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Light Gray

Convertible Folding Sofa Bed Sleeper Chair with Pillow and 5 Position Adjustable Backrest

This multifunctional sofa bed is ideal for resting, reading, playing games, watching TV, etc.

Overall Rating:
69 Reviews
Item No: 54271638
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Folding 5 Position Convertible Sleeper Bed Armchair Lounge Couch with Pillow Folding 5 Position Convertible Sleeper Bed Armchair Lounge Couch with Pillow Folding 5 Position Convertible Sleeper Bed Armchair Lounge Couch with Pillow Folding 5 Position Convertible Sleeper Bed Armchair Lounge Couch with Pillow Folding 5 Position Convertible Sleeper Bed Armchair Lounge Couch with Pillow
Key Features

3 in 1 Versatile Performance: With the foldable design, this sofa bed can be easily converted into an upholstered sofa, a laid-back lounge, or a comfortable bed to satisfy your different needs. The armrests and legs hidden in the back will be support points when used as a single bed. It is a perfect solution to save your limited space.
5-Positon Adjustable Backrest: The backrest angle can be adjusted for 5 reclining levels, including 18-degree, 36-degree, 54-degree, 72-degree, and 90-degree. Multiple adjustments help you find the ideal sitting position or resting angle to relax your body and relieve fatigue. Whether you want to sit, lean, or lie down, it can be easily realized.
Padded Seat and Back: The seat and back are filled with high resilience sponge to give you an enjoyable sitting and sleeping experience. The fine linen cover features a gentle texture and friendly touch, providing an extra comfortable feeling. Besides, a high back design can support your body nicely and distribute pressure when you lean on it.
Sturdy Frame and Multi-scene Application: The folding sleeper is designed with scientific principles, which is durable and robust to withstand a weight of 440 lbs. Its minimalist contour and stylish look can blend perfectly into any decor. It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, offices, etc.
User-friendly Design: The convertible sofa bed comes with a soft pillow, increasing your enjoyment when you lie on it. In addition, the sofa and pillow cover with smooth zippers is removable for easy cleaning. And the level footpads are included on the hidden legs, preventing the floor from being scratched.

    • -Used as a sofa chair, a lounger or a single bed
    • -5 back reclining angles (including 18-degree, 36-degree, 54-degree, 72-degree, 90-degree) 
    • -Adjustable backrest to help find the best position
    • -Ultra-elastic and thick sponge to provide great comfort
    • -Breathable linen cover with superior skin-friendly feeling
    • -Sturdy frame to withstand up to 440 lbs
    • -Detachable cover with zipper design to keep clean easily
    • -Adjustable leveling footpads adapt to uneven ground and prevent scratches
    • -Hidden legs in the back to support stably
    • -Comes with a soft pillow
    • -Armrests relax arm and support single bed
    • -Easy to assemble, fold and unfold
    • -Great for home, apartment dwellers, college dorms, and more
    • -Suitable for playing games, reading books, watching movies, sleeping, etc
    • Color: Blue/Gray/Light gray/Brown/Black
    • Material: Steel+ Sponge + Linen
    • Sofa dimensions: 23.5" x 31" x 33" (L x W x H)
    • Seat dimensions: 22" x 21.5" (W x H)
    • Back dimensions: 22" x 18.5" (W x H)
    • Height from seat to ground: 16"
    • Bed dimensions: 73.5" x 23.5" x 11" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 33 lbs
    • Weight capacity: 440 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Convertible sofa bed
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Easy to assemble, I recommend buying cushions and blankets to put underneath you because it doesn't have much cushion and softness


These are great little chairs and about cot size for sleeping. I wanted a couple extra places for drive-by visitors to crash and these are perfect. Stiff as a board but great overall.


The only complaint I have with this chair is that it is kinda uncomfortable, it is not bad if you are not on it for long but otherwise its very hard. It was very easy to assemble and It looks good. Its fine for the price, and probably better than somthing other at the same cost.


Very easy to mount and quite clever. Comfort could be better but with a slim memory foam 1.5-2 inch additional mattress your problems will be solved.


It is what it is. And it works! But is really not very comfortable. Kind of like sleeping on a futon…. But worse! Lol. If you are really needing to use this as a bed, just grab some foam topper. As a chair, its quite low to the ground so more ideal for smaller spaces unless that’s your vibe.


Get a lumbar seat cushion to go with it if sitting a lot but otherwise very comfortable and well designed.


We have this in our granddaughter's bedroom to sit, and to lay on during nap or bed time. It is very firm.


For my daughter to sleep or her friends when the spend the night


It’s perfect and what I needed but after putting it together it’s just not worth the price


Looks great in my basement. I bought it to use as an emergency place to sleep in case of severe weather. (Tornado watches). Not the most comfortable, but better than an air mattress on the floor


Works Great as a Sleeper and Chair in back of my Truck Shell Camper. I didn't need to install the legs on the bottom would of sat up too high. Truck bed is 6.5 ft long and with chair being used as a bed you have a couple inches to spare between the bed and tailgate. Great Product and built sturdy. Would buy again.


Easy to assemble but easier with 2 people. Great cushion support, strong metal not cheaply made. I highly recommend this product. Great value for the price and dual purpose is a win-win!


Got this for my RV and its kinda hard and not comfortable by no means to sleep on. Needs more softness to it.


I really wanted this to work, giving us compact, nice looking and convenient extra seating and simple guest bed. It was fairly easy to put together. Unfortunately, it’s HARD AS A ROCK! Couldn’t sit on it for very long without adding a seat cushion and definitely couldn’t sleep on it. I’d return it but it goes back directly to the seller which means I’d have to repack it, haul it to the post office, and pay for the return. Pricey loss but I’ll probably donate it.


Just moving the furniture around slightly we managed to chip off the edge of the arm in the down position ... underneath was *rusted* metal (the arms & legs are painted, not aluminum as I was thinking they would be from the pic). haven't even used it yet :-(


works well


works well


I love it! Very easy to assemble, looks great and very sturdy too. Folds out easily and is comfortable.


Slept like a baby on it.


The style as a chair is great, however the comfort in the laying down position you can feel the bar in the chair. So you might want to get a little padding for laying down.


My 13 year old assembled this chair in probably less than 20 minutes. She likes the versatility. She said it was very firm to sleep on. But she likes using the chair. I ordered another one for my basement.


Assembling the chair was simple and easy and it's a very comfortable chair.


It’s too hard


It does what I needed for would buy!


This worked out great for my 7 year old granddaughter to watch t.v as a chair and then it works great when she is ready for bed.


Definitely cute and good for the price. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping on it without additional padding.


The foam is very thin , but we put a foam pad on top when we made it into. Bed


I bought this for my daughter. Its the perfect size for her apartment.


Me gusto cuando me llega visita pueden dormir alli


Firm...fits in the RV...hope to be able to sleep on if needed.


Baught this like a month and a half ago, Great product I'm 5'5" 165lbs and it works perfectly fine for me no complaints, it's sturdy, easy to assemble (damn near cam already put together tbh), and in my opinion pretty comfortable.


Guest sleep over


My son loves it!


Very easy to assemble, attractive, not too big for the space, just wish the cushion was a little softer. It’s a rock.


Exactly What I Needed


I just loved it. It just the right size. It doesn't look like a cot bed. It is sturdy . Ordered the brown I love the color. The mattress is hard, but we like I thay way. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.


Chair was easy to assemble. It is sturdy and fits nicely in my bedroom. It is firm but my granddaughter doesn't mind. She has no problem with sleep overs at grandma's little apartment anymore.


Very easy to assemble. Pretty sturdy but is entirely too hard to sleep on. Not comfortable at all


Exactly what I wanted.


It is perfect for a child between 7 and 10 years of age.


Surprisingly comfortable


Very nice!


Finished off my son's redecorated room and it's perfect for when friends sleep over. He and his friend assembled it without my help.


Easy to assemble, well constructed and comfortable.


This color of the couch is beautiful. The seat is wide enough and also can be open into mini bed. It would be better if it is softer.


Easy to put together, and easy to use. Comfortable and so convenient to have an extra space for sleeping in case of an unexpected stay.


Easy!!!! Sturdy!!!! a little low to the ground for seniors like me. Comfortable! Perfect for overnights for grandkids!!


This is a sturdy chair, the materials are of very good quality. The main downside is that as a chair it is not very soft at all. Easily fixed with a blanket or cushion though.


For Relaxing And Watching TV


For Relaxing And Watching TV


I received it 7days before the expected delivery date. I was so excited to assemble it right away because we have been looking for an extra sofa/bed that we can put in one of our extra rooms. The rooms we got is quite small so this sofa/bed is perfect. My niece who is using the room is so happy that we got it. She’s 5 foot 3, the length (bed) is perfect. We thought the width is quite small for her but it is okay since we are looking for a space saver one. It was so easy to assemble. I didnt need extra tools. The tools and screws it came with are okay. If you are sitting on it, the foam is still feels hard but i think in time it will soften. It is not heavy and i didnt have a hard time moving it in and out of the room.


My Grandson uses it to sit at his desk in his bedroom. He's very happy with it!


Too hard for sleeping


I love this chair! I always thought that furniture that converted into a bed was convent and useful. This chair was made and designed with a foldable designed that can easily be converted from a lounge chair, to a bed, or to a comfy regular chair. The chair comes with arm rests and legs that are hidden on the back of the chair that are easily accessible quickly and be put back in the same fashion. Over the adjustable backrest can be formed to any reclining level to fit your with your wanted comfort. The chair is overall sturdy in every position and is designed to withstand a weight of over four hundred pounds. The chair is made out of a steal base with a sponge material for the madding that provides an comfortable feel in both sitting and laying positions. In addition to the multiple used of this chair it comes with a matching pillow so you don’t have to give up your own when anyone uses it and a bed. This convertible chair is also covered with smooth zippers that are removable for easy cleaning. In conclusion, this chair is great for multiple purposes and I would recommend this product.


The chair was easy to put together. The only thing is that it is too narrow for my needs when I'm on my back. I have to sleep on my side to be even remotely comfortable. This didn't work for overnight sleep for me.


Cama de huéspedes


Very gd for casual tv watching and not to bad random nights of sleep...


Easy to assemble & firm & comfy!


This Sofa Bed Sleeper Chair has all the features I like and is the perfect size to fit in a small bedroom that’s been converted into a TV room. I like the versatility of various positions and how sturdy it is. The mattress pad is very firm, but with the added padding I placed on top, it’s a lot more comfortable. I’m happy with my purchase.


Excellent but to short


You get exactly what you see in this item's picture. I am 5'2" so the length and height of this chair work fine for me. I also like the firmness of the chair's cushion. I placed this chair in my home office, and I find it very comfortable for reading, and for taking naps in my free time.


My grandchildren love them


Really nice and serves it’s purpose.


Nice enjoying it !


A little firm. Put a foam layer on top and all is well. Easy to put together. Easy to open/close


I ordered this sofa bed for a special person. She likes this sofa bed very much. The height is perfect, using it while she’s working on table top. She’s able to adjust the back rest for more comfortable position. We bought extra pillows to add more padding.


This is nice piece. Worth each penny I paid for. The material is good. The quality is good. The assembling is easy. Nice to have


I love this chair and am so glad that I bought it!


This chair arrived almost fully assembled. I only had to attach the legs and armrests. I didn't even have to put the covers on. The mattress is thick and comfortable. There are extra legs that fold out, under the foot rest for extra stability. The chair is very low, which is good for me since I'm short, but a tall or elderly person might not be comfortable.