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  • Household Toddler Furnishings Children Armrest Cute Lovely Single Sofa
  • Household Toddler Furnishings Children Armrest Cute Lovely Single Sofa - Gallery View 1 of 9
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  • Household Toddler Furnishings Children Armrest Cute Lovely Single Sofa - Gallery View 9 of 9

Household Toddler Furnishings Children Armrest Cute Lovely Single Sofa

This adorable dinosaur kid's sofa guarantees a comfy seat for little tykes at all times.

Overall Rating:
80 Reviews
Item No: 82093574
valentine day,love deal,best gift for every honey

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Household Toddler Furnishings Children Armrest Cute Lovely Single Sofa Household Toddler Furnishings Children Armrest Cute Lovely Single Sofa Household Toddler Furnishings Children Armrest Cute Lovely Single Sofa
Key Features
  • Quality Material: The children's sofa is made of good quality wood material for long-lasting use. Its seat is designed with a 20D white spring sponge to ensure your tyke will have his or her own cozy place to sit.
  • Good Carrying Capacity: Its weight capacity is 110 lbs. Let your child enjoy this comfortable sofa while reading and watching TV.
  • Safe and Comfortable Design: Made of eucalyptus soft flannel that offers comfort. The armrests serve the child's protection from falling. This sofa is totally safe, without any hard and sharp edges.
  • Easy to Move: Featuring a lightweight design (10 lbs.), allowing kids to maneuver it anywhere which helps to develop their locomotor skills.
  • Fun for Kids: Your child will surely love this sofa with dinosaur graphics. This makes the ideal sofa for reading, taking snacks, or watching TV at home.

    This dinosaur kid's sofa is cute, and the white fabric with dinosaur patterns will make any child fall in love instantly.


    Made of super soft flannel and eucalyptus, this sofa is very high quality and durable. The fabric and sponge are American standards, so you don't have to worry about your child's safety, nor are there are any sharp corners or hard edges. The comfortable seat, armrest, and backrest provide kids with comfort and joy. This sofa is designed for children and so they can get the most out of their entertainment and leisure time. Last but not least, this sofa is lightweight and easy to clean. Buy it for your kids, it makes for a great gift.


    If you are looking for a product like this. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Cute style and color make children fall in love instantly
    • Made of super soft flannel and eucalyptus, without sharp corners or hard edges
    • Made with high-quality fabric and sponge meeting US standards
    • 20D rebound sponge provides a soft and comfortable feel
    • Armrests on both sides of the chair and backrest make children more comfortable
    • Lightweight and small, easy to move and store
    • Easy clean and keep neat
    • Great for watching TV or reading
    • Color: White dinosaur pattern
    • Materials: Super soft flannel, eucalyptus,
    • 20d white spring back sponge, MDF
    • Weight capacity: 110 lbs
    • Suitable for age: 3-7 years old
    • Net weight: 10 lbs
    • Product size: 19.5" x 15.5" x 17.5"
    • Seat size: 11.5" x10.5"
    • Sitting height: 8"
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Dinosaur kids sofa
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I Love this chair for my grandson and granddaughter. Buying another one so they each have one.


My son absolutely loves it, the colors are vibrant and nice


Perfect height for a toddler.


It’s a Christmas gift


My niece loves it! It is sturdy but kids can easily push it a round on wooden floors.


I got this for a toddler and she just loves it. It is the prefect size for her.


Chair is not strudy as with movement it moves too much. It you can keep it from moving , it’s a great product


Its outlasted all our other kid furniture.. still has sturdy as the day we got it. Looks on the other had it definitely has stains; but no rips or seams coming undone. I'd say for the price it was a great purchase since its lasted this long.


Nice size for young person - probably up to 2 - 2.5 years. Cute and fits well in a bedroom or playroom corner.


Bought this chair for my 18 month old grandson and he loves it. Easy for him to sit down and get back up. I love the design and bright colors and the material is soft, with a nice cushion. The chair is easy to move. I’m so happy I bought it. I’m seriously thinking of purchasing the matching sofa! <3


A really cute child's chair. It is sturdily built. It has ample padding. Our grandson loves to sit in it.


The chair is good quality and so sturdy it’s rather heavy. Which isn’t a problem, it keeps the baby from up and moving it all over the place. 10/10


1 year old granddaughter loves it!


It's nice looking to me and it sits in my living room every day. She loves dinosaurs so she was blown away by it on Christmas day. It's basically red and white. It's a real chair. She sits in it to draw and color watch TV and eats snacks. Very happy with it


I bought this for a Christmas present. My lil Henry loved it!


Our 2 year old grandson loves to sit in his “big boy” chair. Well worth the money!


I bought this chair as a Christmas gift for my son who is 18 months old, and he LOVES it! It is the perfect size for him (with a bit of room to grow) and the fabric is so soft. The pattern and colors also look great. It is definitely not water resistant, so we may try spraying some scotch guard on it to help prolong its life around a toddler. The chair came fully assembled, and it is light enough for us to maneuver easily but heavy enough that my son can't knock it over himself. This was definitely a good investment!


Smaller than I imagined! My grandson won’t have king to enjoy it! For the price it could have been bigger!


Like the othet reviewd said, its smaller than I thought it would be. More for a 6 month old vs the 1 year old we have


Not easy to clean


My Grandson loves his chair...


Bought for my great nephew, he loves it.


We love this chair! The fabric is super soft and the print is really nice. My one year old loves it!


My toddler loves to watch tv in it. It’s study very well made it feels like a real arm chair sofa. Great back and overall support , nice print n soft.


Little guy loves it, the material cleans up easily.


This is not for "kids" it's for babies. Cat is going to like the new chair but it is what it is


Bought this for our 18 month grandchild. He loves it and sits like a King in it.


My son lovesssss this chair. It’s very comfortable and also very soft.


Very cute and very well made. Soft material. My 1 yr old grandson loves it


Grandson loves it


Wonderful soft sturdy chairs for my 22mth old twin grandchildren. They went and sat in chairs the first thing while walking into house. They like to sit in them and read books or eat snacks. They get to watch Sesame Street when they turn 2 so chairs will be great for that. Soft material, cleans easily. Good construction. Would buy again


So cute! My son will love this Christmas morning


My grandson loves his chair !


Matches my sons dino nursery. Quick shippjng. Good quality!! Would purchase again.


Looks just like the picture, came quickly but it could be a little softer a bit more booty cushion


Best investment for my toddler he loves his little sofa


Perfect size and comfort for a toddler! ❤️


I purchased these a couple of months ago, when my girls were 15 months old. I wasn't sure how they would react, but they were showing signs of wanting to sit when we allowed them to watch TV/a movie. These items arrived when my girls were taking their naps, so I unboxed them and set them up in the family room. I was instantly impressed with the build quality, they do not feel cheap and they are soft. When my girls woke up and entered the family room, they immediately sat in them like they had been doing it for years. They LOVE the chairs, even when the TV isn't on. They like to sit in them when they first wake up, they like to bring their toys to the chairs and play while sitting down. I am so happy with how they have responded to these chairs. I cannot say your little one will respond the same, but it's certainly worth purchasing to find out!


This chair for our 1 year old grandson was not only adorable but just the right size for him. The print pattern was cute and very fun.I would recommend it for a great gift!


Our 18month old son loves it!


stutdy made


It’s a great chair. Well built, Dino fabric is fun. Could be a tad bigger.


Just what we wanted for Granddaughter


My grandson loves it. very sturdy and comfortable.


Great chair for a toddler. Built solid. My toddler loves it. Plenty of room.


Perfect height for toddler. 1 year old still not ready to sit for long. She doesn’t get the standing up from a sitting position yet. But she will!


Lovely and easy to maintain sofa for toddler


I and my 1 year old love this chair. It's not super cushy, like you would expect a normal chair to be, but for a baby it's great.Microfiber also cleans very well. Just a spritz of window cleaner and a rub from a microfiber cloth, all the food and such from grubby baby hands is gone.Also it's super adorable.


This chair is perfect for my son he spilled brown soda all over it the other day and I didn’t notice until way later in the day and immediately started cleaning it no stain was left behind at all :) it’s also super comfy and durable he loves it!


Made of real wood and very sturdy, perfect size for our 1yo. He loves it!


It is exactly as it’s shown in picture. Very sturdy. Our son is 18 months but will be able to use this chair for quite some time. It’s the perfect size and he loves sitting in his own chair during movie nights. It helps that it’s beyond adorable too!! Highly recommend.


This chair was gifted to my son for his first birthday, the chair arrived quickly, it is sturdy & the quality of the chair surpassed my expectations. The size is perfect for my toddler! Highly recommend!


Although the seat cushion isn't as comfy as i thought it was going to be my son loves it and it is just absolutely so cute and so bright in color.


My son loves it. Everything I could ask for:


It’s perfect. It’s sturdy and size. Great chair for toddlers


My son loves it


I bought this chair for my one year old nephew and he LOVES it. It is so soft and the design is cute. He'll probably be able to sit in it for a few years. Great deal!


Love this chair! It is so cute. Bought as a gift for our 15 month old granddaughter. As soon as she opened it, she climbed right in it.


Well made


Sturdy chair, my toddler loves it. Could use a little more padding on the seat but baby has no complaints


My son absolutely loves his chair! It’s super soft and sturdy. Well worth the price!


My child loves his chair but it’s a little hard


Great little chair for my grandson. He enjoys climbing around on it. It is durable, well beyond my expectations.


Only that would of been if it was a little bigger.


So cute and is very strong.


Not only does my toddler love this chair, but I do too! Extremely well made with soft fabric. My son spilled grape juice and I spot cleaned it no problem with regular stain remover used for clothes and a damp cloth. It is seriously so cute and I cannot rave about it enough.


Perfect for toddlers!


Sixteen month old grandson loved it


I bought this for my one year old Grandson- and he loves it! Great purchase!


I like the sturdiness and very easy cleaning of this chair. the only down fall was I was really planning on getting it on time for his birthday but it was late getting here


It’s an actual mini Chair! I thought it was going to be a cushion chair, but it’s an actual Chair with a frame! Well worth it!


Very happy with this product. The chair is great quality and I was actually very surprised. It’s not a cheaply made chair. The fabric is soft and the chair is sturdy. The frame is way better than I expended. The only minor complaint I have is that he’s not very padded. There is padding but not as much as I’d like. I still highly recommend this chair. Super cute pattern too.


I bought this chair for my 1 1/2 yr old son. He loves it! We have had it for a few months now and it is surviving my little "energizer bunny".


The chair is the perfect size for a toddler, my grandson (1yrs old) loves having his own chair to sit in. The dinosaur pattern is beautiful.


Bought this little sofa for my son. He's very happy with his new couch. He said this is comfy and he loves everything that has dinosaur pattern. This little chair is nicely constructed and very sturdy. The interior is not some crummy cheap foam. It's very cute and great quality. I would definitely recommend this!


My one year loves this chair!Should highly recommend


Love the product. Sturdy for toddler but light enough for adults to move.


Perfect size for our toddler grandson. Cute graphics. We all love the dinosaur pattern. Foam seat may not hold up over time but for now it’s fine.


Love the artwork, needs more padding all around


This little chair is so cute and prefect for my little one! I love the pattern it matches a blanket that he has as well. Definitely worth the money.