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  • Male Mannequin Plastic Realistic Display Head with Base
  • Male Mannequin Plastic Realistic Display Head with Base
  • Male Mannequin Plastic Realistic Display Head with Base
  • Male Mannequin Plastic Realistic Display Head with Base
  • Male Mannequin Plastic Realistic Display Head with Base
  • Male Mannequin Plastic Realistic Display Head with Base
Male Mannequin Plastic Realistic Display Head with Base

Male Mannequin Plastic Realistic Display Head with Base

The male full body mannequin is the best for vividly displaying various stylish clothes.
Overall Rating:
42 Reviews
Item No: 03625719

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Key Features
  • Solid and Stable Metal Base: The supporting bracket is made of durable and solid steel, the base is a rectangular iron plate base. It ensures the stableness and sturdiness of the mannequin.
  • Natural, Genuine and Attractive Mannequin: It is perfect to fit all sophisticated clothing stores and studios. Its genuine pose and a makeup face perfectly mimics the attractive look of modern real man.
  • Easy to Dress Up: This male mannequin is easy to dress as styles change featuring detachable arms, hands, and torso.
  • Easy to Maintain Clean: You can easily clean up the mannequin and make it as a brand new one. It will not get damaged easily in your daily use in a long time period.
  • 6 Ft Male Mannequin: The perfect height is ideal for display clothes of different styles. It is fashionable and stylish with this 72.5" height. The measurement of the model is 38"  x 30" x 37" which you can dress him up with suitable and stylish cloth. And the rectangular base connected with the model will not take up much space.

    The male full body mannequin is the best for vividly displaying various stylish clothes.


    This beautiful and high quality male full body realistic mannequin which comes with a solid metal base will definitely draw people's eyes to your display. The arms, legs and head of this mannequin are all detachable for easy storage and you can switch the head to all the direction as you like. Featuring a solid metal base, the mannequin provides a solid support for displaying heavy garment.


    It is durable and functional designed for a long-term use.


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Male full body realistic mannequin
    • Detail makeup
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble
    • Solid metal base
    • Unbreakable, durable
    • Material: PE plastic+ metal base
    • Height: 72.4"
    • Chest: 38.1"
    • Waist: 29.9"
    • Hip: 37"
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This guy is gorgeous. I added a bit of color to his face to make him look more masculine...and removed the eyelashes…………he didn’t need them. A perfect model for my graphic Tee shirt business. Fortunately, my husband's clothes fit him. Now trying to decide what I will design for this guy’s Tee Shirt.
I am extremely happy with this purchase. He was easy to assemble....with my husband's help.


This was purchased to take to a Vietnam platoon reunion to show US Army fatigues, etc. and it fills the bill totally. It arrived and was put together with zero trouble-- the box it came in is compact and it will travel well to the veteran reunion. Happy with the price-- if you are using something of this nature frequently, then you might want to invest more--but this is perfect for our needs.


5 StarGreat valueVery SturdyGreat eyes


Great product for displaying a rotating display of Native American Regalia.


Has worked well for what it has been used for. Only negative is that it tends to tip easy and limbs come off. Overall very happy




Man this is a wonderful looking product just love dressing him up and making him look real.


This arrived well-packaged, easy to assemble. The included photograph is the underside of the head. The first time I placed it atop the neck and rotated it into position, the angled tab which keeps the head in position crumbled and fell into the body. Without that tab, there is no method of friction to keep the head mounted. A 3" strip of masking tape will keep it in position.


Honestly, I got this guy to scare the bejeepers out of people when they came to visit. And he has yet to disappoint me. It took about two weeks, but I no longer experience that heart-stopping, i-am-so-dead fear every time I walk around the corner, or catch him out of the corner of my eye...I kinda miss it.He is extremely well made, much more than I was expecting, or could have ever hoped for. I really like the bright white, as opposed to a flesh colored mannequin. It gives a clean, sleek impression, which accentuates the slim, well-muscled body, and is perfectly suited for the chiseled good looks of his face (which is not at all creepy, until you happen to notice his entirely-to-lifelike eyes).Sturdy, well made, worth every penny.


Beautiful Mannequin, very impressive


Great mannequin and quality! My only issue was actually due to what I wanted to have displayed on the mannequin. I have Stormtrooper armor that I wanted to display HOWEVER if you're looking to do the same, note that you'll have to (in most cases) cut the feet off of the mannequin in order to get the thigh pieces over the feet. Since the feet are fixed in position, it makes it difficult to slide the armor pieces into place.


Easy to assemble and good quality. The head is a bit small and feminine for a male body.




Great product, Thank You


I love my mannequin, I have named him Blue Biggs. He is tall and slender and very firm. I like to touch him. I dress him in a plumbers uniform and everyone he meets is impressed. He has a strong jaw and broad shoulders. He is hairless.


Excellent. Great quality. Easy to assemble.


Nice solid piece- highly durable. Great quality!


The overall quality is easily 4/5 with some minor quality issues, one being the head not fitting correctly as mentioned in other reviews. I eventually got it on and off n


I bought this to use for practicing lighting setups for photography in my home studio. It serves the purpose well. Just enough definition in the muscles to allow for seeing how the lighting shows or doesn't show that, and the rubbery plastic face isn't too shiny, more realistic than most mannequins would be.


This mannequin was perfect for what we needed.


Working well in the yard, wearing a Frankenstein costume!!!


I agree with the others that it is top-heavy. But as long as you keep the stand sturdy on the ground, it's not a problem. The mannequin is good-quality, especially for the price. I am using it to make a Halloween prop, and it will work perfectly.


He is very tall. I'm 5"8 and he's about a foot taller than me. He's fairly sturdy too. My only negatives are this... There are no slits between his fingers so you can't put on gloves (I was planning to put mummy hands on him), and he cannot be positioned. If you twist his waste, put his arms up, etc, he comes apart. But for the price who cares? And he was perfect for our Game of Thrones Night King decoration (see pic).


Used this as a Halloween propMakes a great twisty the clown


Sexy came quick


Could not beat this deal. I have two now. They make my vintage military uniforms come to life. Light weigh and uncomplicated but surprisingly sturdy. Free shipping was fantastic!


I was excited to see this came early! There were a few knocks in the plastic, but nothing major considering it will be covered up. The only issue lies in the balance. It is leaning forward an extreme amount, and looks like it will tip over any moment. Base could be bigger/sturdier. Overall, loving it


Very happy with this.The only reason I didn't give 5 stars - I'd love to see the lower body / upper body joint be oriented the other way. Currently, the upper body has the "outie" part of the joiner - and the lower body has the "innie" part of the joiner (like belly buttons). But, for photography, it's useful to just have the upper body sometimes - I want to set the mannequin on a rolling laptop cart to use in my studio. It would work better if the joiner was the other way around, so the bottom part of the upper body would be flat. But, i know that's nitpicky - but given how many photographers use mannequin's for practicing and testing studio lighting, I think you have a market to tap into / cater to!


Works great! Light, yet sturdy and easy to dress. Bought it to use on my full Darth Vader costume and I love it. Shipped quick.


Love this mannequin, he looks great. Thanks




it works for what i needed it for


Bought this for my son for his birthday. He uses it to build his cosplay costume.


They are going to get a lot of mileage out of this thing, it is almost like a third host so far.


This is a high quality mannequin. I have four others that I bought from different companies and I paid more. There is no comparison of quality. The hands are separate from the arm and actually turn in different directions. It has separate fingers. You can put gloves on it, the other mannequins have the hands molded with the arm and the fingers are all together. The only thing, when you attach the hands to the arms, you have to apply a little pressure to get the metal joints together. I put the arm on the floor between my legs and pressed down just a little and they went right on. Another great feature is the way the arms go on, they have metal hooks instead of plastic joints. The head went on with no effort. One of the other mannequins I have the head wouldn't go on. I had to use duct tape to get it to stay on. I will definitely order more of these. Also, this is the first time I received an instruction sheet. The mannequin was packed extremely well compared to all the others. I would have given this product more stars if I could.


I have many mannequins, and this is the best quality for the money. Good quality for low cost mannequin.


Very happy with this product, while it was supposed to be a make mannequin the face was extremely female


It was just what I needed to display gladiator paraphernalia.


It fully served the purpose I required.


I will definitely be buying more from you! Verybhapoy


worked really well


I am a big Halloween Yard haunter. I make life size zombies and monsters for my front yard out of paper macha (My yard looks like "Night of the living dead" or "The walking dead") I made my creations by wrapping layers of news paper and glue around an inflatable mannequin made for clothing display. When the "shell" is hard I cut it away and reassemble the body parts and DR. Frankenstein I created a man! After a while came holes and leaks and I need something more durable as a body form. This was the cheapest price I could find for a hard body male mannequin and free shipping! For the price I expected a thin "skinned" plastic doll like thing with loose joints. I was very pleased to find this was good hard plastic and the joints fit well and it all assembles very fast. I gave it Four stars because of Two small things...1 The item was as described but I still would have liked it if it bent at the elbows. 2 Take a good look at that face, he looks like he is ether pissed of at the whole world or a nut job killer! It would do well I think for displaying clothing but beware, he will NOT look very happy about it! For the $$$ it's not a bad deal at all. Oh yeah, the hands are all one molded piece the fingers are not separate.