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  • 9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net - Gallery View 1 of 10
  • 9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net - Gallery View 2 of 10
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  • 9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net - Gallery View 4 of 10
  • 9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net - Gallery View 5 of 10
  • 9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net - Gallery View 6 of 10
  • 9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net - Gallery View 7 of 10
  • 9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net - Gallery View 8 of 10
  • 9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net - Gallery View 9 of 10
  • 9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net - Gallery View 10 of 10
9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net

9 -10 Feet Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen Mosquito Bug Insect Net

A drawstring at the top of the mesh adjusts the sizing to fit umbrellas 9 ft to 10 ft in diameter.

Overall Rating:
50 Reviews
Item No: 27589604
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Key Features

● Sturdy Netting: Constructed with solid materials, this outdoor patio netting with less than 2.4 lbs weight can well stand up to the test of time. It features weather resistance allowing you a longtime utility with such a light yet sturdy net.
● Waterproof: With sturdy material covering all over the body, it guarantees you a waterproof using experience and also prevents moderate rain, surely doubling your joy in outdoor activities, having chats with your friends, or playing games with your kids.
● Adjustable Height: It is fully adjustable in both diameter and height with drawstring top closure fitting up to a 9 ft to 10 ft umbrella. It aims to wipe out your annoyance of installation, which perfectly saves your time and efficiency.
● Anti-Pests: Zippered entrance not only allows you easy access and will not obstruct your view, but also keep the pests from bothering your outdoor fun. You and your family can totally enjoy the outdoor entertainment without any pesky mosquitoes.
● Wild Application: You can use it in many ways. You can sit in this outdoor patio netting and enjoy your leisure time, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It is also a wonderful helper to your garden to entertain your friends or guests.


    A drawstring at the top of the mesh adjusts the sizing to fit umbrellas 9 ft to 10 ft in diameter.


    Filling the tubes along the base with water to help keep the screen in place. The adjustable top cinch closure provides a flexible fit. This Umbrella Table Screen covering is high-quality 100% polyester with a 75D mono filament thickness. It is dense enough to keep the bugs out while thin enough to preserve your view, and zippered entrance allows you easy access. At only 2.4 lbs, when not in use, the netting folds up to a compact size for convenient storage.


    If you are looking for it, don't hesitate to add it to your cart!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Enjoy outdoor entertaining without pesky mosquitoes
    • Keep pests from bothering your outdoor fun
    • Fully adjustable in diameter & height with drawstring top closure fits up to a 9 ft to 10 ft Umbrella
    • lightweight construction
    • The cinch top adjusts to your patio umbrella canopy for easy installation in minutes
    • Zippered entrance allows easy access and will not obstruct your view
    • TUBE BOTTOM: Keep the screen securely weighed down by simply filling the bottom tubing with water
    • Please note: Parasol and base are not included
    • Color: Black
    • Overall dimension: 30' × 7' (L × H)
    • Net weight: 24 lbs
    • Package include:
    • 1 × Umbrella netting
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


It took about twenty minutes for me and my husband to get it up on the umbrella. I liked the way it looked until I filled the base with water. It started leaking slowly. When I thought about the amount of material to fold up to return it, I decided to tape the part where it leaked. By day two all the water had almost leaked out. The cat snagged it, so I didn't bother to return it. I tossed it out after about a month of refilling the base all the time.


I set it up in less than 1/2 an hour all alone. I chose this item rather than purchasing a pricey gazebo for an impromptu gathering. It was delivered a week prior to the expected delivery date and I have received so many compliments.


While I like the product the base which holds water to keep it in place leaked. After much correspondence I got my money back. They wouldn’t replace because they though the new one would do the same thing. HU. So I suggested they don’t sell a product that doesn’t work.


It will not hold water .


Fairly easy to put over umbrella. I sit underneath it while watching the dog in the yard and no mosquitos or flies. Absolutely wonderful! So far my dog has not messed with the netting.


I like it for keeping out bugs, but when I put water in the tube, it leaks


It is roomier than I thought it would be.


I just put it on my umbrella and I love it...just wish it had two opening other than that it does the job...I would buy again.


Love this net! A little tricky to set up at first but once it’s done the first time it’s easy! Keeps the bugs out and the water ring on the bottom is great for holding it down!


Works great to keep nasty pesky bugs away


I like the fact that this was easy to use and assemble. It was just what I wanted. If I ever need to replace it, I would order another one. Couldn’t wait until the weather was warm enough to set it up!!


Works great, the only thing I would have liked would be for it to be a little longer. This would help spreading out more from the chairs.


Just installed. It took a bit of time and two people. The other reviews were helpful because the instructions were just a single picture. So far so good and I think this will at least keep the bees and wasps away.


The mesh is thin and easy to tear.


Envy of all the neighbors


Previous reviews suggestions made it easier to put it onto the umbrella. Lining up where you need the zipper to go and pinning it to the umbrella so it doesn't fall totally off when you close it due to higher winds really helps. Two things no one mentioned was to make sure the crank is facing the zipper and the led light switch is by the zipper to make it easy to access whether umbrella is up or down. Am ready for the mosquitoes now.


I like that it gives me alot of shade while sitting on my patio area. The only thing that I didn't like was that it doesn't come with a base for the bottom. Other than that, I'm happy.


Great value for the money. Looking forward to eating without the flies!


I had to take a minute to figure out the easiest way to attach this without getting a step ladder. What I landed on was using 2 chip clips. With the umbrella partially opened, I attached a clip onto the net and umbrella behind the rib I was going to start from. I went 2 more ribs over and attached the second clip. At this point I was able to finish pulling the net up and tighten with the drawstring and then complete opening the umbrella. I did have to loosen the drawstring a little and make small adjustments.


Love my tent


I like everything about this product. Plan on ordering two more in the future.


It's wonderful to be outside and be protected by this it looks very nice does not look cheap!


It does the job of keeping the pest away. The only issue is the leaves and debris that collect on the top; unfortunately it gets caught between the net and the umbrella and falls inside so I have to open it up to sweep that out. Overall it was a good buy for the price and purpose.


I live by almond orchards and in the summer time the mosquito's ate thick. This netting has been a lifesaver. I can use my backyard again. Well worth the money.


Love Love I can really enjoy my backyard. Easy set up....easy to fill bottom with complaints


This is nice for the price but had to take it down because the ground has no solid deck or concrete. Fear of damange to the net i put it away for future use. Perhaps near a pool area. Don't recommend for yard or lawn area.


Easy to set up. I Like the weighted bottom offering no snagging in the wind.


I love this thing! I was a little hesitant to buy it because of some bad reviews but I'm glad I did. It was easy to assemble and the perfect fit for my 9ft umbrella. There was even some slack left.


We used this this weekend and it was great. Big enough to go around table and chairs and we had enough space to have it go around the small sandbox. It not only keeps most bugs out (except for really really tiny ones) but also provides extra shade that just having the umbrella.Only complaint is that I wish there was a way to secure the net to the umbrella so when the umbrella is closed, the shade stays attached. Also a magnetic door would make coming and going easier for those with kids.


My wife is thrilled! No more bugs on the deck. It took a couple of minutes to get the netting straight. Then I filled the bottom tube with water and it stays where it belongs!


I have had this screen enclosure for at least a month now and we love it. It has been up through some really windy days and hasn’t had a problem. The zipper kept catching and getting stuck at first but I just smoothed the teeth of the zipper and it works better now. You do have to use it gently but for what I paid for this, I kind of expected worse. We love it and can sit outside without bugs. We have had an invasion of brown tail moth caterpillars and without this, we would be stuck inside. We really bought just hoping to get through one summer. With the inexpensive price, we can get one every year! I highly recommend this product.


I filled the bottom of the netting up and kept wonder why it was wet around the bottom of the netting. Just found out it was leaking from the seam.


I like that it is very easy to install, great to keep out the bugs and you can elect to fill bottom with water to assure netting is secured against creepy crawlers.


I see most people adding water. Someone on another product review suggested sand. I think I'll be going with this route no worry about leaks!


My daughter and granddaughter have severe bee allergy. We came close to losing our granddaughter last year from one bee. She spent the rest of the summer in doors. I bought this tent cover and she now joins the family outdoors. Naturally we light bee repellant candles but this simple mesh tent is a dod send.


I love this product! It keeps the bugs out, that for sure, and it fit my patio table.


Keeps all the bugs out, just make sure to zip it up of course


Easy to set up and remove. Worked great keeping bugs away as I work on my laptop sitting outside.


Awesome product, will definitely order again for back up


Great product


Works the way they said it would.


This was easy to set up and has allowed extra time on the patio.


Product is alright


For the price, this works nicely! Wish there was a model that would allow for the Tilt function on the umbrella to still be utilized and that it was easier to enter/exit with your hands full. Als Little cumbersome getting through the zipper with anything in your hands. Would be nice to have a means of attaching to the umbrella so that you didn't have to put it up every time you raise the umbrella BUT does a good job of keeping unwanted pest out.


The bottom that you fill with water to hold it down started leaking after 2 days otherwise it does the job for the money.


Purchased to cover our sons pool. The draw string top, weighted bottom and the zipper entry make it easy to use and keep in place.


Hard to figure how how to get this on as instructions are like stick figures.Would have been easier with 2 people


we used this under a canopy, it was very easy to install.


I live near a horse farm and in the summer flies are all over. This net kept them away . Its easy to use and store.


I love this net.. I've had it before..ready to enjoy summer with no bugs