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Travel Portable Baby Bed Side Sleeper Bassinet Crib with Carrying Bag

This is the bedside crib which has 4 adjustable heights and tilting features to suit your different needs.

Overall Rating:
80 Reviews
Item No: 05361748
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Key Features

● Detachable Sidebar and Retractable Feet: This bedside sleeper has a detachable sidebar, two fixed ropes and retractable feet that can easily attach to the parent's bed. It's very convenient to take care of kids and have parent-child interaction at night. And it can effectively increase the kid's sense of security and improve sleep quality.  
● Height and Angle Adjustable: There are 4 adjustable heights to meet the different needs of parents. What’s more, the height of the two sides can be different. This design makes it easier for you to feed your baby because the tilt angle will effectively prevent the baby from refluxing and spitting milk.
● Breathable Mesh and Easy to Clean: Two-side mesh allows parents to observe the baby's status anytime. And the linen material is very wearable which can extend its service life. The zipper design makes the mattress cover and all crib fabrics easy to remove and clean, creating a clean environment for the baby.
● Stable Bracket and Solid Structure: Iron frame around the crib is completely wrapped in a cloth to prevent the baby from hitting the teeth or forehead. Stable bottom supported and comfortable mattress with sleeping board ensure your baby's safety. More importantly, this bedside sleeper has ASTM certification.
● Easy to Carry: The compact carry bag design allows you to place it in the trunk of your car and bring it to trains and planes while traveling thus reduce the burden of travel. Parents don’t have to worry about the bed outside is not clean, safety protection is not enough.


    This is the bedside crib which has 4 adjustable heights and tilting features to suit your different needs.


    Moreover, the detachable sidebar can make parents and children get better interaction. It can easily attach to the parent's bed for parents to take care of the baby at night. It is sturdy and durable enough to provide your baby with security. The detachable mattress is made of high-quality fabric and filled with a high-density sponge, bringing a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for your kids. There is a carrying bag for you to travel to. This crib can solve all the troubles and give you and your baby a comfortable sleep. Choose the baby crib is equal to choose a good sleep!


    If you are looking for a product like this. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • A detachable sidebar and two fixed ropes can be easily attached to the parents' bed
    • Bedside crib is good for taking care of kids at night and improving sleep quality
    • Retractable feet make it easy to place beside the bed and the sofa
    • 4 adjustable heights to meet the different needs of parents
    • Tilt angle will effectively prevent the baby from refluxing and spitting milk
    • Two-side mesh plays a good ventilation role, observe the baby’s condition anytime
    • Comfortable and detachable mattress to protect baby’s spine
    • Detachable and washable linen cloth, more cleaner to use
    • Stable bottom supported makes the whole more durable and sturdy
    • Safer to protect your child's health with ASTM certification
    • Lightweight design and carry bag makes transportation easy
    Installation guide
    • Color: Gray/beige/blue/green/pink
    • Material: Iron + aluminum + linen fabric + sponge + oxford cloth + MDF board
    • Overall size: 38" x 19.5"-27.5" x 26.5"-34" (L x W x H)
    • Carrying bag size: 37.5'' x 6'' x 19.5'' (L x W x H)
    • Adjustable height: 26.5", 29", 31.5", 34"
    • Net weight: 17 lbs
    • Applicable age: 0-6 months
    • Load bearing: 44 lbs
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I bought this for my daughter. Her baby sleeps so peacefully.


be very cautious how much weight you put in this bassinet for it will collapse as mine did. luckily was able to fix it with some minor adjustments.


It's a nice bed for newborn and it's sure to last for at minimum 6 months but it's pretty pricey for a basic bedside bassinet. Overall good buy and I would purchase again because it does the job and it's super cute


I love this bassinet, the height is good for me when in bed, baby is always next to me and I can always bring her out of bed and put her back easily.
It is also adjustable and can be slanted which helps when baby is spitting up.
Easy to assemble, great for travel.


I love that the side can be up or down, the size of it and that I can see through the side.


Excellent bassinet! Has the features we need! Nice value!


This baby crib, love it!


Our daughter has reflux and this was a lifesaver. You can lift one end slightly up and make it inclined which made me much more at ease than the pillow my dr recommend


Quedó a la misma altura de mi cama y bien fuerte, está amplio y comodo


Love it it must buy


Havent used yet just set it up for when the baby comes. Perfect for small spaces. Looks a little uncomfortable wish the matress was a little thicker.


I like this crib because it is convenient


I was super excited to get a bassinet that was able to open on the side and be able to be close to baby at night. This bassinet did that but it is a pain to click it back on at night. My baby didn’t like sleeping on the thin mattress, she would keep waking up at night various times and so I had her sleeping with me in the bed where baby sleeps 10hrs and only wakes for feeding. I now have to search for a different bassinet with a thicker mattress so baby is more comfortable and still near me. I feel like this bassinet was a little bit pricey and was not what I expected. It is also big but it isn’t mobile and does not fit through the door to take it around the house. Disappointing.


Large crib, perfect for next to the bed. It’s sturdy enough for my two year old to climb in it. The pad is a little thin.


You may want to add another layer to the mattress, very thin.


Easy to set up.


Like I sd my sister loves it


This was a baby shower gift. Only problem is finding sheets to fit.






Easy to assemble and convenient


Great product, great customer service, you can’t go wrong with this bassinet!


It was a gift that she needed oh so bad and loved it


Haven’t used since I am not due until January. Easy to assemble and bigger than expected but still great as baby can grow into.


I was really excited about this basinet but the first night my baby was in it she would start rolling towards me or just slowly slide during the night. When you have the flap down all the way it causes the basinet to lean towards the side creating a slope


It slides away from you not really sturdy enough for me I needed it to lock in place once pulled to bed


For little


We have a small room compared to newer houses so we got this bassinet for our second baby to give us more room than the pack and play allowed.


Love this product. A definite must for new moms!!


Everything easy to do I love love it and thank you so much for seller


Study and stable, easy to put together and lovely color


This was my second bassinet. my first didnt come up to the bed like this...I never intended to co sleep and that's how we started out so I needed something where I could reach over and check my son. Wish I had got this one first! I love it!! The side is about 4 inches high so he cant just roll into my bed, which I like.


Great bassinet, size, look, sturdiness and very easy to put together. Good Customer service experience as well.


I really liked this bassinet at first until we put the baby in it and the side fell down while he was sleeping! I wanted to return it but the postage will cost as much as the bed! Buyer Beware!


I didn’t buy this for the standard reason as the baby I put in it is covered in fur. But my 10 year old Pomeranian has coughing fits and bad eyesight in the dark as she’s getting older so she has been falling off the bed. This could kill her as she is only 5 lbs. A friend brought this co sleeper to my attention and it is great. She has access to me but she is safe with the walls and I get my bed back. It doesn’t move from the bed and putting the wall up is easy if I need to corral her. I know this is not typical use but maybe there is another pet mom out there who needs to know this is an option


Absolutely love this bedside bassinet. The height adjustment to the bed is perfect and what my daughter wanted. Every bed is a different height so this feature was the reason we purchased it for our grandson. The Zipp down so mom could see baby and baby could see mom made both mommy and baby sleep better. Thank you for making such a well made product. There is nothing cheaply made on this bassinet. It's also easy to transport for overnight visits. Again thank you for making this product safe and useful for new moms.


Super convenient and easy! It feels like I’m laying in bed with my baby. This side sleeper is perfect!


Easy to use


Easy to assemble, looks nice.


Bought as a gift


bought for new baby, easy to assemble. safe construction.


Great product & great idea. Pad is washable which is nice but it’s not very soft and it falls apart easy. It’s nice to have next to the bed or couch. Love the color too. Seller was great & got it to me fast which was really nice!


We enjoy having a side sleeper and this one has worked just fine for us. We had it next to our bed for the first 2 months and now it is against the wall near our bed. Trying to train her to sleep in her own space. Putting it together was east enough (my husband did it). My hang ups with it; it doesn't come with a sheet for the mattress. The cover for the mattress gets stained, if you machine wash it it won't fit back into its foam pad (the crib pad), so now it is permanently wonkey.


Perfect have not tested waiting on grand baby to be born ..


Love this item! Made my life so much easier, baby is not in our bed, however I’m still able to be so close to my little girl and make sure that I’m near whenever she needs me! Baby started sleeping through all night after we got this little bassinet. Also super easy to clean, just remove everything and put in a washing machine! 10/10


Easy to set up, would be better if it raised up higher.




Muy buena calidad


Good customer service


Gave as a gift for my new grandson!


Very easy to assemble!!


Easy to assemble


If you're questioning durability I can stay my two year old and my four year old both have jumped into it over and over again and it's in perfect condition still.


This is even better than I thought I cant wait to put our little one in it she will be here any day now!


My baby has been in this since day one. Im soo happy with it as well as her. Only thing baby didnt like was the 'pad' for the matress. Its no where near what it should be buut i just bought a foam matress pad to put ontop of it and baby loves it!


It was a baby shower gift for my niece. It is nice that she doesn't leave her bed to tend to her baby.She absolutely loves her new Baby Joy bedside crib.




So far so good! This is a great size for us as it is a little bigger than others we have seen. Hopefully baby will have room to grow.


We have used this for 3 wks now. So far so good. I may be happier if the zip can go all the way down to the crib mattress level. But it is ok the way it is.


My baby loves his new bed, it’s very sturdy which means it’s super safe, and the material in there is super comfortable and soft. I can adjust the height to the height of my bed and move it around super conveniently!


Love this. We use it every night and my daughter loves it too. She feels cozy and close to mama


Easy to assemble, very handy in a small apartment instead of the cot bed. A bit wobbly, but sturdy more than enough. The mattress that comes with crib is ok,happy about this crib


This is exactly what I was looking for. However, the mattress pad is very hard. I feel it’s too rough for a newborn. Also, the recommended pad cover is way too small for this.


Good so far


Loved that it was easy to assemble, quick shipping, light weight yet sturdy. Very roomy! It comes with a little mattress but you can order something extra if you’re looking for extra comfort for your infant. My baby girl sleeps just fine with the mattress that came with it. I bought sheets that would fit a playard they fit fine.


Easy set up and perfect height!


This was well packed easy to assemble and beautifully designed. We just have to Wait for the baby to truly enjoy the bedside crib.


Good but small in height




Great product


We got this for our new little one (obviously) and I'll say the support bar across the bottom, from leg to leg, is impossible to get both ends to click in. HOWEVER the whole rest of the bassinet assembles easily and is very sturdy. I like that you can adjust it so that I end is higher than the other. Aids in digestion and prevents spit up. It's a BIG bassinet. It takes MINI CRIB SHEETS. The mattress is slim- like one inch, but dimensions of length x width bassinet sheets will only be 2/3 the size of this one. Pack and play sheets will be too big.This bassinet will last beyond newborn age, even until babe is pulling up. It's not as deep as a crib, so if they can pull and stand up they could potentially fall over the side. Obviously this age will vary from child to child. But I'd say on average about 6 months.It's drop down (unzip) side making it a co-sleeper is amazing. The material is very sturdy and zippers seem durable.For reference you can fit a snuggle me organic or a doc a tot inside with room to spare.


I bought this bassinet for my son and his wife, who live in a one-bedroom apartment and have little room for baby. They love having the peace of mind and convenience afforded by having the baby so close to them early on. The interior is roomy, and the mesh sides and firn mattress pad conform to current safety recommendations. My grandmotherly sensibilities wish the mattress was a little softer, but the baby sleeps great, and the easy access of the zippered side has been a real help with those middle of the night feedings. They are glad I chose this model, and so am I.


Like this crib can adjust the height and inclination, you can also remove the side to connect to the parents' bed, so that parents can observe the baby while sleeping. This bed comes with a mattress and is easy to clean. A travel bag is also included, and the crib can be removed and put into a travel bag for easy take-out.


Great quality and feels very sturdy. The adjustable height was perfect for our bed. Directions were in black and white so a little hard to see but can’t wait to use it.


Assembling the bassinet was a little complicated as the instructions are not very clear. (There's not a lot of text and the user is expected to figure out how to assemble the product by following grayish low-resolution images.) However, the bassinet is larger than I expected and the quality of the materials is impressive -- very nicely made and all seams and zippers run smoothly, enclosing the metal parts of the product so that it provides a comfortable environment for the baby. I was pleasantly surprised with how wide and sturdy the bassinet feels. The product easily adjusts in height with the touch of a button. Another plus that similar side sleepers didn't offer is the ability to tilt just one side of the bassinet to help ease baby's reflux. *Note that the cover for the mattress pad is not fabric, but a water-proof plastic-like material (similar to what you'd find on a pack-n-play.)* Overall, well worth the price, and possibly has nothing to envy pricier bassinets in the $200 range!


Perfect portable crib and very easy to assemble.


Very easy to put together, not too heavy, love how you can put down 1 side, feels as if your baby is sleeping on the same bed. Highly recommended.


Es amplio, tiene buen diseño, pero el colchón es muy delgado y algunas partes no ensamblan adecuadamente.


So, I don’t usually buy stuff online if there aren’t a bunch of good reviews and this product is new. But since it looked good and I still have 3 months until baby comes to make up my mind, I gave this bassinet a shot. It arrived in less than a week and took a little over 30 minutes to set up alone (lots of bending while pregnant). Overall, it’s about as good as can be expected for the price - and frankly for most baby stuff these days. Certainly not top dollar but great for the price. It’s about as good of quality as a lot of pack’n’plays these days.My last two kids slept in bed with me but I’m older now and don’t trust my sleep patterns as much. The mattress isn’t very soft/thick and is a little misshapen from shipping but it will settle. I might get a dock-a-tot or similar to keep baby from rolling around too much, but this will really be perfect regardless. The photo by the bed shows it at its highest height. It just pulled up to click in place but I don’t really see yet how to lower it again, and instructions weren’t clear.I’m confident this will give baby plenty of space from me while still being easily accessible for nursing.


I bought this crib to keep my baby close to our bed. It is lightweight and super easy to install. My baby loves it. Great to have if you want your baby sleep next to you.


Amazing produce works great. Reasonable price, also came in with in two days