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Full Size Beginner Acoustic Guitar with Smooth Mirror Structure

This is the acoustic folk guitar with wooden construction, steel strings and a glossy smooth finish which is good for beginner.
Overall Rating:
84 Reviews
Item No: 19425360

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Full Size Beginner Acoustic Guitar with Smooth Mirror Structure Full Size Beginner Acoustic Guitar with Smooth Mirror Structure
Key Features
  • Suitable for Beginners: Features a full scale 6 strings guitar is great for beginners to learn to play the guitar.It's very easy to use. And it is also perfect for using on guitar lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances, etc.
  • High-Quality Strings: The guitar strings are well received by customers.The strings are made of high quality steel with good sound quality, stable pitch. It is especially suitable for beginners to learn to play guitar. You can make the rich sound by lightly plucking the string.
  • High Gloss Surface: Back and side panels made of high-quality basswood, this guitar's wooden structure bring you brighter sound.The guitar has a polished paint on the surface, which is very glossy and looks noble, allowing you to play smoothly.
  • Suitable as A Gift: If you want to buy a tasteful gift for your friend, it's a good option for you. It's a very good gift for guitar beginners.And no assembly required.
  • Package Included: This 41''acoustic guitar comes with a nylon case, a shoulder strap, a pick and an extra set of strings for replacement. Get a full set of equipment with one purchase.Mirror design is more advanced.

    This is the acoustic folk guitar with wooden construction, steel strings and a glossy smooth finish which is good for beginner.


    It's really a great choice for beginners to practice and play favorite tunes. In addition, this guitar comes with a nylon case, a shoulder strap, a pick and an extra set of strings for replacement. This acoustic guitar set is perfect as a gift and does not require assembly. It is also perfect for guitar lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances and so on.


    A great value for the money! Come buy it and start your new music journey!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • High gloss, a polished paint on the surface
    • All-wooden structure, steel strings, bring richer and brighter sound
    • Perfect for guitar lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances and so on
    • With a nylon case, a shoulder strap, a pick and an extra set of strings
    • Suitable for beginners or as a gift
    • Play smoothly and avoid hurting hands
    • No assembly required
    • Note: The color of the pick is random
    • Color: Black/Blue/Natural/Sun
    • Main material: Wood + steel strings
    • Overall dimension: 41" x 15.5" x 5" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: About 4 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Guitar
    • 1 x Guitar case
    • 1 x Shoulder strap
    • 1 x Pick
    • 1 x Set of strings
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


i bought this with high expectations because it seemed like everyone loves it, but i truly am dissatisfied.


It's easy to play and perfect for a beginner.




Good purchase. Good Product.


Hubby loves it! Wishes he would have picked up the guitar years ago.


I've Seen a few reviews with people complaining about the action being high,well that why it comes with an Alan wrench ,you gotta learn how to adjust it. yes the action was a bit wack and dead notes out of the box. after adjusting the bow of the neck there is no dead notes, the glue job had glue sticking out but nothing a razor and cleaning will fix,overall the guitar came sticky and stinky but that usual just bit of freshening up and cleaning,definite hydrate the fret board and change the strings and pins if you can ,strings are not as named as high quality but its a beginner guitar so what do you expect, If your want a guitar for a beginner to learn how to do maintenance to have a great sounding guitar buy it, strap is also useless there is only one peg .


I was looking for an affordable guitar, and came across the Sonart. It was already strung when I got it, it came with a tuner, tuner battery, polish cloth, sling, and extra strings! I was impressed, and when I tuned it up, I found that it sounded lovely! I would highly recommend this instrument to anyone who wants good sound for a low price, or for beginners who want something to start on - and accessories.I hope this helps,Enjoy!


nice size and sounding


Great beginners guitar. I haven’t learned to play yet. How, the price is reasonable and it looks beautiful! Now, I just need to learn how to play!


This was a gift for my niece and she loves it


Great guitar and sounds awesome for the price . This guitar is definitely worth the money


Very very nice beginners guitar at a great price. I wouldn’t recommend this to a seasoned player because frankly there’s nothing exceptional about it, but for a beginner it was a fantastic deal. It’s always nice to not spend a lot of money on a hobby I’m not sure my teenager is going to stick with.


I don’t know too much about guitars, but this one is awesome, I don’t like the part, that this guitar comes with just one part to hold it and it’s missing the other part to hold the guitar, there was already a review about this, anyway I bought it, I thought the seller fixed that issue but regarding that, the guitar is cool


It’s exactly the same of the description and for beginners and adults.


Worth every penny!! The only thing is my guitar strap did not work because it was missing both clips.


This is an amazing guitar, the sound is very vibrant and it is just the right size for someone of a large stature, the only problem i had with it was the minor scratches on the face of the guitar, other than that it is a great buy for anyone who wants to learn guitar.


Came with a tuner, battery for tuner, cloth for wiping guitar, pink pick, and a lovely black adult-sized guitar with gold strings. Sound is beautiful, started my first lesson. :)




It come with a pick, a strap, a tuner, and extra strings. 10/10


I am a complete beginner to playing the guitar and this is an amazing starter. I love how many things are included in this package, guitar plus tuner, strap, pick, extra strings, and case. This is a fairly cheap guitar so you shouldn't expect fender quality, but I didn't expect random wood bits inside the guitar to be floating around whenever I moved the guitar. But overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase, this guitar is great value for starting out


I like this thing it works very well


Son needed a guitar for high school and was a beginner. Perfect size and sound.


Buy it!


Granddaughter wanted to learn how to play


This guitar is great. My daughter learned some songs on the Ukulele and wanted to teach herself guitar. She is doing well on it and its a good product. Problem is like many others there is no place to attach from part of shoulder strap. Why so many are like this i dont know.


Perfect for beginner. Very nicely made for the price


Present for my son. He is teaching himself to play. He loved the design. Buy a standand carrying case to compliment it.


Is good guitar more the I specte


I own two guitars myself that were much more expensive than this one. When my grandson put this guitar on his wish list, I was skeptical. However, it is a very nice guitar for a beginner. It has a pleasant sound and seems to stay in tune well.


I like the guitar, but being a complete beginner, I can't really be a reliable reviewer.


My daughter love it she's just started to play


Purchased for my daughter, very nice quality. Fast shipping


Very nice and sturdy. Best purchase


Perfect for a beginner. I ordered a black one and I love it.


My son is a beginner. He loves it and the color is pretty


I love this guitar! It is excellent for beginners, however, the sound quality of the strings is not very good. Had to tune a lot when I got it, but that is expected. Comes with good protection from shipping. Overall quality is good, would recommend using a quality pick for this guitar.


Good quality.


Good quality, good sound. Recommended for beginners like me :)


The quality of the guitar is very good considering how much you pay for it. I would recommend it to everyone who is just beginning to learn! Plus, the delivery was pretty fast.


No damage at all. Nicely built. Sounds good


 First I want to say that I am a total freshman about how to play guitar. But I really love guitar music and it is very handsome to play wonderful songs with the guitar. After many years of struggling with time, I finally decided to buy this new guitar and it is pretty nice for me. With the provided tuner, it is very easy to tune each string to make it works very well for beginners. The quality of this guitar is also very good. After hours of study, I finally learned how to play ‘Laputa: Castle in the Sky’. I really love this new guitar and wish I can play it very well.


First i would say that Neck construction is perfect. laminated wood makes it so good looking.its great vibration when I played this guitar. All the hardwares looks promising and satisfing the needs.This has gapless joints which makes it even greater. Clean gluing and smooth and perfect finish.This is perfect guitar i was looking for.The cost is also great. This is worth spending money. Over all setup of guitar is PERFECT.Additionaly , they have given the pick, toner and extra strings. woooohooooo. THANK YOU.Could not stop sharing the pic.....


 An amazing guitar for the price. Great for beginners and seasoned players as well.


I’m amazed when receiving this great guitar. It’s nicely made, very beautiful, looks as good as those expensive ones which cost hundreds or even thousands dollars. I bought it as a gift for my daughter. She LOVEs it!


The craftsmanship on the guitar I received was flawless. It plays well, sounds good, and looks great! For $13, I bought a "peel and stick" pickup transducer and now I have an acoustic-electric guitar that I can plug into my amplifier. I liked this guitar well enough that I purchased a padded hard case to transport it in as well as a guitar stand to keep it handy in the living room. All in all, money well spent... I couldn't be more pleased.


I bought this for my son because he like all kind of instrument and he love it very much. The sound is very crisp and pleasent. My son can easily pull the string and produce the crispy sound. The craft of the guitar is very smooth and delicate. It very worth for the money. I highly recommend this product.


This is a very beautiful music instrument with an amazing sound. I did not need to, but I changed the strings for a sound that is (even more) to my liking. the whole instrument is shinny, shinny, shinny! I would have preferred it less so because all this shine makes it look like plastic, which it is not. The neck is nice and narrow, which makes it easier for me to play and as mentioned above- the sound is deep, warm, and bright. It was easy to change the strings.I have to say that the guitar bag is, in my opinion, pretty worthless and the tuner they speak of is non-existent and the strap is an ugly floppy useless item that is to short to use.I am giving top grades to this guitar, because that is what it's about. I love this guitar!


This guitar is very nice. Well made. Beautiful color. Perfect for a beginner. Sounds wonderful. I'm very impressed for the price. People that have seen it were so suprised by the cost, by the looks of it. Expected it to be a few hundred dollars more, at least!


Never played an instrument before this and I say it sounds about as good as a beginner could want


It came to me a day early; however, when I opened it, it looked like it was pre-owned? Which confuses me because it does not say pre-owned anywhere. There are a few dents and scratches. I ordered black. Other than that, it is easy to use however I have small hands so the fretboard is my only issue.


This is a great item for the price.




Not a bad starter guitar. Sounds good right out of the box. With a little extra setup this guitar was potential to sound really good. Good product for the value. The accessories for the guitar are an added bonus.


This guitar is beyond my expulsions, its very light in weight and made of good material.Sound is superb and good strings.Color combinations and contrast are up the mark.Comes with bag and extra set of strings.So easy to carry that you feel to carry around without any problem.Very good learner and professional.I am learner and feeling great till now.


looks good to me. I do not know much about guitar, but excited to learn so i bought it.


My daughter (who is autistic) plays and sings every day. Very good guitar for the money.


Great guitar. Great price.




Love it. My daughter is so happy with it. Easy to managed! This was a good buy


We got it for our daughter for Christmas who has been learning to play the guitar at school. I know nothing about guitars but I think it’s made well. Some of the strings don’t want to hold the tune for very long. I don’t know if that’s for true for all guitars though. My daughter likes it and I liked the price so we are happy with it.


It’s a good quality guitar and all of the accessories came in handy over time! It was perfect for my guitar class with a minimal price


This is a pretty decent beginners guitar. I would recommend for a young person or a true beginner. The sound could be better.


Was for my granddaughter for Christmas. Arrived on time and she loved it. It seems to be a notch above the basic starter guitars advertised for just a bit more. Nice sound and look.


I purchased this guitar for my 13 year old and it was met all of our expectations. It was lightweight, easy to tune and cane with additional material and a carry bag. We were delighted because guitar lessons have started and we cannot wait for the Spring concert.


My 15 year old son loves this guitar! This is his first guitar. I’ve been listening to him play and it has great sound! Would recommend.


nice full size guitar, as a gift for a family member, they liked it very much, it is a good entry levely guitar perfect as I intended, he will start taking guitar lessons, The color was good and has good sound, came with what we needed for a beginner with protective casing too.


I don't know much about guitars but I ordered this for my daughter who is learning guitar in school. It seems sturdy and sounds great. And it is absolutely gorgeous!!!


Purchased for our grand daughter first Guitar she was really please has good sound, not sure how to install strap, she was really pleased and taking lessons. Teacher said good choice Papa and Nana for first instrument. Came with extra strings, should supply some instructions with Guitar only thing i would suggest.


The guitar was delivered fast and exactly as described. Has a nice to, beautiful blue finish. The price was great, just an all around great buy


I had bought a tuner so We could make sure the guitar was tuned correct. On the 5th or A string I could not get a correct tune . Plus when rechecking they all lost the tuning. My Great Grand Daughter still hasn't been able to play the guitar. Thinking about sending it back.Update I took the guitar to a professional and he told me that the strings were over stretched and he adjusted and everything seems okay.


The product is great and the shipping time was right on time!


I'm new to the guitar world and have used other beginner guitars as well. Sound and build quality of this guitar is really good, comparable to expensive guitars which cost around $200-$250. Guitar also comes with additional strings, Case, Strap, and picks which comes with other packages as well but for this price, I think it's a really good deal. So if you a beginner like me, I would suggest you not look for other guitars and try this one. For this price and quality, this can not go wrong. I loved it and definitely recommend this guitar.


 The product is everything that it says! It beautiful color is on point!


I'm new to the guitar world and have used other beginner guitars as well. Sound and build quality of this guitar is really good, comparable to expensive guitars which cost around $200-$250.Guitar also comes with additional strings, Case, Strap, and picks which comes with other packages as well but for this price, I think it's a really good deal.So if you a beginner like me, I would suggest you not look for other guitars and try this one. For this price and quality, this can not go wrong. I loved it and definitely recommend this guitar.


recieved this before 15 days. Works amazing. In love with it since its arrival. easy to tune in. came with all the requir3d accessories. A perfect guitar and kit for a beginners or even for experienced one.


I am pleased with this purchase... Its a good pick for beginners... It comes with everything they need to get started...


Beautiful! I was amazed at the quality and beauty when it came. The case is high quality which makes me comfortable with traveling. The strap is sturdy and easy to apply. I tuned it right away and am impressed with the sound. Really high quality for the price, overall very happy and would buy it again!


I always wanted to start learning and this is my first guitar. It’s very light weight and came in all strung and nicely packaged with strings protected as well. Easy to tune with any app or electric tuner. I just started this week and it feels nice and works very well. Esthetically looks nice very polish and smooth. One little mark on the outer circle but doesn’t affect it. Overall very good item.


 Absolutely loved the sound of it and I just learned some new chords in addition to what I knew and because of its 'not-so-big' size, it is very easy to learn with. It comes with a pick and a band to go around your neck. I liked the cover as well, nothing fancy but works. They have put replacement strings as well and I think that's great to start with. It might not sound great on the video because I wasn't very sharp at chord progressions but it sounds better than average cheap guitars. I think it is absolute bang for the buck.


It was great. Exactly what I expected


Great guitar for beginner and intermediate, sounds pretty good , it body have glossy finished. Good workmanship and. Guitar pick and bag included. Great value!


The Guitar seemed to be very nice for its price. You might have to change the string as it is okay but again, for this price it is really nice one. I would definitely recommend for any beginners to start with this guitar.


A choice of convenient and practical features that you must have for the beginning! The second one I bought that enjoy fun and colorful life, before was impressed by the quality of the string and sound of the guitar, finally it fits the bill perfectly, good beginner guitar, nice sound and tone with tuner.


I bought this guitar for my kids as a beginner.. The kids love it! It's built very good. The sound is amazing! It is very sturdy! The case it comes in is very well packaged. It also comes with a storage case.