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59 Inch Extra Long Folding Breathable Baby Children Toddlers Bed Rail Guard with Safety Strap

This bed rail is made with all-steel construction and fits up to a queen sized mattress.

Overall Rating:
64 Reviews
Item No: 46358912
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Key Features

● Bedtime Safety for Children: Considering the height of the baby, this bed rail is designed in a perfectly proper height to protect them from rolling over the bed and get injured accidentally, which is specially designed for babies transforming from cribs to normal standard beds.
● Folding and Adjustable Bed Rail: The angle of this bedrail can be adjusted from 0-180°, allowing your children to get in and out of bed easily. Without any button, you can directly bend the legs effortlessly. Moreover, when folded, it can be easily stored to save your space.
● Durable Fabric and Sturdy Structure: Durable mesh cloth is not only breathable but also not easy to be torn. Most importantly, it features great resilience to prevent impact force and offer better protection. Premium steel tubes connect tightly to make it stable enough without any wobbliness.
● Universal for Any Type of Beds: This baby bed rail works with any type of bed that has slats, spring boxes, or wooden base, which can also fit all bed sizes. You can choose to use a belt to secure it.
● Easy Installation and Convenient Cleaning: No tools are needed for installation. Only you need to do is click the steel tubes and cover it with a cloth. With detailed instructions, you can put it together within minutes.


    This bed rail is made with all-steel construction and fits up to a queen sized mattress.


    The toddler bed rail measures 59 inch long and 22 inch high, adding a higher level of security and providing peace of mind that your child will remain in bed throughout the night.According to your different beds, the rail can be fastened in different ways. You can use straps to secure around slats or use screws to secure wood base. Covered with durable mesh fabric, the bed rail is comfortable to touch. Are you still worrying that your kids would roll over the bed and knock his head accidentally during deep night? This toddler bed rail is the right choice for a good and safe night of your children. Just enjoy a reassuring life!


    If you are looking for this product, don't hesitate to place an order!


    • Adjustable angle from 0-180° convenient for kids to get in or out of bed
    • Durable mesh fabric is wearable and not easy to be torn
    • Steel tubes built into stable structure for great stability
    • Fastening belt is included to be secured to adults’ bed
    • Removable cloth design for easy cleaning
    • Easy to assemble in a few minutes without tools
    • Universal for any type of bed, such as full size, king, queen, twin beds, etc
    • Notice: mattress thickness needs to be more than 3"
    Installation guide
    • Color: Beige/Pink/Gray/Blue
    • Material: Cloth + steel tube + net cloth + plastic
    • Dimension: 59" x 22" (L x H)
    • Net weight: 4.5lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Baby bed rail
    • 1 x Fastening belt
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Overall it’ll get the job done. However it is not really sturdy and definitely not worth the price being sold at.


I bought this to keep a 4 year old in a very tall bed instead of pushing the bed against the wall. It worked so well that her dad, who was sharing the bed with her, ordered one for at home. It is very easy to put up and take down, perfect as it is only used for guests. It is sturdy and works well. I couldn’t ask for more, and highly recommend.


My 4 and 2 year old grandkids needed a way to sleep together when they stay at my house. These turned out guest room bed into a perfect safe way for them to spend the night. Can’t wait for them to try it out. Took about 10 minutes to put together and install both! Very easy and I love that they fold down.


Love this! I can’t speak to durability yet but so far it is working great! It’s a great size and good quality with affordable pricing!


This was very easy to put together and the length is perfect. It leaves a little space at the end so he can still get out on his own in the morning. He has slept right against it as well so it is nice and sturdy.


Strong enough to handle toddlers shoving, pushing, kicking. Looks good .. using it for couple of months ..


I sent these back because they weren’t as easy to use as I needed. In order for them to be stable enough they had to be connected under the mattress


Perfect for our class C motorhome to keep our 3 year old in the upper bunk! Looks and works great!


Woken up many times to my son moving and rolling into this. So glad it works well. It holds up but I would say the sturdiness is a little less then expected but understandable when the support that holds it in place is under the bed only.


My grandson loves his new bed and doesn't fall out


The holes in one of the bars would not completely line up with the pin that holds two bars together. I am using this for my 5 year old granddaughter when she sleeps over. I taped the two bars together and it will serve my purpose BUT I would not use it for a small child and risk the bars separating. Hopefully mine was just a rare manufacturing issue.


Not as strong


Not as strong




I previously had the baby Jon folding bed guard. That one cost more and the meat was very cheaply made. This mesh/net was more sturdy. I just don’t like how I have to tuck it under the mattress. It leave a small gap.


I think ours has a manufacturing problem - the mesh was suuuuuuper tight and nearly impossible to lock that final bar in place. It took my husband and I fully forcing the last bar into place.
In the picture u can see that the whole thing kinda warps and doesn't sit up straight like other people's pics. So, guessing the mesh is too tight or slightly off.
It was easy to install on my son's Kura Ikea bed. And, with the mattress on top, it seems to straighten out decently. But, there's no way it's ever coming apart lol


I received the 2 bed rails in separate boxes. When I assembled the first one, very tough on my own, I thought that it would be a breeze to assemble the second. However, after assembling I realized that the piece that goes under the bed was going the wrong direction. I disassembled and exchanged the outer rails. When I reassembled, it was the same problem. It appears I received two of the same outer rails. I had to disengage the locking feature and flip it to go under the bed. Of course, it is now not very secure.


Keeps ours 2 year old grandson from falling out of his twin bed.


Nice quality and good color for neutral room. Practically impossible to assemble. No tools required but you do need a very strong partner to help. I bought 2 of these and both were a pain. The bottom rail is about 1/8” too long. Once we got both bottom sides into the holes the rail bowed. Hoping the fabric will relax overtime and the rail will straighten. By the time we finished assembling I decided to keep it because I needed it quickly and know it will work for my needs. However, I would not purchase again and do not recommend purchasing this item.


It’s ok, it’s not as sturdy as I thought it would be


I was extremely frustrated trying to put this thing together. Should not have taken me this long at all. The bottom pile was a nightmare to click into the connecting part. The fabric was too short and it doesn’t reach. After putting weight on it I was able to get it to click in, however the pipe bent :(


Bed rail does the job its suppose to. It is tall! Does not lay flush against the mattress and bowstring with a 7 in bed frame aswell. It hits the floor when not in use. Measure measure measure before buying.
I've also had an instance where the rail dropped as baby sat up against it, luckily I was standing right there and caught her. Make sure rail firmly snaps into locking position.


Bought this to keep moms blind dog from falling off of bed during the night. Works great,


These 59" rails were really good quality and the best price I found. I really wanted to make them work. Unfortunately, I had to return them because they didn't work with my trundle bed. We have just a mattress on a trundle bed with a 2 inch lip that comes up past the bottom of the mattress. The 90 degree joints thick and there was just enough space to get one rail between the mattress and the frame, but since the bed isn't against a wall, I really needed a rail on each side.
I gave one to my sister for her mattress with a box spring and it works perfectly. It's already kept my 8 month old niece from falling out of bed twice.
It is possible for your baby to get between the rail and the mattress, so be careful! Also it is nearly I'm possible to put the rail down one-handed while holding a baby. I was always going to get in and out from the bottom of the bed, so this wouldn't be a problem for me.


It does the job!


It really helps a lot and the thing I like most is that it fits all bed size.


I have no use for it, I tried returning it, I got my money back and it still got delivered


This was very easy to assemble and is big enough for our pillow top queen mattress. This was the perfect purchase for keeping helping us feel safe with our 4yr old sleeping in a bigger bed.


Tested strength by laying down myself and leaning into railing. No problem for 165 pound male!


I had no issues with the Baby Joy bed rail. Very easy to assemble, install and it's sturdy.


Pay attention to bed/mattress height. This will work for our purposes, but it’s not quite the height I was hoping for, but that’s my bad. Not super sturdy, but breathable mesh. Easy to assemble.


Excelente artículo y vendedor






Would highly reccomend. The have higher sides than others and they are long enough to keep child from rolling or falling out of bed.


I like how it keeps him from falling out of the bed


Sturdy and loved using this to cosleep without worrying about baby falling out of bed.


It was somewhat easy to assemble. I can’t get these to go up & down so they are always up. It’s not that big of a deal though. It does it’s job so all in all I’d purchase again because the are very sturdy.


If you change bedsheets a lot like I do the straps that go under the bed for the rails kinda get moved around. However we have ply wood under the mattress so we used self tappers to screw in the plastic to the wood for more sturdiness. We co sleep with our 8 month old and she’s a rollers so it give great piece of mind!


My dog lost his sight quickly due to diabetes and glaucoma. He has always slept in the bed with me. After losing his sight, I put him in a crate over night. He was comfortable with this for about a month and then decided he wanted back in the bed. He did well but fell off once. So I decided to get this bed rail. He quickly adjusted and realized that boundary kept him safe. He uses it as a guide and is safe. Great solution.


This fit my full size bed perfectly! Easy to assemble and very sturdy!


Perfect and easy to use!!!




I was fairly surprised at the sturdiness of these! Using them on my 18mo daughters bed! Best design ever the fit almost the whole length of her full size bed!


These were easy to assemble and install. Definitely need to add extra slats to a slat bottom if you don't have a box spring on it.


Fits great, is significantly taller than our king size mattress, works great for our little one.


Perfect fit for my daughter's full-size bed. She is adjusting to her new bed and is starting to sleep on her own (at least for half of the night now). This product brings a peace of mind while our daughter tosses and turns in her sleep throughout the night. Great purchase for a great deal!


Very substantial and length is perfect - splits to end of full size adult mattress


Bought it for my daughters twin size bed. Covers like 80% of the bed which is nice. It's a great height as well.


Works great!


highly recommend.. 100% it..


Me gustó producto fácil de montar lo único un poco mas alto y queda excelente


Shipped in two pks and one got lost. Finally came and got small refund. Rails are sturdy and longer than some. Easy to put together. CusSer was quick to respond.


I purchased this bedrail for my 2 years old son’ s king size bed. Baby can’t roll off the bed and I don’t have to worry any more.since we installed the rail ,our son has slept safety everynight. Highly recommended~~


I have a 10mo crawler/cruiser that we took on a camping trip in our pop-up camper. The weather forecast was lots of rain, which meant we probably would be holed up in the camper the whole time. This little guy loves to move, but there isnt much floor space, and the little that there is is usually dirty and or being used by others moving around.I needed a solution to give my baby a play area.In comes the bed rail! This bed rail can be disassembled for compact storage, which was a must have in the pop-up camper. It also needed to be able to be secure without the use of screws. This one has a long strap that runs under the mattress and anchors to the opposite side of the bed. We also went ahead and ran it under the canvas to the outside of the bunk end for extra security since it isnt a real mattress.The length was perfect for the popup. There is about 12 inches left, which we put all at one end of the rail so that we and big brother could easily climb in and out of the bed when needed. We just blocked the opening with a duffel bag or other item so baby couldnt crawl out.There is definitely some wiggle slack to this bed rail, but it seemed sturdy enough for the 10mo baby that i wasnt concerned if he leaned on it. We just made sure that big brother knew not to lean on it.This rail made this bunk end bed into a giant playpen. Baby could have the whole bed to crawl and play with his toys, and mom had the piece of mind that he couldnt fall off, and had the freedom to get things done.As you can see in the pic, the height of the rail was perfect. The popup mattress is only a few inches thick, so with a real mattress, the height would not work for preventing babies from climbing over it.As a bonus, I was able to fold the bed rail down so that it lays under the mattress when we got ready to pack up to go home. This means that I dont have to disassemble it everytime. It only bumped the mattress up a couple inches where the "feet" of the rail is under the mattress, so the popup had no trouble closing up.Because of the lip of the bed slide frame, we are unable to use the swing down feature when used in this situation.


Awsome! Love it!


This bed rail does exactly what I wanted! It's long and I do not have to worry about my 3 year old granddaughter falling out of bed when she visits. I can then fold up the arms to it when I'm not needing it and store it under the bed. Very happy with this!


It works and is well priced


Fast delivery. Easy installation.


Used it on top bunk feel much safer letting kids sleep on top bunk now


I bought this one, I like it. It is very simple but it protects my little baby. I have It, my little baby can’t fall Down the the bed. It is immobility.


It is very good item perfect size for a convertible! Snug! Satisfy! No worry it move !


This bedrail is actually just the thing I needed for my toddler, he is one hipper kid and this is really sturdy. Definitley recommend


This is really a very powerful helper for families with small children, effectively preventing children from rolling off the bed,It’s also big enough and strong enough