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  • 7 ft

Realistic Pre-Lit Hinged Christmas Tree with Lights and Foot Switch

Do you need something charming to improve home décor during Christmas season?

Overall Rating:
20 Reviews
Item No: 92487351
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Key Features

● Luxuriant Appearance and Plentiful Leaves: Standing at 7FT/8FT, this lush artificial Christmas tree consisting of 2458/3402 branch tips creates a full-bodied shape. Flourishing verdant foliage with realistic design reflects a glorious look. Also, you can DIY the branches with homemade ornaments, making it a customized Xmas tree.
● Shining Lights Are Blazed in Every Corner: The eye-catching Christmas tree comes with 450/620 pre-strung LED lights, illuminating the home with bright and warm lighting. Especially at night, the shiny tree allows you to immerse in the joy of the holiday. Combines with a convenient pedal switch, you can turn lights on and off easily.
● Terrific Workmanship and Premium New Material: Rather than using recycled material, this 100% new realistic Xmas tree with PVC and PE leaves showcases a finer appearance. All branch tips with strong adhesion are hard to wither and fade, maintaining a luxuriant look all year round.
● Quick Assembly and Easy Fluffing: Thanks to the hinged structure, you can assemble the tree quickly by inserting sections in order. All branches will drop automatically, and you just need to organize the leaves so as to get a fully fluffed tree shape. Besides, the folding metal stand supports trees uprightly and facilitates storage when the Christmas season is over.
● Widely Decorated in All Occasions: To increase festive vibe and spread holiday joy, one eye-catching Christmas tree is enough. You can decorate your home, office, shopping mall, and café store with this pre-lit Christmas tree, celebrating the happy festival with family and friends.


    Do you need something charming to improve home décor during Christmas season?


    This pre-lit artificial Xmas hinged tree is an ideal festival decoration. Plentiful leaves with verdant color create vibrant nature scenes, and various leaf shapes create realistic gradation on the tree. Premium new PVC and PE material ensures long-term indoor use, and you don't need to endure unpleasant smell caused by the recycled material of inferior Christmas tree. Besides, pre-strung LED lights with beautiful glowing add tree visual attractiveness and romantic vibe. And extra foot pedal switch can control the lighting show conveniently. In addition, hinged structure facilitates assembly and disassembly, and folding metal stand ensures easy storage when the tree is not in use. The Christmas tree shall stand stably thanks to the sturdy iron base, showcasing glorious and luxuriant appeal.


    If you are looking for a Christmas tree like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


    • Hinged with 2458/3402 tips for lush and leafy appearance
    • 450/620 LED lights illuminate home with warmth and brightness
    • Extra foot pedal switch offers convenient using experience
    • Folding metal stand facilitates storage when Christmas is over
    • Firmly support tree in an upright position for a long time
    • New PE & PVC of non-toxic and odorless feature
    • Quick set-up and easy fluffing for time & energy saving
    • Eye-catching Christmas decoration matches with all occasions
    Installation guide
    • Color: Green
    • Material: PVC, PE, Iron
    • Height: 6FT/7 FT/8 FT
    • Width: 3.3FT/3.8 FT/4.2 FT
    • Number of PE tips: 965/1385/1865
    • Number of PVC tips: 699/1073/1537
    • Number of LED lights: 310/450/620
    • Net weight: 15.5lbs/24 lbs/34 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Pre-lit Christmas tree
    • 1 x Metal stand
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


The shipping was a bit slow, but glad it arrived before Christmas. It was easy to setup, the lights worked perfect. My kids were so excited to see this lighted up Christmas tree, and had fun decorating it, we were so happy with it!


Every year I buy a Christmas tree, I think it is a waste, except for the fragrance, this year I decided to buy a Christmas tree that will never fall off, my son likes it very much, and we decorated the Christmas tree together.


Love everything about this tree. Highly recommend for anyone!


Bought a 6ft christmas tree for my other shop and it was the size I expected it to be, very nice with nice lights. Installation was easy with 3 pieces of pipe, make sure you plug it in correctly to make sure the lights come on


Very easy to assemble christmas tree. Love that the white lights are attached on the branches already which allows me to skip an additional step for tree set up. Each section of the tree attaches on top of each other which then attaches to the switch that allows me to turn the lights on and off as needed. The tree fluffed up quite nicely and it did not lose a lot of pine needles as we fluffed out the branches. A 6 foot tree is of a nice height and an upgrade from our smaller 4.5 ft one. This tree adds a lot of festive holiday spirit to our living room decor.


A really cute Christmas tree!!!! It's so convenience that I dont need to buy a separate light and decorate it. Just put the tree on then plug it in. So cute!! I love this Christmas tree


This is our first family Christmas tree and it is exactly how I imagined it to be, very easy to setup and good quality and can't wait to put up the decorations!


This Christmas tree was easy to assemble came in three sections… took less than 5 minutes to assemble. Love it can’t wait ti decorate it.


My first Christmas tree in my life, it’s very easy to setup, and it fits the little space by the fireplace perfectly. The light switch is on the floor which you can step it to turn on/off. All the toys and decorations on the picture are not included in this Christmas tree, I brought those separately. I think it looks great overall, and it warms up my holidays!


We love this tree, just look like a real tree. Easy to put on . It’s perfect for our living room. My kids are very excited .


This is my first time to purchase Christmas tree for my new house.It’s easy to assemble.But it took about 2 hours to spread out all the branches.So I recommended wearing long sleeves and gloves,or will feel little bit inchy.But it’s worth yours time because the tree looks beautiful !My two daughters are so excited that they can’t wait for Christmas Day!


I’m expecting my first baby this coming Christmas and thus I bought this Christmas tree to create some holiday atmosphere to welcome my first baby. It is very easy to assemble. The base is sturdy. Although some tree fragments fall off during assembly, it does not affect the final result. 6 ft is the right size for my small living room. The only con is that I have to buy some more decorations to put on the tree, to make it more Christmas-ish. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this purchase. I hope my baby will like it too.


Difficult to assemble so I gave up and donated it to Salvation Army. Lights did not work.


This is our first artificial tree and it is beautiful and well-made. The company made a prompt delivery a week sooner than expected - a very pleasant surprise and helpful for us to prepare for Christmas!


My wife has had a 7.5' tree for over 15 years and though it looks nice, the light bulbs are not LED and the tree is VERY heavy. This makes it a challenge every year to take down from our garage storage and to put back up. I convinced her to change to a shorter, lighter tree.
Setup was simple: came in 3 separate sections. Stack them on top of each other, then connect the 3 individual connectors to the main cable, and that one to the AC outlet. Turn on/off via the push of a big button.
Warm light glow is nice, and the tree does not look too sparse (a worry I had after my sis-in-law bought one that was VERY lacking in pine needle leaf coverage). Granted, this tree is not as thick as the 15-year-old one, but it's also much lighter. Make sure you fluff up the branches/leaves so to make it look a bit more thick/covered.
Putting away was simple too -- except for one thing: the box is not easy to close. I reinforced with duct tape and wrapped the whole box with a sturdy rope to keep together.
All in all, price was about right and tree is light and looks decent.


My wife has had a 7.5' tree for over 15 years and though it looks nice, the light bulbs are not LED and the tree is VERY heavy. This makes it a challenge every year to take down from our garage storage and to put back up. I convinced her to change to a shorter, lighter tree.


Exactly what i was hoping for . my first pre-lit tree. My spouse said for a fake tree i do like this one because it looks like a real tree !!! Got his approval and that is huge !!!!!!!!


The Christmas tree is easy to set up. Do not need any instructions, only takes around 10 mins. it has built in led lights and looks like a real Christmas tree. Kids are excited about decorating it. Photo shows how it looks like at night time.


This is my dream tree! it looks real, has dense branches, it was simple to put together and has lots of program settings for lights. Best of all no needles everywhere and another tree saved from the chop


Needed a new tree this year and wanted to buy one before they sell out like the news said they would this year. Tree looks super lifelike, much more realistic than my other previous tree. Included a video of it installed for reference (and picture didn’t do it justice) Purchased primarily cus I wanted a tree that had dimension in the branches and wasn’t just a flat triangle like most trees. Happy with my purchase