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20 lbs

Training Weight Vest Workout Equipment with Adjustable Buckles and Mesh Bag

The weighted vest can help you lose weight, burn calories, increase your power and build muscles.

Overall Rating:
16 Reviews
Item No: 64201538
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Key Features

● Comfortable and Breathable Material: The weight vests are made of 2.5mm neoprene, which is soft, comfortable and breathable. Therefore, even if you wear the vest for a long time, you will not feel hot or uncomfortable. In addition, the interior is filled with black iron sand, which can improve the effectiveness of the exercise.
● Adjustable Buckles and Reflective Straps: The weighted vest has two buckles on the front to keep it from falling off during workouts. In addition, these two adjustable buttons allow you to adjust according to your body shape. The shoulder straps and back of the workout vest have reflective strips to ensure your safety even at night.
● Exquisite Workmanship and Tight Stitching: With exquisite workmanship and tight stitching, our weight vests will not have the problem of sand leakage. Besides, the thickened and widened shoulder straps can evenly distribute the pressure on the shoulders, making your exercise more comfortable.
● Extra Storage Pocket: A mesh bag at the back of the weighted vest can be used to store small items such as cards, keys and mobile phones. This way, you can enjoy your workout without missing an important text or phone call.
● Ideal for Exercise: The weight vest will help you to increase your workout, burn more calories, build muscles, and get a better workout. It is ideal for all sports enthusiasts and can be used while running, climbing, working out or even walking.


    The weighted vest can help you lose weight, burn calories, increase your power and build muscles.


    Besides, this weighted vest is made from 2.5mm Neoprene, filled with black iron sand. You will feel comfortable when you exercise. It has reflective strips to ensure your safety in your night workout. What's more, there is an extra storage pocket in the back of the weighted vest, you can store some small items in it. The thick and wide shoulder straps evenly distribute the pressure on the shoulders, making your exercise more comfortable.


    With this, you will gain a perfect body and a strong physique.


    • Soft, comfortable and breathable materials provide a comfortable experience
    • Black iron sand on the inside can enhance the effect of the exercise.
    • Two adjustable buckles can be adjusted according to the user's body shape
    • Reflective strips keep users safe at night
    • Fine workmanship and tight stitching prevent sand leakage
    • Thick and wide shoulder straps distribute weight evenly across the shoulders
    • The back pocket can be used to store small items like cards, keys and cell phones
    • Helps you increase exercise, burn more calories, and build muscle
    • Can be used while running, climbing, exercising or even walking
    • Ideal for all sports enthusiasts
    • Color: Black
    • Product weight: 12/20 lbs
    • Material: 2.5 mm neoprene, black iron sand
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Weighted vest
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Love product! Super helpful when trying to get fit! Love the strap adjustments


I'm not overweight, just have a large physique from training. I ordered a couple of other vests prior to this and they were too small. This is a very good product.


Sits at chest. But gets the job done. Best for more petite people.


Love it! after taking a cross fit class, and tried out a weight vest, I decided to get my own. After looking through a few I came to this one and it did not disappoint. This one is actually more comfortable then the one I tried in my crossfit class.


Brought for improving my workout intensity for night running, since I cannot go to local gym frequently as before, really need to figure out by myselt, and this weight vest works perfect.


I'm 6ft 6 355 bought it to trick my body into loosing weight as I use my FITBIT, it fits across my shoulders and chest, Caution simply make sure you leave it out to dry after getting sweaty.I but another, only thing is change is wider straps across the chest.


This vest has great quality. I have been using it for about 3 weeks by now. It fits me so well. It doesn’t bounce while working out. I feel so comfortable and balance. I wore this to run . Walk and do the house works . I feel good. I am happy with this one. Thanks!


The vest itself is great. Came as promised. The weight is distributed evenly for a comfortable fit and can adjust to most sizes.


I bought this vest mainly for my cardio routine on the treadmill and pull-ups and think it is working great. I run for one hour every day and do not feel any discomfort when wearing this vest, but I do recommend buying running shoes if you are running with this on to lower the load on your knees and ankles. I see reviews regarding rust, but so far I have not had this problem, but I do a quick 15 second wipe down of the vest after every use because of all my sweat. From my experience with this vest I have recommended this vest to my family and friends.


It’s perfect for running, easy to put it on and down. Highly recommended.


So far so good...


I love this vest ... I bought it for Crossfit but have found myself using it even for walks with the dog just to have a little more intensity. It fits very nicely and I am able to adjust it across the chest to fit snugly. I have not tried to run with it yet so I cannot comment on if it moves or causes chaffing, but for body weight movements and walking, it is A+.


This vest is fantastic. I needed something that would not be too bulky and would not bounce as I run. I wear it while I jog, hike, I've worn it at the gym. It’s easy to dry and it’s not big enough so it’s easy to fold and keep away. I would recommend.


LOVE this vest! I have the 20lbs and it’s great! Heavy but evenly distributed across my body. My ONLY complaint is the advertisement shows a woman using it for running annnnd... it just doesn’t cinch small enough to not kill the boobs during running/jogging. I’m not large in the chest at all and it really just bounces around a whole lot and I was hoping for a snugger fit given the picture.


Bought this for a Christmas present. Evenly distributed weight well and comfy to wear!


I enjoy the fact that the item is as advertised. The equipment adjusts to ones size easily and conformably. The material is sturdy, clean and smooth to the touch. I got the twenty pound one. I tried it on immediately and was well pleased with the product. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the harness allowing equal carrying of the load providing balanced workout. Great product! I will update in another two weeks or so but thus far outstanding!