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  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 1 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 2 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 3 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 4 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 5 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 6 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 7 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 8 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 9 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 10 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 11 of 12
  • 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter - Gallery View 12 of 12
10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter

10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter

This 10' x20' carport features a weather resistant top and galvanized steel frame to ensure a long service life.

Overall Rating:
549 Reviews
Item No: 46371805
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CAD $279.00

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Key Features

Weather-resistant Canopy Cover: Made of durable polyethylene fabric which is waterproof and sun-proof, our car canopy has longer lifespan. This tent can effectively reduce the direct sunlight on the car, ensuring that there will not be unbearable heat. Falling leaves or bird droppings can also be blocked by tents.
Heavy Duty Steel Frame: Featuring with galvanized steel tubes, the whole construction is sturdy and not easy to rust. Enlarged foot pads increase the contact area with the ground and can be reinforced by tent pegs. 6 PP wind ropes and 12 tent pegs provide more security and stability for the car tent.
Suitable and Spacious Shade: The size of our carport is 10 ft x 20 ft x 9 ft, which is large and high enough to accommodate most kinds of private cars without congestion. It won't be crowded when you and your family want to enjoy a party together. Our tent can provide all-round protection for your vehicles and other outdoor items.
Multifunctional Usage: This large area carport is an ideal solution for providing shade and storage space for your cars, mopeds, bicycles or other outdoor items. The party tent is equally applicable to parties, catering, picnic, BBQ and other commercial activities like flea market or fruit market.
Easy Installation Design: This tool-free carport can be easily assembled with the detailed instructions and complete accessories. The cover is fastened by elastic buttons rather than fragile plastic buttons. We advise customers that do not use this car tent outdoor during heavy rain, snow or strong wind for your safety.


    This 10' x20' carport features a weather resistant top and galvanized steel frame to ensure a long service life.


    The cover is made of high quality PE which can provide a sun-proof shelter for your car. The canopy can also prevent the car from being hit by leaves, bird droppings, etc. The whole construction is made of premium steel tubes and enlarged foot pads for stability. Coming with the wind ropes and tent pegs, the carport can be reinforced once again. This canopy is not only a carport, but also can be used for parties, business events and so on. With this multifunctional canopy, you can enjoy the leisure outdoor time with your friends. All the parts are prepared which allow you to set up in a short period of time with detailed instruction.


    If you are looking for a canopy like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


    • Galvanized steel tubes is not easy to rust and deform
    • Weather-resistant polyethylene cover for durability and longer lifespan
    • Enlarged foot pads Increase the stability of the tent
    • Equipped with wind ropes and tent pegs for extra support
    • Large shade area provides your car or boat with full protection
    • The concise white exterior goes well with outdoor environment
    • Elastic buttons can connect the tubes and cover tightly
    • Suitable for car-parking, parties, camping, commercial activities and so on
    • Easy to install with detailed instructions and complete parts
    • Material: Polyethylene cover+ White powder coated steel frame
    • Color: White
    • Overall dimension: 10’ x 20’ x 9’(W x L x H)
    • Package included:
    • 1 x Car garage cover
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This carport began to split and leak after just 1 year. Not a good value for me.


Waterproof and windproof! I think if you have two small cars they can both fit under this canopy. It’s 10 x 20. My car isn’t that small but I park my motorcycle under it too


Spring is upon us and we are prepaing for outdoor activies in the warmer climate, so I need an outdoor awning big enough to cover the backyard. After I read the introduction I knew this is what I needed. I chose this 20' shed because it's tall enough to fit my backyard and allow me to open the backdoor without any issues. My dad and I assembled this whole thing in about a day. Fortunately the instruction is relatively simple and easy to understand. And on top of that the accessories are marked with numbers so it's easy to identify during installation. The canopy cover is made of durable polyethylene fabtic, which is waterproof and sun-proof. It has a heavy duty steel frame with galvanized steel tubes. The whole construction itself is pretty sturdy and not easy to rust. The enlarged foot pads increase the contact area with the ground and can be reinforced by the tent pegs. 6 PP wind ropes and 12 tent pegs provides more security and stability for the tent. We've been using it for over a week now and so far we have no issues. We've played table tennis underneath it when it was raining one day and it did the job. It feels pretty good at the moment. I will continue to update my usage and hope that nothing will change.


Great price and it was exactly what I needed


Easy to put up and take down. Pretty stable while up. Metal is cheap and bends easily, so be careful of that.


Could fit a little tighter but self tapers take care of that. Make bigger feet on each bottom leg cause high wind will win. Chickens LOVE it


Fantastic value!! Gets the job done. Easy assembly.Be sure to anchor it down better than I did.25 mph wind sent it flying through the neighborhood, totally my fault. I replaced the tie down spikes with homemade weights. It’s not going anywhere now!


This is a great deal. The canopy is good quality for the price. It was delivered on time and I had no problems setting it up. The tube frame was a smaller diameter than the canopies sold at Costco.. But its sturdy and I like the look of the smaller tubing. It looks clean and neat..I recommended it 100%


Had a windstorm that took it out and bent one of the legs till it wasn't usable anymore, just a week after setting it up. I'd like to be able to order a leg.


Second set we have purchased. Love them. They do what we need them for, Thanks


Good buy thank you


Easy to set up! Poles are made of thin metal will see how it holds up, the cover seems to be made of good material. Using it to cover my boat. Put up last night and is raining today so will see how it does in the rain, I did strap it down to the boat and trailer so it don’t blow away if the wind picks up. I also purchased a warranty from amazon on it for a few extra dollars.


I purchased this after seeing the one a friend purchased so I knew what I was getting. I'm sure you could find a stronger more stable unit but for the price, these are great.


Easy install. Good quality. Good value.


Easy assembly sturdy and inexpensive


cover boat very durable


I have two of them now and will get another in the future if needed. For about ninety dollars plus the price of ground anchors set I have a place to park in the shade. The first one lasted three years until the tarp started to show signs of deterioration.


great product


Very sturdy. It’s kept up through all sorts of weather. It stays in the wind but nothing major.


Lasted about 3 months wind blew and bent it!


It works great. Came quickly. Easy to put together. Just was missing 2 of the little ball stretchy things to hold top on. Made it work. Overall very happy with purchace. Well worth the money.


Legs r tricky they have to be put on and tried u know when u got it right. Great product


Very happy with it


Easy install. Have had it up for a couple of weeks and have gotten strong winds.. still holding... Gotta Secure it good....




Good buy for the price


Fast & Easy install. Only gripe: the frame is white. Sprayed metal supports black, looks great!


Fast & Easy install. Only gripe: the frame is white.Sprayed metal supports black, looks great!


Easy to assemble & arrived as described!


Used for a graduation party and it did exactly what we needed it to do. Pretty easy to put up but you do need a lot of people to help (more than 2). The second time we put it up, we had to google search the instructions. Not sure if they came with the package.


For the cost of what we paid for it - it's pretty much as expected - We're using it to cover our boat to help with winter storage. It was easy to assemble - missing one small part - a gummy cord that holds the tarp on but we had some so it didn't affect the performance. Purchased some sandbags to help anchor it to the ground as that would be the area most lacking - the anchors. All in all - what we were looking for.


Love it, easy to put together, and for the price it has held up. It’s been through heavy winds and heavy rain.


Very pleased with my purchase! Even after my party we left it up for a few weeks in multiple storms and it stayed strong! Highly recommend.


Me agrado todo perfectas condiciones. Gracias


so far so good, we will see if it survives the winter




Product was good. I needed the exact number of bags I bought but one package came with three less bags but other than that great product


This is my second purchase and my first one lasted over a year in the scorching FL sun.


Very nice product but metal should be a little thicker.


Modified a bit because I needed cover for my wood this winter. My ex-husband suggested buying a carport like he used to have. Good idea I thought! :) So instead of using the top provided, I used a 20x30 tarp I already had along with others and enclosed it = dry wood = heat. You could actually park 2 97 Jeep Wranglers inside if you wanted without a problem. What I don't like about it, is they request you remove the top (the tarp) before winds. Usually after or during winds, there is rain or other weather you'd like to protect your vehicle from. Isn't the point of a car port to protect your vehicle from the elements? (Um Duh) And the carriage bolts with wing nuts are for the bottom of the legs and not the top. How much sense does that make?! No wonder the top blows off! Warranty? Seriously? That makes me laugh because you can't use it during weather so of course you can warranty it if it's used to your standards and not the way the buyer intends when they purchase it.


For my Garden it worked perfect


Works great so far. Will update if it she blows over. I put cement blocks on the base to keep it down


I cover these with chicken wire to keep varmits out of my garden. I use 2x4 to make doorway. I put hardware cloth underneath and screw the legs to heavy boards. I bought a 10x10 before. I'm sure it would be great for it's stated purpose as well.


Purchased to store some yard supplies out in the back yard and it had done the job


Bought canopy for a family fish fry. Canopy was very nice and everyone could fit under it with room to spare.


Used this to replace an aged similar carport. This is better. Easy setup, made well. Had no problems, does the job.


Cheap and effective. Not the best tent but it works well enough for the price that I would buy again


This is an amazing carport for the money. Not a super heavy duty unit for storms but for California weather this unit looks and performs great!


Bought this as a gift for my friend and they absolutely LOVE it! Great quality and manfufacturing... very sturdy (their words)!


Great price


Holds up pretty well. Even had a small branch go through it but use fix it seal tape. Buying another one when I get the chance.


Was Exactly was looking for


This thing is awesome .. Worth the money just buy screws to screw the polls in . Secured bottom of the polls into cement buckets ..


works ok, just as good as any of them


Cannot beat it for the price but I wish it came in something you could store it in


We ordered one last year and then purchased two more to take camping with our large group of family and friends these canopies cover us all the table for food and games


My mom bought this for her car for shsde she loves ir


I really liked this tent, I live in a mountainous area and there are winds, but my tent stood for several days and it did not blow away. I used it for a party. Its price was cheaper than other sellers, It’s quality of the product is very good, its not torn, its not scratched.I was satisfied.


Low price and quality canopy, set up and tear down can be done by one person.Thank YouChris C.


The frame leave very much to be desired it is thin and bends easily. Did not use the legs but substituted schedule 40 PVC. I believe 2 in. Drove EMT into the ground and mounted PVC on EMT and bolted in. Also set bottom of legs 11 feet apart to stress the frame and make it less moving in the Wind and bolted the top fittings and all of the top to the PVC with nylon insert Nuts and Bolts. It's been up 2 years now and still going strong but we do have a strong Southwind down here in Texas and I do attack a guy rope when the wind is high and remove it when it's over


Awesome easy to put together !


works as advertised, will buy again


Bought to replace another canopy cover that got eaten up by the sun and fell apart, but I have to say this cover has been deployed since I bought it in 2016, no sun rot yet! Review submitted August 2018


Some of the post were bent but not to bad. Im very pleased with the size better than what i expected. We have used it several times now. Easy to set up does take 2 people takes about 30 min or so.


We use them as shelters for our District Cub Scout Day Camp. We have three now and hope to add another next year . Easy to set up and take down.


Has worked great Has stayed up even during a few very strong storms


Nice love it


Very pleased with the product. We bought 2 and would highly recommend this canopy. Good value for the price.


We use this while camping as an extension between our tent and my Dad's. I color coded the different connections to simplify setting it up.It works really well for shade and rain protection.


Needs to be tied down


Easy to set up I did it solo but would recommend an extra pair of hands. I've been using mine as a permanent shelter just re-enforced how they wanted it tied down and put up my own tarp walls. The only reason I gave it 4 not 5 stars is there is a common week spot that is easily fixed but requires rigging. The poles that run along the sides bend where they connect. There is no real support for the beams. Still worth buying.


Excellent for my need. No bird dropping or pine needles to deal with on my car. First one lasted 3 years before a storm took it out


This was good easy to assemble and worked well until a big wind came and twisted it up.I was securing it with cinder blocks at each leg.Th string broke and the tent twisted with the wind


I have bought many of these and some from Harbor Freight and this one is the best design by far. Much simpler to assemble with spring pins that hold the component legs together once assembled. The most common cheap designs just slide together and you have to duct tape or drill and screw to keep the component parts from coming apart. Thanks for a quality product at a good price.


Very sturdy.


Works great! Took a little to assemble but well worth it!!


fast delivery great product


Perfect. Sturdy. Great for shade and party. The only thing I could say that was tricky was putting the tarp on. Make sure you start from one end to the other.


The canopy was what I expected.


Good product, just need to make sure it is well installed


Sturdy and well made. Great price and easy to assemble. I used it for my little girls birthday party since all the party tents had mixed reviews. I bought it last minute. It was quickly shipped to me.


We had a pole get bent by a storm and they sent a free replacement out ASAP. Great customer service easy to erect and provides good protection from the elements.


Has held up to tough winter with snow wind and rain. Much better than more expensive ones we had bought in past. We bought one year ago with weights for legs and it is still in perfect condition.


Love it


We bought two of these for our backyard in case of inclement weather for my daughter's birthday party since we don't have an overhang. We bought them in October and set them up the weekend before her party and they are actually still up (March). They have withstood wind and rain and sun and tree limbs and leaves. They are excellent quality and easy to assemble. We've been enjoying the shade from them and will probably keep up for a while longer.


Bought this for my daughters birthday party, cause they were calling for rain. We have used it several times since and even lend it out to friends. So easy to use, my 7 year old daughter loves helping me set it up


this canopy is super nice and very easy to put up




very nice and great


Good item




We used this for my sons birthday party as a canopy for our guests. We paid like 85 dollars for it. It did the job. My husband put it up himself in 45 minutes and took it down that same night in 45 minutes. It is a very big size and a good price. Would I use this as a carport. NO. It seams too cheaply made. For shade in the summer months in your yard this is perfect. Other then that this thing is sitting in my basement.


Has been great. Assembled and disassembled 4 times and no issues.


Easy to assemble, great product!


worked out well great price


I have acorn issues. And this held up to the 40 ft drop of acorns I deal with. I did use dollar store foil baking dishes filled with concrete to keep it from flying in the wind. And just 2inchs of concrete on each leg kept it in place.


Good product for the price


If you need a temporary carport this one is decent


Holding up well


I got it in the summer and its still up. Three windy days, 40 mph and snowstorm. Did three modifies, but still it up. Had 5 inch of snow on its top, held it. 5 inch rain storm, high winds and it held just fine. I will send photos in next review. Also my mods to make it stand up to 60 mph wind. Next review in Feb. Oh also I didn't use the ropes (any ropes ) to tie it down.


this has served the exact purpose we got it for. We've had it for about a month or so and its great! keeps the car clean (no bird poop or tree sap) and i don't have to get it washed nearly as often. Fantastic if you don't have a garage.


Really nice coverJust make sure you have some help is a long cover for just one guy


For the price you can't beat it. I use it to keep leaves out of the boat


Its a Good Canopy for the price.Easy set up i did it by my self in 40 min.So far its holding up good we have a couple of day with high winds (30 to 40 mph ) still standing.Would recommend the seller!


I followed the advice of another reviewer and did some modifications of my own in order to cover my 16ft Fleetwing Thrush camper. I needed something to cover her up while I peel back siding and replace framework. If you go into this knowing it’s going to need a bit of work it’s really a good deal. We secured all of the joints with extra wide gorilla tape while putting this together as they really just pop into place. Then we raised the legs up 15 inches in order to accommodate the camper. We sunk those posts into basic Lowe’s buckets and put a few exposed screws in the wood posts in order to anchor it into the concrete and set it by pouring quickcrete around the posts. The feet were then secured to the top of the wood posts and our canopy has 300lbs holding it down during windy weather.Will update this review once we have another major storm. Happy so far


This is a fantastic product for the price! I put it up by myself, easy as you please in about 2 hours. I am sure a team working together could have it up in 30 minutes or less. I was inpressed by the neat packaging, the easy to follow instructions and again, did I mention the price?? Amazing.


Good size, quality built, easy to put up and take down. I recommend it.


Calf size is toosmall






Quality relative to pricing. Easy to install has lasted through one winter/summer now and so far with no issues. Would order again.


Excellent construction, fit, and finish. Certainly can't beat the price.


Arrived fast, simple to put together and works perfect for the area I needed it!


I bought this product primarily for the frame so i could turn it into a storage shed. The material is very thin but after some strategic bracing at key weak spots and adding metal roofing and sawmill lumber on the outside i now have a 10 by 20 shed which i believe will stand up to both snow and wind for less than $200. Without bracing and shoring up your asking for trouble with long term use though.


Good quality and very durable although i only had it up for a couple of hours but i am still satisfied.


Love it.




Still sitting in the box never been used ,but will get used we loved it for the price it was satisfy customers


just like the original




I like the canopy I used it twice very handy. I don't like it don't come with any storage bags other then that it's useful


So far so good. Works well as a carport.


Is a great canopy I had nine for 5 years and I just recently bought the second one for a first birthday. They hold well.


Easy to set up.


Used as replacement to for an existing topEasy to install, secures nicely


I don't rate it with 5 stars because it is not that strong, if you accidentally step on it may bent,however, it met expectations as it should, in general happy with the price :-)


They changed the cover a bit ,more tide down hooks. Yeah it came with all the right stuff.


Light weight but it is all we need to keep us out of the weather. We will pull it down before the snow flies so no worries there. I've got six two foot stakes at each leg to tie it down, and set up was less than 45 minutes including driving the stakes and attaching six quarter inch rope tie downs.


It was what I expected! It is easy to install, durable and affordable. I would definitely recommend to others. I can now held a party at my backyard anytime


am using it as a cover for my dog he loves the space being in the shade


Worked great


awesome item for the price. one pole did have a dent in it.Wish it had sides too.


Great product and instructions were easy to follow


Good quality and affordable price.Easy to assemble.


Top i love it......


It hold well and perfect for the shade. Some of the pieces came bented though..we had to fix..but it worked out. Easy to put together...Satisfied with it.


I bought THREE of these for a church fundraiser. 1st one took 4 people about 45 minutes next 2 - 15 minutes each. Zip tied them end to end for shade on a breezy sweat, not a ripple.


Thank you! I'll probably be ordering another one soon


Goes up quick I like it


Just what we needed


Great product. The steel frame is great and it was super easy to assemble


This canopy served my family well, until a storm blew in, lifted it in the air, we held it down and dismantled it in the rain and I haven't used it again. Hopefully, it wasn't bent too badly and I get another use out of it.


Is perfect


I was able to put this up and take this down with one other person in about 10-15min each. Provides great shade for party's! Fits about 20-25 seated people. I've only used it once so far but look forward to having it handy for my next event :)


This is a nice canopy for the price!


We have purchased two of these! we wanted to use them to cover our vehicles from the sun! Perfect!


Easy to install,but had to raise up 7 inches to put my van under


Works Great


Just assembled. Very easy set up. Will see how tarp holds up. I will be adding some 1/2" steel stakes driven into ground to create a better anchor system.


Easy assembly and sturdy for temporary use.


This item is as pictured and works fantastically.




I really like the canopy but now i want the side wall and if you have any


was as discribed


Easy to put up and take down. Heavy duty tarp keeps out sun and rain. Very pleased. Also very large.


Much more sturdy than I thought it would be for the price, very satisfied


Worling as I fesire.


These canopies were the star of our engagement party! I bought two which was still 1/3 of the cost of renting a 20x20 for one day!! They went up quickly and easily. All you have to do is pay attention to the diagrams. They are very simple to follow!! Granted the weather cooperated and I didn't need the sand bags for the legs (it was on a blacktop surface, not staked to the ground) but it provided ample shade for 60 people (8-80" tables and 64 chairs. I plan to keep one set and put one set on Craigslist. So glad I bought these!!!


So far it's been amazing ! Its held up to 3 huge storms with high winds. It's well worth the money! Just make sure you secure it down I used concrete anchors and para cord to tie it down with.


Soooooo perfect for all our events!! Easy to put up and take down. Thank u??????


Good quality for the price


Great for a full time camping spot. Easy to put together...


We loved this product! We used it for our baby shower and it was perfect. My husband took like twenty minutes to assemble and even friends wer asking where we bought it. Highly Recommend.


We loved this product! We used it for our baby shower and it was perfect. My husband took like twenty minutes to assemble and even friends wer asking where we bought it. Highly Recommend.


Used this as an rv cover. Modified of course. Used 10' 1-1/4" ent poles, these slide right over the existing poles. To anchor it down temporarily I used 6 corkscrew anchors you would use for dogs and 6 heavy straps. Like another review said the points where the legs attach to the frame are a weak spot and come apart easily I did use self-drilling screws to secure them to the frame better. It has endured a winter and mulitiple wind storms with little to no damage. I did have to retighten the straps once. The price plus cost to modify this canopy was far less expensive then ordering a similar style designed for an "rv". Overall this product is a great value, the setup was simple to do with 2 people, the most difficult part was getting the tarp on the right way.




I am very happy with it.


Not going to use this year round. My son had a graduation party and we wanted a 10 by 20 canopy just incase it rained. (and it did)But anyway we put this up on Wednesday and had a huge rain storm that night the winds picked up to about 20-30 miles an hour and this canopy held up fine. Our party was Saturday and Saturday morning we got a big Thunderstorm before the party again the Canopy help up fine.. The rain slowed down before our party and only had a slight rain ever now and then after....To sum up... Not to hard to put together, held up in 2 storms, I will only use this for summer time events. I would not think it would be a good car port for year round use.


Like it !


I'm impressed with the quality of its construction! I presently own 3 other canopies that were purchased locally and are all different brands. This canopy is much nicer than they are. The metal tubing is not just a slip fit, but snaps together with little buttons. There are burrs on the inside of the holes that the buttons snap into that will scratch the paint on the inserted tubing, but they are easy to remove with a half round file - a couple stokes and they're gone! The tarp is nicely designed with hold downs on the sides and bungee grommets on all four sides. It was easy to put up and I expect it to last as well or better than my other canopies.


Happy ??


Yes it crumpled under about 4" of snow, but until that point it did fine. I live in South Carolina so I didn't expect much snow. You can't expect something this cheap to hold up to much but it did excellent until the snow


Met expectations, held up to rain and wind.


Perfect for what we use it for


I just put this together today. Was so easy and looks nice.


Yes, it's not a heavy duty car port. It says right on the package "not intended for extreme weather" or something along those lines. I knew what I was getting for the price I paid and I'm totally cool with that.My use was for a boat shelter. Trying to get her dock ready and always fighting the rain, I figured this would suit my needs for a dry workplace. Size is perfect for my needs! My boat is 19.5' long and fits just like I hoped! Now, I put it up by myself in about 40 minutes. I'm no brute...inly 5'6" and 150 lb but managed with no problems. I put it up temporarily as I'm in process of buying a house and knowing it would come down within the next 60 days, I wasn't going to reinforce it like some have. At the new house, yes I will.Long story does the trick. Not meant to be a fortress by any means. If you want that, build a garage. My boat on trailer was too long for my garage so this filled my need perfectly. Even if I get 2 months out of it, it's intended purpose will be filled in my eyes. Great buy in my long as you're not expecting a fortress out of it...


In my case becuse I installed beetween trees I give 5stars


Just as described!!! loved it and was great !!


Great canopy stakes a little short used different ones


just like I wanted


I have purchased 4 of these over the past few years.They survive winds up to about 30 miles per hour if staked properly with rebar not regular tent stakes. I had 2 of them destroyed by 70 mile an hour gusts while I was at a festival and not close enough to attend to them. The plastic sides and roof did not rip at all so I was able to save and reuse them.For the price they are an excellent bang fro the buck.If you use 4 foot rebar inside each of the 6 main poles u will be in good shape.


I already had poles up that were cemented in and very sturdy, so I only used the plastic canopy cover. It didn't quite fit as the metal dome on the top of my car port was steeper than the photo of this canopy pictured. I had the guy leave the sides of my old canvas canopy on and he was able to fit the new canopy cover over the frame and secure it that way. The material of this canopy is thinner and not as heavy as the old one, so not sure how well this will hold up. I am hopeful it will last five years.


Not too difficult to put up and works perfectly


Keeps my car dry and clean


This was perfect for my outdoor Easter dinner. Sat 26 guests comfortably. great quality for price. . Make sure you purchase weights for legs for those windy days. Glad I got mine. Will use it all summer.


10'×20-Feet Caravan canopy including FRAMES


Perfect.. Ty


This is the second canopy we have owned. The first one we got from a local brick and mortar store. It survived 3 years of continuous use (in Wisconsin!) and so we knew we wanted a similar one. Found this one at a better price point than we could find locally and gave it a shot. Its phenomenal! It clicks into place (our old one just slid in, we had to tap our own screws in for added stability). The canopy attaches and stays in place fantastically. I do suggest that if you plan to leave it up long term to add some extra supports under the canopy (we just run thin rope back and forth) as rain water will pool in certain areas.


easy set up


All good!


pretty sturdy, made a couple of adjustments to strengthen it.


Got here today and I was able to set it up with no problem. Will make sure it is well grounded in case of wind. So far, so good.


I made the improvements suggested by another reviewer and this thing has withstood strong winds, snow and heavy rain. My only regret is waiting this long to buy it.


Great product. Have ordered multiple times. Always arrives promptly.


good service, good product thank you


Just got it, how long it last? don't know yet!


This is great. You get what you pay for but I put the legs in buckets of concrete and screwed the sides into the concrete slab it's on and it hasn't budged, even in thunderstorms in FL. Great product for the price




Good carport. Great price. Arrived promptly.


Surprisingly good quality for the price. Went together easily. Make sure you tie it down, the wind will lift it fairly easily.


It's exactly as described and arrived quickly.


Good value. Went together well


Arrived as advertised. Excellent value!


Excellent item


So far so good....


I purchased 1 canopy to see how the quality was. Being that this was so much less expensive then the others I thought it must be crap but I was very plesantly suprised. My husband put it up by himself in 15-20 minutes. I loved the result so much we purchased another 2 canopies. We tied the legs together and put the legs on pier blocks for added height. Now we used these in our backyard to cover the play area for my Large Home Daycare. This way the kids can play year round and not be bothered by the sun or rain.


best one out there for the price very happy


I live in Michigan so i had to make a few additional changes. I put 4 straps made from seatbelt straps evenly distributed to help keep the top from drooping when the snow came. Then i had to make so flexable supports for the straps to keep them taught so the snow would just fall off. So far its working great. If i can find a way to add pictures i will put some up so you can see how i did it. Otherwise im sure the top would have collapsed with the first snowfall.I also had to use a small piece of rope and tent stake to hold the legs down. The thin metal stakes that comes with it just come right out after a stiff wind. But my 9" tent stakes are working great.I would have say you need to be a little creative to make it handle the more extreme weather.


exceded my expectations. would purchase again. also a great price.


just what I wanted


Excellent for the money


Very good


I used this to protect the food at our wedding. It is heavy duty and survived the rain. I would buy this again in the future for our next party. I gave this one away to cover some horses from the rain. It has been two months and the horses are happy.


good product. my 2nd one


Was easy to put together and is working out very well.


This tent was one of the best purchases I've made in a long while. It was sturdy and blocked the sun out completely. It was easy to put up and take down. It was very inexpensive, it cost the same to rent a similar tent. If you are having a yard party this is a great buy.


Good so far. Must use anchors that screw into ground buy for 8 dollars worth it.


Great item. 2nd one I have purchased because the first is still getting it done after almost two years. Sturdy and our winds here at times 20-30 (expected tomorrow) with gust a little higher have not been an issue. Since originally writing this we had at least 40 mph winds. Canopy was properly anchored and we did not have any problems with either this new one we just ordered or the previous we ordered a year ago or so.


Lov it!


Top fits good.


Best bang for your buck!


I've had this up since April 2016, so it's been about 7 months. Initially I bought it to use it as an actual carport for my car, but I'm on a property with 7 houses and there are 8 spaces that run parallel to each other so this was WAY TOO LONG for my single car.... I guess it's long so it can fit an SUV or perhaps an SUV with a trailer behind it. My car is no longer than 15 feet so this was impossible to set up in the car area without infringing on other tenant's space, so I repurposed it and it worked out perfectly! I was throwing a surprise 70th b-day party for mom back in April and I looked at the space in my back yard and upon eyeballing the space between my deck and my big storage (the length of the yard) and the space between my house and the fence (the width of my yard), I was pretty certain this would just fit.... and it did... perfectly, as if it was meant to be there or was made for the space. All 4 sides fit within a couple inches of the width or length. Because of the snug fit, I didn't even need to bolt it down (which is great since I'm renting) and the only way a Santa Ana wind will blow it away is if and only if a gust of wind goes directly under it and somehow blows hard enough straight up in the air to pop it out of it's tight spot. THE ONLY REASON I TOOK 1 STAR AWAY IS BECAUSE I JUST NOTICED YESTERDAY THAT THE BALL TIES USED TO ATTACH THE CANVAS TO THE FRAME HAVE LOOSENED AND THE MATERIAL OF THE ELASTIC FOR THE TIES IS APPARENTLY STARTING TO FALL APART, SO WITHIN A YEAR, IT MIGHT NOT KEEP THE CANVAS ON ANYMORE. I ONLY NOTICED CUZ ONE SIDE WAS SAGGING AFTER A RARE LOS ANGELES RAINY DAY THAT LEFT A PUDDLE SAGGING ON THE SIDE OF THE TENT COVER. I will be looking into a new way to tie off the canvas to the frame so I can maximize the life of this "carport" that is now my backyard shaded tent cover! I LOVE IT, for the purpose I have used it for. For a car, it would only work well if you have a LONG DRIVEWAY to put it in.




This was really easy to put together. It's also very light and the anchor pegs are small but we bolted ours down to the cement. No rain gets through the canopy and the wind hadn't moved it yet overall very pleased


As others have elluded to, this thing is not meant to be left up any longer than a day's use, and certainly not in severed weather. It's perfect as temporary shelter over a vehicle or a picnic table for a party. The metal is thin gauge, but it works for what it's intended for. The tarp isn't chincy, but it's not the best quality. Be gentle with it and respect your gear and it'll last. The only downside I've found is no storage bag for it all. I used another smaller tarp to wrap everything inside and bungee cord it shut. I guess you could try to save the box, but if it's like mine, it'll arrive pretty beat up and not much use.


This is the second tent I have ordered. I had to replace the first one after taking it down due to Hurrican Matthew threading South Florida The first one I bought at a retail store. I like this one much better. I paid about $20 less than the first one. This tent was a lot easier to set up and also has pieces to secure each poll. I was able to install this in less than two hours. I will surely buy this item again. I received it in less than 48 hours.I placed the order on Monday at 6pm and received it on Tuesday at 1pm. I was surprised it arrived so quickly.


We have been very pleased with our purchase. This is very easy to assemble and it is a sturdy canopy. Highly recommend it.


Great Stuff!


This carport was as good as you can get for the reasonable sale price that I paid. Galvanized steel frames will last well, even these small diameter ones, especially if you have the fitted woven top which covers all 4 corners of the frame. An un-customized (flat) tarp can be bought when the custom one begins to fail but good 20X30 foot tarps cost well over $120.00 and do not necessarily cover/protect the corner supports from water (rust) like the fitted ones do. Protection of corner welds/joints is critical. So if you get 2-3 years out of the custom fitted cover, I recommend re-ordering it when the original one begins to tear and leak. I have not yet erected the Caravan brand of carports, but the first 10'x20' carport that I purchased from a competitor has held up well even under the direct hit from a large pine limb (broke one support pole which I replaced). The covers for these frames are not going to withstand GA sun for more than 2 years (if that). All depends on direct sun exposure and absence of falling tree limbs. Anchoring well is very important, blowing over is a disaster. I use 2 gallon containers filled with sand or water bungied snuggly to every corner and if its a high wind area, I place several down the sides too (I have no neighbors to offend/complain and the red clay is like concrete here, so the standard anchor screws are too difficult to use).Before I install my carports, I will be sanding and Rustoleum painting any edge or external rust spots I find, then coating the inside of the poles with either motor oil (an old trick from my Dad), WD-30 or more Rustoleum paint. (I might also try coating every joint with the new product "Flex-seal" ). "A stitch in time, saves nine" and in the case of metal, saves the structure.


Great Canopy. sold built


Way durable. Totally shocked.


Like other folks said very good for the money!!!


Well built and easy to put up.


Great tent for the money! Very happy with quality of tent. Easy and fast setup!!




Works just fine.


Very nice canopy. We purchased this to replace our old one from the same manufacturer. Very small differences but overall good product.


Nicely constructed. Now just waiting for a less windy day here on Cape


What is there to say? The canopy went up as expected and stood well. Bought this for my camping trip and it did good. During that camping trip we had a freak storm with strong winds at Hammonasset. The canvas to stood well but was taking a lot of strain because it was catching a lot of wind. I didn't want the poles to bend so I just removed the tarp and left the poles standing by themselves. The wind cut through and I had no problems. A friend of mine has a similar campus and after helping him install his I was glad that mine was much easier to install. The legs are one solid piece and the two big Clips together with metal retracting Snap-on and this the bottom base comes with plastic base support that you push metal Rod's into for added stability. Combined with the usual extended rope that anchors to the ground this baby stands pretty well. The only difference I noticed that I didn't like was the height. It was a little lower then what I expected but it wasn't an issue. I could still walk under it no problems. Definitely worth the money.


Perfect for our backyard gathering. Easy assembly. Works great for the price!


I put it up one time, without the canopy, just so I could see how to do it (there was no instructions so it took a LOT of reasoning and logic to figure it out), and some of the poles are already dented. We'll see how it holds up in the Kansas wind next wk. All in all, from what I can tell so far, it's worth the money.Update: So, turns out my husband put the instructions on the fridge for me when he moved the parts to the back yard so I could construct it. We still laugh about that one.We have used these tents for a years now at festivals to provide shade and shelter from the rain. They have held up well considering the storms and people they have weathered. We only use them about 20 days out of the year but so far, so good.


Great for use as shade structure in Burning Man. Make sure to rebar/lag screw it down!


Canopy is exactly as advertised. Covers my Ram 1500 perfectly.Also, had a missing piece upon arrival, called customer service and they were quick to answer, friendly, and made the process to attain the missing piece extremely easy. Very satisfied!


Great item. I've had one before but misplaced the connector hardware. It worked so well for my uses, that I bought two of them.Just used them both this weekend and they worked out fine. Easy to set up and strong construction. It is recommended to haveassistance when setting up, but I use mine so often that I can set it up without help. If you need one this is this is the one to get.


its working


A good value, though it has a low profile (check the height) and the structure uses a thinner gauge aluminum.


Muy bueno


Perfect for our use


like it


It should to be bigger. 10x20-feet is parking place, not not canopy size.


Excellent. Good product, good supplier ! Recommended


great item at a great price. Fast shipping


Canopy looked good; a little difficult to assemble but very functional.


SUPER easy to put together. I don't recommend less than 2 people to set it up unless you want to lessen the life of the poles. We've used it a bunch of times already and it's held up nicely. The stakes are crap though. We use our extra tent stakes instead which are thick and sturdy (we have a Kodiak canvas tent if that helps put it in perspective). Also bought the wall kit which is nice to have for any potential weather. We'll see how long we can make it last through camping and festival season!


Good product. I wish it would have come with a bag to place it in when not in use.


These are excellent tents. We used them for a summer party as shade. We did not keep them up but more than a couple of days. But great quality and easy to put together!


This canopy is a good deal for the money.Its durable and with stood the high winds and heavy rain.I'm satisfied with this item.


So far, It's a 5. I was concerned with the low price, but we've had it a couple of months and we have hard thunderstorms and it hasn't moved a bit and still looks new.


I finally got something since I can't put up a garage. This keeps the car cool in the summer & keeps the pine needles & other debris off. The 3 posts on each side, or 6 posts make it sturdier than others with just 4 posts, in my opinion.


Perfect for planned parties


I saw it will be cheap plastic , but i was wrong. Very strong and nice. Looks like it is going to pass the winter with no problem. My car love it specially because of the big tree we have over it. No my car looks clean for more days.


easy to assemble and was easy to follow directions. i'm very pleased with the canopy


Love it . Should have gotten one sooner


I was quite surprised with this product. It was very useful for our backyard and looks so beautifully assembled but unfortunately it took a little longer than it should have. Maybe something was wrong with me? Im not sure. I definitely recommend purchasing this Canopy instead of renting it from someone else, especially when it's so much cheaper than Costco.


Works to block Sun but the shade is still warm. Does what it's supposed to


Worked great , used it for 4 days straight in SC , through some pretty bad weather and winds ..was missing a part from the box being opened during shipping , and they are taking care of it ..I purchased two of them , and will buy more


Used this to sell at hwy 127 yard sale, it met all our expectations, was easy to put up just follow simple directions was set up in no time.Wish I had bought the side curtains to go with it, but will get them before or next sale. The price was great and it made it so much easier to protect our merchandise from the elements. I would reccomend this product.


went together very good and fast does a great job keeping my car cool


Is cool cheap and work good i buy 2 but one was ancomplite im looking for how to return it


needs a storage bag .....


Perfect for what we needed!! Used it for my baby shower to provide shade and at the end of the party it rained pretty hard and it kept everything dry!! I wouldn't buy it for permanent use for anything! Because it isn't the most solid material but for use here and there it's definitely worth it!! Easy to put up and take down!! We used two tents and I couldn't have been happier


Good value for the price, but would be must better with four posts on each side.


Easy to put up, was packaged separately so very easy to identify which piece went where. arrived on time


Awesome! Easy to put up and take down. I will never have to rent another tent for parties!


This item turned our outing into a unique pleasure and unforgettable experience!


Shipped on time, easy to erect an work beautifully


This is great for events that require taking down often. Mine has the quick push button attachment thingys. Suggest some self tapping screws for setting up for long periods of time. I also tied the legs to some cement blocks to hold them down. Ive seen some negative reviews but it really is a great value for the money. I also bought a costco 8 leg heavy duty shelter logic that tore to shreds in 3 years after a small wind storm.


We were able to fit 3 full size fold out tables from Costco and about 24-30 chairs underneath comfortably. Definitely worth the price. Rental places charge around $150 for these. If you handy only takes 40-50 minutes to set up by yourself. If less handy 40-50 with 2 people. It's easy to put together, just takes sometime because of the size of the thing. The only con I can find with this canopy is keeping track of all the little ball tie straps you use to strap the cover to the structure itself after you take it apart. If you loose them you can use zip ties. Only advise I would give is purchase a set of zip ties you'll cut off afterwards incase you loose the little ball straps. We've only used this for parties, never as an actually carport. It does feel and appear sturdy enough for a carport if you do not have an snow or heavy winds.


Easy to assemble


Fair quality for the price. Easy to assemble, I did it myself. Purchased for a bridal shower and performed as we planned. Had canopy up for approx. a month and was weather tested with some pretty heavy rains. Would recommend purchase. If you rented a canopy for a week end, we were quoted close to $400 so even if we only used our purchase once, it was better than renting


the leg is 2 short need to be 7 to 8 feet tall


Withstood 40mph gusts at Coachella...just make sure you tie it down sufficiently. It survived a few more festivals and I'll be taking it to burning man. For the price it can't be beat.


We are happy with our purchase and what we got for our money. Much lighter weight than the canopy's at Costco, but much less cost also. We'll see how it holds up when we get a little wind. We are interested in a replacement tarp for the future, but no easy info on this in the enclosure.


This was very easy to put together. I am a grandma and could put this together in less than two hours. Everything was labeled and easy to follow directions. Very sturdy too. I do wish that the top came in a brown color to blend in more with my backyard, but it will do its job. Also something that will be easy to take down and store after the hot weather is gone.


LOVE IT! First off, you MUST secure it ALL properly. As it seems, the winds are much higher than they used to be. Secure the corners with a Tbar into the ground, and you should not have an issue with it. We have had some hail, and strong winds, and it held up nicely. 5 stars for sure, and a very great value.


Great buy and works great, We friggin love this thing...


Great product, held up in 50 mile per hour winds. Had to use 3 foot Rebar driven into the ground at a steep angle then tied to the upper frame.6 ropes, one at each corner and 2 in the middle. I took it down when the gusts got to 65 miles an hour. Just don't need to lose another carport.


Easy to put together


Everything I expected, I will be able to sell after I am finished with it in 2 month. Very well made


I bought this tent for a backyard party after getting price quotes for renting. This tent was half the cost of renting a tent the same size - and I've used it three times now! Very quick to assemble and take down, but I wouldn't want to do it alone. Three people are best.I didn buy some extras for this tent. I bought additional bungees, which so far I haven't needed. I bought the tie down anchors, which so far I haven't used, but the tent hasn't been setup in a high wind. I also think you could just make weights using some empty jugs and sand for much cheaper. The only other item we went back and bought for this tent was the zippered case. I definitely recommend buying something to store this tent in besides the box it comes shipped in!So far I am very happy with this purchase!


Very large and easy set up


Easy to set up and provides a good amount of shade. It's also tall enough that I can park my 4wheel drive truck under it! Very much worth the money..


For $100 its a great deal. Won't take on a tornado, but none of them will. I'd buy it again


I ordered this item twice. y first order was great but my second was disappointing. It was delivered with holes in the canopy. So someone did not inspect before shipping. We had tol put duct tape on holes because to send back would be too hard. I would lioke a discount. Thank you


Nice thick gauged steel. I didn't like the plastic base pegs that go at the end of poles so I bought wider steel ones from my hardware store. The Depot has tons of fittings in an isle not necessarily for this particular use but works great for me. I live in Florida so its been exposed to heavy wind and rain. Its been over a mos and it still standing strong. I bout something similar from harbor freight for twice the money the frame bent and snapped in just over a mos.


It's perfect to keep the dogs in the shade on sunny days at the rescue!


What a deal! Couldn't be more satisfied.




I recommended nice


Fast easy set up with 2 people but can be done by 1. Good quality, very versatile, use it camping where it has saved weekend keeping us dry, also use it as a sun shade for BBQs when we don't have a car under it. Best investment this year.


Very easy to set up.


Reinforced the top horizontal pipes and am very happy with it


Easy to put together. There were a couple pieces that didn't line up right, but it doesn't affect the overall use or look of the canopy! Worked great for my sons 5th birthday party today, and withstood 12 kids playing around it! Great product!!


The carport is great and easy to put up, the only thing I had an issue with is the poles are not long enough. I am 5'-11" and the canvas hangs over the side rails 4" to 6" and would hit me in the face when walking under. I cured this by purchasing a length of electrical (metal) conduit which is the same size as the carport legs, along with 6 conduit collars and extended the legs about 9", now I would give it 5 stars


Nice tent i have seen better, but this one is good enough.


Shipped a lot faster then expected. Quality was just what I was looking for. Easy to assemble and for the price you can't beat it! I would recommend this seller and canopy.


Works very well for me,i've put both my patio tables under it, we live in Texas, so it shades the sun real well


Our second one first one lasted three years in, North Carolina sun and wind !


This canopy arrived in a very beat up package but everything inside was fine. I was able to assemble by myself in about 30 minutes. After reading all the reviews about it collapsing I went and bought 8 2x4s and a bag of concrete to add two extra sets of supports. Now the structure is very sturdy I was able to do pull ups on the poles so I think it could hold up to most storms.


nice for the price


Very good product and shipped fast!


It is easy to set up not that heavy and I will use it for camping. It's also provides great shage for the grandkids small pool in our backyard


Great product. I used it as a canopy over my rabbit cages. I didn't use the legs, but instead made a 10x20 rectangle with chainlink kennel panels, and lifted this on top and secured it down. It has stood up to thunderstorms, snow, and drenching rain. I will be getting another one as soon as I can to shade my goat pen.


Way more heavy duty then expected. Very happy with this product.


Works as expected!


Love this. exceeded my expectations


This thing has been threw hell and back with these crazy arizona winds and weather I definitely reinforced structure with self tapping screws and hd anchors


We got this last minute for a large canopy covering a party where last minute rain was expected. It worked amazing!!!! The boys had it put together and standing in less than 20 minutes and it performed well in a solid three hours of pouring rain. The only reason I do lot give this 5 stars is that it is intended to be put up once and left and we had hoped to use it for camping and outdoor bbqs which we do a lot. The box it comes in is not meant to hold it once it is out so you will need to purchase a duffel bag of you wants use this in different locations.


I used the canopy as something to work from. I put the length 12' away from an existing privacy fence. I bought 3 8 foot fence sections for the other side and the end. Then laid down 2X4s, covered by a floor of 4x8 OSB. To add extra strength , I added 4 OSBS crossing the seams below. WARNING: when installing the 4 corners, make sure the posts will be exact vertical. It turned out well. I am very well aware it can go straight up in a strong wind, so it is overly tied /fastened down. I wish I could post pictures.


I use this to shelter my pop up camper..went up easily and still standing//has been about 4 months//dopes the job at a great price!


We loved it. Came on time. It covered our whole deck. Did what it was suppose to do. Easy up and easy down. One person could do it. Would highly recommend it to anyone. Got it for our dog's 10th birthday. Everyone that came thought it was really nice. Will be using it a lot in the future.


it is working so far now i am looking for a 10x10 thank you


Ok for the negative folks out there. I work for a tent rental company setting these up for festival events daily and yes out you fail to fully anchor them down you will lose the tent. Also there are end steaks for the high winds at your local hardware store use rebar with washer welded near top for anchor lines. My company uses these tents every day and none have failed


It was a great purchase although a pole was bent and is easy to assemble!


Very pleased. Easy to put together.


This canopy does the trick! It covers everything that I need covered and keeps us dry while it is raining. Easy to put together and a real deal.


Great product great price


Have had this item for over two years now, it made it though 2 winters (California San Diego) and I am happy with it. I too was concerned with the clearance for my autos and anchoring it down for wind. Here is what I did, I bought several of the cement piers with wood inserts used to build outside decks and foundations, and nailed the feet to them, this not only raised the canopy just to the right height, but also has kept the canopy in place through some El Nino winds we saw this year and Santa Ana winds we see in the summer. Recommend it


I love it


Was a I'd product.


Had this setup for a week, tied down to 6, 50lb+ weights as stakes are impossible in rocky/sandy ground. Vegas was hit by gusts of 65+ mph and this thing went flying. Joints held up but the legs and horizontal struts bent like pretzels. I wish they would size the joints for 1 1/2 electrical conduit as these legs are way too thin. In any case, if you can secure this thing down to withstand high winds, it's a winner.


Was really easy to put up.


package came with no damage. Thank You very much.


Canopy is showing wear and holds water on one side . I bought new bungees to try to fix the problem but no good . This is after 2 years so I will replace the canopy . The frame is holding up just fine !!!!!


I love this product. It worked better than I expected. It's made of very good quality material, and the price can't be beat. I highly recommend this product to anyone.


Use to display classic cars, keeps them dry and sun off. Great value.


It's a great deal and more sturdy than than other ones similarly priced. I have to replace the top every year as it loses it's waterproofing. I live in Florida so snow it not an issue, but we get torrential rain and as long as the top is less than a year old it doesn't really leak.


Fast shipping, product was easy setup and didn't seemed cheap which I was unsure of with a low price. Might add my own screws where the legs meet the trust frame in cause heavy winds pickup, it only has a little rope holding it in place. The feet come with holes which I drill bolts into the driveway to keep on ground.


Easy to set up




I'm really surprised how nice this is, for the price you can't beat it.


Good ..I had to weigh it down greatly to keep from blowing away


I do mechanical work on the side and this was a life saver this winter season. I bought the side wall package with it as well. I have a propane gas heater and it felt like I was in my own garage. Only thing I would recommend is to get the leg stabilizers because strong winds will be able to move it. I improvised with a gallon of water for each leg.


Great carport easy to put upThanks


Bought a couple of these to use at wedding reception. They were easy to put together.. That day was pretty windy, these canopies did not budge, they were strong and steady. Would definitely purchase again.


This is a good product just wish the company would make wedding tents 20x30.


Easy setup


Bought this to store my horses hay. Just the right size. Put the hay on pallets. I had the man I board with put it together, and he has built a fence around it to tie it down a bit more. Also put it in a protected area by his garage so its not standing alone in the wind. I probably will tie it down more after reading reviews. If it lasts two years I will be happy. We do not get snow here where I am so no overload...


Putting up in spring


Works well - survived heavy rain with sidewall kit. TIE DOWN SECURELY - with extra stakes and cords.


Love it, works great and was delivered as promised


Good Product.


Product was easy to assemble. Thought the frame would be stronger but must not have read every thing about it.


This canopy is high quality and incredible for the price! Used it for a baby shower of 40 women.


The top section is nice and sturdy. The six poles that hold it up suck. They all bent (and I mean ALL) in light wind. Upgraded the poles with stainless steel fencing poles.


Decent product for the price. While it will not hold up to strong winds unless secured well, it will do the job. We had one or two flip over and bend and replaced the top poles with 1 piece of chain link fence top poles. The chain link fencing poles are MUCH stronger than the thin gauge metal in these poles. We also found that using self-taping screws to secure the poles together helps it stand up to wind a lot better. We also filled the legs with Quikrete up to the S hook hole to add weight in the legs. This not only helps add weight, but the horses did not bend them so easily when they rubbed against them. So far, we're a year in and while the canopy is torn and gone, the frame is still holding strong. We simply replaced that with a 12x20 11 mil or higher tarp and secured with zip ties. It now works much better than the original canopy and doesn't flap so much because it is as tight as a drum. To ensure your canopy stays in place during storms, make sure to buy either anchors like the ones for dog tie outs or longer 3 ft anchors and then secure the canopy to them with ratchet straps.


Great tent for the cost


I really liked it it saved me a trip in chaotic lines at the store and it works as it supposed too.


Good temporary shelter, but the instructions are not the best.


It was easy to construct however I did not bring instructions he has served me well all these few months definitely a great value


great product very durable


As advertised


This was better than I thought it was going to be. It went up very quickly and easy. We did add extra and heavier quality bungees. The ties that came with it was lighter quality than is really needed.


I am using this as a temporary cover to my patio for my dogs through the winter until I can build a real cover next year and my dogs will have some shelter through winter. Comparatively to a normal gazebo the price is great. It arrived quickly and was pretty easy to set up. That said, a few of the legs were dented right out of the box so I am hoping that they don't buckle at all under heavy rain/wind. Other people mentioned that it blows away in wind and even with mine tucked up to my house on 2 sides I had to weigh down a few legs with sandbags to keep it from moving around too much. I don't foresee this lasting too many years, but for my needs it looks like it is going to work great. If your in a fairly calm area I would recommend this for short term use. For the price, why not...


very easy to assemble


This is better than expected. Easy to set up . Sturdy and strong material.


looks good, good shade, easy install, wind blew it over my fence tho.. :( bent some of the base polls.. sugestion: cement to the ground or apply weight if you have random strong winds in your area


Great party tent!


I too looked at more expensive canopies but after reading their reviews, and the fact that in the wrong conditions, the $99 or $400 will both be wrecked.I decided to gamble on this one. I purchased this canopy Feb 2012 for about $99.. It has been through wind, rain and snow. As long as I kept the snow shoveled off of it it did great. I am now here to buy another one. I feel like I got well beyond my money's worth.


We took this to Burning Man and it survived some pretty heavy winds. It's in our driveway back at home now and has taken a beating from the rain. So far so good!


I used these for a library fundraiser we had in the library parking lot. They were easy to put up and take down and looked great. I highly recommend you get weights if you are going to put them up on a hard surface where you cannot anchor them into the ground. I used sand-filled weights and they worked fine.These are lightweight canopies but a real value for the price. I'm not sure how they would hold up for long term, permanent use.


These Canopies are super awesome looking but if you tend to get Wind as we do where we live, they definitely dont hold well. 2 small gusts of wind and this thing flipped upside down, not a problem I get it, wind does that to canopies, but since the Aluminum is well thin, all the poles got tweaked :(. They make a good patio cover in a backyard too. Just watch out for those windy days


perfect size.


Very sturdy tent for the money


We love our new Caravan Canopy. Very useful for us and was very easy to set up.


Exactly what it advertised. Perfect for my needs.


Absolutely perfect and easy to install


great for a temp thing down side a bag to hold all the parts would be nice


Very nice product. Easy to assemble. Did put legs in concrete blocks filled with concrete for more stability.


Looks good but it is lower than what IhaveNow . Not very sturdy cause has only six legs rather than eight. But I had to weave 250 ft 3/8 rope to add support of the roof from going down when it rains and more steady


very good product.


a great buy for the $$...easy too set up too!!


Awesome! Just what I needed! Well worth the price. Delivered earlier than on time. Easily assembled. Still standing and no issues.


Instructions are good. All parts where there. Took me two hours from start to finish, though I had the frame together in 45 minutes. It takes longer to put all the straps on it and the tie downs, stakes and ropes than it does to assemble. Looks good, and even my 4 WD 3/4 ton truck fits under it. Packaging was about to come apart by the time it arrived but it held together.Update: Have now used for 6 months and no problems. just make sure you anchor it down well. or its going to blow away.I like it so much that I just bought another one so now I have a double carport.




excellent product for the price


NO issues with this item....worked out great for me....very satisfied with this item.


it works great


WOW! What a deal/ This is the canopy for me. I love it.


easy to put up had it put up in20 min now my car is protacted


 Origin Point 090044 Light Duty Fence Post, 4-Feet, pounded into the ground, cut off tops, then drilled hole through top of the cut-off fence post and attached with bolt that came with the set).3, Bought 4 pieces of 10 foot 1-1/4" PVC pipe ($5.77 each at big box orange hardware store), cut in half, and slid the thin metal support legs inside. Very snug fit, but looks nice, adds strength, and protects car door finish if door is opened against post).4. Slid 2' pieces of PVC at the joints on the lower horizontal supports where they connect. After assembly, it looked to me that the support was bending at that joint, and likely a weak point.5. Wrapped exposed joints and welds that come in contact with the tarp with Gorilla duct tape to reduce abrasion of the light tarp.6. Securely braced the top of the corner posts by screwing pieces of 2x2" wood from the top corners to a nearby fence, so that pushing on the top frame corners results in very little movement.With the stuff done above, in a 20mph wind, the tarp flaps a little, but the frame is solid and doesn't move at all.Cost of additions: $12 fence posts, $22 PVC pipe, $2 duct tape, $1 screws.Time: First basic setup about 1h, 2nd about 30min (2 people). Enhancements, several hours of thinking, 2 hours work for first canopy. 45 min for 2nd.5/26/17 it is now nearly two years since I wrote the above. The canopies have held up well, no problems. There have been a few storms in which branches fell from the trees which are around the canopies. This has resulted in several small tears in the fabric, I have fixed these with transparent Gorilla tape. It seems to be holding, now a year after applying the tape. I am very satisfied with the product, with the proviso that the additions I listed above are made.


This was perfect for the price. We bought this because it cheaper than renting a small tent for a small wedding. It was taller than I expected.


was relatively easy to set up. stood up to two weeks of camping, however the metal used bent easily. the wind shifted and the entire carport leaned against my trailer. In a second the leg was bent.


Great item




good value


Better quality than expected. Withstood a Florida thunderstorm without damage.


This was ordered to use as a canopy for trade shows after being weary of the quality of smaller tents. We are very happy with the purchase as it held up to wind/rain both weekends we had it up. The elastic bungee things that come with it are slightly different than the extra packs we ordered, but all work well. Set up is easy enough that one person could do it, but two makes it easier. It takes us about 15 minutes to set up/take down.


This has been a lifesaver for our doggies in the Texas summer sun! Fits right inside our chain link kennel. Our babies are much cooler and have more protection from the elements.


It's great, using it to cover our 20' boat as an extension of our garage while replacing the transom with ~1' of the aft end of the boat inside the garage. Anchored one end to the garage wall as the tubing fits right into some PVC elbows. Just make sure the feet are anchored well as it have tendency to lift in high winds. Used long garden nails on a 45 degree angle to anchor it to the ground. We will most likely add some stringers/rafters to the top and additional anchorages for the winter season and keep it up year round


Bought one earlier and loved it bought the second since it was on sale for spare parts. My mowing isn't the best!!!!!!


Great product!


It does a good job. Not the sturdiest, but you get what you pay for.If you want something stronger you'll need to spend more.


Didn't come with instructions, but we looked them up online and it's mostly pretty easy. Does the job and great price!


Oh Yeah! Listen, with a little American Ingenuity this Caravan Canopy can be made more permanent than it was originally designed for, believe me. I bought this for a little more than $100 bucks and my neighbor spent over $3,000 for his. So I added some extra Electrical Conduit braces here and there, some horizontal and some 45 degrees, to the legs and frame and everybody in the neighborhood is wanting to know where I got this Canopy from! Even the fabric roof can be modified with a little rubber/nylon in the corner stress points to enhance the longevity. This Canopy, as it states, is intended for only temporary shelter, period. It looks great and withstands the weather that this Southeast can throw our way after I got done with it.So with a little resourcefulness this "temporary shelter" canopy may, I expect, stick around for a while!


Well I need to say these people here are very very helpful I love the way they help me so much I had a little bit of issue with my canopy and they were 100% helpful they send me another one right away without no problem I will keep on buying things for this settler


Caravan Work out great. Fast shipping!


Went together easy, this will work as a good temporary carport,got it fastened to ground good and it's doing good,well worth the money


Excellent, I love it. Durable, easy to pull up and down, look great and a lot of people can be comfortable under.


Great product excellent shipping




It is great and was very easy to put together. Love it


So far so good, up for almost a month. Sturdy enough that it's not rattling windchimes on one end when doing something with the other. Easy to put up, did it myself. Was thinking I could convert to a guest house when company visits... Holding up to fairly strong winds and lots of rain.


This thing is awesome!


This canopy is a great buy especially for the price. I bought this item to use as a carport for my suv. We live in GA so no big weather issues. Mostly wanted it to keep sun/sap from trees off my car. It does need to be anchored down but after that its great. Three big storms have passed through since I bought this and it hasn't moved. The instructions arent the best but its pretty easy to figure out.


Super fast shipping! I got it only 2 days after I ordered it! I'll revise this to how i feel about the actual product when I set it up tomorrow!Revise: took me a bit to put it up, but I set it up alone and it was no problem. Can be done by a single person, I just did. Two of the pole tips were bent a tiny bit, not enough to effect anything. I can't say whether they were bent due to factory or shipping. The cover is NOT too small as people have stated. It is supposed to be super tight on the frame for a reason. Yes it takes a lot of careful pulling but it is not near as hard as it sounds. And yes if you wrench on it its going to rip. For $100 I didn't expect perfection, i expected rain and sun protection, thats it. I bought it to cover my rabbits. So its secured to their hutches, it aint going anywhere lol. Yeah the materials are sorta cheap and if you don't secure it some how it will blow away. What do you expect? Its like a giant umbrella, you can't fault the factory for that. They even state that it should be taken apart in extreme weather. I'm giving it 5 stars because it was exactly what I expected for the money, its ease of assembly, its fast arrival, and in my opinion it great for what I need it for. Hope this helps everyone


Great product! AAA Seller!


It worked out great


Just as described - a good, cheap canopy. This is the second one we have purchased.


i love them both, wroth the price, cant beat it. i got 2 canopys and 1 incloser kit to put next to my house. i will buy again if needed. it was fast shipping too


Happy Customer. Thank you : )


works perfectly for my Jeep.


Exactly as expected


it is perfect as a carport although my use was for an 11. 5 foot tall canopy so I have to extend the legs but other than that it's exactly what I wanted well built strong and well worth the money.


Perfect for food tents at our outside wedding


I have three Caravan canopies, the product is quality. We live in S. Florida, you must wrap/tie down the top frame, and put weights on the bottom of legs. If a storm comes, just remove the canopy cover. I did a stupid move, setup canopy, didn't put weights on all bottom legs before putting top on. I put top on, slight wind came, pulled the one half over top of my house, bent the legs. Yes, I had to buy a brand new kit, was cheaper than just buying the parts. My fault, other than that, the canopy is much thicker than other tops I've purchased.


very nice quality, quick delivery !


A friend and I have each ordered one of these. I'm sure our use for it is a bit unconventional, though. Be both also purchased the wall kits for them and use them for giant camping tents at SCA events. We used canvas tents for years and decided we wanted to switch to something more easy and quicker to set-up.While I've never had this set up for a whole season, it has undergone two straight weeks of use and abuse, wind and rain, campfire smoke and drunken stumbling, and it's STILL going strong! We've used it at other events, as well.It's fun to run a rope through the center and hang curtains inside to give it to "rooms." Much more spacious than a typical nylon tent. It's had coathangers, coats, cloaks, towels, etc, all hung over the poles inside and none of them have bowed. I've even tied a rope to one to anchor my heavy wooden clothing rack.The assembly itself is VERY simple (assuming you don't misplace the directions the first time you try to do so, but that's another whole store....). It does take more than one person to put it up, though. And having several to help "walk" the legs to their proper position is nice.Needless to say, I'm pleased with my product!


Great price shipped pretty fast, great product!




This is a nice tent for non-windy applications. We use two of these tents to cover the deck area at our banquet hall. We leave only the frame assembled. The top is only installed if need for events. I also install a dab of silicone grease and white duct tape at every joint. Caravan also has spare parts available if needed. Big bonus... unlike the Harbor Freight tent. Delivery of this item was very fast.


as expected


Love it easy to put up


It is good.


Perfect.Easy to setup


thank you




works for me


Put this up in the yard for a New England summer. Anchored it to the ground with tie downs and dog stakes. Stood up through a couple 40+ MPH wind storms. I would purchase again.


Great item.


Great buy.... hard to assemble the first time (without reading directions) after is a breeze.


Used this for shelter over my tent at Burning Man 2014. No instructions were included, but we were lucky that our camp mates had the same shelter and already had theirs set up as a visual guide. Regardless, you'll be able to figure it out or look online for set up instructions. It was pretty easy. The shelter worked great for our needs. We held it down with tent stakes and some sand bags. The conditions this year at Burning Man were not too bad, so the canpoy has not technically been tested in really harsh/severe winds. It DID get windy but nothing too severe. Taking it down was a breeze. I did it myself.


a bargain -- terrific


fast shipping. item as described




Excellent last all summer wind rain real strong frame


Fairly easy to assemble. Creates great shade on a sunny day.


Dose What I need


Very happy with the quality and speed of service.


Good quality and ships fast. Problem is that it requires at least 4 people to get it up and going.


Great deal! More expensive elsewhere.


Actually a very great item. We used huge hook screws to anchor to the ground for our party. 2 wind storms and it stayed up! Moved it to the final location after the party, cemented the feet in cement and we are good to go! The canopy is great - the hold down pegs are a bit small to keep the canopy standing if there is a wind of over 15 mph. Great buy for the money! Just use your imagination when securing it to the ground for stability. It was easy to put together. You do need 2 or 3 folks to help. Makes it easier.


Sturdy construction and fairly easy to assemble and disassemble.Hope to have it around for years of use.


The canopy was very easy to set up. It saved my party as it rained pretty much all day. I did not use the stakes that were supplied with the product. I used tent stakes that I had on hand. Because of the size of the structure and the weather forcasted I was concerned about high winds. I am very happy with the product and recommend it.


Great Product-Highly Recommend!


Great Seller would recommend A+++++


It's ok. Not the sturdiest thing, but I have mine next to the house wall, where I could fasten the vertical posts to the wall, and so it's not going anywhere. I also mounted the other vertical posts to 2x10 planks and put some flat stepping stones on them - much better than the dinky little stakes that come with it - otherwise it will take off with the first 20 MPH wind gust.


We love the canopy. It is doing just what we bought it for. Love the white. It is nice and bright when sitting under it. The quality of the materials seems good so far.


I rated this 5-star not because it is "the best" canopy out there... but for less than $120 it is amazing in size and quality. 10x20 covers a large area. It blocks the sun and rain well. Not the sturdiest but once you tie it down, it is servicible (again remember the price). Mine survived a 30MPH t-storm but I cannot speak to any worse weather.Assembly is very simple and can be done with one person, but is much easier (especially placing the legs) with 2 or even 4 people. Take-down requires 2 people and again easier with 4.


Packaging and shipping were excellent. Unpacked and assembled with no difficulty. Excellent for summer shade in the dog runs.


perfect for my boat. east to install. if the fabric holds up i will be a happy camper. tks.


Love this tent, so far we have used it 3 times and it's an easy fast setup after your first provides lots of shade, covers a lot of space and it is sterdy....i think the price is also good compared to what is out there...only con is that it didn't come with a "put-away" bag to keep all parts is not that firm it eventally will fall apart.


I bought this last minute for a party and it is still up in my backyard. I purchased the weights for it and have not needed to use them yet; there isn't a lot of wind at the moment. It's fairly easy to assemble but you may need two people for it.


Great party tent , boat cover, rain diverter, a piece of mind. Wish I had another for cars . Shade also


Works greAt. Easy to set up. Great value for the money. Definitely eased my mind in case of rain for the party


What a great price for a beautiful canopy! So good we ordered a second one for our wedding reception coming up June 21. This is so easy to put up, we couldn't believe how quick it went up and how instantly cool it was. I highly recommend this to anyone for an outdoor gathering.


We purchased this a couple of years ago and use in the LA sunshine.. and there is a lot of sunshine in LA. Easy to put up and to take down. I can do in about 15 minutes.. The first time only a half hour.We tie it down as the wind can move it around..I highly recommend.


Good quality tarp but very light weight steel tubing. It may be good for a couple of seasons in Florida hopefully and for something temporally that's a good deal.


I love it,,, it was so easy to setup and price was cheap, I do recommend this canopy to other customers




I love them, they were shipped in a fast manner, they were easy to put up and put together, my problem where I live is the winds...I used them to cover dog runs for certain kennel areas...we have 60 mile an hour winds here and now they are no longer up...I ended up saving a few poles, and ends to try and figure out something else down the line...but for now Rest in Peace my great buy of Canapy's~


Sturdy, held in 40 mph wind and spring showers. I wish it had sides for rain showers. Larger poles that held up nicely!


it was a great purchase! although you must really be sure it is really secured....and do not attempt to assemble if you are expecting any wind


I ordered this to cover a classic car that sits in my yard. I put it up yesterday, and it seems great.However, there's a few things you should understand before buying it. You won't be able to use the stakes they give you to hold it down to the ground. Maybe if you're using it just on the fly for a quick sun shade, and taking it back down after a few hours. But if you're making it semi-permanent, you're going to need more, those stakes won't hold it down during a semi-strong gust of wind, or any wind for that matter.Personally, I dug holes about 7-9 inches deep, and bought two 60lb bags of concrete used for posts, and used a 60lb bag on each 3 posts on one side, totaling all 120lbs for the 6 legs. Wind WILL catch this thing and send it flying if you don't secure it down good enough. The only real complaint that I have is that the full-enclosure is so expensive, the cheapest I could find it online is $80, or else I would have given five stars.


This has lasted very well for more than a year here in Hawai'i where it rains 355 days and 250 inches a year. We've moved it 4 times. SUPER!


Nice and sturdy, easy to assemble. We bought one for our son and one for us and they work great


Easy to put up, very nice. I am happy with this purchase. I bought the sidewalls with zip up front door and it is perfect!


This is a good cover for an inexpensive price. Went together OK, had to fix ends of poles that got dented,but that was minor. Cover fit frame tight and looks good.


In both cases, i was so happy, until the wind came about a week later and destroy it completely. But it did its job until than.


I live in the high desert and this canopy is a perfect shade for my animals. I had it bolted and cemented to the ground to keep it from being blown away by the wind.


We love this canopy - it is a very attractive asset to our home and a much needed cover for our car. Not sure, however, if it will stand up to the strong winds we experience in our area. Am hoping and praying that it will withstand the winds and give us a long life of use.


I have no conplants about it , it keeps the car dry that's what I wanted, So i'am happy!!!!!!! Try it for your self.


This portable carport is awesome for how cheep it cost, it is built a lot better than I expected easy to put together, I'm really glad I give this a try. You just have to anchor the legs down to the ground so it will stay in place, no problem.


my husband and I just opened our box after a week of it just sitting around and was severely surprised at how easy it was to set up, all the pieces were there right along with the instructions.. This is durable and will last a while.. I am overly satisfied about this product!!!


very easy to put up. I actually setup this canopy up by myself. My neighbor saw me building it and order one himself. Just buy it and don't think about it.


I was hesitant to purchase this canopy after reading the negative reviews. Luckily I ordered it anyway. The construction is solid, canopy material is a little cheap but what can you expect for $100. I used zipties to hold it down and have had various storms with variying wind speeds. The Canopy has held up like a champ, have had it now for a little over a month. If you do a better job at securing the canopy, then it won't blow away and get all bent up.


I used this to cover a large portion of my patio for a party. We were able to comfortably fit four six foot tables underneath it, so seating for over thirty people. Set up was easy, although one of the holes at the top was missing the metal grommet to strengthen it so we didn't use that one for fear it would tear. It's lightweight so setting it up several days ahead of time meant we had to take it down when there was a storm. We had four of the six legs secured into the ground with the small metal stakes provided, but a gusty wind pulled it right up. Unless you're securing it with screws into concrete on all four sides, I doubt it would stay. Even then, the lightweight canopy might rip. This is better for a temporary shelter, not necessarily a "carport." However for the price I paid, which was less than a hundred dollars, I couldn't have rented a tent. Now we'll have it to use again and again. I'm satisfied with this purchase.


These are great. Bought two and the total cost with weights and two canopies was less than renting them. Awesome product


This was great item at a very good price. I had shopped around trying to find a temp covering for my vehicle. Everything else I found was a lot more expensive. The delivery was very fast on this item and setup was easy, although it would help if you had one or two extra hands to help lift up. Overall, I'm well pleased.


Took approximately 1 hr to put together with 2 people. Serves its purpose. Price is reasonable. Does need weights to prevent from lifting up when wind picks up.


A++ Sturdy and easy to put together, better than I expected. Fast shipping. I may order another smaller one for storage.




Better than expected. Great deal for the money spent. I don't think you will find a better deal anywhere. Thank you.


Shipping was fast, I weighted the poles down seeing were I live (high winds at times). Works great to keep the.killer sun off my car.


I bought this to put up for a weekend party on my deck. My husband and I put it up in about an hour. Went together pretty easily. It rained very hard for about 20 minutes but we stayed dry underneath. We took it down after the party and that was also easy. Would definitely recommend as a temporary shelter.


Aluminum Parts....Sturdy..The cover is more like tarp material but, if you take it down and put it up like an easy- up then you will be happy I'm Sure..


Bought this canopy on sale. My neighbor bought it for $50.00 more. It seem to last so far through some driving rains and occasional wind gusts of 30 mph. All in all, I hope to get a couple of years out of it. So far, so good!!Oh, I have on the recommendation of my neighbor, bolted 3 of the posts to a fence next to my driveway, and secured the other 3 posts with ratcheting tie downs attached to anchors.


it is a litte low, so you should put a block bellow. But it can stop 2 cars and it's very good for me.


We bought this item to use for my daughters 1st bday & I have to say that we love it! It's cheaper on amazon than purchasing in stores.


it served the purpose I wanted it for and it was easy to put up and all the parts were there


I purchase one from Pepboys 3 years ago and what a waste of money guys. this one is so well made and sturdy great great value for the money. Definitely absolutely guarantee you it is the best available on the market. I recommend it to ALL fun loving outdoors, beach parties, car cover. safe and awesome item to have around the house and to share with guests.Not only two thumbs up but I gave it 10


This came really fast in the mail...We used it for our Fourth of the July party and it was easy set up and use...however I would recommend buying some weights because the slightest wings makes it wobble!


I was a little worried about ordering this carport but it works great. The polls snapped together easily and two people could put this together in a matter of minutes. The canopy hooks into hte polls for extra security along with the fasteners that ship with the purchase. The fastener on one of hte corners came undone right when we tried to secure it to a poll but It was an easy fix with some stretch fabric, needle, and thread when we got home.We used this to cover our camp site and worked perfectly. It's very versatile and would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, large canopy.


Great. I purchased it to use for my daughter's graduation party. We had it at one of my son's house. I gave it to him. He has young children and many parties that it gets used at. He used to rent a tent. This saved him a lot of money.


The canopy is so strong and perfect side for two cars or a van. It can be used for kids play area for sun protection.


works great easy to set up...covers my classic,dont expect it to last for more than one summer,then I will just buy a replacement cover


It stands up against the winds that we have been having in Texas. The top is made out of good material and overall very sturdy. It is definitely worth money. And this was the cheapest price I found on such item.


Very easy to set up. Kids like it, I use it instead if a pop up canopy in the backyard over the swing set. Works well. Great buy, get it while you still can


Easy set up, decent product for keeping the car covered from the birds. i think it's really only a summer thing


Canopy was packaged well and in great shape. The item showed up on time as I was told. The canopy went together easy and the instructions are good. If I have any disappointment it would be that the poles are not as heavy duty as I wanted. They are a bit small and could be a bit taller but our SUV does fit under it fine. I am not sure as to how it will stand up long term with any real weather but I have no indication that it will not last. Overall very satisfied.


After reading reviews I pretty much got what I expected. It's functional. Im using it for shade on backyard patio. Pretty sure I won't leave it up to endure a New England winter.Easy to assemble. Took maybe an hour doing it by myself. Not sure if just flaw in my unit or in all by design, but legs don't actually lock into roof with anything more than metal hooks on elastic straps. I did put sheet metal screws in to further secure.It's very light. The stakes provided don't secure to ground very well so you'll likely have to macguyver something so doesn't blow away or tip over. I was able to secure one side(3 legs) to deck and shed. For the other side I tied leg bases through stake holes to patio blocks.In my application, canopy has fared very well through a couple of rainstorms with winds 30 mph+.For the price($100), it definitely is best in market. I've recommended this to friends and family.


I bought one to polish my vehicles under. I can drive my Ford F-150 under it, and polish my roof under it. Nice deal. SW


We bought this to help protect our boat that we have to store outside. Although they do not recommend this for a permanent installaton, it has been well anchored and has survived the weather to protect our boat all year long. Highly recommended product.


Ordering and ahipping was easy , delivery was quick no problems , real nice product . I was very pleased to see this unit installid in my parking area . It looks good clean and simple to install I use mine to shade the work area on my project car .


Metal is a bit thin, but as long as you make sure it is secured properly to the ground, it does what its supposed to.


it arrived quickly, very heavyeasy to assemblestakes are a bit weak, but overall good quality for what it is


For camp. We have the kids stand under this int he summer to keep from being too hot in the sun. It's great.


I like what i got great price and good product. Luv my product. will proudly recomment to friends. Product also arrived in time


This carport was easy to set up and and withstood (so far) windstorms and pouring rain. It is providing great cover for my car.


I used this carport to host several tailgates this year and I couldn't be more happy. The tent is SUPER easy to put together. It was simple to put together with two of us but it is possible to do with one. I looked at this same tent on several websites, including, but I got the best deal here. Delivery was on time and I and very pleased with my purchase.


I bought this to do some automotive painting and works great as long as its not windy. Fits a full size 1/2 ton pick and smaller vehicles.


We found it easy to assemble, and for the Price, was just as nice as expensive models.We would recommend this product to everyone.


Yes I liked this product just what it stated on page. I would shop from this buyer again very reliable.


Easy to assemble and nice and large coverage. For the price it is wonderful and does the job of covering our boat.


We used these as "tents" at an outdoor church event. They served the purpose well. Don't know how they would work as an actual carport.


Canopy arrived quickly, & was exactly as described. Was reasonably straightforward to erect, though I would recommend having at least 2 other people to assist. Good quality for the price.


I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these were to assemble and how well written the instructions were. They say they are not suitable for high winds or heavy snow so that might be an issue with them but I think they will be perfectly suitable for my purpose. I was missing a part and contated the company which sent out the replacement part quickly.


Set-up was easy and they (we ordered 2) were exactly what we needed and expected. We plan to use them only a few times a year for our larger gatherings. They don't seem to be sturdy enough to leave up all year but for a day or so they're perfect. We were able to place them back in their boxes when we were finished with them.


I read some reviews of people knocking this carport. Yes, it is cheap, and cheaply made. But it's like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I'm not rich, so I can't afford $700 + to get a regular carport. So I bought this one, and I'm happy with it. It does its job pretty well. The place I live is very rocky, so putting some anchors in the ground is out of the question. So, I went to Home Depot, got 6 buckets, and 6 bags of concrete and put the legs in the buckets, leveled them out, and poured concrete in it. This make it sturdy, believe me, it isn't going anywhere.The way I see it, having a cheap carport, one that can be added to to make stronger is better than not having one at all. Like a car. It's better to have a car that needs to be worked on than not having one at all.Update; I have been using this carport for about two months now. The other day, we have very strong winds come through here, stronger than I have ever seen since moving here. The wind was so strong that it blew down the porch of my neighbors house, and in another area of town, blew over an rv trailer. Yet, my carport is still fully intact.


These canopies are a good value for the money. You will NOT find something like this cheaper anywhere. They my not last forever, but for my project they are perfect. A++++++++++++++


After reading a few reviews talking about how the tent tears with strong winds I was a bit hesitant on this purchase. But I am glad I purchased it! I live in a windy city (Los Banos) with extremely hot days and after a few months this tent is still standing STRONG without any damage or tears!! I am not a handy man at all, but was able to assemble this tent in a few hours without any assistance!...(directions that are acutally easy to follow!) I thought the price was to goood to be true, but in this case it is just a very good purchase!...I strongly recommend this product.


We had this up without being staked for our wedding and for a week after through numerous windy storms. It stood up to the test!! I am happy with this purchase!!


I have to admit I was a little leary of what the quality of this canopy was going to be. I was in for a big surprise. It was packed well, had easy to follow instructions & went together in no time. The poles snap together easily & stay that way, but what really impressed me was the canopy cover itself. It form fits over the frame for a really nice clean look. We were so impressed we ordered another one. We live in a fairly windy setting, but I think this canopy could handle it pretty well. Just to be sure though I put 25lb. barbell weights from each corner. I highly reccomend this product!


When I received the package everything was labeled and ready to build. I noticed that some of the poles came together with nothing holding it together and others were attached by cheap clips. After building the canopy, I decided to drill wholes where the clips were and some where they weren't. Basically if two pole came together, I would put a bolt with washers through. Just take into consideration of the canvas to not have bolts in the way of it. After doing so the canopy became very sturdy and I became very confident that nothing would happen to my vehicle that was stored under it. I also drilled holes to a concrete paver and attached the feet to them. After adding another $30 of hardware I would recommend this tent. It saved me money because the 4 legged tents are about $130 more than this one.


I am amazed at the product since it is so sturdy and very economical for what I need. One of the best purchases I have ever made.


The canopy arrived just as promised, easy assembly, used it for my daughters grad party and it worked well, packed it all away and its ready for the next get together.I was a little leary because some reviews said it was junky but it was perfect for us....look...if your going to open a shrimp stand on the side of the road in north carolina and leave this thing up all year long its not for you....but......If your going to use this canopy once or twice per year it will give you great service for years to come...oh yeah one more thing, the cost of this canopy was about 65% of what it would have cost to rent a canopy from the local rental place and now we have our own forever.


This canopy was easy to set up and met my needs for protecting my new car for the summer and fall months. I will be using my car cover just purchased for the winter months.


This item came as promised and was exactly what we were needing. I don't need another one, but if I did I know where to find one. :)


Used this item for our sons graduation party, perfect for three 8' tables and 25 chairs and gave nice protection from sun. easy setup and take down, can see that the canopy would not hold up to any "long" duration like a carport but as a canopy for outdoor events it is spot on.


I put mine up by myself and it went together without issue and was up and my Jeep parked under it in about an hour. Like a few others I plan on using this as a permanent carport, I hope to get 3-4 yrs out of it before replacing the top. I went and bought 30 ft of 1/2 metal conduit and used it to brace it and make gussets. Mine is in an asphalt driveway so I couldn't anchor into the ground, so I set each leg into a cinder block and filled them with quickcrete that I mixed in a 5 gallon bucket by hand. The next day we had 30-40 mph sustained winds and pea sized hail and she stayed put without a problem! I'm happy with it and I feel I'll get a good 3 yrs out of it. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have survived the wind storm without the extra bracing, but with just a few bucks and little extra time it looks and feels pretty solid.


 ShelterLogic 15 in. Auger Anchors), and consider adding some additional guy lines.EXTENSION KIT AVAILABLE-----------------------Because we were expecting a larger group, we also purchased the ShelterLogic 10x20 Canopy Extension Kit, which added room for more tables on each side of the 20' length (about 7' more width on each side). The cost of the extension kit was about 80% the cost of the shelter itself, and that still kept the price in line with a rental of a comparable size. The extension kit added room for four 8' banquet tables (placed length-wise).A NOTE ABOUT THE POLES---------------------The poles come in different segments of different sizes. They have a number printed near one end. Anticipating that those numbers will eventually wear off (and just to make assembly quicker), we're spray painting the tube ends different colors, so we can just match up the colors and put it together. That also makes sorting and counting the different tube pieces easier when you go to put it away.NOTES ON TEAR-DOWN-------------------Some of the pole segments will want to stick together. If twisting and pulling won't work, the trick is to tap one pole LIGHTLY while holding the other. I light to GENTLY tap one segment across the face of a table or other flat surface. This disperses the impact forces and decreases the likelihood that you bend or damage the pole segment. You may seem to be making little progress at first. Just keep at it (and don't pound too hard), and it will loosen.Also, remeber to lower the roof by removing all leg segments before trying to remove the tarp. It seems counter-intuative. So stop uncle Fred, aunt Thelma, or whoever might be trying to help by loosening the tarp before it is down. [In time, you might develop your own system, like leaving only the corners and ends atached while lowering the top, but that comes with experience.]NOTES ON STORAGE----------------The shelter takes up a fair amount of space. I put all the elbow pieces and extra bungees into a five gallon bucket. I used some of the bungees to bundle together sets of poles. For best longevity, store indoors and out of direct sunlight. If the shelter is wet when you tear it down, you will need to air it out and let it dry before storing it long-term. Otherwise, you'll have problems with mold and mildew. [That's true for any tent or shelter.]SUMMARY-------This is a great shelter for occasional use. With some care, it should last for many years.PROS----- Low price point- Cheaper than renting if you anticipate needing the shelter more than once- Room for two or three 8' banquet tables- Nice tarp design, with a flap that goes over the poles (keeps you drier)- Simple assembly- Extension kit available (also can be used as walls)- Screen kit available- End and door kits available- Tarp is UV resistant (for longevity and to benefit your skin)CONS----- Tarp quality (will need to be replaced sooner than a heavier tarp)- Doesn't come with any storage helps (other than the original box)- Comes only with temporary stakes/anchors (you need to buy better ones right away)- Bulky (amount of storage space required)


just add 4 6'pieces of one and a quarter inch PVC, 4 T conectors, some stretch/weather resistant cording to shore up the A framing, and some inexpensive, augerbitted mobilehome tiedowns, any you have a nice little carport that will last you years, cost less the $200, and only take an afternoon to assymble (provided you have a helper for some parts). Enjoying myne so far, and special thanks to the guy who layed out the step by step improvement instructions!


Bought this for our Boy-scout dining fly and was not sorry. I am not sure why there are so many bad reviews. Any Canopy that is not fastened down properly will fly like a hot air balloon! I have seen very expensive canopies go air born and smash to pieces, because of improper securing. Do Not use the metal stakes that come with it. Buy 6-18" long spiral anchors and put them all of the way in the ground , one at each pole. Buy 6 inch and a half ratchet straps and fasten them to the frame work at each pole, and to the anchors. Ratchet it down, and you'll be fine. This Canopy has survived some pretty good wind, and thunderstorms, and kept us and the scouts dry. We have been very satisfied with it, and have more than got our moneys worth out of it! I hope this helps you save a dollar or two. I have been scouting for over 35 years and seen every shelter out there.


This is the second time I purchased this, as we had a storm that destroyed our first. Lasted very long and looks very good. Good product.


So happy with this purchase! Was wonderful for my daughter's party. Easy to assemble too! I highly recommend buying it!


I love it. Its beautiful n my car is protected from the sun all day long. Its just the appropriate size for a car or pick up!! Awesome;-)


I like it. It's not the stongest car port I seen but for what it cost it was a good deal.


this was exactly what we needed for our annual "day at the beach party"- if you layout the product you will have no problems keeping your tent in shape for a party. Great deal! Lem


The canopy is a great product for the price. It is just not as sturdy as I would have liked it to be, but I am very satisfied with the purchase.