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Tri-Fold Folding Chair Convertible Sleeper Bed Chair

This is the pragmatic tri-fold sofa bed that has a flocking surface and is filled with superior sponges to achieve a more comfortable sitting experience.

Overall Rating:
46 Reviews
Item No: 05491837
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Key Features

● Flocking Surface and Sponge Filling: This mattress has a flocking surface and is filled with superior sponges so as to allow you to sit or lie on it with a more comfortable experience.
● Versatility: This folding mattress can be converted to a comfortable sofa, a laid-back lounge or a cozy bed as your need, providing comfortable seating and serving as a convenient guest mattress in one.
● Widely Used: It is great for apartment dwellers, college dorms, family dens and when your traveling or anywhere else space is limited.
● With Fixed Magic Stick: It features fixed magic sticks on the two side of the cushion to enhance security when the sofa is used.
● Easy To Clean: You can easily dust off the sofa. And the coffee cover is more resistant to dirt.


    This is the pragmatic tri-fold sofa bed which has a flocking surface and is filled with superior sponges to achieve a more comfortable sitting experience.


    Thanks to its innovative quarter-fold design, you can unfold it when you need. Besides a bed, it can also be used as a laid-back lounge or a cozy sofa. In addition, this sofa bed features fixed magic sticks on the two side of the cushion to enhance security when the sofa is used. It's worth mentioning that the removable cover allows you to clean it conveniently. It is suitable for apartment dwellers, college dorms, family dens and doesn't take up much space.


    If you are looking for such a sofa bed, just buy it and you won't be disappointed!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Innovative tri-fold design, easy to storage
    • Flocking surface and sponge filling, more soft and comfortable
    • Used as a comfortable sofa, a laid-back lounge or a cozy bed
    • Great for apartment dwellers, college dorms, family dens, etc
    • Suitable for video gaming, reading a book, watching movie, sleeping, etc
    • With fixed magic stick to enhance security
    • Removable cover for convenient cleaning
    • Coffee cover is more resistant to dirt
    • Color: Coffee/Gray
    • Main material: Flocked cloth, sponge, polyester wadding
    • Sofa dimension: 29" x 32" x 26" (W x D x H)
    • Bed dimension: 77.5" x 29" x 6.5" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: About 17 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Sofa bed
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Very firm/ would be nice if it were softer.


I just inboxed item, and it's stained.
Hopefully I can add more detail to the review later.


This futon ended up being my bed for a year-and it has held fairly well! My heaviest point is basically the sitting edge of the seat, and after a year, that has sagged a little. The rest has held up wonderfully and remains firm and a good seat.


Really sturdy! My kid loves and I’m glad to have an extra space for people to sleep when they’re here.


Rock hard, heavy, and awkward to fold and unfold. You have to lift the whole thing up off of the floor in order to change it from lounger to chair and vice-versa because of the way it folds underneath itself. Also just kind of feels like you're sitting or laying on a brick. I suppose it is sturdy though.


This will be a great help when my grandchildren come to stay, and also extra chairs for normal use .


We put this in my son's room. He loves it. Not a fan of the fabric on it, but I would buy it again.


I purchased this for a relative that needed a temporary solution, for visiting people, but could easily be moved to another place. This folding mattress is more comfortable than you would expect, and the memory foam thickness was the thickest I could find, out of many other choices. I tried it myself, and it is definitely a great short term solution. For teens, and younger, this would be fine for long term use. For adults, it is great for temporary use. Unless it is for a small adult, I don’t know if they would be comfortable for a long time. It definitely does what it is supposed to do, and folds into a rather comfortable chair, or a folded up cube, to move elsewhere, or for travel. This is also an excellent solution for camping, and much better than most pads for sleeping bags.


Very cute




I highly recommend this sofa bed. It saves a lot on bedroom space. It's very firm to sleep on and I was very surprised on the leght. Perfect for a tall guy, but I got it for my boys when we travel with family and use up the guest bedroom. I give it 5 stars!


We bought this for a shuttle bus renovation to use as dual seating and to transition to a bed. It is a perfect fit and wonderful for traveling in comfort


It's a sturdy chair but pretty uncomfortable if you plan to lay on it the entire night. I had to buy a twin mattress topper to soften it a bit. What I do like is that it lays flat and that it's long enough so your feet won't dangle. I am 5'4 and my husband is 5'10 so it works for us.


its just what i was looking for. perfect to watch TV or an extra bed for sleepovers


This was a great find, it’s sturdy and firm. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality.


 Definitely sturdy. Great for my basement as a guest bed.


Grandson uses this for watching tv. He loves having the backrest to prop him up. Very well made. Would not hesitate to buy again.


this product is exactly what you would believe it to be. Its small and convenient. Its in our room for my son to sleep on and it has been working great! Its pretty firm, but we put blankets ontop to add cushion. Over all its a great value and has really saved us!


It’s exactly what we needed and were hoping for. It’s comfortable and sturdy. Good for every day use and also to have people sleep over.


Perfect for visitors because of folding properties for storage.


My 12-year-old granddaughter said it was very comfortable!


Great for kids. We were looking for something for my 7 year old son to sleep on in our cabin, but would also not take up a lot of space. It is perfect for him. It's not large though so definitely take that into consideration for purchasing. Our son is average to small size.


Very cool little side chair for an office/home office; get exhausted and want to lay down, but don’t need to go to bed? ... this folds out and is comfy enough and supportive enough to allow that. Someone want to come in and chat with you about something really quickly? Perfect little chair for them to sit and take a few notes and leave. Kids, teenagers, and 20-somethings really seem to love it!


My granddaughter loves sleeping on it


Love the design. It's def on the harder side of the spectrum. Def worth the money. Keep in mind if you have pets make sure to clean regularly.


Everything looks good except for having red and blue scratch line alongside the stitching line across the whole sofa bed


While this little piece of furniture is sturdy, it really is very small. I guess I had not visualized the size.


Esta bonito, pero no me gusta lo duro q es y el material de la tela no es suave al tacto, esta caro para lo q es.


Easy to use and durable. Good regardless versatility but a bit hard.


We got this for my daughter's dorm room so she would have a place for friends visiting from out of town to sleep on. It has served the purpose perfectly- the kids says it is very comf ! It is also great when a bunch of friends come into the room to hangout - they make it like a couch. It folds up nice when it is not in use.


Light, sturdy, easy to use. Very comfy for sitting, but for sleeping, it helps to use a thick cushioned pad on top, such as a folded bamboo mattress cover. I'm not a big fan of grey, but this is a nice, light neutral shade - not battleship gray. We chose this one because of the fabric - our cats pull their claws on anything that has loose fibers. It is like a very dense, thick velveteen.




It is surely more comfortable that an inflatable mattress. However, it is quite small (especially in width) and, when "transformed" in bed, one of the side that touches the floor would be on top. As a couch, it's not very sturdy and would tremble a lot (i.e., if you have something on the seatback and then you seat on the couch, it would surely fall). Considering how cheap it is, it could be a good buy for a fast solution to a practical problem, but don't expect much.


Sleeps nice


Hard surface which is what we like. Comfortable to sleep on or sit on. Will order another one soon.


This is perfect for my daughters sleepover guest. When not using it for a bed it makes a cute chair for her room. We love it. Would buy it again.


This is a very attractive and functional futon chair. I did have to buy a foam topper for it. It is very very firm. With the topper it is quite comfortable.


Replaced my bed with this to save space. No back pains yet. I'm very comfortable.


What a pleasant addition for occasional overnight guests at our beach bungalow! It's a compact chair, when folded up with Velcro straps which can stretch out to a lounger and eventually, to a twin floor bed. The fabric is a very dense, short-pile velvet (not microsuede) and a nice, firm feel. For sleeping, a mattress topper makes it supportive but with a bit more "give" for comfort. Wish it came in more colors, but for its great versatility, we bit the bullet and are easily able to live with the brown shade.


My grandson is happy to sleep on it!!!


Very comfortable. I live in my van and this is a great space saver. I'm a chubby 5'3" and it's a good bed for me and my 2 elderly guard chihuahuas. Now, if I could just get them to stop snoring!


Durable and stain resistant, witstands several hours of lounging or an occasional nights sleep. A bit firm, but is only a single mattress. Great value!!!


This thing is just FUN. It's a bed when you need one for a small adult or a child, and the rest of the time it's a chair. I use it for my reading chair but it's great for little grand kids when they visit. Easy to drag out when an extra party guest arrives during team trivia games. Go rid of a twin bed taking up space and only being used a couple times a year. This item makes much more sense and is versatile. This would be perfect for a college kid's dorm room.


they fit perfect in my shed for added seating ....


Good enough product for the $


I was hesitant about buying this without seeing or without a review. I am soooo pleasantly surprised. The foam is very dense and holds someone comfortably as a bed or chair. Worth every penny and I will be purchasing another as soon as I can.