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18" Oscillating Standing Floor Fan

18" Oscillating Standing Floor Fan

This is 18 inch adjustable 3-speed manual control oscillating standing pedestal fan.

Overall Rating:
85 Reviews
Item No: 42756038
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    This is 18 inch adjustable 3-speed manual control oscillating standing pedestal fan.


    It can be used for your office or your home. Kick up the air in your home and cool even the largest room in your home with long blades when you plug in our pedestal fan. The head oscillates and has adjustable tilt-back for directional cooling and keeps your cool in the dead of summer. You can choose the up and down angle and control the wind direction freely. The 3-speed, energy-efficient motor operates quietly. And you can also set the fan automatic shut-down in two hours when u going to sleep. Keep your home cool when you turn on the 20 inch elegance and performance pedestal fan.


    Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Quiet operation and wide oscillation path
    • 3 speeds and long blades provide superior air flow
    • Fan head diameter measures 20"
    • 2 hours setting
    • Adjustable angle
    • Perfect for home or office

    • Color: Gray
    • Voltage: 120V/60HZ
    • Power: 70W
    • Rotation angle: 90°
    • Fan diameter: 18"
    • Base diameter: 16"
    • Overall dimensions: 20.5" x 16" x 54.5"
    • Weight: 14 lbs
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Fácil de montar , ruido normal, control remoto no trajo


Very nice but a bit hard to build. Great looks ..tall sleek body working very well to keep us cool. The base is heavy and makes it really stable.


works well


I was skeptical to pay this much for a pedestal fan initially and had high expectations. This fan did not disappoint. It pushes a great amount of air. You can really feel it from across the room. On the lowest setting, it is whisper quiet. When you crank it up, you'll feel and hear it. I am very satisfied with this fan.


love it


works like it said . was worth it


AWESOME fan sounds like a small airplane and it'll blow a sheet & lightweight spread off at 2 1/2 - 3 feet away. Best fan I've ever seen.


mine did not come with a remote and really it isn't that important to me. extremely sturdy and WOW the power! i only have used it on the lowest setting because it cools like you wouldn't believe and i live in Florida and this is very hot time of year! the assembly was not that great. that rubber tubing was very difficult for me as i live alone. asked and received an answer from a fellow customer and he said it was definitely a two person job. but i did it and alone, it was just hard to do. also the instructions, i thought, were not that clear, but if i can do it, anyone can :D


Great product


I got this fan because Rowenta does make an 18" quiet fan. If they did, it would require a mortgage. This is season three for ours and its performing as new.I see complaints about the plastic ring to hold the front and back grills. Get a second pair of hands, it's much easier. Yep, I'm suggesting you ask for help. Dudes, we have a gender flaw regarding asking for help or directions. Recognize it and ask. II'm buying another one.




Fan is of good quality and puts out good amount of air.The base is sturdy didn’t care for a remote on this one liked the bigger size fan with more air and not to loud


I purchased the product on March 3, 2020. I liked it so much I ordered this one on March 26, 2020. Very easy to assemble. Quality product for the cost.


Best fan ever


I've been very happy with this fan ever since making my purchase this past year. Great setting options and feels of high quality.


Great and powerful fan. My house is hot all the time, and the window a/c never reaches the kitchen. We have it in a our living/kitchen área and worls very well. Very quiet. Easy to put together.


Bought this for my Granddaughter that lives in Georgia. She says her air conditioner barely works, and asked if I could get her a fan. I picked this one for the price and size. She says it put out A LOT of air. So, it does the job it is suppose to do.


Does what it should do efficiently. Not too hard to assemble and lightweight.


This fan is great. People who complain about assembly should never do any home improvements or even play with legos. It's not that hard to put together. I uses it every night since i bought it (over a year ago) and it moves air better than any fan of the same size i have ever had. It does not shake and is not to noisy. It's a great fan. I never used the remote I have no need for it so that is the only part of this fan i can not vouch for.


Easy to assemble, use, & quiet. Stand is well weighted , sturdy.


Use it at my office


Took 5 minutes to put together :) It is wonderful! Moves air...lots of air and is not too noisy.


This is one of the best fans I have ever purchased. I just wish the fan cage were a little better designed to make it easier to assemble. Other than that I love this fan and plan on purchasing a couple more.


Love it! Moves lots of air! Perfect for the summer time. I love my fans for the noise to sleep at night. This is in no way a quite fan. On speed 1 maybe but speed 2 and 3 its pretty loud. Which is perfect for anybody that wants white noise while they sleep.


The fan was actually really big for a entire family to used it.Wasn’t easily going to get dirty, and the power was to be set as 1,2,3.


The coolest


My first big fan. I like it a lot. It has 3 speeds. Great for the bedroom.. I may get another one.


Buen abanico para dormitorios, silencioso y con buena potencia del motor. Lo único es que las rejillas se cierran con un círculo y un tornillo y da trabajo para una sola persona ajustarlas al montar el abanico


Had to hire a handyman to put t together


I have had these fans on 24/7 so far, for 5 months, in our hallways at school and they are working great! We never turn them off to keep air circulating and we haven't had any issues.


Would have given it 5 stars except for 1 thing. It is really heavy. I understand why the base is heavy, but really!


Very happy with this fan. Not needed very much since I purchased, but it works very well and looks to be quality.


Quiet, powerful, just what I need


Love this fan, just wish you could use it without the timer


I've only used it for about a week now stays on constantly and hasn't given any problems. The noise level is that perfect background noise that most fan owners like. The low setting is strong enough to use even with a blanket on. High setting is definitely HIGH. Air flow is great. Nice looking fan and so far, works very well.


The fan works ok so far. Assembling the fan especially when you’re putting the cover is challenging.




I wanted a fan that was quiet at the lowest setting so that having it on in the room didn’t deafen one to conversation or to other noises in the house. This fan seems to fit the bill as well as provide good air circulation. The instructions for assembly that accompanied it were not very helpful. I was unable to put the blade over the shaft until I discovered a plastic protector that was covering the shaft that had to be removed first. (No mention of this in the instructions.). Also, rather than using clips to secure the back wire fan cover to the front as previous fans I have owned do, this fan requires you to wrap both covers with a binding plastic strip. The strip probably makes the fan quieter as there is no rattling of metal, but it is tricky to align and secure. I needed to lay the fan flat on a horizontal service in order to do so. Still, I think I was able to accomplish the assembly of the fan within the 30 minute the instructions said it will would take.


Good quality


Looks good. A little on the noisy side.




Great product & powerful machine


so far its working well and I really like this fan




This is a gift for my friend, he likes...


Good, solid, fan. Delivers.


Great fan, use it all the time.


Works well and would buy again


Nice fan for the money


Works really good..good quality


This fan has a lot of power. The bases is metal which helps to keep fan upright. The fan is not real noisy. Oscillate Works real good ,covers a good bit . I will buy one again if I need another one. Hope this helps


This is a great fan! Not too loud and it is powerful! The assembly was easy but some items took some additional time!


Love this fan. Moves a lot of air and is quiet.


Very good fan once you get it all put together. You need a few hand tools to do this.


This fan works very well and cools the room nicely.


This fan is perfect for our use. We needed a fan to aid in air circulation in our bedroom and this is perfect. Nice looking, quite and easy to operate.


Overall this fan is amazing. I have East facing window, so my room gets hot early in the day. The fan keeps my room cooler, which makes me happy. Only downside to the fan is it is a tad louder than I expected.


It would become a big access to keep the apartment cool.


Working great worth the money. Use in my bedroom very happy. I now have one in my living room too very happy with quality.


Super super easy to put together. not sure what everyones complaints are. The instructions are straight foward. complete steps 1 - 12. Very well made and heavy duty. And its super quiet to my surprise.


awesome fan


Deluxe fan. Soothing white-noise. Recommend.


Works good for the price


Large, nice & quiet. Great fan once you put it together. Didn't realize when I purchased it that there are no clips used to put the 2 sides of fan together. Instead there is a rubber band. That was the difficult part. If possible get a 2nd person to help hold the 2 pieces together while you put the band on.


Good quality fan at a decent price.


I like this fan. It works well and was easy to put together. It is pretty quite when it is running. It saved me and my dogs this summer.


Awesome?? only needs a remote but rather have no remote than the air it blows..i don't even put it on high. Love it.


Great deal. Easy to put together and looks great! Beautiful grey color. Hopefully this will last a few years. Time will tell.


Quite and blows a lot of wind.


Good windy fan


It's a good fan for hot days; a little tricky to put together.


I was kinda upset when I received as I thought it had metal blades and I wanted metal blades...HOWEVER, It works so well I can keep my ac on 82-83 degrees and still feel a bit chilly in this breeze from this fan, here in Florida.


Easy to set up even though instructions can get askew. Love it.


(Review for 18" Costway oscillating fan with manual control, not 16" with remote.)Nice fan, works well, good build quality, 6' UL cord, 70 Watts. Weighted base. Vertical pedestal range (at top) is 44" to 53" (above table height). Top speed will blow papers off your table in a flash; "low" speed is still pretty strong. Manual controls are low on front, and partly behind grill (which can put your face into the air blast). Push button speeds, timer (behind grill) for 2 hours max., no remote. No hand grip for moving it. No repair or warranty info, if needed.Atrocious instructions, because labels on parts picture and in the text are wildly inconsistent (two bad translations). Here are the equivalencies that will make all clear, and assembly pretty easy.Part # >> Picture ID == Text ID1. >> L Screw == bend bolt2. >> Free Neck == press plate3. >> Base = base4. >> Pillar == stand post (plus lift post)5. >> Control Panel == switch case6. >> Plug rod == swing button (oscillator control)7. >> Read Grill == back grill8. >> Plastic Nut == fasten-nut for back grill (ring-like)9. >> Main Blade == fan leaf10. >> Spinner == fasten nut for fan leaf(Assembly instruction "e" clarified:Remove both fasten nuts etc. from drive shaft, loosening fasten nut #10 (for blades) by turning CLOCKWISE (yes!). Use fasten nut #8 to attach back grill, tightening clockwise. Remove plastic sleeve from pins on driveshaft, and light gray clip from blades ("fan leaf"). Align fan leaf with the pins on drive shaft. Use fasten nut #10 to fasten fan leaf, TIGHTENING COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. )11. >> Plastic Ring == grill ring12. >> Front Grill == front grill (yay!). Fitting grill ring (sleeve) over the two halves of the protective grills is the trickiest part of assembly. Helps to have four hands available for aligning all around, and with the grill logo, and tightening the screw. Whew.0


Ordered 3 of them and they are great. Quiet enough, powerful, and feel solid.


I love this fan! It was easy to assemble and is high quality. The fan runs quietly and puts out a nice breeze. I would highly recommend. Great fan for the price!


Love it very nice and also it was easy to Install.


Works great use on outdoor patio, lots of power.


Put the clips back on the grates to hold them together. The band makes it hard for one person to finish putting fan together. If I known it did not have clips on grates I would not have bought the fans.


Works great and quiet!


Excellent fan. The base is substatial and the whole fan seems well made. I like the real pushbutton switches instead of the electronic variety.


quiet yet powerful, love it!


I purchased this fan for hubby and he loves that it blows a lot of air, and is very quiet.


Well worth the money!!! Solid, heavy duty blows alot of air ?? So much bought two more!


The fan arrived intact with all its parts. The fan was packed well to prevent damage during shipping. Manage to assembly in thirty minutes. The fan base is weighted for stability and all the settings work. Hopefully the fan will help keep me comfortable in the warn weather to come and keep my electric bill down from the air conditioner use. I'm a happy buyer, especially for the price.