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  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
  • 40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence
40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence

40 Inch 8 Metal Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Fence

Our 40" pet playpen is made of heavy duty iron with grey e-coat finish.
Overall Rating:
112 Reviews
Item No: 56274098
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Key Features

● Heavy Duty Dog Playpen: Constructed with heavy duty metal material, the pet dog playpen is sturdy and durable enough for your long-time use. And it is rust proof and weather resistant, providing a comfortable and safe exercise pen perfect for safely restricting your furry friends especially for outdoor use.
● Changeable Shape: The 8 panels are connected and secured together with sturdy ground stakes to keep the playpen in place. And these panels can also be rearranged into multiple shapes to match your space, such as square, octagon, rectangle, 2 small squares and divider fence.
● Added Secure Design: This dog exercise pen confines your pets in the exact place to ensure safety. Besides, its round edges keep your pet safe and away from scratching or injured. Door with double locks well makes sure your pet does not get loose.
● Folding and Expandable Pen: The pet exercise pen is either foldable or extensible. Flexible connections allow you can buy additional extension sets to create any size pen. Its wire design gives your pets a good vision and a chance to be close to the grass.
● Easy to Set it Up: This dog playpen comes with 8 panels and is quite easy for you to set it up or break it down. No tools are required during assembly. Besides, its foldable and portable features aim to convenient storage and transportation for you, which is good for both indoor and outdoor use.


    The 40" pet playpen is made of heavy duty iron with grey e-coat finish.


    It is durable and will serve you for a long time. The pet playpen is specifically designed for ultimate versatility in any situation even to give training for your pet. 2 lock bolts on the door keeps pets safely inside. The wire design gives pets a good vision and owners can also keep an eye on their pets. This pet playpen is easy to assemble without any tools and is also highly portable.


    Are you looking for such a pragmatic dog fence? Just take this one home.


    • Made of high quality iron with grey e-coat finish
    • Coating provides long lasting protection against rust and outdoor elements
    • Provides ample enclosed area for your pets to stay
    • 2 lock bolts on the door offer more safety
    • Can be rearranged into many shapes
    • Can be used for a variety of pets
    • The wire design gives pets a good vision and a chance to be close to grass
    • Folds flat for convenient storage
    • Easy to set up and no tools required for assembly
    • Color: As pictures show
    • Material: Metal
    • Net weight: 44 lbs
    • Number of panels: 8
    • Vertical spacing: 1.5"
    • Horizontal spacing: 8"
    • Panel's size: 31.5" x 40" (W x H)
    • Package includes:
    • 7 x Wall panels
    • 1 x Gate panel
    • 8 x Bolts
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews




Went together extremely easy and made out of metal


These fence panels go up easily enough but they are best suited to flat, soft ground and after about 3 or 4 panels you want a 90° corner or zig zag them for greater stability standing up. The ground needs to be soft enough to push your rods into or they will bend easy when pushing them into harder ground. The door is definitely built for smaller dogs. Even though I purchased these as a containment for chickens when I want them in one area and not free-ranging everywhere, my 100 lb Labradane, who follows me everywhere, barely fits through the door opening. It would be nice if they could design it so one whole panel could be used as a gate. I end up using the one panel closest to my coop as a gate entrance for myself to enter into the enclosure instead of using the door opening panels but since it isn't designed for this purpose it is hard to open and close. I am on the hunt for hardware that I can use to turn one panel into a more functional gate. For the temporary fencing I am using them for they work well, the quality is good and the panels are sturdy and nice looking. I found 16 panels didn't go nearly as far as I thought they would so I would suggest closely measuring your space then order accordingly. I do like that you can order more boxes and just add to what you already have, though each box ordered gives you another door panel with it and not just plain fence panels. A bit pricey for these, but with the quality and if they hold up through a Maine winter, it may be worth the price. Next year they will get placed around my flower garden to keep the chickens out of it. I ordered the 40" height and I did have one of my half grown chickens fly up to the top of a fence panel and try to roost so the 48" may have been better for this use. My hope is that as the birds get bigger heavier, they will stay more grounded. My only complaint is with FedEx sending one of my boxes ordered back to the stateside warehouse the vendor uses and they had to re-ship, or so the company told me when I contacted them about only receiving one of the two boxes ordered. They offered a full refund for the second box or to a re-ship it at a 7-9 day wait. I had them re-ship and had the other box in 5 days. The vendor was very polite and easy to deal with. Overall, I give the vendors customer service 5 stars and the product a solid 4.5 stars.


I bought this for my three Maltipoo puppies. It works well for them. It also worked great for my brother's Labradoodle. She cannot get out of it. If you have a really big dog, they may be able to jump the fence.


Our landlord would not allow us to use the product and the return policy is less than what we are accustomed to with Prime membership.




The dog fence seems to be very sturdy and looks well but seems to rust quicker than I thought it should


Easy to assemble....sturdy....perfect moveable pet pen


We bought two of these to surround patio area around our Airstream while camping. It enables our 105 pound German Shepherd to move freely in and out of our camper. Very easy to setup and take down. Stores flat in our truck bed. Great purchase


Keep panels straight. Use I. Level ground. Latches are foundry.


this is wonderful! So versatile and easy to use. Seems very durable. Not inexpensive, but really solid. It will take a very big dog to knock it down.




This is the tallest puppy play pen I could find and it’s way more sturdy than I was expecting. It was an absolute must have for my tall puppy and even better for puppy play dates! After our little one was vaccinated my bestie brought over her pup and the two of them played I the play pen for hours! It was sturdy enough for both of them and the built in door was wonderful!!!


Very easy to assemble, I added sturdier stakes and just love this pen.


Nice looking and effective


We used this for our 2 English bulldogs and it does a good job. The first one we orded didn't show up but the company went above and beyond to ensure we got what we ordered. Very happy with our purchase! It's not a stronghold by any means but keeps our 3 month old English bulldogs contained.


It’s perfect.


Easy to assemble. Sturdy. My dogs love it


this was extremely easy to set up - no tools required. Very happy with height and how smart it looks. I have trouble using my fingers and putting this together was a breeze! i hope to buy another one as soon as I can! i studied over 30 of these pens and I am glad for this one.


Bought 2 to use as temporary fencing for a property that we lived at for a month. The fencing was easy to assemble and self-standing when placed in a circle. The gate latches were not placed well but funtioned exactly as described. Would definitely recommend.


I have two small dogs, Morkie 10Ib and Toy Aussie 15-17Ib, they needed a gated area to potty so we used once side of our fence and used the gate to section off a decent sized area for the two doggos. The gates are well made, since it’s metal it will rust in the rain. But it gets the job done! I recommend.


Perfect solution for our dogs!!


Good looking fence


Im using this to have a yard for my little dogs and it has held up in the weather and hasn't been pushed down by dogs. I live that I can move it around and I can expand on it. The gate is a bit weird it works but the only thing im not in live with.


Love this kennel very easy to assemble and transport


I needed a pen so my rabbits could have a bigger area to run in. This works perfectly, fast and easy to assemble, and so versatile with how easily it can change configurations. Seems very well made and heavy duty I'm sure it will last my life time. Awesome product!


Keeps those fools off my pool area!!


I ordered the larger size and it was delivered in two boxes which was very convenient since they are heavy. I put together one for outside while I am working in the yard for supervised play and the other for inside when working from home for a new puppy. the connectors go into the ground for outside however inside I will need to add some caps of some sort so they do not gauge my hardwood floors, I would recommend assembling on a tile or alternate surface in the home, or using zip ties for the connections verses the included poles. picture of one box with my grown boxer in it for size comparison.


Sturdy easy to set up substantial product. Great company to deal with.


My two Shiba Inus are very physical dogs and I was afraid that this wouldn't be strong enough to bear the constant jumping and leaning on the fence, but I was wrong! The fence was strong and easy to reconfigure as needed. The only note of concern was that when I put the fence together my hands were black!! The panels rubbed off on my hands and clothes. I wiped each one down and it seemed to take care of the problem...


It was am amazing for my dog.


We use this for camping with our 4 small dogs and it works great. They have plenty of room to move about so we don’t have to worry about tangled tie outs and its tall enough they can’t jump out. Its easy to assemble and very sturdy and can be made in a variety of shapes depending on available space.


Just what we needed


I have a raised bed garden, and bought this fence to put up around it to keep out varmints like armadillos, skunks, porcupines, and so on...also didn't want to invest in a permanent fence at the moment, since I plan to likely expand the number of raised beds I have over the fall-winter. This fence fulfilled all that at a reasonable price point. Also as expected, it will not keep out raccoons and opossums, so an inside trap awaits either of those two when they invade. Overall, very happy with the fence. It also arrived sooner than expected, which was a good thing.


I emailed you as soon as I ordered this and asked if you would ship early because I needed it ASAP! Instead of delivery being within 2 + weeks, I received in 3 days. Thank you thank you so much. We love the pen. It's perfect!


We bought this to contain our two small Maltese dogs outside. Worked out perfect. There was even enough room to put a patio table and four chairs to sit out there with them inside. It feels sturdy and worth the money to keep them from running away.


This is a sturdy pen that confines my climbing corgi puppy. Keeps him safe from the bigger dogs while they acclimate to each other.


Expensive but exactly what we needed to be able to bring our 90lb dogs camping with us. Easy to set up and configure to maximize the space at the campsite. This kit works well with our 28’ travel trailer.


I have three small dogs that I will be taking out in my motorhome but I don't want them to have to be constantly tied up. I got this hoping it would allow them some room to move freely and it's perfect. It's easy enough for me to put up myself and is larger than expected as far as interior space. I have a yorkie with springs in her legs, she can jump out of anything but this will keep her in and safe. Very happy I chose this!.


We purchased this to use with our RV so that our 3 Golden Retrievers could have a safe place to be outside without being tethered with cables. It worked great. It was easy to put up and we had no problems tearing it down, either. The panels were sturdy enough to hold up to our 80# Golden leaning on it to get a pet. We did use a few step in stakes to help secure the gate panel. Only con I can think of is that the gate panel is narrow. It would be nice to have a bit wider panel to hold a wider gate. Overall, very satisfied.


I bought this for 4 rabbits. It was easy to assemble. You can make many different configurations with them. They do need support. I took a piece of plywood and then assembled the cage and then placed screws in lower part to stay in place, which as made it more safe and sturdy.


I love that it is easy To put up and take down. I wish that it was a little more sturdy. But I think it will work well for what I want to use it for


Pretty straight forward. Instructions to assemble,might have helped some?


As advertised


This was very easy to assemble. Sturdy. I did purchase ground spikes to secure it to the ground. It's perfect for my Chihuahua.


It is perfect for what I needed outside for winter. I have 2 little dogs that I can quickly let outside. I bought 2 and put them together for more area.


Stable, sturdy, attractive, great indoor and outdoor. Bull dog will scoot indoors. Outdoor stakes in dirt, detour 'bulldozing'.


We just moved north from FL and we are currently living in a house temporarily until we decide where we want to buy. We needed a fence for our 2 small dogs but didn’t want to pay $7,000 for a fence at a temporary residence. That’s what we were quoted by 2 local fence contractors. This enclosure fit the bill. It’s bigger than shown because we connected it to 2 buildings that are about 15’ apart. It was easy to assemble and we reinforced it with iron stakes with a hooked top. It works fine. But our dogs are not jumpers. If your dog likes to jump up against the fence it might be a problem depending on the weight of the dog and how much force is exerted against the fence.


Pen is secure.Puppies love it


I think the steel rods could be a bit thicker, but we will probably connect it together next spring with zip ties, too, so we can fold it and stack it for travel. Or, maybe not. It’s working just fine now. It is working well for our Airedale puppy. We purchased the 40 inch because he will get bigger, and we didn’t want him jumping on it and holding on the the top of the railing thinking he could knock it over or something.Others have said they thought the gates could be wider, but I like them narrow. That way our puppy can’t squeeze by me when the gate is open. He’s kind of a little stinker! LOL!


Assembled easily. Doors too narrow. Dog had to get used to it.


I feel I could've gotten something much larger for the price but we were moving and needed something in a pinch to contain our dogs until something more permanent can be established.


Works well keeps pups safe on the road!


Good sturdy fence


It's really hard to take out of the box, and it's rather heavy


Works great. My dogs love having the extra space to run. Really easy to set up


Super easy to put together


Everything was good except for rods you put to secure..the fence needs stronger support rods..other then that good qaulity..we bought driveway marker rods to use on place of rods that came with...made it alot more sturdy.


 Bought two orders of the 16 panels cage. Using as a fence for the pups. Would recommend buying ground steaks to make the gate more sturdy . Ended up being two poles short . But still made it work with one extra door. I have the 40” tall version and with small dogs it’s more than tall enough for them. Going to see if it hold up to weather and rusting .


For a small dog, easy to put up and secure


We got the set that came with 16 panels, 2 of which were doors. This set up is much more sturdy than our last playpen setup. It’s definitely worth the money! My only complaint is that I wish the side panels where the exact same width as the 2 door panels. The way we set it up (in the attached photo) has a door in the front and one In the back right. The way the panels are set up caused the grooves not to align no matter which configuration we tried. I’m guessing this happens because there needs to be a certain amount of norms side panels in between the door ones. We improvised by using zip ties since the stakes that come with it didn’t work due to them not aligning. All in all we are satisfied with the purchase! I really like how you can pick your own configuration (more or less)


Keeps our baby pet safe ..... we are on 5 acres and needed a secured one in the front from any other animals...... although we do not lave a tiny dog alone..... easy to installed, my husband even put in extra fence pole to keep it from moving if someone lean over .....the con part, we bought one set, then we loved it and the next day after instally the first we bought another set and the price was hiked !! by


I use it when i go camping and have lately set it up at the house for my friends dogs. Love it. Light, durable


Overall this product was just what I was looking for. My only suggestion would be to upgrade the stakes to a sturdier metal.


It was perfect to use as an extension to a large covered dog pen!!


Great product, easy to assemble, made from good material, but the gate openings are pretty narrow. This along with it not going all the way to the ground, make it difficult for my dog to go in and out.


Good product, but use zip ties to hold the panels together.


Perfect size for our foster puppies. ability to customize where the gate is is our favorite part.


Amazing support


We like the fact that the play area can be moved around so easily. It is working great for our 6 Beagle pups (9 weeks old) right now.


It was for my daughter 5 little ankle-bitters


Sturdy quality, easy to move around but stable. Set up was fairly simple though it took a few moments to figure out how the panels fit together. Great quality pen.


We bought 3 more sections this year to add to the sections purchased last year. As we plan on selling our home next year we didn't want to put a permanent fence in and this met our needs for our dog. It is sturdy (though we added extra support by putting stakes in here and there for added strength) and is nice looking - so no one within the neighborhood will complain! Worth the cost!


Great fence


Good quick fence when you need one. Some some what portable. Wish they sold it in shorter size seance it comes in 2 separate boxes.


This was a great purchase. We have a mastiff who is getting up there in age. This was just to keep from wandering around. It works great. If he was younger he would plow right through lol so use your own judgment. He's 200 lbs.


We wanted a outdoor pen for our Corgi puppies. This is perfect - fairly heavy duty, easy to install and of good quality. The door is a little small, but it works for our needs well. I'd highly recommend!


Very sturdy. Is as expected.


I ordered this for use with our motor home. We have other x-pens, but I kept seeing this kind being used with motor homes. It is very lightweight, but seems strong enough. I am not normally a fan of the drop-pin style x-pen, but it is effective and makes this a very flexible product that you can configure many different ways.


We have a new addition to our family and we live on 5 acres, we needed a fencing rocks free .and our other dog's poop we have fenced in back , but needed a way to let out the puppy as he needed to and in the back, it is too much , as we have to restrain the other two large dogs then go down some steps from the deck, so we decided to get this in the front,l so we can just walk him out to do his business, he is well trained only 13 weeks, this way he is safe as this is an inside dog....we had an estimate for a wrought iron fencing and they wanted 20 K for it !!! as it was for the dog and it is way outrageous... so we opt out and got this fencing, and will order 2-3 or 3 more- Right now it looks uneven, but my husband will make it even as the fencing are all even , very sturdy and strong....and once the weather warms up,as it was freezing when my husband and I put it up today as just got it .... ( easy peachy by the way) So, we are thankful for this and feeling at ease for the puppy not to play his little game running in circles for us to catch him , as he is not quite all trained a big THANK-YOU FOR THE MAKERS OF THIS FENCE TOO.....we are happy, it is snowing and it is quite convenient to not freak out about our puppy getting away....


works great. 1 month so far, no issue. I placed mine int he garage. Need to secure them so they don't move around easily


I got this for my new puppy it is very sturdy. Well worth it!


Love this fence. Used for my rabbit pen.


Makes our camping much more enjoyable!


It is good


It keeps my boxer puppy safe and unable to destroy things in the yard, I'll probably buy another one to add more room for him to jump around.


It's working great for us. Good quality.


Fits a small too enough space for two


Great product. I was surprised at the light weight but durability. My dog is a runner but he loves to come to my wood working shop. When I need the garage door open I put this across the opening and he loves it. Outside/inside what ever he wants.


These are easy to assemble and are really sturdy.


It works very well. Easy to set up. However it has only been up for about a month and one of the brackets broke because it was so rusted. It has not been out in the open. I am using it on a covered porch.


We ordered the 16 panel from another company. Found out we needed 8 more panels. Very prompt service. Received them less than a week. They are the best in gates. We live in RV and everyone is asking where we got them!! Love love love them! Highly recommend!


My dog really enjoys being able to come out without being tied, and this keeps her safe. Nice size, and my niece put her little son in as well, worked out to be a nice playpen as well for the toddlers!


This is a quality made ex pen, the only thing I do not care for is how narrow the door is. But it seems like they are all made that way. Wouldn't hold my full grown German shepherd but works great for my puppy. I do wish there was another way of attaching the sides together because we use it inside and the stakes are a little by tall if you are not putting into the ground outside.


I had ordered two sets of the 8 panel 24" high playpen. One set was ordered from another seller. This product came well packaged, arrived on time. Playpen is very sturdy it can withstand the abuse of 7 puppies. Held up very well during a very bad rain storm with high winds. Stakes are long and sturdy. I highly recommend


Works great when traveling with RV to dog shows!


Perfect for Our Puppy ??


Amazing. Easy assembly and easy to move. Great inside and outside


Well made. Strong.


Best thing ever for my large litter of 11, I bought another one because it worked so well. With large breed dogs I thought I would need two but we are on week 9 tomorrow (5 left at week 8,I still have 6) and they never really needed the second one. I just used one interior wall of my kitchen and the pen as a fence...we did need some large dumb bells in strategic places as they got bigger but training them not to jump on it is best.But it has held up splendidly...LOVE IT. As they potty trained it was so easy to pull the end of the fence away from the wall and let them out the front door, with the end of the fence at their back so they could only move one direction. This thing is amazing!!


Love it


Perfect size and easy setup


Great for using in a campground for our beagles and frenchie. I think I have 5 sets of these now :D


Just what I wanted.


Best doggie pet pen, ever! It is good quality and holds my rambunctious pup!


Absolutely what I needed, shipped well and on time, goes together very easily and is very sturdy.


Works perfect. Very sturdy, my pup loves his pen!


I purchased the 24" for inside the house, have it set opened across a room, the door is very convenient for my needs. I plan on buying several more taller ones for outside in the spring so the dogs can get some fresh air and not have to keep an eye on them loose in the yard all the time! Ive been showing dogs over 30 yrs and this is a quality item!


We ordered the 16 panel from another company. Found out we needed 8 more panels. Very prompt service. Received them less than a week. They are the best in gates. We live in RV and everyone is asking where we got them!! Love love love them! Highly recommend




I love this pen!!! I was having some really difficult days with my Great Dane when I would leave the house. She would throw many fits and would chew and destroy toys and furniture. I was fed up with her and very close to finding her a new home. I resorted to hiring a dog trainer as my last straw and after her evaluation she immediately recommended an exercise pen for them. I searched and searched and shopped around reading review after review trying to decide if I should do a pen or a fancy dog crate. I was very concerned about the size of them for my Dane and didn't want to separate the doodle from my Dane. So I finally decided on this pen and was very thrilled to find after my the first day of having this - the dogs immediately went into it without any struggle. Their beds fit in their nicely and the quality of this pen is great and isn't a complete eye sore in my great room. I am happy to report I actually like my Dane again. She is so very sweet but doesn't like to be bored and left alone. She is much more behaved now and our house is no longer being chewed to shreds.


I have small dogs and got the 24". It looks like it is going to work perfectly. The price was better than the other brands. It gives just a little more running room! Great for RVing!