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  • 2 in 1 Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet UV Sterilizer - Gallery View 1 of 12
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2 in 1 Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet UV Sterilizer

2 in 1 Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet UV Sterilizer

Featuring as an ultraviolet sterilizer and a hot towel warmer, this high capacity cabinet is ideal for both commercial and family use.
Overall Rating:
60 Reviews
Item No: 52896073
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Key Features

● Light and 60 Disposable Facial Towels: Do you want to have a large capacity towel cabinet? This tower warmer cabinet features 16L Capacity, for placing 50-60 disposable facial towels built-on lamp ideal for daily repeated use at home or for salon spa.
● Powerful Tower Warmer: Do you want a tower warmer with powerful function for your tools, this tower warmer works for you. The built-in lamp is superb.
● Overheating Protection, Constant High Temperature: A good towel warmer does not only warm the towers. This tower warmer has constant high temperature, heats up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, thoroughly and evenly warm both traditional and disposable towels. The product is equipped with overheat protection device, heating wire withstand voltage of 120V, heat preservation. It is a powerful and functional tower warmer for bath spa.
● Aluminum Inner Chamber for Heat Control: This tower warmer has aluminum inner chamber for better heat conduction, door opens from across the cabinet, upper and lower shelves to easily and orderly store towels.
● Certificated Safety Plug and No Assembly: The tower warmer has double security with safety Plug. No assembly required, user manual included, and it’s easy to use when you follow the introduction.


    Featuring as an ultraviolet sterilizer and a hot towel warmer, this high capacity cabinet is ideal for both commercial and family use.


    Designed with UV lamp, the cabinet is able to kill bacteria for sanitary safety. The constant high temperature can be kept and up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it possible to thoroughly or evenly warms both traditional and disposable towels. Thanks to the durable and removable towel rack, you'll have the easy access to the moisturized and warm towels in well order.


    With the warmer cabinet, you can keep your towels at a toasty 175 degrees Fahrenheit and use powerful ultraviolet rays to sterilize your tools and implements.


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Ideal for both commercial or family use
    • Modern design styling; cream color
    • Hot, wet towels at your convenience
    • Uv light kills bacteria for sanitary safety
    • Thoroughly & evenly warms both traditional and disposable towels
    • 16l capacity: For placing 50-60 disposable facial towels
    • Built-in uv lamp
    • Moisturizing and keep warm
    • Keep constant high temperature,heats up to 175 degrees fahrenheit
    • Provide you with safe and reassuring sterilization
    • Durable and removable towel rack to easily & orderly store towels
    • Removable tray underneath to avoid dripping
    • No assembly required
    • User manual included
    • Model: RTD-16 A
    • Rated volume: 16 L
    • Rated power: 200 W
    • Rated voltage: 110 V
    • Rated frequency: 60 Hz
    • Set Temperature: 80+-10 Centigrade
    • Towel load: 50~60pieces
    • External dimension: 18" x 13 1/2" x 12"
    • Interior: 13 3/4" x 10" x 5 1/2"
    • Tray dimension: 18" x 4 1/4" x 1/2
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This is the 2nd one I have purchased, first was back in Nov 2020 and it worked for 1.5year before the on and off switch started to go out.
Hopefully this one will last me 2 full years.


I ordered this for work and it's gigantic - my fault for not realizing how big it would be. Processed the return and apparently I am required to pay for my own return postage. This will not be cheap.


Amazing product... Love it in my MedSpa!


This is the best towel warmer I’ve ever used and my secret weapon to being a top notch massage therapist.


Hot Hot Hot!!!!


When my warmer arrived I request a refund right away only because it was bigger than what I thought of course that was totally my responsibility because on the description you can see the item dimensions.
Unfortunately the seller return policy is not very convenient and I was not going to lose money and decided to give a try and I can be more happy that I did.
So far working perfectly


This towel warmer is a fantastic size but it doesn't heat up the towels enough. Lukewarm at best!


I am just starting out my Esthetican Business and so many thing are so expensive but this was a great investment. THe towels get very warm. I turn it on about an hour before my appointment and they are warm just like I like them. Could they be warmer probably but I think the temperature is great for a face treatment.


Bigger than I thought it would be just used for the first time today so far so good it heated up pretty quickly I turned it on about 15 mins before I started


The most amazing gift we gave to our hairdresser ever. She is upping her game and needed a towel warmer that was big enough and can be used at her salon.


I have a nail salon. I bought this and have it in my store for customers to use. The Capacity of this towel warmer is 16L. I could warm 50-60 disposable facial towels daily. This towel warmer saves electricity than the one I bought before. All in all, I really like this product.


I like the towel warmer gets my towels extremely hot


Purchased this a year ago. Worked amazing. Recently The power button failed to light and was flickering and broke. The hot towel warmer is useless now Bc I can not turn it on.


The heater is standard size. Very nice but doesn’t get hot only warm . Good if you only need warm towels.


Perfect towel warmer


This is a nice warming box. The seller is prompt to respond to questions.


 This sucker gets my towels piping hot


This was a very fast warmer it felt great after it got warm. This was an amazing product. This was also very durable. I would love to buy another one again soon.


I always thought a towel warmer was something I could only find in a hotel or just too large to have at home and then I saw this! I ordered it on a particularly cold day and couldn't wait for it to arrive. I use it every day now when it's chilly in the mornings - and sometimes even take extra showers just to feel the warms of the towels. Warm Towels out of the Dryer are always awesome, so here ya go, have them all the time! This is my favorite new purchase. Works great for socks too!


This is the perfect addition to my at home massage practice. The size is perfect for 4-6 wet rolled towels, although I only use 3 for my treatments. It’s professional looking. I love it! Perfect size and holds just enough for my starter, part-time massage therapy business. Excellent product.


I love this. Easy to set up and clean. Space saving Perfect. This is exactly what I needed


Love this! Large capacity! Nice clean design of the inner. Takes about 45 mins to get to the hottest temp, but definitely the best towel warmer I have ever used!


This is perfect for use in my store. It is placed in the couple's room, and does not need a large disinfection cabinet. This is just right, the temperature rises quickly, and it is easy to clean. There can be eight towels in it, enough to use.


Because I wash my and my family's underwear by hand, I use it to sterilize underwear,Good disinfection effect!!It is very light and women can move it with one hand.


I bought this product for the first time, I am very satisfied, easy to use.Disinfecting and heating the towel is quickly completed


This towel incubator is very good and it is worth buying!


It's perfect. It works great. My clients love hot towels


This warmer worked very well I love how fast this warms my towel so far I use this a lot and it’s still works good as new. It’s so easy to use. It’s also worth the money because I love how warm my towel turns out.


This towel warmer is everything! I love it so much it works so well. It’s super useful and exactly like what the description says! Good pricing too!


Gets hot fast and holds the temperature really well. Its light and spacious


Good product fast shipping


The measurements they show are not correct, the measure of the depth is 15.5 not 13.5; I’m going to have to return it... it messes with the space I have for it!


Nice , and good for small space


Muy bueno, justo lo que necesitaba




Okay so this “rtd 16a towel warmer” has been amazing. I had bought it for my mobile spa business which I started in May of 2016!! To this day it still works perfectly. The towels come out super hot within 15 mins max. *I always shake a towel when I take it out and test it on my skin before applying to my client* My last client was a couple of days ago and it had a different smell to the towel warmer. The towels were fine and didn’t have a bad smell so I still used it, I think it’s just getting old that’s why. Although, I also had It for 2 years and I use it all the time when I go to my clients homes. So definitely not going to give it less stars for that. It deserves 5 stars from me. I am about to re-buy this towel warmer right now since I know I am a fan of using it. I hope other people have the same experience like I did!


I use this to heat up my towels. I checked out many towel warms. It’s this brand that topped them all.


I was really hoping that the UV Sterilizer could be used independently of the warmer, but that is not the case. Still a great steam towel cabby though.


works good for heating towels,stones, sterilizing!


Started rusting almost immediately where the door closes on the edge, but works really well for heating things.


I like that it’s a UV sterilizer as well. It’s a big towel warmer but at the same time is compact as well. We had to buy two of those for our two SPA rooms.


works great


I like it so far, I only wish it would get warmer, to me it's not warm enough.


love it


Great towel warmer for the price.


I have dry eye syndrome and this was recommended by my eye doctor. It's so relaxing and soothing to my face. I've fallen asleep so many times after a warm cloth over my eyes. I also feel it does make a difference with my eyes and soothing them. I don't put anything wet inside and the dry towels work fine. I think it would be more cleaning if I put wet towels in it. I don't clean it now with dry towel use. I always put 2 wash cloths in cuz they last a few minutes once you take them out of the machine. Once I'm done with the first, I go back and take the second one out.


Started rusting after use, I’ve had it 4 months and it its completely rusted where the door shuts, wish I would of gotten in black otherwise pretty good




I bought this for my therapeutic massage office. I was heating towels in a crock pot but I could never get them the right temperature. The towels come out perfect temperature and retain the heat long enough for their intended scrub, etc


Lightweight and shipped fast and works well


Door seal leaks


Working pretty good so far!!!


Just what I need for my mobile massage business,light weight and small enough for travel. I usually only put 5 -6 in at a time warms then well enough for what I use them for. This unit will hold more than what I put in it. Not actually sure just how many it would hold, does what I need!


I mean it works for what it is and at its price.. its bigger than anticipated but I don't feel like this warme gets hot enough.. ones I used in my old salon got very hot and by the time I got to my client it was perfect.. this one.. it's cold by the time I get to my client.


Great machine! Great price


big fits lots of towels


Good product worth to buy.


I love this awesome warmer cabinet! It came really fast with an amazing out-looking as well as great quality, also it takes much shorter time to warm up compared with the former one I bought. Love love love it!


This little machine warms up so quickly and the 175 degrees Fahrenheit is exactly what I want. My clients love it so much. Really satisfied with it. Considering to buy one more for my own family.


I received it about three weeks ago. And it works just wonderfully. I love the cream color so much cause it looks really nice in my office. And the door is pretty sturdy… Anyway, you get what you pay for! Nice recommend!