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Flannel Electric Blanket Heated Throw with 3 Heat Settings

6 Reviews
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Key Features

● 3-level Heating Setting: With 3 optional temperature levels (range: 77-110℉), this electric throw blanket can satisfy the personalized needs of different people. Moreover, this blanket heats quickly and evenly, providing you with a warm environment in a short time.
● Auto-Off and Overheat Protection: The electric blanket is shut off automatically after 2 hours of continuous use, which can avoid potential safety hazards and save energy. Besides, the overheat protection function and UL certification greatly promote the security of user experience.
● Soft Flannel Fabric: Made of high-quality flannel fabric, this blanket is very soft and cozy, which gives you a perfect companion in the cold weather. The exquisite craftsmanship and delicate edge finish make this blanket have a longer service life.
● Versatile Electric Blanket: The blanket can be used as a heated blanket or a normal blanket in your daily life. In addition, this versatile blanket is suitable for various occasions, such as when you are working, reading or sleeping
● Washable and Easy Care Design: With the detachable connector, this electric heated blanket is convenient to clean by hand or machine wash with a washing bag. In order to keep the soft and comfortable hand feeling, we recommend you wash it by hand.

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Product size60" x 50" (L x W)
Net weight3.5 lbs
Rated voltage110V-120V/50-60Hz
Heating temperature range77℉-113℉
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Made of soft flannel, this blanket provides you with a comfortable environment.


Its 3 heating levels meet various needs. What's more, it shuts itself off automatically after 2 hours of continuous usage, and it also has to overheat protection, which guarantees safe usage. By simply detaching the connector, this electric blanket can be used as a normal blanket and is easy to wash. It is suitable for many places, such as bedrooms, offices, etc.


Just try it out, you will love it!


  • 3 optional temperature levels to meet personalized needs
  • The heating temperature can be maintained at 77-110℉
  • Overheat protection and UL certification ensures the safe use of electricity
  • Detachable connector for easy maintenance
  • 2 hours auto-shut function avoid potential safety hazards
  • Fast heating gives a warm environment in a short time
  • Suitable for your daily life when you are working, reading or sleeping


6 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • F

    Perfect for cold evenings.


    Gentle warmth from edge to edge. Soft and cozy. I love this heated throw.

  • M

    Very nice


    Very light and comfortable. Love it.

  • K

    Cozy and Toasty Blanket


    My wife is literally freezing all the time. She likes to blast the heat in our bedroom, which made it super dry and uncomforable for me. I got her a heating pad before, but that wasn’t enough .... that is until i found this heating blanket. This is the perfect size to replace her bed blanket. Controls are straight forward and easy to use. It warms up in seconds. She now sleep comfortably and toasty with this heating blanket on without blasting the heat in our bedroom, which is a huge plus for me. She’s happy, I’m happy - win/win situation.

  • T

    Such a great purchase!


    This is my favorite product I have ever purchased. I’m not sure why I didn’t buy it sooner! I am a total wimp when it comes to being cold. I am always cold and struggle to heat up. I bought this blanket and I use it everywhere! At work, in bed, on the couch, and anywhere I can plug it in! I would use it in the car if I could. I will definitely be buying another one to keep at work! It heats up fast, you can control the temperature and pick how hot you want it. The heat is distributed very well. I love this blanket!!

  • L

    Soft and warm


     I love this blanket it’s sooooo soft and cozy. I’ve been searching for a good one and I love that it has three settings. I’m buying my daughter one for Christmas too because she try’s to steal mine haha.


  • Q:
    Is there a timing function
    This product does not have a timer function. The automatic shutdown after 2 hours is mainly for safety considerations.
    Costway representative


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