Pair 2 65-135 cm Trekking Alpenstock Anti-shock Sticks

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Key Features

  • Length Adjustable Alpenstock: By rotating the twist lock, the length of our alpenstock can be easily adjusted from 26" to 54". You can adjust it according to your height and terrain. Bring our high quality alpenstock to explore the world with your family.
  • Durable Material & Safe Design: The durability of our walking poles set is greatly enhanced by its durable aluminum alloy and strong carbon material. In addition to the material, we also printed a stop sign on the pole body to ensure your safety. Two twist locks secure the bar to prevent accidental slip.
  • Ergonomic Handle & Wrist Strap: The handle is made of high quality PP material and soft foam, which can provide you with a comfortable grip and absorb moisture during use. In addition, the ergonomic wristbands is adjustable, so you can adjust it according to your own needs and use it to reduce the vibration.
  • Lightweight & Easy to Carry: Made of ultra-light carbon, the alpenstock weighs 1.5 lbs and is easy to carry to your destination. In addition, we have prepared a carrying bag for you to put all the accessories and alpenstock into so that you can easily transport them.
  • Complete Accessories for Carious Terrains: In addition to the two alpenstock, we also provide you with 2 mud frames, 2 snow frames, 2 pairs of rubber heads and 1 pair of connectors. With these accessories, you can easily walk on a variety of terrain, such as snow, mud or mountains.
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Weight of every pole320 g
Adjustable LengthApprox 26" to 54"(65cm to 135cm)
Diameter of the pole18/16/14 mm
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This stick has 3-sections telescopic poles. The on/off mechanism enables the safety of mountaineer.


You can adjust the length of the pole through 3-sections. And it is designed to be used anywhere and anytime. The stick offers convenience to do something you want. It has anti-shock on/off mechanism, which reduce stress on knees, thighs shoulders and lower back. Besides, ergonomic plastic handle grip offers you a feeling of maximum non-slip, comfortable, natural and warm. It is ideal for traveling due to its portability.


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  • Anti-Shock on/off mechanism, which reduce stress on knees, thighs shoulders and lower back
  • 3-Section telescopic pole provides suitable flexibility
  • Adjustable length from approx 26" to 54"(65 cm to 135 cm)
  • Ergonomic plastic handle grip offers a maximum non-slip, comfortable, natural and warm Handhold
  • Replaceable rubber ferrules for pavement, indoor, boardwalk or similar use
  • Adjustable wrist strap which is excellent and easy to use
  • Extended, lightweight non-slip foam grip
  • Durable, lightweight and highest strength 6061 aluminum with frosted effect
  • Handmade excellence
  • Shock absorber with superior characteristics
  • Reduces strain on the wrist
  • Outstanding mountaineering staff for hiking on rugged terrain
  • Tough tested on the mountains of the world


8 Reviews

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    Held up to strenuous use without failing.


    I just returned from a hiking trip to Everest Base Camp. For 9 days and 40 miles of hiking (mostly uphill), I relied heavily on these to get me up and down the mountains. When going uphill, I’d place a substantial amount of weight on them to help me and my arthritic knees get to where we were going. When going downhill, I relied on these to keep me from slipping or to help me catch my balance when a rock would shift. Never once did a joint slip on these poles. I’d collapse them when I entered a town or crossed a bridge and extend them when hitting the trail. Occasionally, I’d turn the friction screw then snap the lever down and as mentioned, never had a single issue with slippage. Also would like to mention that several times, I lost my footing at the same time the pole would slide in between some rocks. I wasn’t able to put enough torque on the pole to keep myself upright and the poles were able to handle the tension without snapping. I’m very happy with the performance and price of these trekking poles. The only thing I wish the manufacturer would expand upon is the use of the attachments. Having never used poles before, I didn’t use the smaller discs that came with the set. Had I done so, I probably wouldn’t have sunk them into so many small holes and crevices. I more detailed use guide would have been very helpful. Otherwise, no complaints at all.

  • F



    Worked Great! Much less pressure on the knees, especially going down hill. Recommend to watch the product video, from the company's web site, about the how to use the locks.

  • I



    Bought these for my mom because she has knee problems and it was perfect!

  • J



    Love these hiking poles! I have balance problems and this product makes a huge difference. I am able to walk twice as far and don't feel as tired.

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    smooth transaction fast delivery


  • Q:
    We have 2 sets of these poles. We are missing one of the discs (mud/snow). and one set of the connectors to store a set. Is there a way to get replacements?
    Can you specify which part is missing?
    Costway representative


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