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16 Panel Activity Safety Baby Playpen with Lock Door

This children's playpen is perfect for you. Made from safe and durable materials, the playpens are safe for all children and all types of activities.

Overall Rating:
54 Reviews
Item No: 36428507

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Key Features

● Safety Material & Non-slip Design: The baby fences are made of high-density polyethylene plastic and will not harm your baby's health. The non-slip rubber pad on the bottom of the panel makes it difficult to tip over and move. In addition, the package is equipped with extra suction cups that can be attached according to your needs. ASTM certification guarantees quality and safety.
● Game Board & Safety Lock: The toy panel is not only interesting but also educational, which is very suitable for the baby. A lovely flower shape and bright color can attract your baby's attention. The swivel design enhances the coordination of your baby's hands. The safety lock on the outside of the door prevents the baby from opening the door and running out of the fence.
● Foldable Design for Easy Movement: You can easily fold our baby fence and move it to an ideal place, such as a bedroom, living room or balcony. In addition, the folded fence saves space and can be stored in the closet, under the bed and in other places. This safe activity center allows you to do your housework or something else while keeping a close eye on your baby.
● Freely Combined into Various Shapes: The children's fence has a total of 16 pieces, you can combine multiple or all panels as needed. By increasing or decreasing the number of panels, you can combine them into squares, rectangles, hexagons or octagons to create different sizes of game space for your kids.
● Large Coverage for Baby to Play: All 16 pieces of door pieces can be combined to provide enough spacious space for your baby. Your baby can climb or walk inside, which can help the baby learn to crawl or walk to a certain extent. And you can also enter the fence to play or rest with your baby.


    This children's playpen is perfect for you. Made from safe and durable materials, the playpens are safe for all children and all types of activities.

    The safety lock on the door ensures your baby will stay secure in the playpen. The non-slip rubber pads on the bottoms of the panels make it even more secure. In addition, the playpen comes with extra suction cups that can be attached according to your needs. The toys on the toy panel are not only interesting but also educational, making them ideal for learning and exploration. You can install it anywhere you need so you have time to do housework or relax.


    If you are looking for a product like that, do not hesitate to buy it!


    • 23" reinforced panels better keep your baby within the playpen
    • Safe and durable materials ensure your baby's safety and health
    • ASTM certification guarantees quality and safety
    • Non-slip rubber pads make the fence less prone to move
    • Comes with an extra rubber suction cup for you to use as needed
    • Safety lock on the outside of the door ensures security
    • Toys on the toy board grab and keep the attention of children
    • Combine panels into the desired configuration according to your needs
    • Provides enough space for your baby
    • Foldable design for easy movement
    • Color: Beige
    • Material: HDPE
    • Small fence size: 13" x 23" x 1.5"
    • Gate fence size: 26.5" x 23"
    • Game fence size: 26.5" x 23"
    • Product weight: 29.5 lbs
    • Thickness: 1.5"
    • Activity board: Flower-shaped turntable, windmill shaped turntable
    • Applicable age: 3 months - 6 years old
    • Package includes:
    • 14 x Small fence
    • 1 x Door fence
    • 1 x Game fence
    • 16 x Base
    • 16 x Rubber suction cup
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


The product is very easy to assemble. I want to give it 5 stars, however, mine arrived with a missing set of hinges so I actually had to remove an entire panel, lose valuable space, and position the gait in a semi-round position (I really need/want it in a square position). I have contacted the seller and I hope they will send me the missing hinge set to complete the gate!


Muy contenta con la compra de este artículo para mi bebé de casi 8 meses. Se mira de buena calidad, y los colores neutros lucen muy bien en cualquier espacio.
La valla se mantiene firme. Y es muy conveniente que se puedan quitar paneles según necesite.
Estoy a la espera de una alfombra que me cubra toda el área de la valla, para más seguridad a cualquier caída. Me tranquiliza saber que puedo dejar a mi bebé metida aquí, jugando, segura, mientras me ocupo en otras cosas.


This comes pretty much assembled and was easy to set up. It’s the perfect little play space for our daughter and makes it easier to keep her and the dogs separate. I liked the size of this playpen and how adjustable it is to fit the size/shape you need!


My 1 year old loves this so much. She just ran in circles for a good hour she was so excited. Super easy to put up literally just took it out of the box and unfolded it. Very sturdy. Great purchase


Exactly what we needed. All the other reviews were very helpful. Sturdy enough and large enough to sit in it when baby dosen't want to be alone. You can fit 2 together.


Even though this took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to come in, it was worth it! It keeps my 6 month old safe and in ONE spot. After reading 100’s of reviews of similar products, I decided to go with this one and I couldn’t be happier!


Missing parts still pending replacement at third month now


So far we love this baby couldn’t climb out like other we bought before and she is happy stay in


So I had really high hopes for this play pen. First off, my 2 year old can easily knock this down and she easily can unscrew the tightening caps. Also this is quite short. It might work for puppies? Idk I'm pretty sure I'm going to return this and try something different


First playpen I've ever bought like this. My granddaughter loves having the room to run around and play while mommy cleans


Our heart is melting just by looking at her.This 16 Baby Playpen with Lock Door fits right in our home.


This baby gate is seriously a life saver. It’s super easy to put up because it’s basically Pre-assembled. It’s flexible so that you can shape it around obstacles. I put it in the room I need to do something in, throw a few toys in and I don’t have to worry about my daughter getting into things she shouldn’t.


We got this play pen for our house and my mom also got one for hers. We love it and it contains our 1 year old while she plays.


Its size is excellent and its grip position is good so my little girl can stand up easily.
I think it's worth it.


Assembly was amazingly simple and efficient. This took the hassle out of putting it together because it basically unfolded and was already assembled. A new mom (& especially dad) can appreciate this when there’s so many things that need built during the first year. The sturdiness and efficiency was well worth the price. My play yard is on top off an area rug so I can’t vouch for use of suction power.


The playpen was a lot smaller than expected (I got the 16 panel). When my daughter would pull up to stand with it, it would move. Not as sturdy as I wanted.


This is a definitely a must have for babies learning to walk and crawl. I love this playpen because I can just keep my baby in one safe place and contain all his toys. This is where he learned how to stand up. It gives him plenty of space to play around. The only complain I have with this is that the screws are so easy to get loose so I constantly have to tighten them everytime my baby is in. He uses it stand up and the screws cannot handle the force so it keeps getting unscrewed everytime. But other than that, the product is overall good and perfect for growing babies.


Muy facil de adaptar a cualquier espacio


Pretty soft colors ! Sturdy & easy to assemble , my only issue is you have to fix the lock buttons like everyday, that is a bit annoying , other than that good quality & pretty.


I read reviews on many surrounds. I was still skeptical on how this would hold up if the toddlers were leaning on it. The way the "joints" hold it together allow for flex and movement. This has been a wonderful addition to our daycare room. It helps keep the babies safe and in one place! My only complaint--that I waited so long to purchase it!


Loved that it was mostly assembled except for gate which was easy


 This baby playpen gate is fantastic. It arrives and looks like lots of pieces but when you take it out of the box the pieces are all connected. Surprisingly it is super easy to assemble! The top part has 2 screw like features that tighten and stabilize the gate. Loosen and tighten as needed and as design will change to your liking. The door installs easily. There are suction cups that will clip onto the bottom portion to allow from slipping on hardwood. I am currently using on carpet and do not need the suction cups but it’s a nice feature. The plastic is strong and firm. The door is great and difficult for little hands to open. The door has a lock on the outside of the gate. The cute bear decor looks cute and the neutral grey and cream are perfect for any home. The spinning toy feature is fun. The gated area is large and allows for multiple children and even adults in the same space. Love this baby playpen gate and the fact that a babe can play while being safe. Price was super reasonable for the great quality.


I love this gate, it keeps my one year old closed in and gives her space to play. Definitely better than a regular playpen IMO


I just got this yesterday for my almost 10 month old. She is learning to walk. Grabs everything. Puts everything in her mouth. Needless to say I needed something to contain this girl. This playpen is awesome. She squeals when she crawls to it. I wish there was more toy panels but that’s fine. She has tons of toys. It fits a 6x4 mat pretty well- not perfect. See photos. Nice neutral colors. Sturdy for her to use to walk around. No pinching fingers. All in all I like it a lot.


Love it it's just that my grandbaby shakes it and the top come loose but they don't come off. But it is great he loves it


Very good except as my grandchild starts to walk she loosens orange screws and was able to squeeze thru opening with gate locked. Be aware of this, you need to constantly tighten the orange screws.


Very well made.


Very well made product. Easy to use, disassemble and store.


great for toddlers


Best gate I’ve ever purchased they come apart so you can block off different areas of the room love it


I did a lot of research on play yards before deciding on this one. This has to be the best purchase I've made for my grandson and for myself. This is a very sturdy and well made play yard. My grandson is 9 months old and he is able to pull himself up on and walk around play yard while holding on. He stands holding on shaking the walls and they hold firm. This has been a godsend for us, it gives us peace of mind that he is safe and provides a large area for him to play in. You do need to hand tighten the top plastic screws as they will slowly loosen over time, this is the only issue we have had with this play yard- a small price to play for such a good product. I have just made it a habit to check, and tighten screws if needed a couple of times a day. We have this sitting on top of a padded play mat and it works well. We haven't had any issues with it sliding or moving around on the mat. Great play yard, highly recommend.


We were happy with how this worked for our family.


This is perfect for my 7 month old grandson that is now crawling everywhere . It’s very spacious for him to play in, plus gives me time to do other things and know he is safe. It’s very sturdy and easy to assemble.


Love this! Perfect to keep my 1year old away from the water and in the shade while the whole family enjoys our pool and backyard. He outgrew the pack n play... this was the perfect next step


I was concerned to buy a playpen initially because I was worried my child’s fingers would be caught in the holes. So, I was super excited when I saw the large spaces on these individual gates because they were large enough to cause no injury but small enough to keep the little man secured. My son (8 months old) is a chunky baby and he has learned to stand and constantly leans on these gates and shakes them back and forth, and they support his weight completely. This is a great product for your crawler and even un-sturdy walker.


Got this for a play area for my granddaughter. Got the gray foam play mat too. Safe place for her to play and keep her toys in.


Look no further! This is what you've been looking for !


I love this gate. My baby has a pretty big area now to play and the height is just perfect. Great product.


Bought this for my one year old, so I could keep him contained and not all over the place while I am trying to get things done around the house. He has enough room to play and walk a little bit and stays content in the space. He is walking and he scales the side and I have had no issues with him pulling it or pushing it anywhere. I have it set up on our carpet. This is very sturdy and I like the color better than the bright colors. It was also very easy to put together. I have not tried to fold it, but it doesn't look like it will be an issue. I am sorry we didn't buy this sooner!


This product has saved me a lot of headache. Its a good size and my twins hang on it and I don't worry about it falling or anything like that. Would buy again


It is very easy to assemble


Very happy with purchase. Easy to setup right out of the box. After my request, seller quickly refunded the difference after the price drop. Kudos.


Very sturdy , I wish it would fold up easer ... you have to loosen all the screws before it will fold up , so I just keep it up all the time . It’s so amazing I bought another for a gift


The fence is so nice looking, cute and useful. If the screws which secure between panels could be tighter, then it would be great. The panels are for easy access and storage, so it cannot be too heavy, therefore, my baby could kicking on it and make the panel placement moved....


Was looking for a bigger playpen and found this. Big, sturdy, my little guy loves it. We got a cool foam mat with roads on it for under and it is perfect. Keeps little man contained while also being able to still play freely. Folds up fairly easily and is easy to tighten and get set up once you get it wrestled into the shape you want it in.


8 month old, works great.


Works great for my shih-tzu puppy.Holds pee pad, bed, food and water and lot’s of toys.


Fast shipping, very sturdy, and my son loves it!


Really awesome how you can manipulate the gate to make any size and fit any play mat!


Easy to fold and great colors. Wish I could buy more panels separately though.


GET IT. When I was researching different gates I wasted too much time. I landed on this one and I don’t regret it at all. When you are reading other reviews that talk about having to tighten the screws it’s because you can’t get the gate to sit perfectly and adjust everything perfectly the first time. They are a lot of joints and it will need to be adjusted later. The color is gender neutral so if you plan on having another this is a great investment long term. The activity board is lacking but you can always add your own stuff instead of forking over another $80 for a gate that has a nicer one.


Came quick. Just as described. I love how much freedom my daughter has to play!


The panels fit together and folded up nicely. Taking out sections or adding sections was easy.


Not quite as big as I expected but a perfect space for our little girls toys to be contained and for her to play! Would definitely recommend!