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  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
  • Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle
Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle

Goplus 10' Inflatable Standup Board with Adjustable Paddle

The inflatable standup paddle board equipped with durable top foam and non-slip grip is perfect for outdoor use.
Overall Rating:
46 Reviews
Item No: 96287043

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Key Features
  • Extra Durable: It is made of high quality PVC and constructed with drop-stitch construction, which provides stability and safety for long time use. And it equipped with high quality bungee on the front deck, you can grab it to keep safe.
  • Multifunctional Use: This paddle board is perfect for all skill levels and suits in most water environments. You can take a cruise through oceans, lakes or rivers. The deck pad has been extended all the way to the tail of the board for those interested in water surf, yoga, fishing.
  • Exquisite Details: It features durable top foam, non-slip grip and 4 point mounted bungee system, which provides extra safety when riders play with it. The large weight capacity allows heavier riders to enjoy this fun paddling sport.
  • Portable Paddle Board: Comes with a carry backpack, you can easily store and transport this board to wherever you want to go. When deflated and rolled up, this paddle board is only 26 lbs. Really convenient for daily use.
  • Total Kit Included: It includes a front bungee for storage, carrying handles, backpack for transportation, hand pump with PSI gauge, repair kit, one fin and deluxe lightweight paddle. You can quickly and easily inflate and use it.

    The inflatable standup paddle board equipped with durable top foam and non-slip grip is perfect for outdoor use.


    It is made of the best military grade drop stitch material which maks it virtually indestructible. It is not only ideal for beginners but also for adults. With its length and proportion, the board can be used for fishing, cruising, exploring and so on. The 6 inches thickness can provide a large weight capacity. It can allow heavier riders to enjoy this fun paddling sport. It also can be rolled up into compact package for easy transport and storage. With this excellent flat-water board, you can enjoy a wonderful experience.


    What a great paddle board! If you are looking for a paddle board like that, don't hesitate to buy it. Welcome!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • One removable fin
    • Great for all skill levels and conditions
    • Made of the best military grade drop stitch material, making it virtually indestructible
    • Equipped with an extra soft EVA textured foam deck pad
    • Non-slip grip ensures a stable steady ride
    • 4 point mounted bungee system to store all the gear
    • Can be rolled up into compact package for easy transport and storage
    • Adjustable and lightweight aluminum Paddle
    • 6" ultra durable thickness
    • Ideal for learning, recreational paddling and small wave riding
    • Material: EVA, dropstitch and aluminum paddle
    • Dimensions: 10' x 30" x 6"
    • Board Weight: 24 lbs
    • Paddle Adjustable: 67" to 86.6"
    • Weight capacity: 440 lbs
    • PSI: 5-13 PSI
    • Package included:
    • 1 x Paddle
    • 1 x Pump
    • 1 x Backpack
    • 1 x Fin
    • 1 x Repair kit
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I had my doubts about an inflatable paddle board but the reviews indicated it was a good product. They were right. This is very sturdy and durable. The carry pack is a good feature. I pump it up with a vacuum cleaner to start and finish with the hand pump. The only negative is the gauge on the pump doesn't work. Great fun on the lake-very maneuverable.


Impressive,didn't realise an inflatable could be that solid.Buy an ankle strap to keep board close when you fall off and wear a lifejacket. Totally happy with product and shipping.


This has been a great investment for our family. It's really easy to transport and is surprisingly stable. Our kids picked it up quickly, with our 9 y/o now doing headstands on it. We've had it for a month, and so far it's been a solid product.


First time ever on a paddleboard and it is easy with this one. It inflates quickly with the pump (I put it at 10psi) and was on the lake quickly. I didn't stand up this time, but I focused on paddling form and moving from sitting to kneeling to almost standing. I am 5 ft tall and much more round than I like at 86 kg. This seems like it will be the perfectly fun and enjoyable core exercise.


I like the size of this SUP & am able to SUP with my 110 lbs. Shepherd/Lab.• It is stable for a person & a small dog.• Inflating was hard at first, the seal did not latch & I had to hold the end of the pump with one hand.• The backpack is great! I paddled down the Truckee, without the fin, with my dog, then deflated it and walked back with SUPpack.• A great buy!


The scooter goes a lot faster than you think. Make sure to wear helmets everyone! There is a battery display and light on the front. There is a stand to keep the scooter up. There is a folding wrench as well to make it easier to put away. I will be giving this to my nephew for his birthday and after testing it out, I know he would love this! He tends to move around on his regular scooter with his friends and they actually upgraded in scooters as well. His family doesn’t have much money so I’m happy to give him something to fit more in with his friends so they can all go all out scooting!


This was a birthday gift for me. Love it! Easy to inflate and it floats great!


This is a very nice paddle board. Could have used better instructions, such as: what the heck is that little piece where the fin goes in! Nowhere does it say to take that out and it doesn’t look like it comes out! Put a little label that says: remove before inserting fin. Once that was figured out everything was great!


I did a ton of research and I am very pleased. It’s super easy to inflate and deflate and then pack in bag.


Love my paddle board.


So far so good.... if you’re on the heavy side however... this may not be the board for u


I liked that the paddle board was inflatable. The board was awesome. It came with instructions on how to fold the board once it was inflated. That made it easier to fold up and store it in the pack that was included. Overall, great experience with the board so far. I had a couple of friends with different types of paddle boards and I didn't like their paddle design. I much preferred this paddle design. I would recommend this product!


Bought this SUP for my 16-year-old son to take on our lake, two years after I had bought my own (a SOLSTICE), which I LOVE. Both boards are fantastic and I can't recommend enough. Comparison: This board is lighter than mine and I'm sometimes jealous because my son is stronger than me. His board also sits higher in the water. That's a preference piece. I sit on mine and like getting a bit wet. He is completely out of the water and takes his waterproof speaker and iphone on the board, paddles all day and nothing gets wet if he doesn't want it to.We deflate and store boards in bags in attic every winter (rolled up). Bought in 2017. Second year, in great shape. We"re pretty rough on our things; kept in direct sun during summer, under trees with leaf debris, yet board is holding up great. Like new. Previous review is accurate: I'm 170 lbs and paddle with my 50 lb. dog sitting on front. The weight isn't even a challenge. Board is rigid when inflated to 12 psi.Just buy it. You'll love it.


I have purchased 3 of these paddle boards for my children, FANTASTIC product.


Great quality, great price. I use it very regularly and have gone about 10x so issues at all...super easy to blow up and take down!


This paddle board is fun and pretty stable. It also inflates pretty quickly.


Awesome. Exactly what I needed. Portable and heavy duty.


Got this as a gift for my wife. She loves it. It's far more sturdy than we expected an inflatable SUP to be.


Great quality, ok price. lots of fun. The tie downs are a must have to hold a water bottle or food or a dry pack for your phone etc.


Love this.. easy to set up and put away About 5 min set up and 5 min deflate and put away. Light once in the pack. Wish the paddle had two blades.


Wife loves it. Sturdy and we'll made.


Great paddleboard for the money. Zero flex at 12-15psi. Takes about 8 minutes to inflate with the included pump. First 5 minutes is easy, last 3 minutes makes you sweat. I'm 5'10 at 200# and this board didn't flex at all. I've used it as a stand up paddleboard and also with a kayak seat (it has d-rings for attachment) and a kayak paddle as a sit down board. I frequently paddle to islands on a nearby lake to camp overnight and, while I've only carried gear for a grill out in the evening (small cooler, grill grate, utensils, etc), it wouldn't be unrealistic at all to lash a dry bag at the front and rear for an overnighter. Tracks ok w/ long paddle strokes close to the board with a slight 'j' at the end of the paddle stroke...nothing like required for a canoe, but same principle. I have about 10 water hours on this board so far and think that it's well worth the money. Probably the biggest plus is that it is light!!! My sit on top kayak of the same length weighs in at about 60#...this paddleboard feels like it tops the scales in the 20-25# range. While I wouldn't take it whitewater rafting, I've pulled it up on sand beaches numerous times, as the bottom is a very tough, rubber-like fabric. No issues.


We just returned from a week of vacation at the lake with 2 of these SUPs and they worked great! They were easy to inflate. We had an adult and kid on them frequently with no problem. The carry bag fits them perfectly. We are already looking forward to taking them out again!


Just came back from our maiden voyage, everything worked great. I bought a power pump because of the complaints about the hand pumps, so pumping it up was easy. Pumped up to 13psi, think I’ll go to 15 psi next time. We used them for an hour, deflated easily and stored in the bag easily. I would recommend this sup based on ease and price.


I bought one of these last year for my lake house. Super awesome and love that it is so lightweight. It takes only 5 minutes to hand inflate. I purchased a second one this year for my guests and my sons. My sons have kayaks, but don't use them, since it is such a pain to get the kayaks to the lake. This paddleboard is easy to carry to the lake and can hold up to 3 teenagers. The deck is awesome, even if my feet are wet, I don't slip. The front bungee is great, I attach my drybag and shoes to it. This summer I have left it inflated. When not in use, I keep it in my cottage, out of the sun. Last year I would deflate after each use and store it. Over the winter, I deflated my first paddleboard and kept it stored in the bag in my basement. It was perfectly fine when I brought it out this year. The instructions could be better, in terms of what the valve is supposed to be used for. I went on youtube to figure out that there are 2 positions (open for deflating, and closed for inflating). I would definitely recommend this.


Love this paddle board. Have been using at the lake for a couple months and it works really good. Just make sure you get to at least 15psi for better stability.


Love it! Going to order another one just like it! Everybody at lake wanted to know where I got it . Hard to believe it is an inflatable one...very sturdy! Had 2 adults standing on it at once. Just bought the seat for it so when I want to use it as a kayak...I give it a 10!


This is really all it was cracked up to be!!! It was easy to pump up, even though it seems like you'll never get to 10psi, and rides like if it was an actual board. We had two people on it and it did good. We have only used it at the bay so I don't know how it would do in the ocean. For the price I am glad I waited and got this one. Highly recommend.!!!


Sturdy and compact to transport. A bit tough to pump up to 13+psi, but basically easy inflate and setup!


Thank you


We bought 2 and could not be happier.


This is the first SUP I've owned. I'm very pleased with it. I live in a condo on the east coast of Florida. I've taken this SUP in the ocean over 25 times now. After reading other reviews, I'd probably buy the 2-year protection plan. But, I've had no problems.


Love it very durable.


This was a great buy. I bought two of them for a family vacation. My 12 year old daughter was able to pump up one of them, which we inflated to about 12-13 psi, in a matter of 5-10 minutes. I attached a leash and a whistle to each one, and they were good to go. They were very sturdy, and we all enjoyed using them. This was brand new to 3 of us, and we all thought it was relatively easy to do. Can’t wait to go again. If you are thinking of trying it, and don’t want to spend a fortune, this is absolutely the way to go!


this is a sturdy SUP. We used it over the weekend in the lake. You have to pump it to at least 10lbs PSI which can be hard to do. its a great buy! The seams look to be well attached so i hope they last.


Great so far! Inflated with ease! Cant wait to hit the water


Bought it for my wife and she digs it, we’ve taken it out twice now. I tried it out, I’m 215, 5’10 and this thing stays afloat with ease. Pretty difficult to balance on in choppy water at my weight/height but the challenge is fun. It’s extremely lightweight which is a plus as well.


Love this board, however, it does not say on the board what the PSI should be at. I would highly recommend 13-14 PSI to give it a stiffer feel.


Takes a bit to inflate. Love this. Stable and not too heavy


Best Summer toy ever! My son and I (19) both love this board. I was unsure how well an inflatable board would work but took a chance based on reviews. Our weights are 150 and 180 and this board is sturdy as can be! It comes with the paddle, pump, patch kit, and a backpack for such a low cost , you just can't beat it


Easy to pump up, like the carrying bag, works well


Exactly what I with looking for in an affordable, startup SUP. I’m not very strong but was able to inflate to recommended psi without too much struggle. Sturdy enough for my son to ride along with me. Will likely buy another for my husband.


I bought two, and have no complaints we have had many days enjoyment on the lake already this season. Everything you need is included for a great price. I was worried about having to hand pump the boards up, it turns out to be pretty easy my daughter and I manage to get both inflated and on the lake in about 20 minutes. Something we learned make sure you inflate the boards fully and then a couple extra pumps if not they are unstable.


These boards are awesome. Sturdy, easy to use and put away. Love it!


Amazing balance between quality and Price!


Gave to my daughter as a gift and it worked perfect for her.