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  • Gray

3.2 cu ft Compact Stainless Steel Refrigerator

This 3.2 cu. ft. white compact refrigerator is ideal for smaller spaces like a dorm room, teen's bedroom or office.

Overall Rating:
166 Reviews
Item No: 21890765
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3.2 cu ft. Compact Stainless Steel Refrigerator 3.2 cu ft. Compact Stainless Steel Refrigerator 3.2 cu ft. Compact Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Key Features

● 2-Door Design: Large 2.2 cu. ft. fresh food capacity gives you the space to keep foods organized and 1 cu. ft. freezer capacity give you room to store frozen foods. And the two exterior doors allow you to access the freezer or the refrigeration compartment.
● Powerful Performance: This refrigerator cools quickly and evenly, and it will keep ice frozen solid and foods perfectly chilled. It is an excellent value that will bring years of quiet, reliable use.
● Crisper Drawer: The crisper drawer is designed for your fruits and vegetables, which always keeps them fresh.
● Freezer Compartment: Separate freezer compartment chills your ice cream all summer, and the included ice tray can make ice cubes to keep your drinks cool.
● Removable Glass Shelf: The glass shelf can be removed or adjusted if you want to organize taller things. And it also offers convenience for cleaning.


    This refrigerator will keep your food, drinks fresh and chilled. Equipped with a thermostat and cooling compressor, the mini refrigerator has a total capacity of 3.2 cubic feet.


    A roomy inside features a freezer compartment and two slide-out glass shelves, along with a bottle storage and a can dispenser built into the interior of the door. It offers ample storage space. An adjustable thermostat allows you to keep your foods at the ideal temperature. Its compact design is ideal for smaller areas such as student dormitories, wet bars, apartments and condos.


    If you're looking for a fridge to keep your food, drinks, frozen snacks organized and cold, then this is the fridge for you! Do not hesitate to buy one!


    • Ideal for smaller areas and flat-back design helps conserve space
    • Adjustable thermostat can set temperature from 32℉to 50℉
    • Compressor cooled for ultimate cooling performance
    • CFC free cooling type
    • Freezer compartment offers compact freezer space
    • 2 full-width interior shelves offer lots of storage options
    • 2 door shelves for versatile extra bottle storage
    • A can dispenser on door makes it easy to access soda and juice cans
    • Removable glass shelves are easy to clean
    • Color: Gray / White / Black
    • Material: Stainless steel + glass + plastic
    • Interior capacity: 3.2 cu. ft
    • Power: 120 V / 60 Hz
    • Temperature range: 5 °F – 50 °F
    • Package weight: 52 lbs
    • Package includes: 1 x refrigerator, 1 x instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Fantastic , quiet , auto defrost, nice size


Haven't had it very long.


In shop an it’s working great an worth the cost


I use it as a substitute for a full size fridge. has enough storage space for 2 people easily..


No matter if I set it at 1 or 6, it's about the same... Pretty cold, but not enough for what I want. I accepted a partial refund because I was too lazy to return it. They did say I could ship it back. I wish I did now.


Es perfecta


Es perfecta


I like the separation of the refrigerator and freezer but I wishit had two separate temperature control buttons


Delivery put a ding in the side. Not sellers fault. Otherwise. Very quiet and roomy. Happy with our purchase.


Puts off a white noise but I very quiet. Great size and is exactly what we wanted. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition.


Arrived with a crooked freezer door that won't close. Waiting on customer service to contact me back. If all goes well this review will reflect the service I received :)


There are some bag around it for the moment but this thing is GREAT! Get very very very cool in the freezer part and can freeze any on the side with the light in the bottom part. best thing I bought on here.


It's nice to have an actually freezer with a mini fridge. However that does come at the cost of some fridge space.


El producto ha respondido a los demandas, lo que lo hace eficiente y útil


Very confident


It maintains temperatures of 34-38 degrees F in the main compartment and -2 degrees F in the freezer. It freezes ice in the ice trays no problem. I am so glad I spent the extra money and got this great little refrigerator!


I purchased my new compact refrigerator to use in my basement. The storage capacity of 3.2 cu ft is plenty for what I needed it for. I am able to store cold drinks, and snacks and don't have to run upstairs during a movie every time one of my guests would like a drink. The smooth black finish is sleek and stylish while the bright white inside and bright light make it easy to find what I'm looking for in a dark room. The door can easily be changed to open on either side to accommodate any room. The glass shelves are easily removed for cleaning and I can not hear the motor at all during operation. The design of the fridge includes a drink slide and the freezer even came with a mini ice cube tray!! I highly recommend this product for anyone with needs for a compact fridge.


The noise at night for me isn't a problem, but it's definitely noticeable. I always sleep with a fan anyways. Definitely not silent. This easily fits 3 or 4 regular pizza boxes in the freezer, and adjustable height shelves and multiple storage spaces means fitting a 18-beer-bottle case can be kept inside, along with other food. Plenty of space for a young adult. Makes a great beer fridge. Keeps items frozen in the freezer. The fridge gets a little cold. Sometimes there's a thin film of ice on bottles, but I'm sure I could just turn the temp up a little to fix that.Shipped almost immediately, which was awesome!


Bought this for my office at work. I wanted a separate freezer door. This guy really works well. Enough space for cold stuff and frozen items.


My bedroom is on the second floor so I need a small refrigerator so that I do not need to go downstairs if I need anything to drink or eat. I also need a freezer to put the ice cream . After carefully compared other items I decided to get this one .not only there is a freezer can put the ice cream but also I can put my masks and soda in the arrived fast and super easy to move not too heavy. It started working as soon as I plugged in . After few minutes it worked as normal I put all my needed in it .it is very convenient and I do not need to go downstairs if I am thirsty.also the price is acceptable with freezer in.


I like its compact size


I like it


Its so cute and fits perfectly in my master bath. Due to my handicap its hard running up n down stairs for ice n stuff n this makes life so much easier.


Good product


This fridge is so much bigger than a normal mini fridge. It has plenty of space to fill up. The freezer section is as big as the inside of a microwave. The lower half is big enough to fit gallon jugs in it as well as a fruits and veggie drawer. The doors on this fridge are reversible if you ever wanted to and it seems easy enough. Stock temp settings are enough to freeze ice cream.


I just love the fridge. I got it for our bedroom and have never had our sleep interrupted as we don’t even hear it’s there. I had the temperature setting at 4 but water was freezing in the fridge part so I had to reduce to 3. The freezer part is wonderful and is spacious. Worth every penny I paid and would highly recommend.


Works great! High quality! 5 stars!


Very quiet, I keep it in my room for drinks and soon breast milk. It doesn’t leak, and works good


I'm just glad to be able to find a small fridge with freezer these days. If you shop around, you can't find any place that sells a freezer...this one has both. This unit was picked up for my work at home office, where I'm spending lots of time these days. Its on the 3rd floor so its much easier to store things in the fridge/freezer in the same room than going down to the 1st floor and back.This refrigerator comes completely assembled. When you get the box, just cut the security straps and lift the top portion of the box up to reveal the assembled fridge. By default, the doors swing open from left to right (as pictured in the item listing) which is what I wanted. Between the doors are grooves for you to put your hands and grasp either the top or bottom doors. All sides of the fridge are flat, which makes it easy to store it some place. I have a wood plank under mine, as I placed it in a room with carpet.Inside the fridge you'll find a bucket for fruits/vegetables, a removable glass tray to compartmentize different foods. On the inside of the lower door, there is a standing shelf for things like sauces, a smaller tray area, and a can dispenser that can hold 6 cans of soda. There is a control knob inside the fridge to control the temperature. There is also a light that comes on when you open the door. The freezer is a basic rectangle, but the door does have a single shelf for storing some smaller items. Because of the rectangle shape and the lack of bulging parts inside the freezer, I have no problems putting many things inside.Overall, this fridge/freezer combo is the perfect size and the perfect look for my new at-home office space. I go on many phone calls a day and have no noise interference issues. Every now and then the fridge comes on to keep things cool, and its a low volume sound, not something annoying. The top of the fridge is also flat and large enough for folks who want to consider putting a microwave on top.


I was amazed by the quality of the product. I did not expect to be so great, but it is. It is also good because it has a freezer on it. You can also put soda cans and vegetables on it. I would say that the size is enough for one person. I totally recommend that you buy this product because it does the trick and you won't regret it. You can put it in your room or even in your living room that you will love it. I like it and recommend it.


I wanted a little refrigerator upstairs for convenience and this one fits the bill. Nice quality doors wish a satisfying ‘open/close’ ...I was skeptical that the gray wouldn’t be nice since it isn’t stainless but it looks really good. I love the tray inside of the fridge and the fact that it has a real freezer and not just a little cubby like most mini refrigerators.


Shipped fast, great fridge overall


Shipped fast, great fridge overall. It keeps the food cool and freezer cold


It was purchased for my college student. She really likes it, because she can put a good amount of groceries in it.


This refrigerator met all my expectations. it's very quiet, keeps all the food cold, and so far (had it for a number of months now) it hasn't presented me with any problems at all.


Great fridge. Met our expectations


Could not ask for any better compact refrig. It pretty, gorgeous looking, roomy and fits perfect in bedroom with very low noise




Perfect for the dorm room. Wanted a separate top freezer and this is perfect! It’s a little larger than some but just what wee needed. He can stock up on snacks for the week.


I ordered the fridge for my daughter’s dorm room. Although the original order was immediately sent back due to damage, Costway was very quick to send her a new replacement. Other then a little dent on the front, she’s been very happy with the purchase. She said the fridge is nice looking, very roomy and quiet. It’s exactly what she wanted. Thank you


This fridge is great. Truly as advertised. Real benefit that the freezer has it's own door. Maintains cold & constant temperature.


keeps everything cold


excellent item


It’s near perfect for my office. I really like the separate freezer section. The refrigerator section was slow to get cold (unlike the freezer which worked fine right away) but a week later and it’s working great.


I purchased this fridge in black. It’s very sleek looking. I’ve been using it for a few days now and everything seems to work well. It was important for me for it to be quiet because it’s in my room and I’m an extremely light sleeper. It’s easy to move it around, not too heavy but still sturdy. It came a day earlier than expected, no dents or any damage that I’ve noticed. And you can’t beat the price. I think the freezer maybe didn’t need to be as big as it is, but that’s just more of a personal preference. Overall, I am very happy.


it stays nice and cold and does save energy. if you put raspberries on the back of the top shelf they'll get so cold and stay preserved so you wont have to worry about them going bad


What an awesome surprise! The advertised display is so frail compared to the actual mini fridge. I love it. The freezer is generously deep. The refrigerator interior is spacious. I can't get over the quality of the refrigerator. It is quiet, too. Upon delivery there was a kicked-in tear on one side of the well-packed box. To my surprise there was absolutely no visible damage to the exterior of the refrigerator. It is a beautiful mini model of a full size refrigerator. I just received it today. I will keep an update running to give readers my personal experiences with this really handsome fridge.


This refrigerator offers good value for the money. It is quiet, looks sleek and modern and is roomy. I am impressed with the freezer size.


Very good


Great little fridge. The dual door design with separate freezer & fridge areas is perfect for me. One thing though is that if you're going to use this in a vehicle install with vibration dampening pads. Otherwise the compressor rattles quite a bit. Other than that this fridge is fantastic


The freezer stays cold and the frig is very roomy


Happy with performance and price


Perfect size and freezer is decent size as well and does freeze food. No noise, still working months later. Nice clean bright white. Can store tall bottles on door. Great buy!


I bought a new washer, dryer, stove and refrigerator from Sears. Four months after the warranty expired the refrigerator went out and Sears never showed up for their apt that was 3 week wait for me. So I decided to say screw Sears and I bought this little refrigerator and I LOVE IT. Its perfect. Its QUIET, ITS SUPER COLD, I WORKS PERFECT. I can actually get a lot of food in there. It works really well and the price is perfect for emergencies like mine. Im keeping it and dumping the NEW BIG ONE. Ive had mine about 4 months. Couldn't be happier.


Mine arrived with a very noticeable dent in the big door, thus the reason for a 4 rating instead of a 5. I think sturdier styrofoam packing material might have prevented that. It was only insulated from damage around the edges. The only protection for the rest of it was the cardboard box it was shipped in. In defense of the company, however, they did immediately offer a generous partial refund due to the dent, and I kept it for that reason, figuring the next one might arrive in worse shape. As for the refrigerator itself, I have not had it long enough to say that it will last, but I can say that if it keeps going like it is now, I will be happy. It gets canned Cokes very cold, and froze water solidly in a plastic glass within just a relatively few hours of being plugged in. I have not loaded it down with food, drinks, etc. yet to see how it holds up to a lot of stuff in it, but that was never going to be a problem for what I needed it for anyhow. Be aware that the left and right sides get very hot upon being plugged in for the first time, but as the refrigerator becomes cold inside, the heat to the exterior diminishes also. Never cool to the touch, just warm. I assume that is the way the little fridge is supposed to work. Except for what seems to be fairly dent-able metal, it seems fairly well made, and the interior is big enough to hold all you should expect a small refrigerator to hold, and the removable shelves let you decide how tall of an item you want to put in it. The freezer is really pretty sizable, and should hold all you need it to hold, unless this is your one and only refrigerator and you need to keep a month's worth of food in it. Except for the dent, it's a good looking little piece of equipment. Also note that both the freezer door and the big door have sort of a recessed "handle" in each where the two doors meet, and makes either one easy to open and close. The doors seem to seal tightly when closed. Like I said, if it keeps going without hiccups, I am glad I bought it.


Works great had to turn the thermostat down that’s how well it works. And the freezer actually keeps stuff frozen


I BOUGHT HAPPINESS with this.Good size freezer. Very nice.


Works great in my friends office. No noise, no frost just cool inside just the way she like it


Was a gift for my granddaughter. She is very happy with it, larger than first fridge. Freezer is a must for her.


I am a OTR Driver, so I am Using it in my Tractor.


Very happy with this product


I love my fridge it holds all my snacks I hide from my kids wish it had a lock


I have this refrigerator for my room because my daughter & 4 grandchildren live with me, and I need my own space. This refrigerator is really nice & quiet, a little place to call my own.


Didn’t like receiving the refrigerator with a dent in the side.


The Costwat Compact Refrigerator was a great buy for our office needs. Purchased 2, one came not working, contacted the company, they had another one sent out ASAP. They were great to work with and I would Highly recommend :)


My unit runs quiet. I can hear it when there is no TV or music playing, but I have to think about "what is that humming noise I hear?" Not bad at all.I like the separate door for fridge and freezer to reduce defrost frequency. I'ts been running about two months now and it is getting close to time to defrost.I like the solid door instead of glass "showcase fridge" for drinks in my bar area.


Great little frig!


We keep this refrigerator in our patio room, and it is doing a great job. Other than a small dent on the front that I didn't notice until we'd had it a day or two, it is great. It keeps things really cool. I keep it on number 5, out of 7. No problems so far!


Perfect for my small space! Enough for one person


I love that the freezer section is roomy. The whole unit is very attractive - we ordered the grey/black combination...and it's very good looking. Unit is quiet and is working well in our Office.


We absolutely love it. Great for the price. We just wish it had a little more room but I guess the extra space in the freezer makes up for it. All in all great item.


Bought this for my Son. He absolutely loves it. He likes that it has a freezer and it works great. Yes I would recommend to others.


I have this mini fridge in my rec room and the size is perfect. It can sit in a corner alone or underneath a four foot cabinet or shelf. I use it for mixers and bottled water. The freezer space easily holds two three pound bags of ice and the temperature is great. The only reason I gave four stars is because the picture gives the look of stainless steel but when you receive the product it is shinky gray. Still cute and efficient I would definitely recommend this product.


I own a small motel and this little unit works great so far.


everything works well...uniform temp in freezer and main cabinet.....door is very good....better than our main frig


Item is good


Works great


Quiet enough for the room, and does the job.


Great for miscellaneous drinks and snacks. Mostly quiet and arrived in excellent condition from the shipping process. It came with a cute little ice tray and ice scraper. I have already recommended it to someone else.


Yes!! Bought for my daughter, she likes it overall


It has a good amount of space! The freezer is super cold. The the refrigerator half is sold too! Great for my bedroom!


As a disabled person who does not drive, I am limited to grocery shopping every 2 weeks or so. I needed extra space to store perishables. This little fridge is perfect for me! It sits beside my big refrigerator for easy access from my wheelchair. Please see my photos to give you an idea of size. I set my huge old convection microwave oven on's an original Amana RadarRange. The feet just fit, but it overhangs on the sides. As long as it still works, I'll keep it. 15+ years and used several times a day.


As a disabled person who does not drive, I am limited to grocery shopping every 2 weeks or so. I needed extra space to store perishables. This little fridge is perfect for me! It sits beside my big refrigerator for easy access from my wheelchair. Please see my photos to give you an idea of size.I set my huge old convection microwave oven on's an original Amana RadarRange. The feet just fit, but it overhangs on the sides. As long as it still works, I'll keep it. 15+ years and used several times a day.


Great product for price


Very good refrigerator. Bought it for my friend and now buying one for my self even though the went up .


Perfect mini fridge!! Super quiet and lots of space. The freezer is awesome!!


It’s so cute and efficient! It looks and works just like a large fridge. The freezer size is very large! Great product for any place away from home.


Nice stuff


I love how it has a light in it. It keeps all my food cold. It's roomy and the separate compartment for the frozen foods really makes a difference and keeps all my meat cold enough so that I'm not getting food poisoning which is aaaaalways a plus.


Works like it should.


i like this small fridge,it is perfect size right next to my kitchen,it can adjust temperature from 32-50 f,upper floor i put some frites,lower floor i put beer and soft drinks,it worked quietly i can tell,total capacity is 3.2 cubic feet.


Bought for our VRBO apartment, great!


Exactly as described, seems nice and good quality.


Quiet. Keeps ice cream frozen. Lots of storage. I use it in my office at work.


Love shipping


I've had this fridge for about a month and have found that it works as you would expect - keeps things cold and isn't very loud at all. There was a weird blue goo on the outside of the shipping box that made it messy and inconvenient to try and open up.


Great for college room.


It is well made and attractive. We use it for snacks and drinks.


Love this fridge, freezer works great. Lots of room. Durable.


Excellent quality and packaging. Product was delivered earlier than promised and exceeded expectation. Everything as advertised at a very competitive price. I do recommend




Very good quality and doesn't smudge on the stainless steel.


nice product




Love this little fridge! Super cold and quiet. The freezer is roomy and really nice with the separate doors.


Absolutely love it! It arrived with a small dent and Costway responded immediately and beyond our expectations. Perfect size for a dorm room and very cold.


Great little refrigerator that fits well in a small space.


Cools and freezes and is quiet Works good


Cools and freezes and is quietWorks good


Perfect for our tiny weekend home. Love the small freezer.


A nice little refrigerator for my office. I was concerned about the noise, but it's super quiet.


Great company to deal with as well.




Nice and sturdy, it appears to be a great product for the price.


It's a real fridge with a real 5 degree freezer


a little small, but works great.


excellent refrigerator


I got this for my mother is her assisted living room. She LOVES it. The freezer holds a couple of standard ice cream containers and the fridg hold misc other things.


I really like the separate freezer. It holds more than I expected.


Great fridge... whisper quiet and have been working flawlessly for almost a year so far! I'm very well pleased!


I have a lot of medical issues, one of which is not being able to drink sufficient quantities of liquids to keep my kidneys happy- so I decided to move a mini-fridge into my bedroom for the days I'm not feeling up to getting too far out of bed, and get myself some ice and water or Gatorade. It's making a noticeably positive difference with having more fluids ready to go without going way out to the kitchen Arrived in perfect condition, no dings, and set up in a flash. The freezer is large enough for a ice cube bin, 4 stacked Rubbermaid ice cube trays, and space between them for other things. The little door rack doesn't hold a lot, but it's nice to have. It's SUPER quiet. Even with my limitations, I was able to get it set up by myself- no assembly, just have to let it sit upright for a while before plugging it in.


quite, works well, nice to have a freezer that won't ice up like the usual office ones do


Nice size little frig/freezer. I mostly enjoy the separate freezer compartment.. It is more like a combo than the cheapie freezer compartments in other frig/freezer combo units.


Nice unit for the price.


Great for our home bar! Love having the fridge and freezer separate


This item is fantastic and I recommend it to anyone


Love this! Fits perfectly in my rig!


Looks great !The fridge and freezer can hold quite a bit of food, drinks and even an ice cream cake !


A generally solid product. The insulating strip around the fridge may be a bit lacking, but the little freezer worked great. Now have a grown up sized fridge, so not using it and don't know about it's long-term performance.


Love it work's great


Bought this two months ago for a friend. It is still going strong, quiet, and cold.


Perfect size for my studio!!


They do.


Works great!


Excellent, fits our needs perfectly. Quiet and efficient.


I didn't think it would be possible to become infatuated with a fridge, but I love this little guy! It is the cutest appliance ever haha. So glad I went with a separate freezer. Shipping was fast and product was superbly packaged to protect it from damage. I bought this for my classroom. It is the perfect size for the room. It easily holds a 12 pack of sodas or juice boxes, a half gallon of milk fits in the door, and it has a veggie drawer! I have quite a few items in it right now and it has kept things nice and cold. The freezer keeps popsicles solid without a problem! Highly recommend.


At the time of this review I've had it for a month in my room and so far it's quiet and works perfectly as expected. I have it in a small master room bar where I sleep and it doesn't bother me at all with weird noises or any noise for that matter except for an almost inaudible hum lower than the AC flow noise. No damage in transport.


I bought this refrigerator for my parents and they really liked it. However, the size was little too small for their purpose. No fault of Costway, but our interpretation of the size listed was little faulty. But I am so pleased with the customer service of Costway. They promptly responded to my concern and even helped me resolve it immediately. I truly appreciate their great customer service and definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a dorm-style refrigerator!


Item received as described an in a very timely manner!


Does freeze up in the back so you have to scrape it off once in awhile. But no other issues. Love it


Love this compact refrigerator! The only mini with a true zero freezer and quiet! I can fit more into the freezer and the other areas, than any other compact refrigerator. I am truly impressed.


I recommend for purchase to anyone! I have this for over a year just about now and it is still kicking great as day one!


Works good. Quiet operation, computer fan is louder than this unit. Freezes quite good, meats so far. I do not drink from aluminum cans, so the cans storage area will be modified soon enough for more space, no biggie.


Great for a small office!


Bought this for my daughter's college dorm room and she loves it. Runs quiet. Plenty of room in the refrigerator for her and her roommate to share, spacious full freezer. I may very well buy one of these for my office.


Nice size (oversized) freezer. Good refrigerator space. Nice looking too. Although it is not a true "stainless", it still looks great.Mary


Nice and roomy


The refrigerator is easy for use, cooling effect also works well. Overall quality is good.


Great compact refrigerator. Nicely made. Looks great. My only complaint, the low setting is a little too cold.


At the time of this review I've had it for a month in my room and so far it's quiet and works perfectly as expected. No damage in transport. my granddaughter loves it.




Purchased it for work and the five of us love it...


So Far So Good, haven't had it very long but it seems to be alright.


Great dorm fridge for my son. He is happy with it and has no complaints.


Looks exactly like it is. Love the size and works great. Separate freezer is a great and fits more than you would expect.


Bought this for my tack room. I really like it. It's quiet and doesn't add much heat to an already warm area. The separate freezer area is a real plus over the kind that has the little freezer in the fridge compartment.


Nice fridge, nice little freezer. I used mine as an expansion to my main one, for storing processed veggies and stuff, and leaving room in the main one for more cold drinks.. This unit has so far been reliable, is small and kind of "cute", and was easy to setup.


Granddaughter is very pleased with it.


Love the separate freezer! It work great. An amazing value




I am amazed by this product. I was hesitant because the price was so low. The separate freezer is large enough to actually use. It is quiet. I would purchase another one if needed.


I love this fridge/freezer, perfect size.its quite, looks good and works perfectly. Large freezer too. I highly recommend this, and shipping was pretty fast.


Recommendable!This is what i want, I like the size and color and construction!


Great Deal!At that price we did not desire for good quality, but it is amazing, perfect!


Go for it!I love this compact refrigerator very much, you deserve my A+++ review!


The item is delivery soon, I have used it for a week, it is very practical, and really quite when working!