
    • Folding Size: 50.5"X21.5"X6"(LXWXH)
    • Foam width: 6”
    • Package include: 1x Trainer 1x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Affordable, if you just want to stay home and workout it's a great investment that going to the gym


It's a sturdy enough machine, and does the job. I can feel the "good" burn in my abs, all the way down to the lowest point of my stomach between my hips, thighs, and somewhat in my calves. I've noticed an uncomfortable tightness in my shoulders, upper back and neck.... leading to an increase in headaches. To be fair, I haven't been to the chiropractor in a year and a half and my spine is not perfectly aligned. This has been a problem area for me. I'm not sure if this machine is making it worse due to design flaw or my muscles just being weak and already out of whack. Love the benefits of the machine, just not sure the negative effects are worth it... Hopefully I can find a more effective way to do it, perhaps working on my back/neck strength for a month or so before using this machine again.
Also not thrilled with the lack of instruction. There are basic pictures on this page of possible ways to use it, but no details about the proper method to do each exercise. Nothing in the instruction book, either. No suggested work outs or guidance on correct posture, etc.


I just love this thing...I had started using this at a friend's in anither country...loved the way I got I found it on amazon...And got it for myself at home...I can't wait for the 30 days results...


I love it!


So far it has been easy to use. It works mainly on the abs and a little on your arms. You get really sore after it so I don’t recommend doing it before work. Great home workout while you watch tv or listen to music. Also great for the price.


It gives me a great workout on the stomach


Beat purchase I've made yet. Easy to assemble, very sturdy. I never purchase these kinds of items, but it's the only way to get rid my mom pouch. This works. I'm sore in places I didn't even know I had muscles in lol


Love it and it really works


Small and easy to put away. Love this machine.


It is really developing my ab muscles. Strong and tight


I like this machine it does target your abdominal area for the price I pay for it I think is well worth it.


Easy to follow directions. Little wobbly.


Easy to assemble. Very sturdy. great product.


This is one of the easiest piece of equipment to assemble! It's easy to fold and put away in a small space. It's not heavy but it's well built and sturdy. My husband tried it too and liked it very much! I didn't realize I had muscles in the locations they are (LOL!) but it gave me a burn, I was sweating and was sore....and that was only three (3) sets of 10 at the lowest (easy) setting. I like that it has a counter and timer which is directly in front of you as you work out. I'm happy with this purchase and I'm looking forward to my future outcome.


Very great !!!


Works great!


It's a difficult little device but I think I will see amazing results. However, having stated that this order was doubled and I only wanted one. I'm having a problem returning the extra one because the description states it contains liquids and gases and not returnable. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN LIQUIDS OR GASES. IT IS A MECHANICAL DEVICE MOVED ONLY BY PHYSICAL FORCE. IT IS A YOGA PLANK. CHANGE THE DESCRIPTION SO I CAN PRINT OUT A RETURN.


The foam on the knee part is always coming off which is very annoying. But over all, this product was easy to assemble and east to use


It’s lasted over a month now with using it multiple times a day


I like everything about it but the only thing I didnt like was in my package it didnt come with the screws but all I did was go to Lowe's and got them. Other than that its amazing . it works perfect for me as a 6'0 man


Our fitness center is closed due to the pandemic. So we bought this to use at home. Assemble is quite straightforward easy and its use is simple enough. But the build quality is just OK. Some red plastic covers for the ends of the steel pipes would drop out during the workout. I wish the slider's position can also be adjusted, that is, the sliding length can be adjusted.


Great alternative to floor crunches if you do it right. Dont overextend at the bottom to protect your back. Folds up flat so it doesn't take up much room. You can knock out a few sets during commercials. I weigh 250 lbs and it felt pretty sturdy.


Si me ayudo para mi abdomen y es fácil de usar




Been using this product for about 2 months and it's done wonders for my lower back pain.


great product


So easy to do. I usually struggle to do sit ups for my PT tests at work and this product has cured that. So easy to assemble and way easier than sit ups but when I actually have to do sit ups for the test I crush them thanks to this low cost easy product. Highly recommend for anyone that struggles with sit ups


Super nice product. Works well.


Super easy to assemble, and easy to keep


Using this for a few days and has been great. Best ab product I've used so far and I feel like I've used them all.


My abs are straight muscle!


If you over 220lb, don’t get it. It only support 220lb. It the roller is smooth, wife love it. Working out your ads while watching tv is great. I wouldnt suggest anyone over 200 lbs to use this equipment. Weight limit is 220, but give yourself 10% margain for error


Easy piece of equipment. Small enough doesn’t take too much space...


Great piece of equipment


Wife loved it still uses it today


This is so much better than hanging by your arms to do leg lifts. I use this several times a week for my lower abs and love it.


Having a bad back it is hard for me to do sit ups. This product takes the pressure off of my back and makes doing crunches much easier for me


Quick and easy to assemble. Easy to adjust and use. Upper handles move a little bit while using but not enough to concern me. Otherwise it's a good machine for a very reasonable price. It really gives a good core workout and also shoulders and upper legs. You may not feel it right away but in a day or so you will know it was working.


What can I say - this is the cheapest - excellent quality machine I have!! It works perfectly!!


easy to put together! first time I used it my abs were sore,easy to use and does what it says so far


Sturdy, inexpensive, portable, easy to assemble, offers a challenging workout.


After a month I can see you results


Buena calidad


Love it easy to put together only took 5 mins start doing it and started sweating hard can't wait to see my results I will recommend this product to my family and friends


Works great. Better than I expected.


Good, as I expected


Good product for strengthening your abdominal muscles!


Excelente producto, cumple con todas mis espectivas, y de muy buena calidad 100% recomendable ??????????????


effective workout - but could be made a little sturdier


It came missing a bolt so I am still looking for one in the shops.


Cheap, easy to use, and it works, I like it because I don't have to do with ups


Got delivered right on time, a few days early even! My husband assembled it in 15min and he said it was simple to follow the directions and everything felt sturdy and was where it needed to be. Anyway, we've been using it for two weeks now and no problems! It's an amazing machine. You definitely feel the burn in your abs and even in your legs! Couldn't have been a better purchase for us. Can't wait to see more results. Would recommend!!!


I haven't used the swivel ability much at this point but I plan to do it more after my abs are less sore. I really like this machine.
It was also very easy to assemble. The instructions that came with it were very clear and all the tools you need are included.


This thing is very effective and gives you an excellent ab workout that is as easy as it gets.


PRO> This really works the core! Im 125 lbs and I have it on the lowest level and its a work out, when I first tried it I could only do 4! but now I'm up to 25. I love it and it folds up so easily if you want to store it under your bed or up against the wall. My son put it together in no time>CON> It was missing one screw I went to Lowes and replaced it. Also if you are really heavy it might loosen up as you use it.


Excellent equipment for the price point


Definitely will get the job done..Thanks


This is fabulous to get your abs working and tight again! I have had something like this almost 30yrs ago but it's been hard finding something that the knees move your body which makes you use your stomach muscles vs todays ab machines they want to put wheels and rollers on the arm part, that does nothing except work your arms.


Works good you get what you pay :)


Love it but it really could use board and better way to lock in feet. It's lightweight and easy to put together and way cheaper than the ab coaster I really wanted but couldn't afford. The adjustment slide stick is hard to get in and out on every level but hard and trust me you want to start on easy if ava outta shape.




This machine really rocks my abs and keeps the stress off my back and tailbone, like with sit-ups. The only thing that sucks is that even though I've increased the tension, my abs stop responding to a particular setting after two days. I'm not noticing as much definition anymore.


This is a wonderful abs machine. Must buy. It really work


love it


Crazy for it, is my best machine.


Beyond what I expected. Two weeks and noticable Improvement. Want abs?? Get it.


If the prime logo is still on the product page, it really does deliver in two days. I ordered on a Thursday evening and it was here by Saturday afternoon despite an estimated delivery day being the following Tuesday. I picked this one out of all the others listed specifically because of prime. Very happy with this seller.Great ab machine, even on the easiest setting (if you're out of shape like me) you will feel your abs working and they will be sore. It is a simple machine but it gets the job done. It comes partially assembled and some of the bolts were loose in the bottom of the box, so be sure to looks for everything before you throw the box away.


A nice piece of equipment for the abs.


recommended you use for 5 min......after 30 reps I'm spent... of course older then dirt


I have used a few times as well as my boyfriend it does work the abs well. The weight limit on the manual says 100kg but the machine sticker says 120kg. My b/f is 230lbs or 104kg and has had no issues.


Very nice goplus


I'll admit, as a gym rat I wasn't quite sure what this lil machine would do. It kicks my booty! That's what it does! It's a full work out! In the short time I've been using this, couple with other abdominal exercises, I added 2 more abs and obliques on point!I am petite though and so is this machine. My son weighs 170 and used it no problem. He is also an athlete and said this lil thing kicked his butt!Well worth it and I think this was the best price I found on it anywhere.


you will get a work out


This product feels well made and durable. I purchased this AB trainer for my son's birthday and he loves it!


Product works as advertised, I appreciate the simplicity of it and will definitely continue to use it as a cheap alternative in order to get into shape and stay healthy.


I am very happy with this Ab Power machine


Amazing easy to use and actually work s


You can fold this thing and take it downstairs to use in front of the TV. Then you can move it back to your weight room to integrate it with your weight lifting. The mechanism is not the smoothest. It sticks if you angle the carriage at all. But the sweetest thing about this particular brand is that there are more angle adjustments than similar offerings. I have a bad back. But I can adjust that angle on this thing so there is no pressure on my back.07-29-18 Still going strong. I've realized that the more expensive machines of this type have a curved rail and no angle adjustment. I think this design with the angle adjustment is much better for bad backs. It's also at least $95 cheaper and much more transportable.


Very happy with my item


works great


It's OK.


I'm happy


Not my first choice in an ab machine, but it is adequate. We have very limited space, so it was essential to find something that can fold up. I only wish it was a little heavier gauge.


Luv this you can really feel the burn and sore the next day of what you worked out. Just be motivated to use it.. comes in a good cost^_^


Works very well. This is the best ab machine that I have tried. Durability is a concern but no problems so far.


Love, love, love this machine! I have a small condo and it doesn't take up much room but my 6'3" husband can still use it. It's great for crunches and really works your legs and arms as well. I would strongly recommend this for that middle age bulge or if you just want to sculpt your abs. It folds up really easy and I can put it in the closet when guests come over.


easy to use and effective with ab workouts. It really does only take 5 minutes a day.


Excellent machine!!!!! Better than the machine at the gym. Very happy with the purchase. I see the difference in my abs...


Received yesterday and it was easy assemble. Initial workout was great, I will write a follow up review in a couple of weeks.


Perfect at home an workout!


I love it


this good


I just received mine. Even though it came with instructions in another language, I was still able to put it together relatively fast and easy. After I got it put together, I got on it just for a trial run and I felt the burn just doing it for three reps.


I love this cruncher and I got my abs little by little everyday!


a good abdominal exerciser. the foam roller pads seemed to irritate one of my knees, but I placed a folded soft towel across the rollers and problem solved. I do not know how anyone can continuously perform this exercise for 5 minutes. it is tougher than expected. I perform the exercise in sets. the assembly instructions is lacking/confusing, but you will be able to figure it out. the machine is sturdy and stable and it does work your abdomen in a comfortable position. I don't know how well this machine will stand-up after long term use, but I am happy with my purchase. I would not hesitate to purchase it again.


Did exactly what I thought it would