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Traditional Freestanding Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves and Drawer

This is the practical storage cabinet with large space which can help you make full use of space of your room.

Overall Rating:
70 Reviews
Item No: 36954087
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Key Features

● Large Drawer and 2 Double-Door Cabinets: Comes with a drawer and two double-door cabinets, this storage cabinet will provide spacious space for your items such as dishes, books and bottles. The drawer equipped with smooth slide rails for opening and closing easily. And front doors have magnetic snap to prevent accidental opening of the cabinet.
● Four Adjustable Shelves: This cabinet is equipped with four adjustable sturdy panels and every double-door cabinet has two. Each panel can be adjusted in three positions and you can adjust the position to meet your different needs. These four panels also can be detached separately.
● Sturdy and Durable Frame: Made of premium chipboard and density board, the frame of storage cabinet is durable and sturdy enough to provide long time service. And the cabinet is also equipped with tilting preventing device to prevent tilting and falling down.
● Multipurpose Storage Cabinet: The practical storage cabinet with large storage space can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms kitchens, or hallways to add a functional storage option. Without too much elaborate ornamentation, the storage cabinet will bring classicality and elegance to your home decor.
● Easy to Assemble and Maintain: The assembly of this storage cabinet is very simple. We provide all the required accessories and detailed instructions for the installation. Simply follow the instructions and you can quickly assemble it. More comes with smooth and flat surface, this storage cabinet is also easy to clean.


    This is the practical storage cabinet with large space which can help you make full use of space of your room.


    Not only can the cabinet be placed in kitchen as a cupboard, but also it is ideal to be a normal cabinet in your bedroom, living room and hallway to add a functional storage option. The storage cabinet has two double-door cabinets and one large center drawer which will provide spacious space for your items such as dishes, books and bottles. And four shelves come with the cabinet that all can be detached or adjusted in three positions. Made of premium density board, the cabinet is sturdy and durable foe long time using. In addition, the door is equipped with magnetic button to prevent items from falling and round handle for opening and closing easily.


    Its stylish design makes this cabinet match well with any other home furniture or decors. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • 2 large door-cabinets and full extension drawer great for storing clutters
    • Front doors have magnetic snap to prevent accidental opening
    • Made of premium chipboard and density board, durable and delicate
    • Four shelves all can be adjusted in three positions
    • Remove shelves you will get a single large display alcove
    • Drawer with smooth slide for easy opening and closing
    • Two anti-tip screws prevent tilting and falling down
    • Perfect to be placed in kitchen, bedroom and living room
    • Convenient to install according to instructions
    • Color: Black/White
    • Material: PB, MDF 16" x 72" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 100 lbs
    • Weight capacity of shelf: 44 lbs
    • Weight capacity of drawer: 22 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Storage cabinet
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Nice pantry, get ready for a day job. Lots of hardware. The final assembly of the modules really requires a helper, but can be done single-handed. We were very pleased with the final fit and finish, but know that several days of 'airing out' are required as the paint really reeks initially, but totally dissipates.


Love this cabinet. It did take us about 3.5 hours to assemble it. It was easy, but a bit cumbersome as there are so many pieces. With that said, as cumbersome as it was to put together I would say it was worth it. It worked perfectly for what I needed. I wanted to give it 5 stars, but because it took 3.5 hours for us to put together I felt it was a bit too expensive for as much work as we had to put into it. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice cabinet.


As far as MDF build-a-structure goes, this one impressed me. Namely the quality of the parts and materials, along with the great instructions. I followed everything to the letter and it went up great - looks great too. I'm using it as storage for board games.


Really happy with this kitchen pantry. It’s got plenty of storage and was easy to put together. It definitely comes with a lot of parts but the instructions were very thorough and easy to follow along with. Overall I’m impressed with how much stuff I can fit in there and how much more organized it makes my life. The shelves adjust heights so you can put things as big or small as you want in there which is a nice little added bonus. Great organizer!


Different name and style but matched out other piece we'll. Easy to assemble but does take time. Instructions worked! Good quality for price and RTA furniture. Shelf support is reasonable for what they are. We love them. Would purchase again!


Bought this a year-ish ago for our kitchen that doesn’t have a pantry. It has held up great, I put it together by myself without any problems and it’s functional for all the cereal/large Costco hauls and/or sturdy enough tk store the big items that take up space - airfryer, instapot etc. I’ve been very happy with this purchase and would definitely buy again!


Product is very thin and scratches easy


Kitchen, doors don’t come together. Drawer doesn’t close flush.


Purchased for a 'farmhouse' type small ADU to use as a pantry space for additional storage. I highly recommend hiring someone to put it together. He made it look easy and he actually did it right unlike my husband who has been permanently banned from 'furniture assembly'. Much healthier for the partnership! It's an attractive color, easy to access, looks stylish, and serves its purpose perfectly. It's not made of solid wood so its not going to be just like real wood. Still, for the price and efforts, I was very happy with the purchase.


We love this cabinet. I put it together almost completely alone in 2 full afternoons. I followed the directions exactly -- and I have blisters from screwing on the back -- but it was worth it. The cabinet is perfect, sturdy with lots of room. Well worth the purchase price


My husband and I bought this covered as an extra pantry storage cabinet. It it wasn’t too difficult to assemble, but not all of the holes for the screws lined up. And just to let people know, the backing on this cabinet is basically a laminated cardboard. I really would’ve thought for the price I paid, which was over $300, that the backing would have been a little bit better. There were also a few nicks and scratches in the paint. They’re easily fixed, but would have preferred not to have to. It’s serving it’s purpose for us as extra storage and is in a room downstairs where it’s not a focal point or being shown off everyday which is good. I don’t think it’s high quality enough to be used as a main piece of furniture.


The cabinet was difficult to put together, from my observing my husband. It took him some time. The cabinet looks good. I did leave the doors open a week or so and the smell is dissipating but still there.


Ordered this not knowing exactly what to expect. I live in NC and the cabinet was shipped from CA via FedEx. Arrived in great shade because it was very, very well packaged. There was a slight blemish of paint because of rubbing on two pieces but this would probably have happen from a local store. Overall, very well pleased.


It's a sturdy beautiful cabinet. Bought it for our utility room, but it's too pretty to be in there!


This piece is really pretty and serves as my kitchen pantry.
I had one small issue and was afraid that customer service would take days to get back to me. Quite the opposite. Customer service got back to me within a couple of hours and resolved my issues very quickly and very fairly. I wish all customer service was like this.


Overall this product is not really bad but the overall value is not worth the $400 we paid for it especially since it took so much time to assemble and it’s not heavy or very sturdy. It looks nice but I’m scared to put anything very heavy in it.


- The drawer didn't stay solidly in the railings even though I don't use the drawer much. Eventually, I forced the drawer shut in place and have no intention of using it anymore. It was a constant hassle to get it properly inside.


This is a pretty good pantry cabinet for the price. I assembled this unit myself, and it took me 45 minutes to get it unboxed, and about 3-3.5 hours to assemble. I am one of those people that likes to read every step of directions multiple times, so it probably could be done quicker! I felt the instructions were a bit vague, but if you really pay attention, you'll be fine. It does seem fairly sturdy. There isn't a lot of wobble or movement when assembling, when the cabinet is empty, or when the cabinet is full. Sometimes when you purchase furniture like this, you never know what you're going to get! The one thing that I do find very disappointing is the inability to be able to adjust the doors. As you can see from one of my photos, the doors do not sit level. This causes (for me) the top left door to scrape along the top as you open and shut it. It's really only a matter of time before finish starts to rub off, and I don't like that. The bottom set of doors is not level either, but not off so far that it rubs. You can also see that the sets of doors are slightly off because the knobs are not at the same height. If there was a way to fix this, I would be very happy with this cabinet. Overall, I am pleased with this purchase.


It’s a nice pantry, holds a lot. A lot wobbly but might just be because it’s on carpet


I needed a large cabinet for my bathroom and the only thing I could find is a pantry for the kitchen. I took a chance and am happy I did. This is perfect to hold my towels and misc items needed in the bathroom instead of a medicine cabinet. Took a while to put together as there are so many pieces but I am very pleased with the outcome. True grey color.


Took out a built in storage unit from the kitchen and replaced it with this fella. Love how it looks! The top is perfect for my plant babies. I just love how it all turned out. Everything fits and I love that each shelf has such a high weight tolerance. I’m not afraid to store my mixer and other kitchen do-dads in there!


The unit's assembly and design are great, but the entire cabinet reeks of an organic chemical smell after airing out for 7 days. We cannot put anything in it yet that isn't made of glass or metal due to the risk of it absorbing that horrid odor. If it is still unusable due to the smell after 14 days, I'm afraid I will have to disassemble it, box it back up and send it back. The company needs to revisit the paint they used.


Cabinet looks great but we had to place shims to keep it from wobbling when the doors were pulled to open. Unfortunately, as with most of this type furniture , after you have gone to the trouble to put it all together you are not willing to take it apart and try to get it back in a box to return. So we kept it and made adjustments. It's really too bad the quality is so low because the look is great.


Instructions easy to follow. Very nice piece of furniture


I’ve had this cabinet for over a week with doors open and still a bad smell. It seems to be fading but time will tell. I suggest you take it out of box and let it air out before assembling. Hopefully that would help. Otherwise a nice cabinet for the price.


Overall, this solved the storage problems I had in my kitchen while also adding a beautiful piece of furniture to the mix! I was hoping it was going to be a little darker grey, but will just get used to it simply because it is so functional. I'm not sure if I am way slower or if other reviewers used powered tools and energy drinks, but plan on more than 2 hours for a quality assembly job. There are around 20 steps and LOTS of pieces, so it took the better part of my after-dinner hours before bed, but came out very nicely.


Assembly was simple but time consuming. Directions were easy to follow but it took me almost 4 hour from start to finish. Only tool needed was a Phillips head screwdriver. Quality seems okay so far. It is particle board but sturdy. One of the top doors rubs the top of the frame so doesn’t close smoothly but you just have to push it a little. The anti-tip is a wall mount but I have baseboards so it doesn’t work, so I’ll have to figure out another way to do that since I have little children. Overall I really like it so far. My pantry is small so this gives me lots or extra space!


It took me a long time to put this together, but everything was pre-drilled well and the parts were very organized.


Love it


Sturdy, great value, assembly time consuming


This cabinet is sturdy and met my need. It has many pieces and was a little difficult to assemble.


The cabinet isn’t hard to put together, it’s much easier with one person on instruction and the on assembly. Once the cabinet was together, you could feel just how sturdy it is. We love it


Took me several hours to assemble but very easy to follow and put together.


storage we put this in our kitchen for can goods and cereal worked great for us


Better instructions than most products foreign made. Looks nice and serves our need for a medicine cabinet.


i was very pleased


This is one of the best purchases I have made. I needed more storage and wanted enclosed storage for our kitchen, and it is perfect !Love it’s construction and it was extremely easy to put together.


Sturdy and easy to assemble. We are using it for extra pantry. Very happy with product.


Great pantry. Was fairly simple to put together when following the directions. Very happy with the quality and sturdiness of the pantry for the price. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to add some additional storage.


Exactly what I needed. My husband was so sure he will build one but with the prices of lumber going up and the amount of tools and hours he would have put in I was definitely not going to wait that much and deal with the numerous store trips because hes not a pro by any means


My husband put this together and he said it is very well made. It did take him two days by himself. I would block off a good portion of the day for this project. It is all done now and I love it. It is just what I wanted.


looks good


It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but totally worth it. If you take your time to assemble, it’s not too bad. Super solid and roomy. I needed more pantry space and this was perfect for what I needed.


Very nice to have the two cupboards and the one drawer to put stuff in. Looks nice in our kitchen. It took a couple of hours to put together but we work slowly. A little expensive but was the only one that we could fine that met our needs.


Nice color, very attractive piece. Lots of people comment on it.


Difficult to assemble


Different color knobs that what is shown. Also, didn’t look as good of quality as the photo. Was easy to put together. I used gorilla glue at each joint for extra strength.


For the price I paid I thought it was going to be real wood but it wasn't. Cheaply made and I kicked myself in the butt for purchasing it.


Soo happy with my purchase!!! I can not believe how much storage this brings to my kitchen! Only thing I recommend is have 2 people assemble this together. Would have made it a lot easier and it's easy to scratch. Some black sharpie fixed it right away though.


We received this item way before it was scheduled to arrive. Putting it together was a two person job but it didn't take too long and all the pieces fit together very well. It feels like it will be sturdy enough to last a long time and it holds a lot of stuff, more than I expected. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice looking, sturdy cabinet.


I bought 3 of these cabinets. The instructions are pretty straight forward, but if you have had previous experience putting together Sauder or Ikea type of furniture, it will go smoother for you. The hardware bags are very well labeled. I have no complaints.


Directions weren’t great. Didn’t know it should be tied into wall?! Back panels not as good as all other panels (not sure it could hold to a bracket on wall). I’m comfortable not having it tied to wall!


Took at least five hours to assemble all by myself. A power screwdriver would have saved some time, especially the 34 screws on the back panel, but I got it all done with a regular screwdriver. I am not particularly handy, but had no trouble getting all parts to align nicely, including the doors. The sliding drawer is smaller on the inside than it seems from the outside, but works just fine. Overall, the cabinet is reasonably sturdy, and I'm confident it'll remain that way because I don't plan to move it. My caveats have been mentioned by other reviewers. First, the instructions could be more clear: a good chunk of my setup time was making sure I was performing the right steps in the right order, but that said, I didn't find any glaring omissions. Second: there are a lot of parts that might loosen from vibration, so I don't recommend moving this cabinet around a lot. Last and also least, the magnetic closures for the doors aren't very strong, particularly the smaller bottom doors that only have one magnet, but they're all enough to keep the doors closed so I don't really care. Overall, the cabinet matched my expectations and I'm happy with it.


A+ customer service. Assembly was initially tricky because we didn’t quite understand the instructions at first, but once we figured out how to interpret the photos it went pretty smoothly. The only real issue we had was with the back paneling, the holes weren’t pre-drilled for us to screw on the back. We don’t have a drill but tried getting the screws in ourselves using regular screwdrivers but it didn’t work. We ended up using wood glue for now which seems to be holding up ok, and then we will work on finding someone with a drill to make the back more permanent. But customer service was great when we contacted them for help.


We liked the roominess , design and color of the pantry.


Great cabinet well made nice and heavy. It took us awhile to put together couple of hours. The directions were for the most part ok some of the holes weren't where they were supposed to be especially the drawer but we figured it out. I didn't expect much with the drawer but it works very smooth.


At first we thought that the instructions weren’t included in the package, but we were able to find them and put it together. It looks beautiful in our kitchen and I am happy with it. It seems sturdy enough to hold all my groceries.


Once this cabinet is assembled, it's great. The instructions are useless. It's best to get all pieces ready for assembly, then put together, instead of trying to figure what goes where as you are building it. Quality is good and it looks great. Take your time putting together & get not to get frustrated. End product is worth it.


Love this cabinet!! It's was easy to assemble, arrived in great condition and is very spacious. It's the perfect addition to our kitchen. The product delivery estimate was 2 to 3 weeks, but it arrived two days after I ordered! This was a great purchase.


Everything fit perfectly. going to put different handles but that is just to match our other ones. I was amazed at hoe perfectly every part went together.


It's a great storage piece and fairly sturdy when constructed. Except for the doors, put it together by myself. It took time but absolutely was doable. Very happy with it.


I love the look of the cabinet but it could be deeper.


It takes time to assemble. It looks nice when out together. It's the same quality as ikea. You know pressed board. It does the job of a panty I just wish it was a bit wider. I think I might move it elsewhere and use it like a linen closet or an overflow of extra food items purchased in bulk. It's nice I'm just not happy with it as an everyday piece.


I really like this cabinet. It's perfect for my pantry. I did get my son to assemble it for me -- not my thing!


Bought the cabinet to reduce the clutter in our office. This cabinet hides our printer perfectly. I did cut a hole in the back to thread the cord through.The shelves are heavy and thick. But everything is held together with cam screws and wood pegs. If you move around a lot, I don’t think this would hold up. Also, the screws provided for the BLACK hinges and handles are SILVER. I really don’t like that it doesn’t match.I assembled it mostly myself in one evening, only required a screw driver. Directions were standard. Not too hard to follow.Overall, I would buy the cabinet again. It’s a good size and I love the it has doors to help hide the clutter.


Assembly was made easy with great directions and all hardware in separate bags! Well engineered!


fits great fits everything


Beautiful piece. Easy to assemble. Very sturdy and seems like solid quality. I absolutely love it so far!


Was hesitant to order as there were no reviews yet when I bought it BUT I’m so glad I did! It is sleek and well built. Has plenty of storage as our pantry. For the price you really can’t beat it! I thought it was pretty simple to put together. Took about 1.5 hours by myself. So glad I went with this cabinet instead of others!


Very easy to put together. a bit expensive for the quality. Seems as though it won't be sturdy but surprisingly after completion it is quite sturdy.